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  1. Fernando Torres

    Is this really hapenning??
  2. Willian

    horrible decision making wtf is your head bro???
  3. Juan Mata

    cant belive he already has 5 goal and 4 assists in 12 games , you just cant ignore those numbers.....
  4. Oscar

    why didnt mourinho ply him agnst atletico?
  5. Ramires

    Ramires stats against athletico: Comp. Passes: 56% Interceptions: 1 Tackles: 3 out of 7 Clearances: 2 of 2 Crosses comp %: 0 avg performance for me not so much great consedering our cautious aproach but still expect him to see come out of his recent slump in form
  6. Oscar

    Shadow of his former self now, capable of so much but now has inherited ramires touch/passing. After 31 apps he now has only 2 assists in PL goes to show why we fail to break the lessr oppnents.. atlest seems to improve his freekick
  7. Oscar

    Apna lund choos gaandu..
  8. Oscar

    Really concerned now , had so much hope for oscar this season, but no development at all on his play from last season..
  9. André Schürrle

    Definitly made me ate some humble pies..... excellent 2nd half! respect!
  10. Fulham v Chelsea

    Everyone has been man ..
  11. Fulham v Chelsea

    We have played like this for quite some matches now, why suprised people??
  12. Willian

    At defending I guess ??
  13. Mikel John Obi

    Mikel really neds to step up as the season closes especially in champions league if he hopes to stay next season..
  14. Willian

    I still dont get if we brought Willian to attack rather than to defend ??