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  1. Álvaro Morata

    He is but I don't think it's relevant. Bakayoko is sponsored by Nike but he didn't get one. The plan was probably to use the advert on the first big signing the club make.
  2. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Money is too good to turn down, no matter the destination. I wouldn't mind a new midfielder who puts in numbers in attack. I hear Renato Sanches is available. Gem of a player, and would cost less than what we would reportedly get from Matic's sale. Unless the club is just looking to balance the books to avoid FFP sanctions.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    I wanted him here I'm sure he will come good for us. but I hope fellow chelsea fans don't expect him to start the season the same way Diego had during his first season. He was very expensive but that's only because the market is ridiculously inflated. We are paying for a player with great potential not the finished product. He left Madrid to play regularly and improve. He hardly had the chance to play regularly for a team at top level. Probably the only time was his first season at Juve. I think his lack of playing time has considerably slowed his progression. Which is why you're gonna have to be patient with him if you don't want to be disapointed. He will need time to adapt to the country, to his teammates, to our philosophy and to the league. and then only he can focus on how to develop as a player. He could prove me wrong and score a double or a hat-trick on his debut but he could also fail to score a single goal for the first two months or so. The odds are the same. That said, I think he has all the tools to make it here or anywhere else. As long as he works hard, the sky's the limit.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    I didn't know he spoke some english. I remember during some promo videos for adidas he couldn't say any words. This will massively contribute to his adaptation.
  5. Alvaro Morata

    They couldn't have posted this on a better day, lol.
  6. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    Surpassed Chelsea as in they made a bigger offer to Real Madrid? Man.. Di Marzio is so vague nowdays. I also struggle to see why would Danilo want to move there knowing they just bought a 50m Right Back.
  7. Sergio Aguero

    Obviously we are exploring all our options before making a move. Interestingly enough, the first journalist who broke the news said Guardiola was fine with his sale. I think he will only be available if they get a replacement. Sanchez or someone else.
  8. Sergio Aguero

    City could be willing to sell. Guardiola is not very fond of him, it's no secret. He's getting older and losing value. Now is probably the best time to sell him if they wish to do so but he's going to be very expensive. Probably a similar fee to that of Higuain, so the number of clubs that can afford him are very few. They might be tempted to sell to a rival if they get a good offer. If available, he is the only option that would be an improvement on Costa.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    We were the only club with serious interest in him, so it made sense to try and negotiate for a lower fee. We had a lot of on going negotiations for other players as well hence the stepback from the Lukaku deal. In the end we didn't really match Manchester's bid. They had 75m+15bonuses+Rooney+10m+Raiola's fee. We only matched the 75m+15bonuses so obviously Everton prefered to sell to United. I can understand the reluctance to buy him at this price an it's not like our budget for the summer was exclusively going to be for the striker. The Diego Costa situation also didn't help. Had he moved to China maybe we would've submitted a bid earlier.
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    I wonder if we get anything from this transfer money wise. Last I heard we had no sell on clause when we sold him to Everton. He is homegrown thanks to us, we should be getting at least a little something.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    I'm not one to fancy the fan argument thing but I don't think it came down to the player's choice between the two clubs. I think Romelu took the first option available and that was Manchester United. They agreed a fee so they were the first. We only matched the 75m+bonuses. In the end they still had a higher offer since it included Rooney and 10m more plus the agent fees.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    It's fair to say the only reason the club is still trying to sign him is the manager's wish. I think he is indeed Conte's first choice. They could have just moved to another target seeing as he was getting very close to joining United.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    This was very predictable. If it comes down to the player I think we all know his choice. It's a shame I was really excited at the prospect of Morata coming here.
  14. Andrea Belotti

    Anyone who watches Serie A regularly cares to share their thoughts on Belotti? Personally I only saw him a couple times. I remember their game with AC Milan, and I thought he was similar to Vardy. Good running in behind, determination, finishing. He was mainly playing on the counter and being at the end of crosses but his availability and hunger were clear.
  15. Alvaro Morata

    Clubs immediately up their asking price when an english club is interested in one of their players. Also I suspect Real don't want to sell him until they secure Mbappe or someone.