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  1. Leandro Paredes

    Paredes just retweeted this
  2. Nicolo Barella

    Correct if I'm wrong but Barella and Paredes are 2 different profiles, no? One is more of an 8 and the other more of a 6. If so I'm having trouble understanding why the club is hesitant.
  3. Malcom

    Seen him a lot at Bordeaux. Player with potential. Still inconsistent but so is Willian tbh. He's definitely capable of producing stats though. The problem with this transfer is that it's done in the middle of the season. The coach and club might think that it would potentially derail our top 4 chances because unlike them we've be giving up one of our starters. Needless to say I'm all for all in for this one. If anything it would force Sarri to play Hudson-Odoi.
  4. 22. Willian

    Barcelona is my favorite club at the moment, Bayern definitely the one I hate the most.
  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The transfer rumours don't seem to be affecting his game at the moment. I would keep him until at least the summer and try to change his mind. If his only motivation for leaving is the lack of opportunities then he will stay otherwise we are just delaying the inevitable.
  6. Nicolo Barella

    I think the fact that there are so few of them playing outside of Italy is already a strong indicator in itself. The current state of their NT is also very telling of the current quality available. Very few have actually moved to relevant clubs but in recent times players like Immobile, Darmian, Cerci come to mind. Those were touted as top players in their respective clubs and looked absolutely average. Obviously what I doubt first and foremost is their actual quality. They play in a rather tactical league with restricted setups to maximize strengths, less physically demanding too and slower tempo. Hence my concerns about difficulity transitioning to other leagues and overall quality. The transfer fees regarding english players is a different issue entirely. The money available to english clubs being the main cause. Clubs have the funds available to buy good players elsewhere and stopped developping their own. This in addition to the number of homegrown players required in the squads is mainly what resulted in these insane fees. Though I would like to point out that english squads at youth levels have been doing far better than italians in recent times. the young english generation coming in are some of the best they have ever produced. I would be far more inclined tu buy english talent than italian at the moment.
  7. Nicolo Barella

    I don't know him since I barely watch any serie a games but I would be very wary when it comes to italian players. Most of them are overrated and have trouble playing abroad. .
  8. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The only way to keep him right now is to force him to stay against his will and pressure Sarri into playing him. Otherwise he's leaving this month. 18 months on his contract is long enough as long as we show him trust. Unlike the KDB situation, he's a chelsea boy.
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Most exciting youth product we've had for a long long time and we are on process to sell him. Depressing times.
  10. Christian Pulisic

    Sancho is initially a left winger but he's playing on the right for Dortmund and making a reputation for himself. Left or right it's playing minutes and taking chances that matter. Hudson-odoi could very well be playing on the right wing for us but at the moment he's barely playing anywhere. Pulisic is a young inconsistent player. We will have to be patient with him and give him minutes even when he's not performing well. We could do the same with Hudson-Odoi and ease him into the team but instead we're going to place our trust in a 64M player. There is no way whoever is in charge next season will be playing both of them at once.
  11. Christian Pulisic

    The player is promising but this is bad news for Hudson-Odoi IMO.
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Matt Law only gets informations from the club when they allow it. Which means they probably don't want this story leaked.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Young player is looking the real deal in pre-season and was arguably our best player. Season starts and he gets very limited playing time. Wants out in january. Eventually proceeds to leave for a german club. Sounds familiar.
  14. Florian Thauvin

    I'd much rather have Nicolas Pepe if we're looking in ligue 1. Besides, Marseille will not be looking to sell anyway.
  15. Layvin Kurzawa

    Kurzawa is awful, always has been. PSG supporters can't stand him. If we're looking at ligue 1 for LBs, Ferland Mendy is looking incredible for Lyon. It remains to be seen how he would do playing at a higher level week in week out though. In fact if we could raid them for all of N'dombele,Mendy, Aouar, Fekir. I wouldn't mind it at all.