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  1. 10. Willian

    Top Lad Willian !! :blue scalf:
  2. Oscar

    Like 75% of posts here? Well, they don't spell it D-O-G S-H-I-T but I think what they mean is close to that. All I said was he still is a good player who is used frequently by Jose and people should not be hasty in getting rid of him. So, I don't know why you are pointing me towards Mr Schurrle.
  3. Oscar

    We must be the only fans in the world who try to convince everyone that our own players are dog-shit, even though they are not. Yes, Coutinho is improving(don't need to hear more of that) and yes, we need an upgrade. Maybe Oscar is just limited and doesn't improve. But he will still be a very good squad player. Don't know why people even consider selling him. Always tries hard, never complains.
  4. Nemanja Matic

    Absolutely understand the reaction from him. It hurts just watching that tackle...
  5. Kevin de Bruyne

    5 star weak foot !
  6. Oscar

    but he was bad last season while Willian scored against mighty Kops.
  7. Oscar

    Jeez ! That was a dis-heartening performance !!
  8. Gary Cahill

    Kane choke-slammed this man hard today !!
  9. Oscar

  10. Oscar

    Everyone is better than Oscar in this forum
  11. Fernando Torres

    At long last !!! Thanks and bye Torres !! ??
  12. Oscar

    Now I see you are one of those who hold grudges for Oscar because he "supposedly" was the reason for sale of mata and kdb.
  13. Oscar

    I see but don't you think it's right that our club and manager wants a young player with high potential to develop and become an integral part of the team we are building ?? I would be a fool if I said Oscar is better than your preferred no. 10's Ozil/Mata but I know which of these players play for my team and therefore need to support the positives of him, not slate him for every mistake he does.
  14. Oscar

    She has said before Oscar was shit when he actually was shit. You have been focusing only on his negatives here. Oscar is a starter for Chelsea and Brasil for a reason.