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  1. 13. Willy Caballero

    Great buy. Had almost forgot about the lack of goalkeeping cover post-Begovic! Like others have said - free transfer, experience of the premier and champions league and he's happy to be second to Tibo. Great signing!
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Would be quite happy if Costa left - Although he has dragged us through quite a few games this season, I don't think he has the ball control needed to interact with Hazard and Pedro etc. Ideally, I would like (1) another CM to partner Kante (2) a new right back to replace Moses (3) potentially a left sided centre back who could replace Terry and cover Alonso if required (4) a replacement for Willian (I think he will leave) and (5) a replacement for Costa. I would like us to go after Rodriguez at Madrid - He doesn't get a lot of game time and therefore may be in a position to be bought. I'm struggling to think of somebody to replace Costa - I would like Lukaku back (good strength, can finish and has decent pace). I would love to see someone like Veratti in our midfield. Him being Italian, potentially that may be a possibility with Conte? Not entirely sure about the left footed centre back.
  3. Champions League Away

    Thanks I have seen a UEFA Away Scheme form on the Chelsea website, not quite sure whether that is the form you mean. Good news if the tickets are 'easy' to get - here's hoping to a trio of a German, Spanish and Portuguese team in the groups!
  4. Champions League Away

    Hi Thinking ahead to next season already! I go to quite a few matches throughout the season (as many tickets as I can get my hands on), but I am now thinking of possibly going to one of the away legs of the Champions League next season. Does anyone have any experience of going to European away games? Do you simply purchase the ticket in the normal way and then sort everything else out yourself? What are the chances of getting tickets with a membership with roughly 40 membership points? Any feedback welcome! P.s - Wasn't entirely sure where to post this on the site!
  5. Branislav Ivanovic

    As has been said above, Branislav has contributed massively towards our recent successes and his passion for the club was clear to see. I hope he does well at Zenit!
  6. Mikel John Obi

    Happy to hear of the move, from both John Obe's perspective and Chelsea's. Although a lot of fans have criticised his performances over the years; I always found him to be a rather steady rock in the centre of midfield and always loyal to the club. Hopefully he will thrive at his new club, particularly as he will likely be the star man (perhaps something similar to Nigeria where he has shown a different side to his game than that shown at Chelsea) and hopefully we received a decent fee for his signature.
  7. John Stones

    Transfer request in
  8. Petr Cech

    Having a great laugh watching the Arsenal match!
  9. General Transfer Talk

    The main priorities are a LB (as we actually haven't got a natural LB), a CM as support for Fab and Matic and also a right winger. I appreciate that Moses has been good in pre-season, but he isn't going to get to the standard that we should have in our team in that position. I would ship out Mikel (his time has past) and would look to loan out Cuadrado. I think Ramires is a vital player for us, albeit not good enough to start, as he has proven worthy in 'bigger' matches and therefore he is useful to have on the bench.
  10. John Stones

    BREAKING NEWS: TOFFEES REJECT STONES BID Everton have turned down a £20m offer from Chelsea for defender John Stones, according to Sky sources.
  11. Asmir Begovic

    Very happy with this signing. It will keep Courtois on his toes and will provide more than adequate cover for cup games/games where Courtois is injured. Welcome
  12. Patrick Bamford

    I haven't followed him too much during this loan spell, but his goals can't be ignored. He represents a possible ~large cheque at the end of the season which is always desirable, but if we can't convert our successful loanees then what is the point in sending them out on loan in the first place? (aside from possibly making a sell on profit). He would be a good replacement for Drogba at the end of the season and I imagine he would be happy to act as the '3rd choice striker'. Regardless of what happens, I would rather give him a chance with our first team than simply continue with the cashing out system of our youth system.
  13. Frank Lampard

    I think some people are over reacting to Frank's decision. His original intention was to join New York City, but the relationship between Man City and New York City is such that a loan move from New York to Man City is more appealing to the clubs than a loan move to another club. - For example, I suspect that New York will be paying Frank's wages at present and will have also allowed him to move on loan without a fee. This will therefore aid Man City in the FFP requirements. People need to see past the badges of the clubs. The relationship between New York City and Man City and the likely FFP bonuses that Man City are likely to receive would have undoubtedly twisted Frank's arm. I admire Frank for everything he has done for Chelsea and wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career. Anyone with different thoughts should have a good think about what qualities they look for in a player/person.
  14. PSG v Chelsea

    Standard 4,3,3 big match scenario. Cech Iva Cahil Terry Dave Mikel Lampard Ramires Willian Hazard Torres
  15. European Competition Thread

    Very happy with the draw, especially with us playing the 2nd leg at home. Bring it on!