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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    They are a tight team all right and will damage the other top sides, as we found out to our cost. Squad depth may be their undoing as the season progresses, but definitely a dark horse and maybe a good bet for top four.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Well maybe the Stoke result is not such a great disaster after all !!! But it was still a disaster I am still so pissed off that I'm not speaking to my missus (and she knows nothing about football)........Will I ever get sense
  3. Gary Cahill

    A Luiz on song is a joy to behold. But just because he is not getting a game shouldn't mean that he throws all his toys out of the pram!!! Maybe he would walk into the Barca side, but he's a CHELSEA player so he should play like the player he can be, then Cahill will have a fight on his hands. But at the moment he is not being the player he can be. And if he could just walk into the Barca team, then they dont have much strength in depth. To play for the top teams you must fight off the competition and earn your place by performance, not reputation.
  4. Gary Cahill

    Why should Luiz leave ?? Because he cant get his place ? Fight for the place if he wants it that much.Let him prove that he deserves the position and take it off Cahill. I'm surprised that you think he should leave!! I thought that was the reason for having a big squad. To make players more competitive and not allow the player who has the position to become complacent !! Are you by any chance Luiz's agent??
  5. Gary Cahill

    Why the hell do so many Chelsea supporters dislike Gary Cahill? No way was he to blame for our defeat at Stoke yesterday. The guy always give 100% for the team. It's very easy to look through rose tinted glasses and wish that David Luiz was playing and that he never makes any mistakes, but for me Cahill now has that position and I will back him all the way. Luiz is not exempt from making mistakes, and boy he has made some howlers. dont get me wrong, I like Luiz too, but every time Chelsea lose Cahill seems to be made the scapegoat. And yesterday against Stoke that is totally unfair. Aspi was "owned" by Walters, Ivanovich thinks he's a winger and plays far too high. I wouldn't mind if he could cross a decent ball, but I seen Sunday league players cross better and more consistently than him, so stick to fucking defending. Mikel I'm afraid doesn't cut it as a defensive midfielder for me (after Makelele no one is worthy of that role) and Ramires is an attacking midfielder. And please stop trying to shoe-horn Frank Lampard into def midfielder, its not working. Play Aspi on the right, Cole or Bertrand on the left. I'd like to see Luiz in Def Midfielder position perhaps beside Ramires. They could alternate in attacking when the chance arises. Then in defence let Cahill, Terry and Ivanovich fight it out for the centre back slots.If we can get a holding midfielder in the transfer window then let Luiz fight for a spot there too. After all, John Terry is now 33 !! But then, I've only supported them for 43 years, so what the fuck would I know
  6. David Luiz

    Points taken and well made, though I was not in Benitez's fanclub I still would like to see Luiz given a midfield start. If he does get his place back in the centre of defence I just feel he will really have to raise his game and his level of concentration to stay in the team. We all know he has it in him, but we need to see it.....and soon
  7. David Luiz

    Glad you liked it Sheva !!!! Which part???????????
  8. David Luiz

    Can you give me a couple of examples SeB? I know that Luiz is a far more gifted and intelligent footballer than Cahill, but that counts for diddly squat when you keep making schoolboy errors. I cant fault Cahill in his last few matches and he sticks to his position. Luiz, on the other hand is a fantastic talent, but would be a much better Defensive midfielder than an out an out defender. At least as a DM if he goes walkabout he would have defenders in position (like Cahill ) behind him. Dont get me wrong, I really love Luiz but he just needs to tighten up his game, then he would be unreplaceable.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Last night against Basel, we were rubbish and got exactly what we deserved....nothing. But we cannot blame Mourinho for that. The team he put out SHOULD have won that match easily. But Basel rose their game against us and the team (that's our guys on the pitch!!) failed to produce what they are capable of. They were sloppy in their passing, sloppy in their closing down and seemingly disinterested in creating any shots on target. The boss cannot be held responsible for poor player performance, and I am fully sure he has already told them that. Wait and see the changes he makes for Southampton. I am sure there will be a shake up :blue scalf:
  10. Fernando Torres

    Hope that Nando gets a game tomorrow night. Just when he starts to show form he gets injured. Give the guy a chance and I really think that under Mourinho he will score for us. He has been unlucky with injuries and a dodgy red card. I agree with what has been said here, that he was rubbish against Newcastle. But come on guys, he wasn't alone there now was he? 10 others were rubbish too so give the guy a break. I really like the guy.
  11. David Luiz

    No worries.....I didn't take it personally at all.........Remember, it's just a game, not a science
  12. David Luiz

    Two things.................... Cahill may not be the most gifted defender in the world but he has shown more commitment to our cause than Luiz this season. Cahill dont go "walkabout" Luiz has been found wandering about this season. When he becomes more disciplined he will regain his place, otherwise it's Cahills spot to lose. Secondly...............Yes the Irish do give 110%..BUT WE DONT LOSE EVERY TIME MATE !!!!!!
  13. Ramires

    I agree, but we have built our midfield around Ramires (in my opinion)...........My worry is Barca may offer to do the same for him
  14. Ramires

    Sorry mate, I'm only responding to the rumour!!!!!!!!!!! But now you ask the question. They might want him exactly because of the way he plays. He would bring something new to them, and with Guardiola gone they may feel they need new options. But I do see what you are saying and tend to agree with you. But how many players have been swayed, and left clubs where they played regularly to sign for big money and so called bigger clubs. ie;- Maschareno
  15. Ramires

    I think the lure of Barca may be too great for him. But if the Barca magic starts to fail now that Guardiola has left, well then there's nowhere else to be except Chelsea. Anyway, we wont sell him............why should we? he's irreplacable at present
  16. Samuel Eto'o

    Eto was average today. Barry nicked a sitter off his foot in the first half that a few seasons ago he would have gobbled up. We dont have "killer" strikers to frighten the opposition and I dont think that either Eto or Torres will win trophies for the club. Demba Ba even starting to look attractive as an alternative !!!!!!