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  1. Man City 0-1 Chelsea

    Agree mate. I've read a fair few of their posts and they really have taken the defeat in good grace. Most praising Hazard and Matic and saying their manager is to blame. Maybe they should hire our masseuse At least one set of fans in Manchester applaud a good performance by a visiting team.
  2. Man City 0-1 Chelsea

    AWESOME..............WE WERE FUCKING AWESOME Now my team rating, player by player Cech... awesome Ivanovich.............awesome Aspi.....................awesome Terry...................awesome Cahill..................awesome Luiz....................awesome Matic..................awesome Ramirez.............awesome Hazard...............awesome Willian...............awesome Eto'o..................awesome Oscar................awesome Mikel.................awesome Ba.....................awesome and lets not forget our Scottish masseuse who gave the team talk (according to Mourinho!!)...........awesome and finally, Mourinho...........FUCKING AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
  3. Luke Shaw

    And dont forget that once clubs see Chelsea are interested, that too bumps up the price by a couple of million. But I still think it would be a good deal. Mourinho is building a good young squad and if Luke Shaw continues to improve (which I have no doubt he will do under Mourinho) he will be priceless and irreplaceable by the time he's 24-25. And with the way player values are rising, what will he be worth then ??
  4. Juan Mata

    Nobody on here is doubting Mata's ability. We all know that he is a star player, but he just doesn't fit the system we are playing at present, and as we all can see, this system is starting to pay dividends for us.So let him leave, it's just business. If we all had to choose between Mata and Mourinho who would you keep? Mourinho for me, no debate!! So if the Boss decides to sell. him, then I have complete faith in his decision
  5. Juan Mata

    I never thought I'd say this but it does seem to me that Mata is surplus to requirements at Chelsea. Last week we bought Matic, this now means that we have Oscar, Hazard, Willian, Schurrle and Ramires who can play in the attacking midfield role, and Mourinho has chosen all these players ahead of Mata this season. That's why I think we should cash in on him.The player is obviously unhappy and the manager is indifferent to him at present. But if he were to go to United it should be an exchange for Rooney and not just a straight cash transfer. If Chelsea want to sell him for cash, then sell him to a European club instead. Personally, I think Oscar has lost some of his early season form and Mata should be given a run in the side. But, that's why I'm not the manager
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    Oh please bring back our FA Cup final winning jersey..........................From 1970 !!!!!!!!!!!!! as worn by Osgood, Harris, Webb, Houseman,Hudson etc.. :blue scalf: I had one years ago. Really heavy material, but it was pure class, and the shorts with the white stripe....ahhhh the memories........A really class kit that (to me) has never been bettered. Bloody Hell......I'll have to stop this reminiscing, I get all soppy
  7. Kevin de Bruyne

    Saw De Bruyne play against us some years ago. he had a great game and he looked a really good prospect. But since we bought him he has not kicked on and really shown that potential, and I don't think he is good enough to nail down a spot in our starting eleven. He is nowhere as good as Oscar, Hazard, Willian, Mata or Schurrle so let him go and take the best offer we receive. Otherwise he will start to lose value rotting in the reserves. Remember we are Chelsea, and not all the good players we buy can get into our team...............only the GREAT ones get into it. And I,m afraid Kevin De Bruyne is not in that category.
  8. Kevin de Bruyne

    We need to move him on I'm afraid. He's way behind Oscar, Hazard, Mata & even Schurrle. His confidence is suffering with the bit part he is playing at the moment. Last match he was really trying too hard, and when he lost the ball he usually ended up fouling his opponent in pure frustration. I think we should cut our losses on this one
  9. Samuel Eto'o

    Have you any idea of what time she usually arrives I need to get ready !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. David Luiz

    I have already stated earlier on this forum that Cahill had the centre back position and that it was his to lose. Well Luiz has now got the position back and well, I am quietly optomistic that it is now his to lose. He is still prone to the odd "walkabout" from his position. But, what he has over Cahill is that he can pick a forward pass, and can, on his day open up defences with them. But look, whoever holds down the spot really needs to kick on and get that defence purring like we were used to. Luiz or Cahill ? I think we are lucky to have both.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    Favourite was and always will be Osgood....but I couldn't put him ​ At the moment it's Torres because of his Barca goal PS. I was at that Cosmos match...
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    . I dont feel Lukaku is same league as Drogba and dont think he will ever be. That's all. You may feel differently and you are quite entitled to that opinion. But to ridicule a comment I made by calling it ridiculous can annoy. I will listen to anyone's opinion and will not make derogatory remarks because we are all supporting the same team and just want the best for that team. If you want to annoy supporters go to the Man U forums. you just pissed me off, that's all
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    We didn't have Drogba at 20... This is a marathon, not a sprint
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    Ridiculous ?????????? whats fucking ridiculous. Lets wait until Lukaku has played as long as Drodba did and we'll compare their stats. Dont think Lukaku will have a Champions league winners medal and two Premiership titles along with numerous cup medals under his belt. And I dont see him scoring the winning penalty for us either. Never judge a race at the beginning......Judge it at the finish line mate..............
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    But...(The million dollar question)..Yes or No...DO YOU THINK HE COULD BE CHELSEA'S NO1 STRIKER THIS SEASON ?
  16. Joke Thread

    Is it True???????????????? Chelsea to sign Suarez !!!!!!!!!!!! Deal can only be done if we offer Ivanovich as bait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Romelu Lukaku

    Carroll cost the Pool 35 million at the time......................What value Lukaku??????????
  18. Romelu Lukaku

    There will never be another Drogba.........But I think Lukaku has modelled himself on the Great One. Puts himself about, runs at defences, arguably terrorizes them, has much the same physical presence and can score goals (but not at the rate of the Great One )Hopefully he will be a "player" for us in time
  19. The English Football Thread

    Why didn't you go after Stoke scored their third
  20. Old Stamford Bridge

    Made my supporter "debut" at Stamford Bridge the next season and it hadn't changed. Remember it like it was yesterday (now wished it was bloody yesterday!!!!) I remember standing on the Shed end against one of the crush barriers. Chelsea scored and the crowd surged forward crushing me and my poor tobacco tin in half !! Lesson number one.......Never stand in front of a barrier when you only weight about 9.5 stone. Great days though........Bloody shite results, but still great days
  21. Romelu Lukaku

    Sounds like the "Incredible Hulk" when you put it like that, But if Lukaku ends up like the Drog boy will I be happy :blue scalf:
  22. Romelu Lukaku

    Lukaku is what it says on the tin...A poor mans Drogba. Big, bulky, runs at teams, draws defenders to him, but as Stingray says, he is not quite the finished Chelsea article yet. Dont think he is our 20 goal a season striker at the moment I'm afraid. But Martinez will make him a better player, no doubt. Very good manager in my opinion.
  23. Gary Cahill

    Its not his style that I am worried about. It's when he decides to go walkabout that really frustrates me. If he can eradicate that from his game then yes, he could play for any team.........EVEN CHELSEA
  24. Romelu Lukaku

    They are a tight team all right and will damage the other top sides, as we found out to our cost. Squad depth may be their undoing as the season progresses, but definitely a dark horse and maybe a good bet for top four.
  25. The English Football Thread

    Well maybe the Stoke result is not such a great disaster after all !!! But it was still a disaster I am still so pissed off that I'm not speaking to my missus (and she knows nothing about football)........Will I ever get sense