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  1. Spurs - Chelsea

  2. Spurs - Chelsea

    Matic must be laughing at home...
  3. Spurs - Chelsea

    Boga isn't even on the bench :s
  4. Spurs - Chelsea

    What we're people expecting??? 0-1 win or draw would be a massive result. It's gonna look ugly but we need the points!
  5. Spurs - Chelsea

    Perfection Marcos!!!
  6. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Get Batshuayi off.
  7. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    Jeez, everything that can go wrong does go wrong...
  8. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    Bibbed players in training: Non-bibbed players: Im guessing they'll leave Musonda out if they go with two strikers (most likely). Charly will probably be first of the bench i guess.
  9. Jeremie Boga

    Tbh, he's just RLC 2.0. Needs to massively improve on his work-rate (one the reasons he also wasn't a starter at Granada) if he wants to succeed here.
  10. Chelsea 2-3 Bayern Munich

    They're going to town on us, fuck attacking focus on parking the bus now...
  11. Chelsea 2-3 Bayern Munich

    What the fuck is alonso doing!!! A sea of space at our left side 2 times already...
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Emenalo right now:
  13. Alvaro Morata

  14. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Seems like he's staying beyond pre-season Edit: His favorite number is 7 (because of Cristiano), probably a personal request because n7 is unavailable.
  15. The Pre-Season Thread

    Pretty sure the first team start pre-season training next week. The development squad and u18's start this week.