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Posts posted by RoyalBlues

  1. I would suggest we should forget about signing Lautaro Martinez. We should walk over Conte body to sign him. 

    Think Timo Werner would be possible though, as I think we could offer him an opportunity others club couldn't offers.

  2. 2 hours ago, OneMoSalah said:

    I doubt we will get all lf the Hazard money. Even with the add ons etc still to come depending on whatever, we only got like 80 or 90m upfront IIRC and chances are they will be paying x amount in installments like most clubs do these days too. Its not like FIFA where you get the full 130m in and all to spend, the club will pocket some of it to put into other things too.

    Yes in general ledger and financial report. But the transfer net spend budget allocated is simply not counting all that variables. Also the same scenario will apply for us too. We could buy players with installments, or loan with an option to buy later to balance the book.

    So, back to the point, we will spent because we still have the money. It change everything.

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  3. 19 hours ago, MoroccanBlue said:

    Will it?

    Yep. We have a quite successful season under Sarri, and people seems forgot that we still haven't spend any penny from Hazard money. It was indeed gloomy and dark upcoming season for Lamps as chance we couldn't registered any new players until Summer 2020. So, yes ban lifted in January will or has changed everything, including our target and expectations.

  4. Bloke not even given a chance of single transfer window yet. Poor fella. Too early to judge anything about his quality/skill. Give him a full season with two windows first, building the squad he wants. If he still couldn't achieve something at the end of that season, then you guys are free to judge him. Well, think he will be gone before we could say any word though, if that happened.