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  1. The English Football Thread

    Jose to win PL with another club, we will never hear the end of it. Basically it's the end of the world.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Another thing for Jose to moan when they have bad results then
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I would suggest we should forget about signing Lautaro Martinez. We should walk over Conte body to sign him. Think Timo Werner would be possible though, as I think we could offer him an opportunity others club couldn't offers.
  4. The English Football Thread

  5. The English Football Thread

    Cmon you useless gooners
  6. The English Football Thread

    This is the reason why PL is the best for me. Unpredictable shit happening in every matches. I won't trade it with any other league.
  7. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    At least we get one point though.
  8. Thibaut Courtois

    The fuck man.. How could he buddy buddy well with family man like Eden again?
  9. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    Another away match
  10. Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

    Didn't see the match, but yay!
  11. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    If we play at St Mary's stadium, I bet we will win 3-0 using the same line up. This is getting weird now.
  12. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    Good thing is that, this shit happened just 4 days before the window open
  13. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone. Looking forward to this match. We can do it.
  14. Willian

    Ronaldo is that you? Meanwhile Juventus losing at Italy supercup
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    Good job, agent M