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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    It might be expected but you still have to make it happen as a player. And that penalty and the couple of chances he missed (he always still scored in the same game) were the only negative points in his performances as of now. He's literally scored in every match (correct me if I'm wrong) for them. What more can he do?
  2. Romelu Lukaku

    I actually think Lukaku is saving Mourinho's ass. He's the one type of player they needed to become title contenders again. He decided several games they would have eventually tied or lost last season. His speed gives them an extra weapon they didn't have with Zlatan and the way he attracts multiple defenders gives the rest of the team more space. His all-round game seems to be a-ok as well these days.
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    Dude, I didn't mean he scored the goals by himself, I just meant he has scored more goals this season than the entire Everton team combined - which is a fact. Also, coached by a two times CL winner who almost got Chelsea relegated. He's scoring goals despite Mourinho, not because of him.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    Probably, but if I got booed I would most likely do the exact same thing. Half of the Everton fans were always against him and look where they are now without his goals. He scored more by himself than their entire team this season.
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Well, they were booing him before the goal. Don't boo a giant angry striker before the game is finished.
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    Mhehehe ^^
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    If the woman you loved ditched your ass and started hanging out with some older guy, you'd stick around for years like a chump for her to change her mind? ;-)
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    Ha, fans of English clubs accusing players to sign somewhere for the money. That's funny. ;-)
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    Good for him. Now compare their pay checks and there status as a football player. Got him far, that love for the club...
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    Inzaghi, for one. ;-)
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Muh, the Europa League is a cool trophy anyone would want to win as soon as they're playing that league. But looking at the opposition they faced, they always had to win this one. Not a single 'top' team crossed their path, not even Tottenham or Zenith or Roma or whatever...
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Funny how he makes a cup that would have been a disgrace for him not to win looking at the opponents they faced in the later rounds into the greatest accomplishment of his career. He looks like a complete lunatic on the celebration pictures (especially since what happened in Manchester this week). He could have easily gone out against a mediocre Belgian team in the quarter finals given some bad luck.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    You pick out the one term that could be seen as ambiguous, but you're leaving out all of the anti-hate, anti-violence, anti-discrimination rethoric. The Canadian government is just showing its support. There is nothing wrong with that statement in my eyes. You can still criticize if you want to, a civil discussion is not illegal.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Nowhere in that statement it says that it's okay for other races and religions to attack or talk smack about white people or Christianity. You just seem angry for no reason. Mosques have been burned in Canada, so they're asking people to you know, not do that anymore cause it isn't cool. They're just telling everyone to not be an asshole anymore if they please. Also, why are you so obsessed with race? What does it matter if anyone is black or white or brown or fucking baby pink? Muslims are living in Ontario now - this is a fact - and since most of them have jobs, they are contributing to society and should therefor be protected just as well as everybody else living there. I'm getting so sad of all these useless arguments getting thrown around on a daily basis from all sides in the last few years. Suck it up and get along with each other.
  15. Politics & Stuff

    People living and working there? Paying taxes? Being doctors or teachers or garbage men or kebab place owners? Is that not a contribution? I live in Antwerp, in between a whole lot of muslims, and the vast majority of them is friendly and law abiding, exactly like the vast majority of non-muslims. Some people on the other hand, are assholes, but you'll always have a couple of those. Everyone just needs to chill out a bit and look at the problems ahead. The rise of extreme right nationalism in Europe is far more concerning than a couple of desert dwellers in Syria and Iraq planning their next attack. Last time it happened, it meant war and genocide. Tell me I'm exaggerating, but when a bunch of bald dudes proudly start doing the hitler salute again, and when condemned racists lead the polls in France and Holland for example, that ACTUALLY worries me. All of that jihadi shit in Europe combined makes for less casualties than one year on the Belgian highway.