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  1. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    magnificent today
  2. Olivier Giroud

    Funny how close Morata already came though 😃
  3. Olivier Giroud

    Conte must be so frustrated today
  4. Olivier Giroud

  5. Olivier Giroud

    What would you say he's better at than dzeko ?
  6. Emerson Palmieri

    He's great, but clearly unattainable. If the club lets the Emerson deal fall through to pursue Kurzawa, it would be no less than madness.
  7. Edin Dzeko

    If the question is "Didn't somebody report X?", the answer is almost certainly yes.
  8. Edin Dzeko

    Just give him 2.5 years ffs. This is ridiculous
  9. Edin Dzeko

    Since when do we give a fuck about what club officials say about the state of transfers. They're even less reliable in that regard than the english media. Well, maybe about the same level of bullshit.
  10. Edin Dzeko

    https://www.tuttomercatoweb.com/serie-a/dzeko-a-gia-il-passato-schick-deve-convincere-nella-sua-genova-1068996 Dzeko not even in the squad for tonight apparently. Edit: Or at least not in the eleven, my italian is horrible.
  11. Edin Dzeko

    What it feels like to me is that the negotiations are just going on and everybody is looking for an excuse to write a new story about it.
  12. Edin Dzeko

    Suffered a hit, sure. Sounds like the situation didn’t change whatsoever. Edit: Funniest thing is, i found the english version of this Di Marzio report and it says that negotiations are still going, but both parties are very optimistic that it will happen. I hate the english media.
  13. Edin Dzeko

    Really feels like our last shot at getting a decent striker this window. Please dont fuck this up
  14. Emerson Palmieri

  15. Edin Dzeko

    Maybe his agent told them when he came to London.