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  1. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Kepa v De Gea 🧤 Clean sheets: 4 | 1 Save percentage: 78.26% | 64.1% Pass accuracy: 81.09% | 55.33%
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    We do not. That was confirmed by the player and Max Eberl (sporting director at Gladbach) a while ago. Edit: Here‘s the confirmation, if that helps. http://m.spox.com/de/sport/fussball/bundesliga/1611/News/borussia-moenchengladbach-thorgan-hazard.html?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.de%2F
  3. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Surprised nobody is talking about him after yesterday. Think he had his most impressive game for us so far.
  4. Leon Bailey

    Nothing to see here. Kicker didnt write anything like it.
  5. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Gotta love this guy
  6. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    lol he wasnt even that bad in this. If this enrages Gattuso that much he's gonna have some fun this season
  7. 5. Jorginho

    Its crazy. Even Alonso had more than 100. And Kovacic had 54 in half an hour..
  8. 17. Mateo Kovacic

  9. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Starts tonight.
  10. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    If he does not want to go back to madrid at all, which seems to be the case, i strongly doubt he'd agree to come for london for a year only to go somewhere entirely else after that. I'm gonna assume he stays for now.
  11. Kurt Zouma

    No, it was just a late announcement.
  12. Nabil Fekir

    He will present the world cup before the game
  13. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Well they sold him to us for more than twice of what they had to pay to get him back, so you can hardly blame them...
  14. Mateo Kovacic

    The word „would“ kinda implies that its a hypothetical, ya know
  15. Mateo Kovacic

    God i hope we‘ll find out definitively in the announcement. I‘m not prepared for a year of journos guessing around like this.