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  1. Juan Mata

    You don't know me at all if you think I'm a trouble-maker. Do you honestly like to read all this pro-chelsea stuff every day, coupled with massively biased opinions? And what is wrong with me asking a big question? Seriously.
  2. Juan Mata

    Because I'm accepted as a United fan on other rival teams boards. I don't need to be all tribal. That's why.
  3. Juan Mata

    Of course I am. This forum is not for me though, yet I find my self posting here again. I wasn't joking about a lack of self control. I can't help but talk about football. ;p
  4. Juan Mata

    Nah I'm tired. I have been called a troll, told to fuck off etc... a moderator has banned me for two days for having an opinion. It's enough sorry. You should be proud to call yourself a football and Chelsea fan though. This forum doesn't deserve people liek you. I've always had a problem with self control. I think your mother is a whore. See? So ban me.
  5. Juan Mata

    This forum is totally broken. I give up trying to reason. The comparison between Liverpool, and us was hilarious mind. I really laughed out loud. Thanks for that parting gift. Would an admin kindly completely delete my account please.
  6. Juan Mata

    I have watched him consistently. He's always on the move...He has amazing energy. You really don't know your ex-player. Lie to yourself all you want, it doesn't bother me.
  7. Juan Mata

    Less crack please. The better team? Your team is owned by an oil baron. Everything we have was earned. We have a rich history, and are currently champions. Chelsea fans are getting WAY ahead of themselves. You're the pretenders. Sorry I don't buy it. If Mata was so unfit he wouldn't be allowed to play. It's not like he's even old either. Also Oscar can do it, but he can't? Really? I'm not a troll. This is why I look shit at it. Well pointed out, and thanks for the support.
  8. Juan Mata

    I've made pressing sound simple because it is simple. The only hard thing about pressing is the stamina level required to do it. It's rubbish that Mata requires a totally free role to flourish. He did play on the wing at Valencia and even at Chelsea at some points, yes? I agree it's not his most productive position, but he's not even close to poor playing there. He wouldn't even play as a convential winger anyway. As for Moyes - I'm not going to pretend to understand him, because I don't. I'm thinking maybe it's the most obvious thing in the world. Such as a simple 4-4-2 when all players are fit. Two strikers with Mata, in behind. That way he can play all three and retain his beloved wing-play. Leave the Redcafe thing, I'm not even interested in it. You brought it up and laughed at them - I've told you my view on it, and that's enough.
  9. Juan Mata

    Read my posts more carefully, and you'll understand them. Of course I know who Jose has bought, and sold. I keep tabs on most transfer activity. Mata is perfectly capable of pressing. It doesn't even require good tackling. The main reason for pressing is to fluster your opponent into a mistake - which inevitably comes. It's pressurising them into a mistake. You're telling me Mata isn't capable of running towards a player and putting pressure on him to do something now, and quickly? Come on. I'll admit he isn't perfect for such things, but he could do it and to an effective level. Yeah Redcafe is full of morons. Nothing like here. Of course you know it all. ;/ I'm not a user/member of Redcafe - but I have been in the past. Lets be honest. Redcafe shits all over this forum for knowledge of the game and player understanding etc. We all know it. I'm not even biased towards it either. Like I said , I don't post there.
  10. Man City v Chelsea

    An interesting post. You're completely wrong, but at least you said something mildly entertaining. Unlike the comments telling me to fuck off or calling me a troll. Well done to you. In all seriousness though if you think United will go away you truly don't understand football or what fail safes we have in place. Money is no object, with insane sponsorship incoming. Are the next few years going to be rough? Maybe, but that's about all.
  11. Juan Mata

    No. Most other players are safe. He wanted rid of the main influence on the team. It makes sense if you think about it.
  12. Juan Mata

    Well, I think we both know there was a place in the Chelsea team for Juan Mata - you can argue all the crap you like about tactics and pressing, it still won't convince me this is the sole reason for Mata's departure. Chelsea fans need to face the fact that Mourinho wasn't comfortable forging his new side in the shadow of somebody elses buy. Your best player was sold because Jose is very arrogant and wants to build his own side. The lucky thing is, he's good enough to pull it off.
  13. Man City v Chelsea

    Both yet to be decided. I thought United fans are supposed to be the arrogant ones.
  14. Juan Mata

    I talked about Rooney leaving our club openly on this very forum. I had no problem with it. I don't have any time for lies and biased opinions. I tell it how I see it. A lot around here pull the wool over their own eyes. If you had of signed Rooney I would have said good luck to him, and hoped we spent the money well. I would have told you to enjoy a player on a downward spiral. Small, but still downward. I was wrong, as this season he has been a revelation while fit. It's all down to him getting fit again, which to be fair I was not basing my summation on. None the less, I was wrong. I admit it. He would have been a very big loss, a lot bigger than I anticipated. Now that signing might have won you the league. This is honesty. I'd never sacrifice my sincerity for the sake of bullshit like not wanting to admit I was wrong. I guess I never really gave a straight answer to your question - I'm guessing the reaction wouldn't be amazing, but If it was Redcafe I'm fairly certain it wouldn't end up with a ban for that person.
  15. Man City v Chelsea

    Admittedly Moyes is a bit of a disaster, but I'm certain we haven't reached a point YET where we have to count him out of ever making it with us. And a few signings will do the world of good if they're in the right areas, which to be fair Moyes has realised. A total squad overhaul is insanely harsh.