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  1. 5/10 Is it football forum at all? Ice hockey and who is on the av?
  2. Automotive world

    Isn't it going to be very expensive to pay for "Alfa Romeo" brand?
  3. mrbinary.co.uk

  4. David Luiz

    Yeeeeeeeeeesh, I agree
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    Previous kit was better, as for me they just slightly changed the design of our away kit 2010/2011. Wanna see the material of the shirt, if it is really good I gonna buy it BTW, Cech will be brown or green all the time, because his kit is white, that mean when he will dive to save the ball he will always became dirty
  6. im going to stoke away mate to let u know

  7. hello from Latvia! ;)

  8. Yep, thank's... :thumbsup:
  9. Here is no Estonian flag, can you fix it? :thumbsup: