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  1. Diego Costa

    The Spanish national side should play to Costa's strengths if they want to dominate again. Helps that they've got Fabregas.
  2. Diego Costa

    Can Costa be a realistic contender for the ballon d'or this year?
  3. Eden Hazard

    The perfect trio, if you will.
  4. Diego Costa

    Fabregas assist again!
  5. Eden Hazard

    Evening Standard: "Chelsea are also expected to confirm that they have secured the long-term futures of Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and Gary Cahill."
  6. Loïc Rémy

    I knew from the moment he scored against us last season at Newcastle that he'd be in our squad come this season. Welcome, Loic!
  7. European Competition thread

    And then the Schalke players look over at our starting eleven and see Costa.
  8. Diego Costa

    I quite enjoy having the most lethal, entertaining and best goal scorer in the world at the club.
  9. Facebook & Twitter

    Is there any other social media threads on the forum? I've noticed TC has a lot of likes on Instagram, so maybe that could be an option.
  10. European Competition thread

    Can't blame Celtic.
  11. Frank Lampard

    Lampard says Chelsea didn't want to renew his contract, interesting.
  12. Frank Lampard

    He made several comments in his interview about this being unexpected and not planning to play in England, perhaps indicating he was unaware that this would happen when he joined NYCFC
  13. Premier League thread

    Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey are the only shouts at getting into our starting XI.
  14. Top Four Predictions

    1. Chelsea 2. Manchester City