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    Plastic cunt
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  1. Name Changes thread

    Yeah thought so, some member registered it and never joined back. Thanks
  2. Name Changes thread

    Hello I'd like to change my name / username back to TrueBlue or True_Blue depending on which one is available. Thanks
  3. Juan Mata

    Bet he regrets for not staying and fighting for his place.Too bad Mata it could have been magical for the fans,the club and you. Enjoy your time at United.
  4. Frank Lampard

    I see someone remembers me
  5. Frank Lampard

    Well done mate happy this forum also has some people that talk sense.
  6. Frank Lampard

    Disrupted the forums? Now now you can't tell me no one was abusive towards no one when i was away?
  7. Frank Lampard

    Amazing mate,you're quality
  8. Willian

    He didn't join us this season.
  9. Frank Lampard

    Wow you buried me with your gif post mate proper banter. Like you kind sir.
  10. Frank Lampard

    Don't care about the warning mate i said what i wanted to.
  11. Frank Lampard

    Another fantastic post TX you get one more like. Proper stuff
  12. Frank Lampard

    Seriously i was already warned buddy,so general chat is bad now? I was on TC before TC ever happened buddy.You joined 10 days ago and you are ordering staff for banning a member? Wow serious connections you have here mate.
  13. Frank Lampard

    I am not defending him with insults,i am insulting the ''fans''
  14. Frank Lampard

    Oh the TC legend is back And your ''insightful posts'' haha you are a comedian. You are a laughing stock on TFF so you came back here,since i know that you have no life at all i gave you a thumb up so you can at least feel a bit more special.
  15. Willian

    So Willian has a one off bad game and he is suddenly shit? He was good in most of his games he played.Oscar for example had a poor season and yet gets more chances than Willian.I like them both but you should play the on form player and that is not Oscar at the moment.