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  • Memory Makelele scoring a penalty in the last minute against Charlton.
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  1. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Come on CHELS!
  2. I really don't know what I have to do to get people to write for me. I even offered payment and still nothing. 
  3. Chelsea v West Brom

    Daveeeeeee! 1-0
  4. Forum Update

    We was using a plugin so users could only see the first post. As we upgraded it no longer works.   As you look after that forum I'll let you decide.
  5. Forum Update

    There's a little flag next to the post date of each post.
  6. Northampton/Mk Dons away in the 4th round.
  7. 36. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

  8. Forum Update

    @Barbara was asking for something that's already there, i didn't realise you could drag over text to quote until i tried earlier. On previous versions of IPB only a plugin could make this work perhaps its why no ones made it yet.    
  9. Forum Update

    There's another. 
  10. Chelsea 2-0 Scunthorpe

    Great to see Loftus-Cheek score his first goal! Hope he can build on this and get more opportunities. 
  11. Chelsea v Scunthorpe

    Full Time 2-0 Job done.
  12. Chelsea v Scunthorpe

    Bertrand Traore on for Diego
  13. Chelsea v Scunthorpe

    Great run and finish from the young man!
  14. Chelsea v Scunthorpe

    RLCCCCCCCCC 2-0!!!