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    I can't believe what I have just read.
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    Fucking hell this thread has become pathetic.
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    hi from a Napoli supporter i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decent but not exceptional team pushed over his limits by Sarri I read that you talk about Napoli's player like extra technician players, and you think that Chelsea team cannot play Sarri's football Sarri played the same football at empoli, in serie B, he only need player that follows him and and able to understand his needs, and he will push them at their maximum level Sarri team is like a clock, every player has to be perfectly synchronized with the others, every play situations trigger an already prepared synchronized movement of the full team, so -if as I hope- you will hire him, you have to expect a slow start, the team will need to understand his football, and I think that Albiol and Rugani are fundamental for save some months and drive the full team in the beginning I really wish the best for Sarri, his teams will be my teams, and I hope that you will win Premier League and compete for the Champions destroying Allegri and his fucking juventus Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Doesn't affect me one little bit. He's shown great loyalty to this team especially since we appear, temporarily I hope, not to be trying to fulfil his expectations. Remember he came here because, he said, he wanted to win The Champions League. We're a long way from having a squad with a realistic chance in that competition. I think Eden has respected our club and deserves huge, and unreserved, acclaim from Chelsea fans.
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    I can imagine such conversation taking place. Conte: Let's go for Mahrez, Malcom or Lem... *Roman and Marina looking at each other* Roman: Did I just hear him say Nathan Redmond? Marina: Yup *Conte crying*
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    Wait until July 1st when the Nike deal comes in to place.
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    First day in England and he already speaks better english than Diego Costa...
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    Leif suffering a meltdown over Rudiger might be the funniest thing in this transfer window
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    Nobody gave Chelsea much of a chance and rightly so, Chelsea are not the team they used to be, the players gave it their all, and we were the better team for the two legs, but not everyone has Messi to show in their ranks, yet after the Man City game, all that I wanted was the fighting spirit and it was there to see, even after being 2-0 down. All in all taking pride from this performance #KTBFFH
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    When you look at the table you realise City is going to walk the league and frankly there is no shame in that they really look like the real deal. But for me this is the last thing that comes to my mind right now, I am so pumped up and full of adrenaline it is unbelievable and a superb feeling for me. Haven't felt like that in such a long while. To be honest I had sex with a gorgeous woman that I was craving for a long long time, but that does not even come close to this win. It's seventh heaven for me right now. Glad we can now rub it in Mourinho's face once again he truly is a despicable human being, glad that we've now shown the Mancs just how useless Matic is in a big game, after weeks of taking the piss saying we were fools to let him go. I'm proud of Conte and happy that he can now have a fucking break from all the shit that's been thrown at him lately. And proud of two players in particular - Morata and Bakayoko. Both under a fabricated pressure by the media and away fans on the basis that we've supposedly chosen the wrong players instead of getting Lukaku and keeping Matic. And the standout for me was Andreas Christensen - brilliant player, hands down the best young defender in the world. Christensen and Azpilicueta - MUST be the first two defenders on the teamsheet every single time. Personally I feel invincible now, amazing what a football match can do, even if it is for a couple of hours only until the adrenaline level gets down again. But this is the moments I live for, can't tell you how much I wanted Chelsea to win this.
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    I had to laugh at Mourinho. When he was discussing his options with his staff, for long minutes, you could say he has actually some nice plan. BOOM. Fellaini in, long balls to Lukaku and Fellaini. Bravo.
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    The biggest surprise for me would be if we do sign someone.
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    Smart, taking hostages in case contract talks with Eden don't go as planned.
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    People actually think Morata played badly? What game were you watching? Other than the sitter of a header he missed early I thought he was very good. Each time he was actually able to get the ball and have some space he looked dangerous. Off the ball movement and runs were excellent. When your team can't hold the ball and he gets no service he can't exactly dominate, can he? Plus he was isolated with one or two CB's marking him.
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    The conditions couldn't have been worse for a debut performance. But he gave Chelsea fans something to be positive about. Well done, son.
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    Most exciting part of all of this? All of the other striker threads in Transfer Talk can fuck off haha
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    All you spoiled little things can go support Milan or the next rich club, such as City. I'm so fed with you badmouthing this club, the board, nonstop because it doesn't reach your bloody stantard. A little moaning is okay out of frustration, but some of you went way overboard and keep repeating it. Just stfu if you're going to post for the 100th time the same BS. We got it, this club, the board, the injured player we signed all suck and Conte should leave or that if you were him you would. Don't be shy, lead the way.
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    We had 6 years to build a team around a genuine world class talent and ended up with Danny Drinkwater.
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    I check whats new about Conte and I see last few pages of this Conte out shit. Unbelievable.
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    Quite seriously, do the people who hate him and are happy to see him leave know why they are happy? Just to take a step back and take an overview of his role and time at the club: When he was promoted to Technical Director in 2011, we had an aging squad with an alarming player power playing a dying style of football while the club was synonymous with ridiculous over-spending in the transfer market on big names that made it virtually impossible for any youth player to break through. Over the past 6 years, we've moved steadily towards younger squads, with more flamboyant and modern style of football. The player power in the dressing room is all but gone as the Costa saga proved. We've finally reached the stage where our youth academy is actually turning a profit as we've seen this summer with Christensen, Ake and Chalobah. We've also become one of the most astute clubs in the transfer market, especially on selling players that we no longer need (so much so that opposition fans accuse us of bribing other clubs into buying our players! ). Despite the drop in our budget (relatively to the rise of prices) and our inability to compete financially with the Manchester clubs, we've still managed to steadily improve our team with FFP-compliant low net spending (even lower than Arsenal!) which has allowed us to remain the most successful team in England during these years. I know, I'm painting quite a rosy picture here, and of course there has been many mistakes and blunders, but I think it is undeniable that when looking at the overall trends the club has moved in those general directions in the right way in the past 6 years which have arguably been the most successful period in the clubs history with 2 PLs, the holy grail, a EL, the FA cup, and the league cup. Now, I'm in no way attributing all of that or any of the above solely (or even mostly) to Emenalo, but when I look at the progress and achievements of the club since 2011, I can only sincerely thank Michael for any part he played in helping us get to where we are now and wish all the best with his life after CFC.
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    Am I the only one who finds it funny there are so many Belotti experts on this forum, yet almost no one knows Zappacosta, his team mate in Torino?
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    Arsenal: 92m take it or leave it Monaco: Okay, we'll take it. Arsenal: What? Monaco: What? Arsenal: What?
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    Even in those limited minutes Andreas and Rüdiger looked so much better than Cahill. Rudiger with his passing and athleticism and Cristensen with his class and composure.
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    This thread is beyond pathetic. People are actually calling him Torres #2 for 20 minutes of play where he was completely isolated upfront and a penalty he missed. What would you expect Morata to do in this situation? He did all he could in winning multiple headers - which Costa never did - and he was unfortunate that he missed a penalty, which everyone does. In fact I found that he was quite good given the circumstance he was in. He's just been super unlucky this pre season. Getting played out on the wing a lot and the one time he gets to be a lone forward he is so isolated because the team is down a man and is parking the bus. Not to mention some on this forum are calling him out for his 'weak mentality'. What nonsense. Is that solely because he's good looking? Because the boy has a very good record in the Champions League and has overall proved himself to be a big performer in big games. Apparently 20 minutes isolated upfront is a more accurate sample size than his record in the past 3 seasons.
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    "When West Ham were playing Tottenham, I decided to go to a restaurant in London with my family with Marcos (Alonso)... "When we arrived, guess who was behind me in the same restaurant? The manager. It was hilarious... "I have an app on my phone that tells me the score and when West Ham went 1-0 up, I turned round and told the manager the score... "The manager didn't eat for the last 25 minutes and when it finished 1-0, he got up and came over to my family's table... "He gave my dad a hug, my wife, children, myself and Marcos and he was so so happy because we knew we were going to win the league.. "That moment I will never forget because even though the team wasn't there, it was a celebration." - Cesc Fabregas on West Ham 1-0 Spurs. Conte is the king!
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    EDIT: He's at Cobham right now under going medical tests.
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    From being close to signing Lukaku, Alex Sandro and van Dijk to actually ending up with Llorente, Telles and Rüdiger.
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    That is paranoia. The same was said for Mata — since then we won two PL while Manchester United finished respectively 7th, 5th, 4th and 6th... When de Bruyne signed for Manchester City, it was all doom and dark. They finished 3rd and 4th... The same goes for Sturridge and Gallas — and probably many others that I do forget. Basically, when was the time we let one of our player go to a direct rival and had to pay the price afterward ? Had we been talking about Hazard, such a paranoia could be justified, but come on... People on this forum love to freak out, my word. Let them have our Serbian Marshal. I am looking forward to see a midfield-three of Matic-Pogba-Fellaini — it will be a sight to behold.
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    Laurent fucking Blanc Our managerial targets are becoming as average as our signings
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    If I was Sarri this shit would be raising all sorts of red flags for me.
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    "This is the worst I've felt for quite a while," he told BBC Sport. "Performance-wise, I didn't recognise us or myself. It was abysmal" don't worry - we recognised you out there Gary
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    Decent result. Decent performance. Can't understand why people think we were negative or we were playing for the draw. We created plenty of chances and looked far more positive in a big away game than the ones we usually saw under Mourinho. How many opportunities did we even create under Mourinho in these games? The only thing that let us down was our quality in the final third. Got into dangerous areas so many times but no conviction in finishing off the chances or no quality in creating actual good chances. At least this keeps our good run going. Have a decent set of fixtures up till January 3.
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    It takes balls and knowledge to take out Morata who wasn't good. Conte took a risk and it worked! Bravo Antonio! It's nice to see all supporters still signing ANTONIO ANTONIO, even in moments like those.
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    The real question is why the fuck were we in for Ox for so long and so late to play our RWB when he doesnt even want to play that position. Such a rubbish decision by the board, unbelievable.
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    If we get him, can we agree not to call him DD? There is only one DD, and it's not Danny Drinkwater.
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    I don't mind losing, once I can see some fight. I saw that all through the second half, so I'm happy enough. Lots of positive performances out there considering the circumstances. And Morata, wow. What an impact. He is better with his head than Digeo was or ever will be. On a personal note, I am glad to be back venting with all of you.
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    Some are arguing that we're directly strengthening United but you can also look at it a very different way. United were gonna sign a DM anyways and I'm just happy that they didn't get one better than Nemanja and you best believe there are a couple of those on the market; Fabinho, Nzonzi, or Dier would have taken United to the next level. Even Dendoncker would have been a better option. It still improves the United first XI but at the end of the day United not getting a much better player like those mentioned above is a silver lining.
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    Please. Sandro would be a top top signing. Morata would feed well off his crosses, he'd link up incredibly well with Eden, Cesc/Baka. Would really up the level of the first XI.
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    Don't try and bring people's mood down. Prick.
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    Hello guys, maybe one of you remember of me...I Was registra in this forum when I knew that Conte will be the new manager of the Chelsea FC. I am a Juventus Football fans but in the Premier my favourite team is the Chelsea for the Story and the Good Tradition of Italian fotballer and Manager of the Club (Zola,Vialli,Di Matteo,Ancelotti ecc) I think that A.Sandro will be a New Chelsea football player. Last Week Fabio Paratici (Juventus DS) spoke to Atalanta ti re-transfer in the Club Spinazzola Who play in the same role of the Brasilian. Atalanta don't let go Spinazzola but this is a clear signal.. if you have any Technic question about the Brazilian player or the Juventus news I stay here. sorry for my English XD
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    Nope, it's done already. Everything agreed in principle, player just needs to have a medical and sign the contract. A Roma supporter told me their club needed €30M income by the end of June to comply with FFP, so that's where the Rüdiger sale comes in and that's why the deal was agreed out of the blue in less than 24 hours. It all happened because their sale of Kostas Manolas to Zenit fell through at the last minute and they needed to complete another deal fast. If (or rather when) the sale to Chelsea goes through, Roma will get the transfer fee income included in their financial books for year 16/17 because it was already agreed before the end of last month and they're in clear waters with UEFA. However if a club like Man City now hijacked the deal and records show that the transfer was only agreed in July, Roma would be fucked with FFP sanctions because the income would appear on their books for 17/18 and for last year they'd be €30M short of complying with the rules. Any reports linking the player to Man City are just tabloids writing shit and trying desperately to sell papers.
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    His ability to carry the ball forward is quite underrated on here I think. The few times I watched him last season I always got the feeling that he has decent technique and can dribble past opponents. Of course, he doesn't have the elegant close control dribbling like Verratti, but he is fast and can force his way through midfield by his strength if he needs to.