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    hi from a Napoli supporter i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decent but not exceptional team pushed over his limits by Sarri I read that you talk about Napoli's player like extra technician players, and you think that Chelsea team cannot play Sarri's football Sarri played the same football at empoli, in serie B, he only need player that follows him and and able to understand his needs, and he will push them at their maximum level Sarri team is like a clock, every player has to be perfectly synchronized with the others, every play situations trigger an already prepared synchronized movement of the full team, so -if as I hope- you will hire him, you have to expect a slow start, the team will need to understand his football, and I think that Albiol and Rugani are fundamental for save some months and drive the full team in the beginning I really wish the best for Sarri, his teams will be my teams, and I hope that you will win Premier League and compete for the Champions destroying Allegri and his fucking juventus Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Doesn't affect me one little bit. He's shown great loyalty to this team especially since we appear, temporarily I hope, not to be trying to fulfil his expectations. Remember he came here because, he said, he wanted to win The Champions League. We're a long way from having a squad with a realistic chance in that competition. I think Eden has respected our club and deserves huge, and unreserved, acclaim from Chelsea fans.
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    I can imagine such conversation taking place. Conte: Let's go for Mahrez, Malcom or Lem... *Roman and Marina looking at each other* Roman: Did I just hear him say Nathan Redmond? Marina: Yup *Conte crying*
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    he will shake Sarri's hand, have a quick chat in italian and wish him goodluck, like the gentleman Conte is. I thank Conte for his service, eventough we finished 5th last season and won the FA Cup, he won 2 trophies in 2 seasons, very respectable cv if you ask me, turned a 10th place team into Champions while taking the Premier League by storm in his 1st season, changed things around with a 3 man defense and his energy on the sidelines was great. He was very hard done by the club and players, he deserved more respect, i just wish him goodluck wherever he ends up. Thank you Don Conte, respect and KTBFFH, once a blue always a blue
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    Nobody gave Chelsea much of a chance and rightly so, Chelsea are not the team they used to be, the players gave it their all, and we were the better team for the two legs, but not everyone has Messi to show in their ranks, yet after the Man City game, all that I wanted was the fighting spirit and it was there to see, even after being 2-0 down. All in all taking pride from this performance #KTBFFH
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    We had 6 years to build a team around a genuine world class talent and ended up with Danny Drinkwater.
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    I check whats new about Conte and I see last few pages of this Conte out shit. Unbelievable.
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    Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016!
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    Cannot be blamed for anything at all, anyone says differently they need their head examining,.
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    When Kepa's family moving to London, We want his whole family here including his grandma.
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    Today has clearly showed the bar which Chelsea must work towards reaching. At this moment we are pretty far away but the overreaction today on this forum is incredible. Sarri has been at the club for less than 3 weeks in a summer where not even all of our players are back for pre season yet. To add to this we've travelled to Australia in this timeframe and also played games in France and Ireland. The change we are making is massive. It's not just "hey, we're going to play a more expansive, attacking style which all the players are going to enjoy and everything will be good!". Not only does Sarri want the team to play in a certain way with our passing and movement, but we are also being coached to press all over the pitch, in particular the final third which we haven't been doing previously under Conte and obviously the shift to a back 4 with a high line in comparison to a back 3/5 with a deep line. You could see today a player as tactically solid and dependable as Azpilicueta was even struggling tucking in way too much and leaving a lot of room out wide. These changes won't be learnt in a couple of weeks. Remember that Conte didn't implement his 3-4-3 until the end of September. He largely kept Mourinho's tactics which the team were used to and drilled towards playing until this point to give the best chance of getting some early results, but even that left us struggling. This is a work in progress and a lot of patience will be required. I understand some of the reservations regarding our squad and there are some players who clearly don't cut it, but this is still a good group of players, a large group of which have won 2 of the last 4 premier leagues. People say that Chelsea don't have the players that can play the way Napoli did but we're comparing to his finished article after 3 years work with them. Look at some of those Napoli players the year that Sarri took over and they would have been saying similar things. Jorginho was a backup player that Sarri ended up moulding the team around. Mertens and Insigne were nothing more than squad players too. The Napoli fans thought Koulibaly was useless and looked terrible trying to play the ball out from the back. They have all been coached and trusted in time to perform how they did for Napoli. The biggest issue is clearly up front for us. Morata hasn't played well at all and doesn't appear to be the answer, but Sarri hasn't had Bats or Giroud yet so has had no alternative. Let's also note that at Napoli, having lost Higuain he converted Mertens who was nothing more than a squad player winger previously. If there is a coach that is creative and willing to coach what he has to make it work then we have that man. We are not likely, or expected, to be challenging Man City for the title this season. But I do think we've got a good chance of making the top 4 this season. But it will take some time and patience for this to get to where we all want it to reach.
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    Good god, there are some idiots on Bluemoon https://forums.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/threads/jorginho.332681/page-487#post-11095583 "After seeing what happened when we missed out on Sanchez I am chilled about this. Pep can always find something in someone to do the job required. Sanchez looks like a square peg in a round hole at the rags, Jorginho might look the same at Chelsea." Yeah, Jorginho might not fit in to the type of system that Sarri wants to play. That's an excellent piece of analysis.
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    Thank you for everything Antonio. KTBFFH
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    Laurent fucking Blanc Our managerial targets are becoming as average as our signings
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    If I was Sarri this shit would be raising all sorts of red flags for me.
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    "This is the worst I've felt for quite a while," he told BBC Sport. "Performance-wise, I didn't recognise us or myself. It was abysmal" don't worry - we recognised you out there Gary
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    Excellent second half performance. Chels were suffocating Arsenal. I was just waiting for Chels to score. It took a while but it eventually happened, and it was completely deserved. Alonso was a beast. His late runs into the box are a problem. When Chelsea control the ball and get forward, he will be a very useful asset. And he was good outside of the goal and assist. Good touch, calm and clever passing and really covered that left flank well. Jorginho's positioning is fuxking excellent. I love midfielders who know how to move. He's always in the right positions, providing passing options. Body constantly in the correct direction to turn into space. Accurate and strategic passer. Very intelligent in his decision-making. Knows when to keep it simple or when to go for the forward pass. Never afraid to play an early ball in behind or ping a through ball. The sight of this type of midfielder in a Chelsea kit makes me so happy. Hazard is a boss. A game changer. He was bloody unstoppable. His timing when going for the burst and dribble was impeccable. His control over the ball simply too much to handle. They were shaking in their boots only a minute after he entered the pitch. There was no way he wasn't going to influence the score. Kovacic showing very encouraging signs. Moved into the right spaces and was very confident on the ball. Nice instant chemistry with Hazard. I'm excited about the prospects of that Jorginho-Kovacic-Hazard link up.
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    If there's no option to buy, we should just have him knock up some girl. Then he can go back to Madrid and keep talking to the Croatian press about how much he wants to move to London.
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    Chelsea fans around the world after 65m for willian is rejected.
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    Fuck me, Sarri-Golovin-Jorginho and possibly Rugani.... Marina will be like:
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    Crazy money is when you buy Andy fucking Carroll at any price even little as £2m....
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    Well after watching the press conference against my better judgement it is now fully clearly to me that Conte is done with the club. He looked ill, he looked broken and he sounded completely disillusioned. The board have single handedly drained every ounce of charisma and zest the bloke had, and other fans, the media and people you speak to have no idea why we are so fucked off and why our manager is too. It's actually got to the point where I actually feel more for Conte than the club itself based on the whole way he's been treated and the way they have handled the transfer business in the last few years. People can tell you there isn't anything wrong, their fooling themselves. There is a lot wrong right now at this football club, a lot. I don't know what direction we are going in, the spine has gone from the team, something we were noted for over the years and we do not have leaders in the dressing room anymore. It's been allowed to get to this because of a short term outlook, the quick fixes and the penny pinching. City are now paying the asking prices, the big wages and probably going to be very dominant for the next few years, we cant afford to follow the copyright set by Arsenal, were we allow ourselves to fall into the background, just saunter along and win fuck all. And believe me this is very realistic and possible, and quite close to happening than people actually think. Every window we are missing out on more and more and more targets, this then has the knock on effect it has with Conte we are seeing now. We are also seeing something now that we haven't seen for a while, teams like Liverpool are starting to up their game in terms of big signings...Van Dijk is in, Naby Keita is about to join they are really pulling up their socks. Other teams are starting to do big business, big players for big money. My fear is we are starting to drowned, the tide of other teams is starting to come in. We aren't identifying targets and we aren't nailing them, other teams are. This club needs to be very careful, we are walking a fine line because other clubs around us are spending and moving forward, and right now we are stagnating and not dining at the top table, in fact, and I have said this before we are not a big pull anymore. The Andy Carroll thing isn't made up media shite, we are actually chasing him, I mean what the fuck is this all about, even Arsenal are chasing Aubameyang and Sanchez looks like he's about to join United. It's embarrassing what's happening right now, and I actually think the board are so focused on this new stadium everything else around them is being shoved away. We need to be very careful.
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    Seems like we've been rebuilding the squad since 2012, every year it's the same excuse. We're not rebuilding anything, we're shite.
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    They don't make manager announcements on Mondays either.
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    Looks like he is off. I hope the man gets a quality job pronto (outside of England!). As a man, he has been absolute class. Probably the guy with the best manners and character since Ranieri. Who remembers him clapping the Sunderland fans last season for supporting their team through relegation? He gave so much passion in the first season. Giving hi 5's like he was a fan and jumping into the crowd after Hazard scored a blinder against Arsenal. He took a team with a shit defence and went on a 13 game unbeaten run. Won the title. Beat Jose 4-0 In his first return at the Bridge. Counter punched Guardiola away. Dropped Ivanovic and Terry as soon as he could. We beat Atletico away in their new stadium. Apart from one mistake from Christensen, played a masterclass against Barca at home (did Willian hit the post once or twice? I remember the Spanish paper's saying how Barca escaped our 'spider's trap'). After a difficult season gave us the FA cup win over Jose no less! 2 trophies in 2 years with Guardiola, mourinho and klopp. Not bad Antonio. I'm papering over the cracks ofcourse. When we were up against it our football was unbelievably defensive. Fallout with Luiz and Willian haven't helped. Towards the end even I was fed up with how much he went on about transfers. Overall, I think he'll go down as a legend. At his best, he was literally like a 12th player for the team and an extra fan when we scored. Fiery, and never took shit. No wonder he fit like a glove here!!
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    Yeah, 15-16 was much worse. Can't believe people don't remember how bad we were, like twice as bad as now. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Willian On love story with Chelsea: "I think every person has a purpose here on earth. And my purpose is to be at Chelsea, no matter if I'm on the bench or starting.“ 💙 "Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training and to keep your head up.“ "I have been playing more games, I have been scoring, I have been helping Chelsea win. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.“ [Globo]
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    Only way to play with Fabregas and not Drinkwater against side like this was to compensate mobility somewhere else on the field. Conte did that by playing Pedro instead of Morata/Giroud. So with the help of Willian and Pedro, Fabregas wasn't exposed much for Barca. Never, ever in this game Barcelona looked like scoring. And he benched our captain, who is also an Englishman, against bloody Barcelona. This man deserves all the praise he can get. Hats off.
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    Put some respect on his bloody name! He was brilliant tonight and defo the best player on the pitch
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    And again he brings the best out of a rather ordinary side. You can have your Tuchels and Sarris, but until we don´t change our profil of players we won´t play beautiful football. Conte is the man.
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    People will realise when Conte is gone just how bad the next few years are going to be. No more titles. No ambition (anyone honest will realise that Conte's moaning stems from ambition. I haven't forgotten the warrior he is. The level he demands from his players. He has been given a Cleo to race Ferraris). You know happens when everyone realises are ambition doesn't reflect that of other teams? That it isn't good enough? The best players leave. Hazard. Tibo. Willian (who we will miss when we see the cross we replace him with). This club needs Conte, because the board needs a manager with ferocious ambition. We all know the board thinks business first. Most likely he leaves. I have nothing but respect for him, kinda want him to have a foreign club to support him. So here's my prediction. Abramovich is going to need to have things get a lot worse before the board is reshuffled. Hopefully we put as much effort into choosing sporting directors than we do managers.
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    The funniest thing is watching all the United fans defending and siding with Mourinho after calling him a classless, childish cunt for years and years before he joined them.
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    Wrong. Typical knee jerk reaction of judging after one game.
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    In an ideal world there's an option to buy which we can trigger if he's successful next summer. But if there's not then so be it, we are getting a top player for a season whom could help us massively. If he fits into the team, has an excellent season and has a big impact on us getting back into the top 4 and back into the champions league, or even winning some trophies then it will be worth it and we'll cross next season when it happens. There has to be a mid to long term plan at the club, but what we don't want to do is allow such a plan to allow us to forget about the present. We don't know what other teams may do in a couple of seasons time, or if any of our players choose to leave, get injured, etc. There has to be a focus on this season, in what will likely be a transition season, to get back into the Champions League. If Kovacic helps with that, option to buy or not, then I'm all for him joining.
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    I always said that a top team must have a stand out player, an X factor like Cristiano Ronaldo for Madrid, Messi for Barcelona, Neymar (and Mbappe) for Paris, De Bruyne for City, Salah now for Liverpool, Robben (and Ribery) for years at Bayern etc. We have our own in Hazard and we might lose this luxury, but what can you do if his heart is set on Madrid? For me and it's my opinion only, I think he would go there at the wrong time. Madrid have won four of the last five Champions League trophies and Ronaldo is gone now. Zidane, too. Lots of ageing players in Modric, Ramos, Marcelo. Add to that these players, this Real Madrid generation has won so many trophies in the last years it's impossible for them to replicate this again and especially for a lot of them to find that big motivation, that big hunger again. Look at Varane - 25 years old, four Champions League titles and World Cup winner, will be playing for fun from now on, he's won the biggest trophies you can get as a footballer. Make no mistake the Real Madrid fans will expect a Ronaldo replacement with the same appetite for goals and I am afraid Hazard is not the one they are looking for. When things will get tight and Bale will go into his annual four months on the injury list, all the burden will be left on Hazard's shoulders and he'll have to step up and score loads of goals otherwise those fans will turn against him in a blink and his price tag is going to be the first quoted and branded a flop after a few bad games. And believe me the Spanish fans are the worst you will see, football is just politics in that country, their arrogance makes me puke. If it was me I'd rather have lived as a king at Chelsea than as a simple player that has once played for Madrid because surely he is not going to end up as a legend there, simply does not have the goal scoring capabilities and that's all what matters at that club when they pay monster money for you. But it's his decision in the end.
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    Zola has been summoned ready to be unveiled as Sarri's number 2, it's a big thing for the club, supporters and him. Him flying back tells you things are happening, it's probably a dream come true for Zola to be involved in such a big job at the club he's seen as a hero at, imagine how excited he must be to come back and work under Sarri. Get in.
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    the mods fault, I've heard it all now. I'm willing to take the blame for what's happening in Syria, but not this.
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    We went on a counter attack, Kante led the line, got almost into their box, passed it, we lost the ball, Man United went on a counter and the very same Kante already sliding in and winning the ball back on the halfway line. Not even 6 seconds between the counters! I could not believe it was him but then again, that is Mr. N'Golo Kante. Priceless player.
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    It does seem like managers can't seem to win these days. If they overachieve with clubs on small budgets like Poch and Sarri have it's "show us your medals", yet if they win at City, Paris, Bayern, Real, Barca apparently it doesn't count because even Shannon from Scunthorpe and her dog could do the same. It seems all managers we get linked with right now are being put in one category or the other.
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    Do you guys even realize how bad we were in 2016 ? Our highest position was 10th, the one where we finished the season. We had a goal difference of +6. We didn't show the slightest of fights against PSG. We went out against Stoke early in the COC. We went out against Everton in the FA Cup. The best we had done in the league was 3 wins in a row. Our top 4 chance was basically gone by October. This year we were 2nd at some point in January, win tomorrow and we are 5 points short of Tottenham and 7 Liverpool, with a game at home against the latter coming up ( which we might or might not win obviously ). Even if we miss out on Champions League football which is highly likely it will be by a considerably smaller margin than 2016. In 2016 we finished 16 points off top 4, and 13 off the first relegated team, we basically were closer to relegation zone than top 4. We are on course to finish the season with 75 points if we somehow manage to win all remaining Premier League games, in the last 15 PL seasons, this would have enabled us to play CL football the following year in 80% of the cases. It's not a guess, it's an actual statistic. I'm all for giving the players, manager and board stick for this deceiving season guys, but stop rewriting history, nothing we've experienced this year will ever get as low as 2016, that was a total nightmare, terrible.
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    Have I been seeing things? First, MrExcalibur praised Conte and now you too? Only need Styles to do the same to complete the hat-trick!
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    Calm down guys, those Sanchez rumours are planted so we can go low profile for Andy Carroll without competition from Barcelona or PSG.
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    Can't believe people actually think Hazard is waiting for Courtois to sign a new contract. They were both clearly joking. I highly doubt Hazard is signing any contract until the summer. Not unless he's 100 % sure Real isn't coming for him in the summer. On the whole loyalty talk. Sorry but i always find it funny when supporters get on their high horse when talking about player loyalty. How many wanted Hazard gone in the 2015-2016 season. How many were spouting insults at Hazard that season. He was even booed at one stage of the season. This was a player that had been key in getting us the title the year before. So where was the loyalty there ? Easy to talk about player loyalty. Simple fact is supporters and clubs aren't any better. We all look after our own self-interest. If a players isn't of value anymore to a club or supporters they'll discard him like that.
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    The saddest thing is, when he was through on goal for the first goal, you just KNEW he wasn't going to score. Never thought he would completely miss the target all together though.