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    Lampard has won Liverpool more PL titles than Gerrard.
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    If you're not delighted with how this season is going and excited about the potential of both this young group and manager who feel and understand the club and its fans then you're either impossible to please or a closet Spurs fan. Tonight showed the continued maturity of this group, including Frank and I am elated not just at the result but the controlled and professional performance we just put in.
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    With Kai, Hakim and Timo around goodluck with that.
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    Newsflash: The Metropolitan Police have called off the search for Wilfred Zaha he's been in Reece James's pocket all day
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    I can't actually believe how well coached we are. Puts it in further perspective when you see the garbage United and Arsenal are spewing. I love the fact Frank isn't so stubborn to try and do it himself. He has embraced the best parts of Sarriball (and even Conte's style with the fitness) and moulded it with his own style and he has appointed coaches who dominated youth football with the players he wants to promote. He accepts he can't do it all himself and appoints the right people, you'd be surprised how many managers don't. Also Jody and Edwards in behind gives good continuity, with all coaches on the same page (have to give a mention to Newton aswell) one of them could quite seemlessly take over if Lampard burns out a few years down the line (I'd love to say he's got a shot at being our Sir Alex but sadly I don't think the pace of the job in the modern day will allow it) like Tito did after Pep walked out of Barca. There's a very exciting edge right now in a different way to what we're use to. When Mourinho returned and Conte arrived the excitement was based on the fact we will likely win the league very soon, now it's about the fact we are going to build a very, very strong legacy for many years to come.
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    Really the baptism of fire for Super Frank and it is encouraging to see opposition fans aknowledging you look way better than everybody would expect. Last night I instantly turned off my TV after Tammy's miss and I felt so damn pissed. Again a good match with a good intensity from our boys and a definite improvement on the United game. Frank Lampard's adjustments were spot on and one thing we can be sure of he ain't going to be that rigid as Sarri. Some players have huge careers, but turn into shite managers, some turn into decent ones, I feel Frank is going the champions route. The signs are there for everyone to see, I hope he is here to stay for a long, long time. Sarri improved Chelsea's passing and pressing game, but now the team looks better as a unit I feel and the biggest improvement is that Frank is more like Klopp and Pochettino, more direct in the final 3rd and always looks to end attacks by creating something. Unlike what we did under Sarri when looked awful at times in the final 3rd. We might have a weaker squad than most of the big clubs in Europe, but what we don't lack under Frank is the intensity and the passion to play the big games. At least what I know this season is that we won't be going into big matches looking like Burnley in disguise, if Frank is playing on the front foot at OT and against the CL winners in his first two matches in charge, then I don't see him taking his foot of the pedal and it's only going to get better with time this is what I am sure of.
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    I see our CBs getting the praise for their work today. The goalie is the key here. With no Kepa behind them, they just feel more confident. Simple as that. That is what a solid gk does. Now imagine a class gk.
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    Remember when Mourinho subbed Loftus on in the 83rd minute against Sporting Lisbon in a meaningless match and called it "academy day"? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Very confused, can only assume the ones being somewhat negative did not watch the game? Aside from Dave and Zouma, I thought we played really well against the European Champions. I was shocked at times how good some of our play was considering how little time Frank and Jody have had. I'm pleasantly surprised and I'm glad we had a reality check against United.
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    i wasnt this excited about a player coming in since werner
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    All the big six (plus Wolves and Leicester) beaten atleast once but no potential of being a top coach apparently.
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    5th domestic cup final in 6 seasons. 3rd FA Cup final in 4 seasons. 1st win over Solskjaer's Man United in 6 games!
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    That tackle from Zouma was epic. He was covering Christensen who was beyond shyte today.
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    Chelsea are set to receive an additional Β£10-Β£15mil if Real Madrid win La Liga because of a clause in Eden Hazard's contract.
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    Don't know how you've managed to last this long to be honest. I turned off as soon as the whistle went. It was always going to be a liverpool wank fest
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    After 100 days without football, Chelsea give us these 2 games of incredible, nail biting drama. Damn.
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    Really taking the piss now
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    If Kante walks back in the side now it would be outrageous.
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    Frank reading newspapers and not Chelsea Talk Forum is one of his biggest mistakes
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    Can't wait to watch the highlights later. Get in Frank! To think a few weeks ago people were calling for him to be sacked. Hope you get some intelligence for Christmas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Frank might be inexperienced- but from the sounds of it he gave Mou a masterclass... πŸ‘ As @Hutcho knows - The future is bright, the future is Blue... πŸ‘
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    He shouldn't have even got booed in the first place.
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    Still think he's been outstanding this year. Doesn't do much that'll get in the box score as we say in the States but influences the game in a lot of other ways. With the ball at his feet he's as good as anyone we've got. He could actually stand to press the ball up the pitch more as talented as he is. And he's playing full matches now where last year it seemed like he was a 60 minute player. Glad we signed him.
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    If you go back a couple of months and say that Chelsea are contenders for top 4 and doing well in CL you’d laughed at and mocked. No one took Chelsea and instead focused on Man United Arsenal and Spurs. Super Frank is doing brilliantly but is not getting the plaudits that he deserve. Now let’s take that win onto to Turf moor
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    Willian for me by a mile. If that was his debut people would be saying better than Messi. His tracking back, his sublime play for the second, constant breaking up of their moves. So easy to take him for granted.
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    If you asked me now, I wouldn't want him back. I want to see us become a collectively cohesive team, not a superstar and the supporting cast.
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    My stance has been the same for quite some time. The standard of officiating all over Europe is hopeless. Until something is done we will benefit from it and get screwed over from it. However shit the ref was today doesn't change the fact that we should have put this sorry excuse of an Arsenal side to bed and failing that, not given them a way back in with peak Allardyce route one.
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    Giroud is one of the best signings of past years. He had zero hype. He was cheap. Yet he was key in Europa League trophy last season, and he was key in saving our season. Team looked set to finish 6th pra 7th with no proper CF. Now the team will pretty much finish inside top 4 and is in FA Cup Final. He played a big part in both achievements.
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    What a kick in the nuts this victory is for Man United.
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    Giroud is a total fucking pro he was BURIED by Lamps (Lamps trotting out Michy over OG was one of his truly shit decisions, Bats is dogshit) did not piss and moan than mutch, even though it possibly could have fucked up up for Euro 2020 on the world champions and the minute he got a run of games he has so stepped up
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    lol wth he just made his EPL debut and you already slagging him off! a few months back he was 17!!!
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    It might opinion it doest matter what the expectations were before the season. Liverpool fans expected to be 25 points clear of City at this point? No. But if somehow Liverpool bottle it and City win, it will be disaster and devastating for them. Nobody would say: well, finishing 2nd behind City was considered the expected result before the season. Before the season nobody expected us to get into top 4, but the in the real season Leicester is a top 3 side and Everton, Wolves and Sheffield are all fighting for the top 4 finish and those teams didn't spend big and they don't have better players than Chelsea. For me it completely invalidades the narrative that Lampard is overachieving and that is okay to finish outside top 4, because the season is showing that a top 4 finish was a realistic target with the current squad. Again, I'm talking about the real season, not what we thought about the season before it even started.
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    Said it before and will say it again, for all the critisism our board get (some legit, some not) they would look world class stood next to Woodward and co.
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    Those three don't work together as a trio. Furthermore Mount is a tempo setter, it was no coincidence we dropped off Vs Brighton after he was replaced.
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    Kovacic left it all on the pitch today impressive effort. Wasn't always pretty and the ending was a bit nervy at times...but three points is three points. And spurs lost so get in!!
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    Not buying it sorry. Nonsensical and lazy analysis from Jose, read between the lines. He's not saying it in a genuine way imo. He obviously doesn't agree/understand the whole youth movement to begin. He's talking about Chelsea as if we're the complete team already and aren't lacking in quality and experience which is ridiculous in my opinion. Nobody expected Chelsea to be ahead of City at this stage of the season, some even had us scrapping for top 10. This sort of analysis from Jose sounds like jealousy/he's been proven wrong because he didn't believe in the youth when he was here, so he needs to scrutinize them in this veiled way which on the surface seems like fair criticism but let's be honest, it's bitter from him. Fake constructive criticism. Let's actually keep it in context and look at all of our big games this season so far. We've played United, Liverpool (Super Cup), Leicester, Liverpool, United (League Cup), Ajax away and Ajax home. Let's just summarise these to see whether we've done bad in big games so far given our expectations. 1. United away, first game of the season. 4-0 scoreline flatters United big time. Lampard's first game in the PL, individual mistakes severely punished but overall we definitely looked like the side with more potential (which has held true so far this season). Nobody too surprised about this result. Tactically naive and missing lots of players. 2. Super Cup final. Against the best in Europe, matched them completely and we were arguably the better team overall. Lost on penalties. Already a huge improvement in a big game but again undone by some individual mistakes. Tactically pretty much spot on. 3. Leicester are the second best team in the league atm and have been outstanding. A game we had under control but a lapse in concentration caused a goal to be conceded (set piece yet again mind you). Tactically pretty spot on again imo. 4. Liverpool in the PL. Again undone by a set piece and some individual mistakes. However showcased a good framework tactically and didn't embarrass ourselves against the champions of Europe. 5. United League cup - put out somewhat of a B team and again essentially beaten by a wonder set piece goal. Not really important imo. 6. Ajax away and home. Superb win at the JCA, superb comeback at the Bridge. Glossed over by Jose as we're now suddenly expected to dismantle CL semi finalists. The point is that we've steadily been improving in big games and have put in some very promising performances. SFL has set his ambitions on creating an attacking team, a team that doesn't shelve it's whole identity in big games, something Jose fundamentally disagrees with as he's naturally a short term thinking, defensive coach. Jose doesn't do long term processes and to him it's about winning now rather than building something over the years like Klopp and Pep have. It's why he's been left behind in today's game. His criticism seems to be about Lampard's tactics when it's experience and quality that we're lacking. Overall we've been good tactically in big games. He's talking as if Chelsea should be beating all big teams this season which is far from the case. This is why I find his criticism disingenuous.
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    Pulisic made the difference for sure in the 2nd half. But the real heroes today were Kovacic and Jorginho. Absolute world class performances from both of them. Without them we would have been torn apart but they help us to control the game, especially in the second half where we we dictating the tempo and dominating the game. Top game management from Lamps as well!
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    I haven't seen the game yet but I heard we managed it really well in the second half which has pleased me as I didn't hold back on my dissatisfaction on how we pissed away the Sheffield match. It is a really strong sign how Frank is learning from his mistakes (which are inevitable so young). As amazing as the first half hour Vs Leicester was to watch the intensity we played with had us tanked for the second half and Leicester took the piss out of us and we haven't gone full pelt since and ever since the Sheffield match we have managed winning positions a lot better. Compared to OGS up at United who's making the same mistakes again and again and again it's so good to see Frank evolving and learning and although he doesn't have the prior CV those two did, he's showing similar early signs to what Pep and Klopp did when they came to England in terms of the encouraging football we're playing.
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    Great away support as well today as always. Willian song, Hudson Odoi/Banana Splits song, Outsung St Marys today.
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    We go toe to toe with the champions of Europe, we deserved to win, we probably should have won. And yet it's all doom and gloom. Yes, there are some defensive issues, there are some teething issues, but it HAD to be so. Fucking hell, sarri got 9 points in his last 6 games with us, having hazard, Kante, Rudi, Cho, RLC all fit. By the end of last season these 5 players were the first names on the team sheet, how many minutes have they been able to play combined so far? And yet, we are not only a better attacking unit, we are actually a competent attacking unit. Frank asked for patience and support in his programme notes, and u can see why. This is still very much a work in progress. It will continue to do so for a major part of this season. I would rather us struggling a bit now with ideas and system than be what we were under sarri Calling Frank naive is one of the shittiest things I have heard. All these keyboard warriors, are going to have eggs on their face come the end of the season.
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    I think he will explode into one of best fullbacks in the league, just like he had the potential back then in serie a.
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    He's far from the worst player we've ever had and the rare times he brought his A game (Qarabag, Bate, Arsenal in the 2-2 at The Emirates, Frankfurt) he looked a player. All in all we were a level above his skillset but he was a solid 6/10 player, can't recall any real disasterclass performances. A watered down version of Paulo Ferriera is probably the best way to describe him.
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    And the overeaction of the decade goes too....
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    Laughing at all those suggesting last season that Alonso was on the same level or better! This guy is a solid left back
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    Rudiger is our best CB. I've seen some negative posts but saying it might be his downfall before a ball has been kicked is just way over the top.