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    7 years ago this funny little Belgian guy arrived at the bridge. Amazingly talented, one of football best dribblers in the world. Already in his first game he made an impact with his signature spin move followed by an inch perfect assist to Ivanovic, a few minutes later proved himself too quick for Wigan's defence => penalty. Little did we knew then that this little boy, who breaths football joy, would be one of the most composed penalty takers the football world has ever seen! The fact that his last ball touch at the Bridge was a vital spot kick to send us to the EL Final is a great way to end: things have come full circle! Eden's 7 years: it's been great to have you at the Bridge. It's been great to witness your magic dribbling, passing and shooting skills the past 7 years. It's a semi miracle that a player of his quality was loyal to the club for so many years! And maybe most importantly: he got 4.761.991 tackles and NEVER ever saw him complaining! A top player, a top personality, a Chelsea Legend! Wish you all the best in your future career and remember where home is: KTBFHH!!!
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    Hazard when asked if he regrets not joining Madrid sooner? Hazard: "On a personal level, I was really happy at Chelsea. It was special. Watching those Chelsea videos earlier was very emotional. I do not regret leaving Chelsea sooner".
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    When Frank comes, he should have a clause that he can come on for the last 10 minutes for late runs in the box to score a classic Lampard winner
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    Part of me desperately want to see the people suffer a meltdown over Jorginho had he gone to Man City and done well under Guardiola. Those same fellas who are criticizing now would be the same ones bashing the board for messing up on this transfer. Not saying Jorginho has been perfect because he hasn't but it's easy to forget that this is only his first season in English football and he's operating in a clueless side when going forward. Sure he has messed up passes when he shouldn't but those criticizing him for not passing forward, have you seen movement from the attacking players on a consistent basis? How is Jorginho supposed to pass forward when the players in front of him are just standing around waiting to receive the ball at their feet rather than getting onto them? Also, to those comparing Jorginho with Fabregas, going from a starter to a squad player can sure change people's perception. I don't want to start a debate on who's the better player but it's so easy to forget that while Fabregas has his qualities, his performance level went south like from 2015 onward. There were plenty of complaints how he didn't dominate games and was getting caught out, repeatedly, in defensive situations but because he hasn't been a first team player in ages, people suddenly think he's this perfect midfielder, capable of playing accurate passes every single time and does no wrong on the pitch. He certainly wasn't. Rewind back 3-4 years and I'm sure there are plenty of complaints about Fabregas basically going downhill. Jorginho hasn't been perfect but he is less of an issue compared to the more glaring ones we have in the team. Hell, you might even argue that Sarri is doing him no favors by making us play non-existent attacking football and average players to try and implement that style. It's pathetic that we're living at a time when people are constantly finding problems all over the place when there more specific ones to worry about and fix.
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    Very happy. This is Fulham's cup final, and they played arguably their best game of the season today. There's always a reaction after a change of manager, and we did very well to keep them out in the second half. Not a vintage performance, but we had some excellent spells and some of the early-season swagger is starting to return. We now need to continue the momentum.
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    I'm fuckin ashamed at peeps booing Jorgi. Call themselves supporters. Why the fuck does he get singled out when all the other cunts play shit useless too? Such selective memories of some! I'm gonna boo Eden on Sunday and see how that goes down. Peeps used to moan like fuck about Cescy saying he was too slow, couldn't tackle, needed someone to support him! Then as soon as he leaves peeps start singing his praises wishing he hadn't left. Just cracks me up.
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    Marcos Alonso to Hudson-Odoi: “Bayern Munich? We are Chelsea, another great team, the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world, I don’t know why someone would go to Bayern Munich” Hate him or love him, this is quality 👏 https://t.co/mGcV1Pk51L Fair play Alonso.
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    It's ironic given his ties coming through the ranks at Arsenal and at times carrying a pretty average side towards the end of his time there, to then his hometown club and the dream move of Barcelona, that when he looks back at the end of his career he will probably see the most successful and enjoyable part of his career here at a club that he clearly didn't like when he was at Arsenal and Barcelona, and we in turn didn't like him. If a player gives their all for this club and shows respect, they are always welcomed back here and treated like royalty. The likes of Gullit, Vialli, Desailly, Ballack had far more success away from this club but Chelsea holds a special place in all of their hearts because of the way they were and are treated by us fans. Fabregas is no exception. He deserves every ounce of respect, appreciation and admiration from us all and good luck to him.
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    From absolutely loathed him as Arsenal/Barca player to love him as a Chelsea legend, you have completely won my heart Cesc. All the very best, gonna miss you.
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    Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016!
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    If you're not delighted with how this season is going and excited about the potential of both this young group and manager who feel and understand the club and its fans then you're either impossible to please or a closet Spurs fan. Tonight showed the continued maturity of this group, including Frank and I am elated not just at the result but the controlled and professional performance we just put in.
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    I'm telling you now, to all the SarriOut supporters.... you don't know how lucky we are to have a humble manager like Sarri... a man with principle, passion, an expansive free flowing footballing philosophy and balls, big humungous set of balls.... be careful what you wish for.
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    David Luiz to Chelsea fans that can't travel to Baku: "Just take your drinks, be in the sofa and enjoy it a lot because we're going to try hard for you guys and thank you so much for the support. It doesn't matter where you are, we know your hearts and we'll try our best". 👏 👏
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    He’s made the most forward passes in the PL so this is rubbish. Open up your mind, expand your football knowledge. Learn the regista role and what it’s meant to do, it’s function in a team.
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    The decline in performances is a lot down to one thing, The lack of training pitch time. He is coming in, trying to teach the squad a totally different brand of football to what the players are accustomed too, he has a broken pre season where most of the key players are on holiday from the world cup then when they come back they are getting upto speed for the first few weeks and by the time they are we end up starting the midweek marathon where we have played in every single midweek since the PAOK away game in September which renders training time as manly warm downs, that is a killer when learning a completely new system and style of play. Imagine you are doing weekly theory test's for driving (to pluck a random example), the first few weeks you have all the time in the world to revise and perfect things, but after that practice time is cut down significantly, eventually it's going to start to show in your results, won't it? The chances created and attacking play in the final 3rd isn't anywhere near what it could be, but one thing he has got right is how we are defending and how comfortable we are on the ball. Now i know some may reply with "possession is pointless if you do nothing with it" and all the usual stigma cliche's and as a rule i would agree, but with us/Sarri it's not the end game it's a hopeful building block onto bigger things. I remember a few years ago that video came out on YouTube of Napoli expertly playing the ball out of the back under extreme pressure and people on here were posting about it with the green eyed monster wishing our defenders could do that, well after six months we are doing that, we have been seamlessly playing out of trouble even against Liverpool and City with defenders that were supposedly not capable of it. The 65%-70 possession per match and how comfortable we are in possession is a starting block to where we are trying to go and in fact i think Sarri's done very well to implement that so early, i actually thought that was the part of his tactics that were going to take the longest to implement but it's been done seamlessly. Also i am very impressed with how good we look defensively, again that's another part i thought was going to take a while and i expected us to be vulnerable at the back for pretty much the duration of season one, the last two against Palace and Southampton both barely got a sniff at a chance, apart from the last ten minutes against Palace i didn't even remotely fear we would concede, that is quite remarkable all things considered, now i may get the usual counter of "it's only Palace and Southampton" well they have smashed a combined four past City recently and we gave neither a sniff. While we are on the subject of City remember how awful Pep and Klopp's defense was in the early stage? For Sarri to have us looking quite solid so early is a massive plus for me. Now when a manager is not getting it all his own way there's always one thing you need to ask, can you see what he's trying to do? It doesn't matter how well he's currently doing it but just to focus on the question. Moyes would be the greatest example of the answer to that question being no, there was no real blueprint or idea on what he was trying to achieve and it looked like he was making it up as he went along. An example of yes would be Klopp at Liverpool, didn't get it all his own way for the first two years but the blueprint was there, what he was trying to achieve was there. With Sarri i can see what he's trying to do he wants us to play with speed and decisiveness but unfortunately that's beyond some of the current players, it's not even about getting the best players it's about getting players more suited to the style. Willian doesn't fit his desired tactics, neither does Barkley, neither do the forwards, neither does Alonso from an attacking POV, Kante's getting there but still learning the ropes, we can't consistently play the style he wants but we are trying to work towards it, for example Alonso's post hit at the end of the Leicester game would have been a typical Sarri goal. All things considered Sarri right now i wouldn't say should get a free hit, but there is definitely mitigating circumstances which means he deserves the benefit of the doubt and we should give him a couple of windows to see where he could take us. Now don't get me wrong if we are still performing with such sketchy end product this time next year i will be as skeptical as anyone but what would the options be at the minute? Bottle it and go pragmatic for the end of the season and be back to square one in the summer? The big pro argument for that in the past is it would put us with a chance of the major trophies (2009, 2012) that isn't the case anymore so we have nothing to really lose by seeing the process though unless we bomb badly. With the emergence of what City, Liverpool and to an extent Spurs are doing we need to build something sustainable to keep up, the sticky plaster route was only ever going to work for so long!!
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    He helped change our style and offered a completely different alternative to soften the blow of losing the midfield goals of Lampard. He was hugely influential in Jose's title winning season, and despite a significant reduction in minutes also had a very good season in Conte's title winning season which flew under the radar somewhat. I was also extremely impressed with his attitude since at Chelsea. At Arsenal and Barcelona he came across as petulant, but he's a competitive winner. He could have had far easier moves than coming to Chelsea given his Arsenal history. He also had the option to take the easy route out when Conte didn't fancy him but he battled his way into his plans, and the length and success of his Chelsea time seems to have come from making tough decisions and putting in a lot of hard work which wouldn't necessarily be associated with a player of his natural talents. A club prepared to build around his ability on the ball and offer legs around him will still get some very good mileage out of him even entering the twilight of his career. I have a huge amount of respect for him and if he leaves this month or this summer, I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career.
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    Newsflash: The Metropolitan Police have called off the search for Wilfred Zaha he's been in Reece James's pocket all day
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    I can't actually believe how well coached we are. Puts it in further perspective when you see the garbage United and Arsenal are spewing. I love the fact Frank isn't so stubborn to try and do it himself. He has embraced the best parts of Sarriball (and even Conte's style with the fitness) and moulded it with his own style and he has appointed coaches who dominated youth football with the players he wants to promote. He accepts he can't do it all himself and appoints the right people, you'd be surprised how many managers don't. Also Jody and Edwards in behind gives good continuity, with all coaches on the same page (have to give a mention to Newton aswell) one of them could quite seemlessly take over if Lampard burns out a few years down the line (I'd love to say he's got a shot at being our Sir Alex but sadly I don't think the pace of the job in the modern day will allow it) like Tito did after Pep walked out of Barca. There's a very exciting edge right now in a different way to what we're use to. When Mourinho returned and Conte arrived the excitement was based on the fact we will likely win the league very soon, now it's about the fact we are going to build a very, very strong legacy for many years to come.
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    Really the baptism of fire for Super Frank and it is encouraging to see opposition fans aknowledging you look way better than everybody would expect. Last night I instantly turned off my TV after Tammy's miss and I felt so damn pissed. Again a good match with a good intensity from our boys and a definite improvement on the United game. Frank Lampard's adjustments were spot on and one thing we can be sure of he ain't going to be that rigid as Sarri. Some players have huge careers, but turn into shite managers, some turn into decent ones, I feel Frank is going the champions route. The signs are there for everyone to see, I hope he is here to stay for a long, long time. Sarri improved Chelsea's passing and pressing game, but now the team looks better as a unit I feel and the biggest improvement is that Frank is more like Klopp and Pochettino, more direct in the final 3rd and always looks to end attacks by creating something. Unlike what we did under Sarri when looked awful at times in the final 3rd. We might have a weaker squad than most of the big clubs in Europe, but what we don't lack under Frank is the intensity and the passion to play the big games. At least what I know this season is that we won't be going into big matches looking like Burnley in disguise, if Frank is playing on the front foot at OT and against the CL winners in his first two matches in charge, then I don't see him taking his foot of the pedal and it's only going to get better with time this is what I am sure of.
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    “Look, these Chelsea fans are my family. They will forever be part of my family. I will never have a family like these fans again, I will happily say that but this is my goodbye. Thank you for these 7 years. That’s all I can say for now. I love you.” Eden Hazard to BeIN Is ...is someone cutting onions 😭😭😭
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    The appreciation, or the lack of it for Hazard on this thread just because fans are butthurt that he might leave (when he has all the right because the club did nothing to get back on top) is laughable. One might think this is Real Madrid fans page with their zero respect for the players. If you want to be pissed, be pissed at our board. Hazard is the best player in the PL for years now and we are on decline for years now. He did amazing stuff for this club, something every Chelsea fan should deeply appreciate and respect.
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    No. Selling Diego was the correct decision. He was 29 and toxic and performed like shit the entire 2nd half of the season and really was an absolute nuisance banging on about his desire to go back to Atletico. We got 65m for him despite being in a weak position and he has been shite since. His sale was excellent business after Conte had fucked up. Nonetheless buying Morata was a mistake but that does not take away that selling Costa was correct.
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    Remember when Mourinho subbed Loftus on in the 83rd minute against Sporting Lisbon in a meaningless match and called it "academy day"? 😂😂
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    Very confused, can only assume the ones being somewhat negative did not watch the game? Aside from Dave and Zouma, I thought we played really well against the European Champions. I was shocked at times how good some of our play was considering how little time Frank and Jody have had. I'm pleasantly surprised and I'm glad we had a reality check against United.
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    My guy is gone. Strangely enough I'm fine with this. I've been ready for this moment. Seven years is a long time. I did not expect him stay this long when he joined and I'm glad I got to watch him play in Blue for that long. He came with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Most crumble under that kind of pressure but he never let the pressure get to him. I was always highly impressed by that. His fitness always astounded me. Rarely missed a game and completing the full 90 min pretty much all the time. And the amount of fouls he would just absorb, including a ridiculous number of nasty fouls, yet he would just get up and play on. Never complained, never got angry and never sought to get some sort of (physical) revenge. That level of self control... I've never seen that in all my years watching football. Very inspiring to say the least. And he's such a likeable guy. Funny, chill, humble but a bit brash still, and very warm and inviting. Oh yeah, and happy. My kind of guy. I'm grateful for the memories. Not just a Chelsea legend but a legend of English football. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him play.
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    Don't agree. The lad's moving, he's given us a bigger slice of his career than we've deserved frankly, and has been our best player during his time here. Let's respect what he's done for us and not nit-pick about a few days or so.
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    Some of our 2nd half football was fantastic. And a special mention for Christensen and our defence. Bad old Chelsea keep on winning
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    another Jorginho masterclass btw he was magnificent the last 10 games we only lost 2 of the last 20 games btw let that sink in KFTBFF
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    We must be the stupidest run club in the world. We are going to let Sarri go to Juventus, a club who are at the sort of level we want to be, and replace him with Lampard aren't we? No disrespect to Frank but hes done nothing yet as a manager, getting promoted to the PL in his first season yes it would be good but David Wagner did it with an absolute abomination of a Huddersfield side who literally just ran about lumping it. Even funnier we were actually linked with him before we got Sarri. Sarri hasnt won anything either but the guys put the hard miles in to get to this point from the lowest level of Italian football. Lampard in is just gonna be in all likelihood a PR move as someone said above, to try appease the fans acter a mixed season and cover up everything that has been allowed to happen like the transfer ban, lack of good signings over the years. Or will the board think he will be grateful for such a huge opportunity and just pan him off with absolute garbage like Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Papy Djibilwhatever his name was, like almost every other manager since Mourinhos last season? Goodness me. Id like to think Frank if he were ever to be appointed as manager would be appointed on his merit and achievements as a manager, not on achievements as an ex player.
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    And now instead of praise for our performances and the fact we played pretty well. It's all headlines about power play and the rot at the club..
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    Some things never change. Manager under fire and Henrique is on the forum attacking left right and centre
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    A few interesting soundbites from City's first season under Pep. Drawing 1-1 at home to Southampton "But there were signs of the home support becoming frustrated with his team's build-from-the-back approach, not least when many could be heard jeering their team off at the break after Stones' error. City lacked aggression and tempo in the opening 45 minutes, allowing an organised Southampton side to contain them and then burst forward on the break." Losing 4-0 to Everton. Sounds a lot like Wednesday night, replacing Sagna with Kovacic's chance. "The Toffees willingly soaked up 71% of City possession but restricted Guardiola's side to few chances and scored with four of just six attempts at goal. City lacked cutting edge throughout, though had Davies not headed a looping Bacary Sagna header off the line before half-time, they may not have gone on to suffer a fifth league defeat of the season." Losing 4-2 away to Leicester. "For all their possession, they did not have their first shot on target until Kolarov scored a well-placed free-kick in the 82nd minute, and only salvaged further respectability when Nolito tapped in the Serb's low cross late on." "Kolarov was supposed to be playing as a third centre-half but he played so far forward, he left Stones isolated. Zabaleta was playing in a weird in-between position and it didn't look like he knew what he was doing. "Kevin de Bruyne appeared to be at left-wing-back. The communication and lack of line was pretty bad. Kolarov was playing his own game going forward so often. They gave Leicester so many opportunities to attack them. It could have been more. "Fifty changes, they've made this season. It's nice to build relationships and have some familiarity. You can't keep changing players." Ironically it was the reverse for Pep where he was heavily criticized for changing too many players. Even after beating West Ham 0-4 away, there was still critics. Sounds familiar to.. "I think if Manchester City play the team they did tonight away from home against other teams, they will be found out. They are far too open. Yaya Toure, as the holding midfielder, won't get around enough against decent teams." ------------- In short, I think if you want to revolutionize the way you play then you need the time to do it. There will be hiccups along the way and the parallels to Pep's first year are all too familiar. I'm not saying we will become as good as City but I believe we can get to the point where we are also one of the most feared teams in Europe (in terms of being on the front foot). Sarri must show he can adapt like Pep did but more importantly to play a precise system we have to bring in the correct players.
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    The fact we are getting exactly the same wild swings in performances under two very different managers in two successive season, therefore pre-dating Sarri’s time here, strongly suggest he’s not solely to blame.
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    Your point is silly. We brought Sarri in to move us towards attacking possession football. He's 6 months in the job and now you want him to adapt because some of our players can't adapt to it ? Basically asking him to be pragmatic ? No no no The players that can't adapt or are too limited need to go. On a general side note : i honestly don't get this forum at times. Reading some of the nonsense on here you'd think we'd be a couple of points off relegation. We're 4 th ! 6 points ahead of Arsenal, United and 1 point behind Tottenham. And doing all that without a proper striker. Chill the F out people.
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    Callum Hudson-Odoi has more assists in 59 minutes than Willian has since October.
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    To me, Pedro was an absolute beast today. He was fantastic. Just his shooting around the box but never mind. Super stuff from him.
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    Still think he's been outstanding this year. Doesn't do much that'll get in the box score as we say in the States but influences the game in a lot of other ways. With the ball at his feet he's as good as anyone we've got. He could actually stand to press the ball up the pitch more as talented as he is. And he's playing full matches now where last year it seemed like he was a 60 minute player. Glad we signed him.
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    Even if I don't mind Lampard becoming the "coach", the rational feeling is: -Would you replace a manager that in his first season got a top 3 finish in PL, won Europa League humiliating Arsenal in the final and is wanted by Juventus, would you replace this guy for a guy that best job as manager is finishing 6th in Championship?
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    Phenomenal goalkeeper who dedicated the best years of his career to this club and never complained when Courtois eventually came in. I think it has always been understated also how well he came back from what was a life threatening injury to continue his career at the absolute highest level for a number of years continuing to have to show the bravery and character of a top keeper. Like Drogba, his Chelsea career will forever be highlighted by Munich. Drogba got most of the plaudits but Cech saved Robben's penalty in extra time and two in the shootout (definitely tipped Schweinsteigers pen on to the post) - couldn't have asked for much more against a German team in a shootout! A huge Chelsea legend, regardless of his last couple of years at Arsenal, and I wish him all the best in his retirement.