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    Zola has been summoned ready to be unveiled as Sarri's number 2, it's a big thing for the club, supporters and him. Him flying back tells you things are happening, it's probably a dream come true for Zola to be involved in such a big job at the club he's seen as a hero at, imagine how excited he must be to come back and work under Sarri. Get in.
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    Even setting aside the Sarri part of this whole thing, it's actually insane how we've heard zero about Conte since the season ended a month ago. Nothing. Even the notoriously slow acting, reluctant Arsenal are in overdrive getting things done early. And they had the mammoth task of replacing their legendary manager of 20+ years! They've appointed their new manager, signed 2 players, and are right on the verge of signing 2 more before we've even heard a whisper from Chelsea! They'll likely have all of their new signings in for the start of their preseason where they can quickly begin bedding in. I'll bet any amount of money that we'll still be fucking about on deadline day. It's literally unbelievable.
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    Daily Mail reporting Sarri is very close and Zola will be his assistant. MUST NOT GET EXCITED!!!!
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    What your suggesting only works if it benefits the club. Fergie's often cited as the way to go, but he only "cut out the ego's" when he knew he could afford to, when Rooney took him on he was "punished" with a record breaking new deal. Player power is an overhyped phenomena (usually used to excuse manager's doing shit jobs), every single successful team have big characters that will happily challenge the manager, as Roy Keane said, you don't win trophy's with a dressing room full of submissive choir boys.
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    I think Zola is Steve Holland's replacement as the club based number 2. Last season we let Conte bring in his own replacement for Steve but the general rule in the Roman era is we have a club based assistant to go alongside the manager's own staff and it's worked well.
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    i trust Alfredo Pedulla for what regards Sarri, he is quite close to Maurizio he sais that it's almost done I really hope that it will be true Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    As a stoner, I am also used to smoke.
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    Azpi isn't a cb, Cahill isn't a ball playing cb, David Luiz is heavily rumoured to be on his way out. That would leave us with just Rudiger and Christensen. A third ball playing cb would be a must. Manolas and Rugani seem to be our main targets for the cb position but i don't expect us to buy them both. It's probably going to be 1 or the other. I've watched a number of full games from Napoli, read articles and yt vids about Sarri's tactics. The cb's are really important. Them along with the nr 6 deep playmaker are the foundation of his team. They are responsible for the distribution of the ball. If they start panicking, and/or start hoofing the ball long then shit will hit the fan real fast.
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    He's been stopped at customs for carrying 30 thousand fags, he won't be Chelsea manager.
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    He never really showed his form at Juve the same way he did at Empoli under Sarri. Might not fit their style exactly? He didn't play bad but its tough to beat out Chiellini/Barzagli. Plus they brought in Benatia and Howedes. Rugani played every minute in his last Empoli season without picking up a single booking while making the Serie A team of the season, the talent is certainly there, He is not as rock solid a star as Koulibaly would be, but he is also an affordable CB who is young with proven talent and comfortable with Sarri(very important) I would have no problem bringing him in. CB rotation of Rugani, Christensen, Rudiger with the floating 4th as either Cahill or Luiz is rock solid for me.
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    This shit is straight up embarrassing. Not for the club but for the journo's themselves.
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    Sounding good...just another three weeks
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    Otamendi should have been sent off, that was disgusting. Fergie would say - 'He could have been killed!'
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    He tells to the warden here "I can do without everything, but are you sure you can do without me?". I expect similar conversations with the board.
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    During Mourinho's second season after he came back when players turned back on his, Willian was the only player drugging is forward. This season he was also one of our best players. Keeping him on the bench is on Conte. Lots of commentators were surprised to see him on the bench despite the fact that he create some this like 2 goals and score 3 himself. We pissed a league title with him on the bench mostly and even our best form last season came with the 352 alas him not playing. He's been a good player for us overall but i doubt we'd miss him that much. Why not? They can keep taking our assests once then are on the decline, if only Fergie out Woodward in happened a few years prior, we'd have had somewhere to send Kaloudanelka.
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    If these latest rumors are true, hopefully we also see some transfers quickly afterwards. Who am I kidding, though? We will probably appoint Sarri, be super excited, and then not hear shit from the club on the transfer front until we're already a game or two into our preseason. 😂
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    I lasted 30 seconds before turning it off he managed to say you guys about five times. I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes than watch that.
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    Zola and Sarri coaching Hazard Can't wait.
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    Guardian have reported on it as well. So there may be a conclusion to this very soon...
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    Agreed. Kante didn't catch the eye, but he didn't put a foot wrong and was the strongest point in their midfield. Mr. Reliable as always.
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    😂😂😂 One day we're mere moments from announcing Sarri, the next we haven't even bloody contacted them. Just have to laugh!
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    When we played pre season in the USA a few years ago and I'm sure he did it on purpose the stadium announcer said '' Coming on for Chelsea is no 11 Yuri Jerk Off the crowd were pissing themselves
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    The show tells the story of a crime family in Napels so Napoli fans made bunch of videos and memes of Sarri using this TV character. Sarri and the actor also met once. It is a good show if anyone is looking to watch a new series in these boring summer days.
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    the great Sarri mystery, a Chelsea FC story, stay tuned
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    He’s a rubbish squad player. Nothing outstanding or useful about him. Would rather see guys like Dujon Sterling or Reece James take up his role in the squad.
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    Joking aside it's sounds really promising now, agent in London with only a few things to sort out. Getting slightly excited about it now.
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    Am done up and down like a whores draws
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    According to Matt Law: Sarri wants to bring Mertens here and we are close to Serri.
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    The Nigerian team said because of their poor performance in the opening game, they will be giving fans a full refund. All fans need to do is send in their bank details, account numbers and pin numbers and the money will be directly transferred.
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    I love Don Balon. In fact if I ever join to another Chelsea related forum or blog my username will be Don Balon.
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    If anyone in our squad needs a strong world cup it's him. He lost the plot after his error against Barcelona.
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    I think the new generation of German players do not have the grinta of previous generations. Ballack, Kahn, Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Podolski were real fighters for their national team.
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    There is a good chance that IF Chelsea have spoken to ADL and Napoli regarding Sarri they'll want negotiations kept confidential. Chelsea are easily one of the most secretive clubs with regards to their transfer dealings both before and after deals have been made. It is also made even more delicate by the fact that Conte is still in a job at the moment. I don't agree with it, but the club is obviously retaining Conte for the time being in the case that they can't find a suitable replacement for him. But also they have to negotiate his dismissal when the time comes and none of us have got any idea to the fine print and clauses within his contract. If Conte had proof that the club is trying to employ a new manager whilst he is still employed it could impact on his potential compensation in his favour, therefore the club need to do these dealings as secretively as possible. As some have said, until anything is officially announced, we are no better than the journalists - purely speculating.
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    What the World Cup is all about school kids in Uruguay.
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    The number 6 role (at the base of a 3 man midfield) isn't a good role for him imo. It limits him too much. He needs to have some freedom to get stuck in all over the pitch. Sarri's system would be perfect since it relies on a deep playmaker on the 6 and a more attacking CM and a more defensive one. Kante would be perfect as the defensive one.
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    What a nightmare must be doing business with De Laurentis.
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    don't put that on personal De Laurentiis is "il Pappone", The Pimp, he is a gigantic assole with everyone Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Great post, and it really is helpful and interesting to get insights and interpretations from oppostion fans on topics that they will be in a much better position to give their opinions on. I am extremely intrigued by his way of football, because your club in the last couple of seasons have played some truly phenomenal stuff. What intrigues me possibly even more though is that he would rather coach and develop the players he has. No doubt we have the financial clout and pulling power to bring some players in, but I do feel there is a good chunk of untapped potential at the club already. I would love for somebody to come in and further the development of the likes of Rudiger and Christensen, help RLC become the dominant presence in midfield that his attributes suggest he can become, and I would love someone to get even more output from Hazard and more out of Morata if he stays. By the sounds of it, Sarri would be an excellent choice of manager and I just hope that the board make the tough and somewhat expensive decisions to make this happen.
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    He looked absolutely AMAZING in his last games for the Belgian NT! It reminded me of his time at Lille OSC. He's full of joy, unstoppable and dribbling like crazy. The way he turns away (left, right) from the opposition is magical! First I thought, ok lesser teams... But then I also had to think: Why TF is he stuck to the left line with US at Chelsea. He really needs to be playing in a more center position. He's simply brilliant when he has some space! And it's really stupid to take this space away from him and only give him half the pitch (from the left) => Hope Conte or the next Coach is smart enough to do so!!
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    Fair enough but last season we played some great football. Effort and performance levels dipped and dropped this year in comparison to last too as well as the club not managing to replace pivotal players with adequate quality in the summer. Fair enough he's caused drama and players have had issues or so it seems but honestly, other than Sarri (who will change our footballing style radically) there aren't many better options out there. Regarding current players, Willian was interviewed and after a clearly frustrating end to the season he seems to be a bit more respectful towards Conte's decision to use him as a sub more and I'd think Luiz will get a clean slate in the summer after the whole disaster with Costa last summer if Conte is in charge still, surely he will have learned. The club seriously need to decide what their plan is because the longer it takes the less time Conte or the new manager will have to change things, sign players and generally be able to set things in motion for the season. Its quite a joke that it is June but yet nobody is 100% sure if the club is going to sack/keep Conte, based on their actions. We are already behind the Mancs, Liverpool and even Spurs who have gone and tied down their key player to absolutely huge deals and are going to continue to do the same with Alli and Eriksen. We can't even get Hazard and Courtois signed up to new deals and aren't making any moves in the window. Its painful to see how far behind we are what just over a week into the transfer market, United have signed Fred, City are trying to sign Jorginho, Liverpool have Keita, Fabinho and now possibly Fekir...
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    We keep him on loan until he has an off season and then claim he's not good enough. These constant loans really only do good for development for one or two seasons, but beyond that it is pointless. While Mount performing so well and confidence is high, it's best time to bring him back to the squad imo. If we must loan him, then loan him to a team in one of the top leagues such as La Liga or Serie A, or to a club here in England. We have seen proof of what happens when you keep a player on loan for too long with the likes of Chalobah, Baker, Musonda, McCreacran etc, they stagnate and eventually their career goes nowhere.