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    Lad needs a lot of credit, he's worked fucking hard to get himself back to 100% fitness and has adapted unreal to Sarri's style of football. He deserves all the praise he is getting.
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    Take away his flirting with Madrid (pretty much since he joined us) and you get the most level-headed, modest pro you could imagine. People are starting to get nervous because he hasn't signed da ting yet
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    That save today from Redmond was world class. The ball was travelling and moving a lot in the air and Kepa was on the back foot getting back on his line. I've also noticed the last couple of games making some very good saves that he has strong hands and wrists. This worried me after that Arsenal game. He is already looking settled and solid for us, and can only get better. I get the impression that the defence in front of him are growing in confidence with his performances too.
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    great game from him today, long may it continue in Chelsea colours and i hope he develops in to a top top keeper for years to come, there is still a lot more to come from this lad
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    I thought it was obvious I wasn’t referring to this forum as online trolling because he would never read any comments here. Have you ever been on his social media pages? I’ve seen Chelsea fans abuse him, hope he dies/gets injuries, insult his race and family, etc. It’s disgraceful. Nothing wrong with criticising his game as he has been underwhelming so far, but does it always have to be so vitriolic and spiteful? Even when he does something good people struggle to acknowledge it, or they’ll manage to turn it into a negative. I get the frustration. I just don’t get the need for Chelsea supporters to continuously pot our own. It’s a shit read on what is generally a very good forum. But anyway, I think Alvaro will come good and I hope we persist. He makes good runs and finds himself in good positions. I think his poor finishing is largely due to a lack of confidence and is something that will improve in time.
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    Superb football talk, just brilliant at every level, he is, without a doubt, a genius. We SOOOOOOOOO need to fucking back this man with players who fit his system.
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    Sarri on Hazard... https://www.football-italia.net/129263/sarri-hazard-and-chelsea-can-grow
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    Further confirmation of Kepa's great talent. Also another stat display showing more of the ludicrously overrated Pickford's shortcomings. We dodged a massive bullet not signing him.
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    Ok, for Christs' sake already. I know he is great and all, but fuck it all if I need to listen to this shit every week for the rest of the season. Real this Real that. If you don't want to sign contract that's fine, Real M. knows you want them, so shut up already.
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    Would rather say we are fortunate that Hazard is Hazard, and that both Chelsea and Hazard have been admirable in keeping things civil, with lot of respect towards each other. I say Hazard, because we have seen top players at other clubs (looking at Sanchez at Arsenal) kick up a fuss and ruin games while pondering their next move. Hazard on the other hand has been professional and never tries to sabotage the team's chances of winning anything.
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    Captain, Leader, Legend - nuf said Thank you for everything JT26 and KTBFFH always
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    I just hope us beating Mourinho doesn’t sack him. Let him stay there Woodward.
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    Very happy with him and with the last clean sheets because he had to fight for them. Several key and great saves. Keep it up!
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    I like the lad alot so far. Quality wise, Tibo was good, but there was always something in air not right about him, you could never imagine him being a legend here tbh. Early days for Kepa, but he definately has a potential to become our legend in the future. He has proper character and I love that about the players.
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    Giroud is just stating facts, so butthurt Arsenal fans can just fuck off
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    A true legend would never leave his club during his peak. So Hazard will never reach Lampard/Terry/Drogba status if he leaves next season.
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    Wasn't Wayne Bridge separated from that woman? why did he act angry about it? probably an attention seeker. The only people that were let down was his family
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    The guy is talking quite too much. Real, Ballon d'Or, Mourinho, etc. Every day another story. He is very big headed. Someone should tell him for good he is not Messi or Ronaldo. The players of the Belgian national team and Hazard in the first place are still convinced they were the better team during the WC and they should have won it. It was all down to France, the pitch, the weather, the referee if they did not make it . Wow. He was further disappointed that Real did not even make an offer for him last Summer. After all, I can understand Real. Where was Hazard when we played Barcelona last year? I have seen Messi on the pitch, scoring 3 goals against us; and he shut the f. off. Hazard: start trying score 40 goals in a season, every seasons, and then we could eventually consider that you are a world star. It is not the case for the moment. By far. Calm down mate. We are Chelsea.
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    The media has a lot more access to players when they are on international duties. Also easier to schedule interviews when he's in Belgium then when he's with his family in england.
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    Hazard has never publicly said a bad word about Mourinho. He's always been respectfull when talking about Mourinho. This isn't any different. He was asked directly if he would we willing to work under Mourinho again. What did you expect him to say ? "Work under that nutjob again ? Fuck no. "
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    LOL, they literally will be saying, 'We paid £4.5m to loan him, and it's worth whats left to get him the fuck away from the rest of our team!' Another Marina special!!!
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    who else but Eden? deserved player of the month award.
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    Nice of Sky Sports to twist his words completely to one side... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/11/eden-hazard-real-madrid-ballon-dor-chelsea-transfer-january-football
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    Surely the best thing for all parties would be a new contract with a buy-out clause? Say around £150 million exempting teams in England? That way, Chelsea get the extension they want, and Hazard knows that (provided Madrid pay up) Chelsea can’t and won’t stand in his way (i.e. they can’t simply reject all bids). And he’d get a nice pay rise too, of course.
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    Yeah we should replace the archer with a gunslinger.
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    Genoa fired their coach today. This guy could really be on the move to a bigger club come January now. You'd think we would be in the pole position considering our absence of a striker and style of play. Seems to be a guy who thrives on smart movement and service while being extremely clinical(so far). In the current inflated market is 35-40m worth a gamble on a potentially deadly striker? you'd have to think yes, but gamble is the key word.
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    The way I see it is Hazard was always dreaming about Real since being a kid, but all these years at Chelsea have grown feelings toward the club that are bigger than he thought and now he is sorta torn between moving and staying. I hope he stays but if he goes, everyone will understand. Chelsea would lose a massive player though.
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    Hazard should be fortunate that he is Hazard. Doubt any other player would get away scot-free as much as he has for constantly talking about wanting to leave for another club. Regarding Hazard's comments yesterday, it shouldn't be ignored that Neymar or Mbappe could still be a factor in all of this. The former, especially, is said to be Real's No.1 target and if he continues to be in the shadow of Mbappe, he might well be itching for the move come next summer and I don't think Real have the money to buy both players. OR if Mbappe suddenly feels he's getting too big for PSG/Ligue 1, he might well fancy a move to Real and given his young age, it would be a beneficial long term move for Real as compared to Neymar/Hazard.
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    Nice to see so many instagram messages from players old and new and from other clubs. Hope he does well wherever he ends up.. Be villa or somewhere else. Hope we do him a proper goodbye game though!
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    And a long distant memory is that rat TC....Long live Kepa.
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    Also that Kepa song, so simple yet brilliant.
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    I will translate that...."He's fucking rubbish"
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    We need another scoring forward in January or a couple of them lined up in advance of the summer window. Over-reliance on Hazard and a slow left back for scoring isn't enough for a club still aspiring to be a "big club" that can take on any European side and win the PL without having to watch other weakened Premier League clubs fail (as in 2017, 2016, 2015).
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    This CHO contract situation is almost as bad as the Hazard situation. At least, if Hazard doesn't renew, we'll get some decent money for him, we won't even get that with CHO. CHO is not going to be starting regularly next season, and as much as I want to see him in the team, I'm not sure he's ready for that yet (I agree, CHO needs to play more now). Edit: I re-read, my last post, I didn't mean to give the impression that I don't think anyone should be brought in. Just not a Sancho type of player. They have to be 1st team ready. CHO needs to play more now, and we can determine if that's him, I agree. CHO should really be getting Moses' minutes, I hope this is a Moses-in-the-shop-window type situation. Sarri certainly rates Chiesa, not sure what the club think about Bailey, and his dad/agent. If they both come in, it certainly means that Willian is off as well (which is okay with me too).
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    we need to extend Kante's contract asap, he along with Hazard is our most priceless asset, PSG are sniffing around too much for my liking, they can fuck off
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    I just puked a little in my mouth at the thought of another year with Willian. We have let go far better talent than this bum.
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    Hazard being our best player by some margin in most regards, grants him a free pass. He's doing his bit on the pitch despite having mixed feelings about his future, so there isn't much you can complain about. Courtois on the other hand was finding excuses every INT break to say something and had a history off "forcing" a move. If Hazard moves on, he'll do it in a fashion that will be beneficial for all parties.
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    Am i the only one who ve been impressed with him? He looked good in Jorghino's role. He might play a key role for deep runs in cups and keeping jorghino fresh.
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