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    Any argument about Azpi in the bench should stop immediately. He's one of the first names on the team sheet.
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    And just like that, I've gone from very confident to thinking we'll be lucky to get a point. How the hell must Rüdiger feel about playing so well and Cahill immedietly taking his place for this huge game? Ridiculous. Fabregas starting in a midfield 2 against a pacey, highly technical passing side? For fucks sake! This is the sort of match that Bakayoko was bought for! Why is he benched!?
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    Very solid performance and his celebration was so emotional. He clearly wants to be a Chelsea player more than anything and his instagram post before the match showed how grateful he is for the chance he got tonight. I really hope we don't crush this boy's dream.
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    Maybe Conte had a bad day, too. It happens. It is a human thing. Chelsea do not possess the best squad in world football, nor have made stellar transfer windows lately. Also Conte does not earn absurd wages. So my point is that Conte, at least in my view, should not be under any pressure, especially coming from us, the fans. It's only a year and a couple of months since he's been with Chelsea and IMHO he's changed the club a lot, both in style of play and mentality. First season in England - wins the league title with a record breaking 30 wins in a season. And scores 85 goals, Chelsea's second best tally in the Abramovich era. Only after Carlo's Chelsea. Some might say it's only because Chelsea have had no European nights and a lot of time to rest, but if you ask me these numbers do not come by accident. Conte has truly reinvigorated this club and will surely continue to do so, this is why I find it pathetic to criticise this man after a bad result. It really means we are a fickle bunch if we can't digest a draw against a big rival. Derby matches are always imprevisible because of their nature and rivalry, maybe the problem is the fans that think Arsenal are some sort of Watford in disguise and not Conte.
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    Can we stop with this shit every time we lose. Its pathetic.
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    Nah mate, I think you're overestimating Rüdiger and underestimating Azpi in that regard. Rüdi hit a few nice cross-field passes, okay that's great, but I remember Azpi doing the same many times, not to mention his pinpoint crosses coming from deep right.
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    He is rubbish. It's time we finally admit it. West Ham were the only other club linked with him last summer and there's a reason why. He is not Chelsea level and again wouldn't make the bench for a top European team.
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    Fully expecting there to be some pro-Lampard chants at the Bridge later in the month when we play them, it will just go to show how successful he's been at manipulating the fans. Smart man, I bet he has a good laugh at TOPTB and co cheering his name when he gets back to his mansion with Bleakley. Try telling that to Francesco Totti, Gerrard.. or even Drogba, you can actually be successful in business and have morals too.
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    Already pisses me off how the refs in the PL are punishing him for simply being stronger than his opponent. He has several time won the ball well with a bit of strength and shoulder to shoulder and the idiot ref whistles him. A beast that will become one of our best players soon.
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    Rüdiger needs to start. Sick passing range and so much better on the ball than Cahill, much faster too. Bakayoko is a beast in the making, pairing him with Kante will be a sight to see. Both are exceptional ball-winners, one of them quick and clever and the other a strong powerhouse. Both being French too will add to their chemistry. Musonda is very talented and very determined, natural on the ball. Opponents had to foul him like they normally foul Hazard. I like him and think he could have a bright future if he plays his cards right. Pedro and Willian are not getting any younger, if he's patient enough, he might just make it here. Didn't see anything special in that Ampadu kid, didn't influence the game enough and every ambitious pass he tried failed.
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    Cahill walks back in the team. Fucking pathetic by Conte.
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    Our first real test. ( And I'm not joking this time )
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    This is what real squad quality gives you - CB one of the few areas in our squad that's truly complete. Christensen calmly steps in for Luiz. Would love to see a back three of Azpi Christensen Rudiger against City but of course we won't ever drop captain fantastic.
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    how is it possible to get a red 3 games in a row against the same team?
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    That's harsh on them. I think they did well to come this far.
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    Makes me so sad that these days grow up looking up to tiny wankers with fancy haircuts like Neymar and Justin Bieber...
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    Costa was a great servant for us & easily Top 3 strikers we've had in the last 20 years. I'm just sick of people pretending he suddenly wasn't an incredibly frustrating to watch when he wasn't scoring. The poor touches, dribbling into blind alleys, failing to spot easy passes etc
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    We really have a manager who has been found out tactically by Wenger of all people. That is so damning lol.
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    Conte likes his defenders to be able to play out from the back and yet, he continues to select Cahill. Why? He's by far our weakest defender when it comes to playing with the ball and he doesn't even use his left foot! And I don't even see what we will miss defensively when he's not in the XI. Looked solid and arguably even better against Spurs, Everton and Leicester without him.
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    Points lost today. This could have been easily won by a different team selection. Instead, we will be lucky with one point.
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    Morata still thinks he is playing for Real and is in Spain, he needs to understand this type of physical battles won't win him a foul. He better stay stong and try to stay on feet.
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    This has draw written all over it....unless we score first and break them!
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    Has a lot of things going for him. He's grown to 6"5, I like how he always makes himself a nuisance for loose balls played to him/hoofs up pitch. Combination of his pace, deceptive strength (Vertonghen, Alderwiereld and especially Sanchez have all struggled with him at points this half), his long legs and sheer desire. Not only that but shows promise with ball at his feet playing with front to goal, or in tightish areas out wide to make space/win a foul.
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    New player syndrome, always a new player (especially a signing that excites fans) will always have performance's reviewed as better than they actually are in the honeymoon phase.
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    He played in every game that Conte was in charge so far. Including EVERY possibile minute in 42 Premier League games. Se queda.
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    That. He's more similar to Alonso than he is to Moses and I'm not sure if that's a good thing because in some situations, you're gonna need your WBs to beat their man going forward in 1 v 1 to create chances and I'm not sure if Zappacosta is capable of that.
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    I'll be honest, still not convinced by the performances of the team so far this season. I know tonight the lads won 6-0, but that was a poverty side, and nobody got out of 1st gear for this match. Spurs, Everton, Leicester, were all not convincing performances by any means. In fact, I'd contend the best CFC have played this season was the final 30 minutes against Burnley. That was some proper football from Chelsea. As long as Chelsea can somehow maintain their winning ways in the league and not be too far off top spot by Middle of October that would be very good. By mid October: Hazard should have lost whatever extra weight he has and be ready to start the season. Bakayoko should also have fully recovered from his knee operation by then. Drinkwater's calf injury should be a thing of the past, and be ready to be relied upon. And finally Morata should be at the fitness levels Conte needs him to be at. But until then, it's about crossing the line with the 3 pts by whatever means necessary.
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    Not as good technically Essien wasn't great technically, that's why he declined so badly when he lost his athleticism.
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    Not as good technically I hope, and believe, that isn't true. Ess was not good technically. The ball regularly bounced off his shins.
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    Ha, fans of English clubs accusing players to sign somewhere for the money. That's funny. ;-)
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    Liverpool last 3 matches: 0 wins 79 shots 3 goals 3% shots conversion rate Just Liverpool
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    He's more like Patrick Veira than yaya toure Baka doesn't score enough to be more like yaya toure that's part of his game he needs to improve on that's scoring goals
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    Our competition at CB this year is just insane
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    It's a pantomime, I do love how fans are allowed to heckle him as much as they want, he gives a bit back and then fans act all precious that a footballer dares to show harmless retaliation.
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    Didier Drogba helped me like Chelsea http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/645660/Tiemoue-Bakayoko-Didier-Drogba-Chelsea-Antonio-Conte-Transfer-Latest-CFC-News This the reason I want DD to replace Michael Emenalo at Chelsea DD would draw big names to sign for our club even Hazard said that DD was one of the reasons he joined Chelsea
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    I think he started off a little bit in the wrong way in terms of physicality. He went down far too easily and now he is not getting any calls. More than half of what wasn't called yesterday were fouls, but he has set a standard with how easily he goes down so more are looked at as dubious. The referee yesterday was clearly incompetent, but Morata has plenty to work on.
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    One thing that was annoying during the Arsenal game - the set pieces. Is that Conte's instruction or players' decision on the spot to play it short? Sure, it can be a really surprising aspect during a game (there were some opportunities, but also some completely lost balls) but I would like to see more crosses being delivered into the box. Come on, there was Cahill, Luiz, Alonso, Morata and later on Bakayoko. All big boys, all a huge aereal threat and Fabregas kept combining with Willian by the corner flag or after a set-piece. Also, Arsenal is not really known for being the best defending team when it comes to set-pieces. Take advantage of the big boys.
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    Probably, but if I got booed I would most likely do the exact same thing. Half of the Everton fans were always against him and look where they are now without his goals. He scored more by himself than their entire team this season.
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    Lost 2 hours of my honeymoon for this shit.
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    Fabregas and Kante midfield gets dominated by most teams, so why play just them 2 against a big team. Makes no sense. Cahill is dog shit. Alonso getting raped. Willian might as well not be there. Only Luiz has been good in my opinion.
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    He's got everything wrong IMO Doesn't he remember what happened the last time he played this midfield against arsenal? We may win, but his team selection is atrocious... And of course Cahill walks back in the lineup... As I predicted and feared. Can he get sent off again at the end of the match? Preferably a violent conduct sort of red. Only this way he won't be selected Conte just destroyed my excitement about this match with this ridiculous lineup
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    Barca have 2 strikers, Real have 1, Juventus have 2, Bayern have 1, City have 2..
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    Stupid article. The kid clearly needs to play every week. Drinkwater will be on our bench. We have some stupid fans.
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    Spoken like a true blue.