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    Excellent second half performance. Chels were suffocating Arsenal. I was just waiting for Chels to score. It took a while but it eventually happened, and it was completely deserved. Alonso was a beast. His late runs into the box are a problem. When Chelsea control the ball and get forward, he will be a very useful asset. And he was good outside of the goal and assist. Good touch, calm and clever passing and really covered that left flank well. Jorginho's positioning is fuxking excellent. I love midfielders who know how to move. He's always in the right positions, providing passing options. Body constantly in the correct direction to turn into space. Accurate and strategic passer. Very intelligent in his decision-making. Knows when to keep it simple or when to go for the forward pass. Never afraid to play an early ball in behind or ping a through ball. The sight of this type of midfielder in a Chelsea kit makes me so happy. Hazard is a boss. A game changer. He was bloody unstoppable. His timing when going for the burst and dribble was impeccable. His control over the ball simply too much to handle. They were shaking in their boots only a minute after he entered the pitch. There was no way he wasn't going to influence the score. Kovacic showing very encouraging signs. Moved into the right spaces and was very confident on the ball. Nice instant chemistry with Hazard. I'm excited about the prospects of that Jorginho-Kovacic-Hazard link up.
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    What a Blue day! Just got home. Been a long night, Need some pain killers for a couple of bumps on me head but no biggie. All went well till half time. Bit of usual banter But then when Eden and Kova came on I went bonkers and they didn't like that but no ones goina to tell me what to do in my own home! But the game eh!! Yahoooya! Happy fpr Morata. He really needed that. Great assist from Dave again but gotta say it was the best thing he did all day imho. Willian started OK then after Pedro scored got into sulky emo mood. You can bet he was jealous and saw bench time coming again when Edens back. Shouldn't get the extension or payrise.And see him get mardy when the bench calls him. Pedro on the other hand played a blinder Sarri team suits him down to the ground.. We have our Callejon! Little sod didn't stop did he! Hes good at keeping the game moving instead of holding it up like William Good finisher, Unlike Willian hes got a hustle about him, Keeps the game moving along where as Willian takes too long thinking alloy of times.. Tho he does take a couple too many long shots for me. Barkley had a goodun. I know it was a shame to bring him off but it was Kovacic ffs!! But reclon Barkley will be a decent backup. Really don't kmow hen RLC or Cescy will get much time. Kovacic!! OMFG! Told you he will be the dogs dangleys!! Hes like a Eden but that can defend too. Will be amazing for us. And will let our wee baldy man to drop back and help out when needed back there more. But want to keep WBM option to go forwards more open cayse I still see him as a real B2B'er.. Alonso What more can we say about him eh!?. Cracking going forward but just not got enough defense in him. But once we start defending as a team he will come in handy. You can understand why RM want him. Hes like that bad girl at school you fancied. Hot as fuck but crazy as a big bag of crazy things.Every time you finished with her she would climb thru your bedroom window and talk you round again! Thats how I see Alonso. Even Captain Obvious can see why RM want him. And Eden!! Fuckin excellent seeing him on form and having fum. Cant wait for him and Kovacic starting. I see them making a good little relationship. T'Boa would get jealous. Like Sarri said its gonna take some time to get up to speed and the lads working as a unit instead of forgetting where they should be and acting like individuals but I'd rather we won 3-2 than 1-0 Goina to be a fun season I reckon with a odd bump here and there.!! Wasn't this excited before we got Sarri
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    The moment Arsenal knew they've lost the match
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    Its unbelievable how much of an imprint he's already made on the way we play in such a short period of time. Manchester City needed a whole season and a shit ton of transfers/money spent to implement Guardiola's philosophy. Sarri in reality has only signed one of his own players in Jorginho. Transitioning from Mourinho/Conte ball to Sarriball is literally night and day, hell and heaven. It normally should take a minimum of 1 season and a couple of transfer windows. This brand of football is much more difficult and much more sophisticated than what both of our previous managers brought, particularly Mourinho. I'm impressed how far along we are already after a pre-season, community shield and 2 games. No one should moan about the defending. City were poor defensively 2 seasons ago, suffering several heavy trashings. It's a brand of football that requires time and patience and finally I think our sometimes fickle board might have seen the light.
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    Alonso is the new Drogba to Arsenal!!!!!!!!!
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    "We need to continue to press, press & press in the other half." A refreshing change to say the least.
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    Comments like this really piss me off. I’ve had that with a certain someone myself here many times. You see a comment you don’t like, then resort to trolling saying they are xxx fan/plastic. I guess the whole part of trolling is for people to take bait like this. Because she’s a younger fan, and only knew Chelsea in the Roman days she’s now a plastic, spoilt fan? Man grow up.
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    The Jose Mourinho 3 Season DVD Collection: Season 1: Buy The Bus Season 2: Park The Bus Season 3: Throw Players Under The Bus
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    Was it only Ross though? I mean it was a weak pass, but Willian stood there waiting for it all the same. Only when the ball was intercepted did he deem to move.
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    What a fucking difference Kovacic made when he came on! Instant, telepathic link up with Hazard and Jorginho. He's so good on the ball.
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    To be fair I saw another segment of him talking how AC Milan got a great deal with Bakayoko. Said he covers the ground well, is great going forward and defending and has good passing range... So kind of tells you how he views the game. lol...
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    I hope Sarri finally will replace Alonso with Emerson so when we are fully fit our left side is Emerson - Kovacic - Hazard. That is a pretty terrifying left side of skill, trickery, and pace.
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    He has as many goals as Lukaku and Kane so far. I honestly saw progression in the last game. He didn't score. So what? He did everything right out there, and he didn't go down easy. Had a few great hold up plays. Not the end of the world if he doesn't score. He had 5 less goals than Lukaku last season in about 10 less starts. The team as a whole struggled last year, and his confidence was shit, plus he had niggling injuries. He is still super talented. He is going through a rough patch. He will come out of it.
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    Alonso and Marcelo are the only players i ever saw that can be motm and worst in the pitch in the same game.
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    It isnt our fault when we were born. And it doesn't change the fact Morata has been shit in almost all of 2018.
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    Just watched MOTD highlights and analysis of United's game and my word they look shit. A Mourinho team defending like schoolboys is spectacular, their center-backs are backup level at best. None of them seem to have any confidence at all and they look shitscared like our players did in their 3rd season under Mou. They've had over 2 seasons together now, but perform like they've never played together. The same theme continues that they have no attacking pattern of play and defence makes a mistake after mistake. Even we look much more coherent and in-sync after only a month. Jose's ego has long outgrown his coaching ability. He has absolutely no new fresh ideas in him, his main tactic these days is to use mental warfare on his players to make them crawl out of their skins and prove themselves individually, instead of doing something new tactically and collectively. He needs to suck it up and hire an attacking assistant coach to help him like we did with Avram Grant and Henk Ten Cate (thought to be the mastermind behind Grant's somewhat successful spell). We know this won't happen though, because this is the man who once said that at his level he cannot learn from others because he is the best. The best at making world class players look average perhaps.
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    It does feel like fans do not value or appreciate Azpi enough. Don't think many had heard of him when we signed him in 2012 but we did and ever since then, he has improved immensely and proven to be very reliable and consistent. He has played in 3 different positions across the defence in 6 years and has never looked out of place at all and has always given at least 7-8 out of 10 week in week out. We have become so used to his consistency and dependability that I think many have taken him almost for granted. Sarri's football is obviously different to what we have had in recent years but if there's anyone who deserves the benefit of the doubt and a fair chance to cement his spot under Sarri, it's Azpi, who has shown he's intelligent and adaptable. And it's not like he has been a disaster under Sarri, nowhere close. As you said, there are more concerning issues elsewhere than the right back at this time. (random fact - since the start of the 2015/16 season, Azpi has played in all but two Premier League games - was rested in both. if that isn't consistency, I don't know what is.)
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    Not enough love for Alonso's first touch. It took out any chance of Bellerin dispossessing him or clearing the ball away. Perfect control.
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    I’m still skeptical over Kante’s new position. Is he really necessary to play so high up? It feels like we’re wasting his supreme strengths which are defending and intercepting at the deepest of the midfield, shielding our back line. He is THE BEST DM in the world after all.
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    I was awoken at 3am this morning 3 pricks in Arsenal shirts playing football with a poor cat the wankers. I was just about to ring the police and the RSPCA when the cat went one nil up.
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    Apparently had 100+ touches today. When was the last time a non-defender, hell ANY Chelsea player had 100+ touches in a game vs the big 6? Certainly not under the previous regimes. Normally it was Courtois with the most touches Hopefully those days are gone and never to be remembered. No doubt Jorginho is one of the best deep-lying playmakers in world football. Still needs to adjust to the speed and tempo of the English game though.
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    He plays in front of defence but he's a playmaker. He wasn't bought for his defensive ability. When the club signed him I already mentioned his defensive weaknesses so I'm not surprised. EDIT: He'll improve defensively when Chelsea manage to keep the team compact. It's less of a problem in the Serie A or La Liga but he'll always struggle when there's too much space between the lines in English football. He'll be fine in Europe though.
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    With that 17 on his back, he stature and how he moves, I was having trouble distinguishing him and Hazard on the pitch. They play very similarly!
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    Barkley did well but comparing him to Kovacic is almost like comparing Willian to Hazard.
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    I thought Barkley got a lot of hate today, and some were particularly blaming the meltdown in the 15 minute period on him. Hardly fair. Honestly thought Kante and Jorg were the ones that let us down in that 15 minute stretch. Thought he played well, and that play where he flicked the ball up and had a shot at Cech was one of my favourite plays of the game.
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    The difference between Hazard and William is brutal.
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    Switch to 4-2-3-1 and have Kante play deep next to Jorginho, need that defensive protection first and foremost.
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    Jorginho is putting a horror show there. Sarri soon will find out PL is a different animal compared to Série A. I mean, when Arsenal got the ball the team is playing with 10 men. Jorginho is bad at positioning and he is not marking pra covering anything. Kante must play as DM.
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    It's just Robson trying to make a name for himself I would bet anyone under 30 on this forum has never heard of him till now.
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    I'm not exaggerating but I think these 3 lads are going to run roughshod over the PL. Plus with 3 backups that most of the PL would kill for I'm looking forward to it.
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    Experience is a tired argument, by that logic Cahill deserves to play ahead of AC. CHO is better, that's enough.
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    Have you even seen a minute of Chelsea since Sarri took over? Swaping them would kill our style of play.
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    A shame he didn't score on that shot! I thought he played very well, with a few hiccups defensively, but that error sequence seemed more structural/holistic team positioning thing. I wish to hell he could play RW!!! sigh
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    (Check the *EDIT) He'll improve defensively when Chelsea manage to keep the team compact. It's less of a problem in the Serie A or La Liga but he'll always struggle when there's too much space between the lines in English football. He'll be fine in Europe though.
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    I only watched the 2nd half and missed the 1st. Hazard and Kovacic were amazing. The former is standard but the latter was fantastic. All of a sudden positive about the season than I've ever been. We still need to do something about Luiz for Christensen. I just dont see Luiz surviving as a starter throughout the season. Alonso will get a pass from me for now. Amazing match and football. I can't believe we're playing this sort of football now. That was better than anything we played last season entertainment wise.
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    I really liked what I saw from Kovacic hope he can improve from here and we can make him a permanent transfer *i know it is too early but positive signs are always a good thing*
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    JT said the same thing about Savage he can take criticism but not from average players who achieved fuck all it's like a pub band slagging off The Beatles.
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    Emerson, AC, and Kovacic, are really key players who need to step up and take the starting places from 3 inferior players, Alonso, Luiz, and Barkley (Barkley is only one who could come good). As for CHO, he is just going to have to scrap for playing time, as Sarri clearly thinks Willian and Pedro can still perform at an extremely high level. I do not know why Sarri hasnt played Emerson more, as when he is fit and playing to potential I only rate Alaba, Alex Sandro, Marcelo, Mendy, Alba, and Lucas Hernandez as being clearly above him, with Telles on same level as he is. Alonso and Luiz are massive defensive weaknesses.
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    He is pretty much fucked either way haha. Eden or CHO.
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    good decision, we need his undivided attention for the bench this season.
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    We will leak a lot of goals if Luiz starts in that line up mate its a shame we didn't get Rugani
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    Sod off troll, I was 12 when he signed with us and had already been to over 50 Chelsea games with my father. I was literally Chelsea Blue since birth a few miles from the Bridge. You can take yer Manc slur and stick it up yer arse.
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    Hazard updated his twitter header with a photo of him with the captain armband.