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    I will get behind Alonso with a strapon. Might speed him up a bit. #FearThePeg
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    Really sucks to see. He's a gem of a player who is paying a severe price during this experimental season. I'm certainly not ready to bin him like a lot of our fans and seemingly 100% of the media are. Thing is, where do you move him in Sarri's 4-3-3? There really isn't a place. If we played a 4-2-3-1 where Kante moves back into a pivot and therefor is always close to him I guess it would be better. But Sarri plays only one system so can't see it happening.
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    Hi. I'm a Napoli supporter so you can trust me, I'm not biased: Sarri, as a manager, is WAY better than an Ancelotti. I've read a lot about Plan A, Plan B... This is not the problem. The problem is that you never had a chance to ACTUALLY see Plan A, the Sarriball. Here in Naples Sarri had a team of a much lower level than this Chelsea. But they were a team. They were humble, ready to play for the team, for the manager, ready to pursue a collective idea. Here at Chelsea instead the player are technically much more gifted, BUT they are assholes. Egoists, individualistic, lazy, basically they're a bunch of player puts together, not really a team. And if you want Sarriball you need a team. Trust me: support Sarri. If the players one day will choose to play as a team, you'll be the luckiest supporter of the world, as we were until 9 months ago.
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    I respect Sarri for sticking to what brought me here in the first place, you can't put that on him. Ultimately, it's a casting error by the board, you can't have a weak squad with limited characteristics and bring a manager who will force them to adapt because he wants to play like prime Barcelona. Only two ways from here, you either stick with him, prepare for another season without champions league and bring the right players for his system in the next two transfer windows or you sack him now, do some damage limitation and get a budget result oriented manager first thing in the summer. Knowing our board, we will once again do something crazy.
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    Only thing bizarre are people now pretending Cahill can influence this team all of a sudden.
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    Good win. Still on track for another bit of silverware. I ain't getting on the negative, doom and gloom bus. Its a one way ticket to Depression, stopping at Entitled Street, Spoil Bastard Avenue, Moaning Parkway, and Unrealistic Dreamland.
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    poor little overpaid primadonas, lets just pamper them right? more like get the fuck out of the club you wankers
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    Chelsea coming to my home town, got my tickets ready!
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    He should have demanded to leave last season after the World Cup. Its obvious to anyone we are a fading club. What did he expect/hope to achieve this year other than battling for 4th ? Sad as it might be to say for the sake of his career Hazard should have handed in a transfer request. Cristiano Ronaldo, Suarez, Coutinho, Gareth Bale all handed in transfer requests and they were all playing for teams in a better position than Chelsea is in now. All were also younger than Hazard is now. All the attempts to not "leave the club in the wrong way" and all this stuff has nothing to do with the real world. At the end of the day football like any other sport is a business and the career of a professional football unlike most other careers is very short. Anyway, I expect him to be gone by the end of the season. No one can then criticize him for 6-0 defeats away from home surrounded by Alonso, Barkley, Pedro and a 30 something past peak striker. It's been 7 years and we still can't assemble a world class squad to help this man. Look at what De Bruyne has at City to what Hazard has and has had at Chelsea. We'll know how good we are in this Premier League when he isnt here next year.
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    from shedend: In the last 5 years Defensive football, counter attacking football, possesion football... Managers that have won everything, managers that haven't won a thing Managers who are strict and disciplined, managers who are more care free 4-2-3-1, 5-2-3, 4-3-3 Every manager we've had in the last years have all gone public to question the players mentality Every year we constantly yo-yo from looking fantastic to looking like we can't even play football It doesn't matter what manager we have or what tactics we play. There is something seriously wrong in our dressing room, sacking Sarri isn't going to solve a single thing. Yeah we may through a mini honeymoon period with a new manager but sh*t will fall apart just like it did for Mourinho and Conte
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    I wouldn't be opposed to have him another year or two.
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    You really need to look before you post Mário Rui £4.95m Zielinski £12.60m Allan £10.35m Mertens £8.53m Albiol £10.80m Kalidou Koulibaly £6.98m Amadou Diawara £13.05m José Callejón £8.55m Marek Hamsik £4.95m Lorenzo Insigne no fee, academy Elseid Hysaj £4.5m Faouzi Ghoulam £4.50m Milik £28.80m (with the Higs' sale money) Higuain £35.10m 14 players, all starters total spent £153.66m £10.98m average and £63.9m (42 percent) was spent on Higs and then Milik subtract them its £7.48m per player for the other 12
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    I expected a bad start but that we would gradually get better as we got used to it.'But we have a group of players that are not playing like a team just individuals. Appy polly loggies cause I can feel a rant coming on!! Just pass on if you want! Just trying to make sense out of the jumble in my head. With Sarri this is the last 3 managers that have all had problems with a similar team. There's got to be some inkling of truth to it. One manager you might think - excuses, But to have all 3 saying there's problems mentally that's a problem. They are well known for their dressing room tantrums. They are either not following what Sarri has had them do in training on purpose or they are not capable of following instructions. We are like some demented yoyo right now up/down/up/down - Play shit/Play good/Play shit. There's got to be some sort of mental problem and not only not able to play well. They are all Billy Big Bollox in the dressing room but when the shit is down on the pitch and we are in trouble they wind their necks back into their shells. I've been trying to think of what the problem could be for my own sanity and asking these questions in my head. I'm sure we all have asked ourselves some things similar. Maybe we just don't have the right players to play in Sarris way? Maybe its because of the way we have played predominantly over the last 20 or so years. This system is based on high pressing. Our forwards generally can't! If we want a high pressing,fast team that plays attractive,exciting football then we have to buy those type of players. Pully is a good start IMO tho MAYBE a little lightweight for the PL. Lets hope not.. Both of our previous managers have played completely different styles. Each one brought in players to fit their specific style/needs. Right now we are left with a patchwork quilt of a team with players trying to change their styles they have played their whole lives. The board has never shown any consistency in the way we want to go forward. No plan. No identity. Diddly squat! We have been playing on the back foot more defensively and just forgotten how to go forward as a team. But that would still mean we would be able to defend together. The team cant listen to instruction - cant be that Shirley not. Almost same squad switched to and played Contes 3/4/3 fine. They played great early season this year, They listened and changed and beat Shitty 2-0 a couple of months ago. We beat Victimpool and almost beat them twice! Exact same players ffs! Is it Sarri? He complains that his players dont listen but still uses those same ones without trying the others out. Why doesn't he adapt and try new ideas thru the game? Is Sarri capable of re building a whole team of players to suit his style? He doesn't have that expertise and hasn't need to do so before.I dunno. We bring in Sarri and ask him to do what Pep has done at Shitty and lesser so Klopp and Poch, but we should have some football knowledge at board level that should stand up and say he can't be asked to do it if we only give him 1 player, a loanee and a couple of yoofs! Those other 3 managers were given total support from their club. From before he came we knew this was a very rigid style structure and that the team had to fully get into it for it to work. We saw all the scouting vids etc of how he got Napoli moving as one. So if the board and players (and us) don't fully get behind Sarri they cant blame him for not being able to implement his style. It is a very rigid structure. Is it TOO rigid for the PL? OK so what if we/the board, fully get behind Sarri. We change all these players that I think needs upgrading but still find theres problems and we dont get silverware. Roman says fuck this get a new manager. WTF happens then if the board goes out and brings in a defence minded manager again?? We will be sitting with players that we bought for a different purpose again. We need to get a direction, an identity and some continuity. I do honestly think that we COULD do a good job under Sarri with the right players. But it will still upset me some as Sarri is now saying exactly what Mou and Conte said that we need a overhaul. We could have done this under Conte and backed him. My overhaul means a good 6 or 7 players being changed of the squad we have put forward for the PL to start with. Rant Over
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    Zidane is nowhere near the level of Guardiola, Heynckes,Allegri, Simeone and Klopp. He is eventually gonna have his luck run out and we will see his true abilities. This short-termism is the reason we weren't able to attract Guardiola. Conte won us the title and a year later he was gone, Sarri is on the verge of being sacked 7 months into the job and we want to compete with the best!? Our recent CL record speaks for itself. Tottenham, City and Liverpool are all benefitting from the patience they showed and the long-term plan they had. We only care about the instant success and that's it.But the year is 2019 and thais formula doesn't work anymore. Even Zidane will need at least 3 years to build something but he won' t have it. And most of our fans are spoiled as fuck and don't see the bigger picture.
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    I will still keep him and get rid of a lot of players this summer. Willian, pedro, if hazard wants to leave he can. Cahill, drinkwater, and others if can. Get 3 or 4 players this summer. And start building from there. I expected from the beginning a season like this. It is why I'm not angry like most here because I expected this... When you try to change the identity of the club you will have a very mediocre season. What you expect is that in the second season you see some progress of where your trying to go. Let's hope that the people who run this club also expected this....
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    If this is true, then I want them all gone! There isn't a single manager they would accept... Drove out Mourinho, Conte and now Sarri. All very different from each other. The reason they eventually start disliking everyone is because they SUCK and stop playing as soon as they are tired or become too complacent. Their egos don't allow them to think they suck because "they're former champions" or whatever, so they are in denial pointing at the manager. Not a single manager in the world would make this group of dumbfucks work in unison. If it was up to me, I'd only keep Kepa, Azpi, Rüdiger, CHO and Kante... the rest can fuck off, including Eden "I don't care what the manager says I'ma keep sucking Real's dick" Hazard.
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    Have we heard similar complaints from Napoli dressing room in terms of boring rigid training sessions etc.? As far as I know many of the players like Mertens seemed to praise Sarri for the work that he had done and not bitch about his training methods
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    Carlo’s Napoli is 11 points behind Juventus and out of the Italian cup.Don’t see how his rotating policy is profitable. Not to mention his mediocre record of winning only 4 titles throughout his career,two of which were in a one-team league.And bare in mind the great teams he has managed - our golden generation was at its peak under him.Some people tend to forget easily but Bayern were no fools to ditch him.
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    It would be typical Chelsea to appoint Simeone. From Conte to Sarri to Simeone – no logic or continuity whatsoever
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    Hazard surrounded by Alonso and Barkley. Wonderful way to get the best out of your player Sarri.
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    Vinicius Jr. Zero experience in european football. Real Madrid is not afraid to start him in a Champions league game...Hudson-Odoi, coming from Chelsea own academy, Sarri is afraid to play him in a fucking Europa League against a minnow side from Sweden.
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    I really want him to succeed but some of his decisions I just can't get my head around. Bringing Hazard and Kante on 2-0 up? There must be a reason but it's not clear to me.
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    I don't think Alonso was even good to begin with anyway. His weaknesses were covered by Conte's back 3 system and him scoring goals in the 2016/17 season, a number of which were from set pieces. There's a reason why we were after Sandro.
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    The inevitable reports coming out that Sarri has lost the dressing room. Our squad is an embarrassment. I have never felt as ashamed of our team of players than I do now.
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    Why is it always so difficult for this club to keep a manager through thick and thin ffs. Unbelievable that our players APPARENTLY can't understand the tactics, yet Pep's City can and also Sarri's Napoli players can also. Maybe a few of our players are just thick as pig shit.
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    No offence but it's hard to take Matt Law seriously when he recently suggested we're a better team with Barkley in the XI.
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    Time to revive this thread...
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    Sarri is not the issue if we are being honest, the issue is much larger than him. This squad needs a deep revamp. That said Sarri is not the answer, i have seen enough of him to know he can not be one leading this club in the future.
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    Well and truly getting the Ivanovic treatment. And deservedly so after a performance like that.
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    No, he should have shaken his hand like a man, and within the spirit of the game. If Sarri gave a shit, he wouldn't keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That is the definition of insanity.
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    shame Benitez isn't avaliable, could easily to another europa league run
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    I think most of us dont appreciate Conte work/capacity. Its so sad that a wonderful manager like him run out of our club that way.
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    Hazard totally free , Alonso floats it in the box to the shortest man on the pitch, Kante. The IQ of this guy is a big fat ZERO
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    Losing 4-0 and @Rmpr and @We Hate Scouse suddenly appeared. Jesus Christ...WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!
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    Before Sarri came, we heard he was strict with playing youth and many fans weren't bothered as long as we played beautiful football, this so called SarriBall. So far we are watching dogshit dry in the sun and Sarri refusing to play one of the best young talents in Europe. You couldn't make it up. It fucking infuriates me watching this shit go down. There has to be more than meets the eye with this situation, there is no way Sarri can be this ignorant.
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    Why play hazard here at all? Sarri is such a jack ass
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    Of course managers will come. Jose and AVB fucked up, got sacked and walked into jobs with teams that finished above us on those seasons when the summer came along. The stigma created by the media about us has basically made this job a free hit for managers in terms of reputation risk.
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    Real still interested in Alonso knowing our board they will reject it https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2019/2/12/18222010/real-madrid-remain-interested-in-marcos-alonso-report
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    Maybe he wanted to give it to Higuain, but his cross is just that bad that it ended up going to Kante...
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    You need a manager that can adopt to PL, can apply his style and likely has to integrate youth. He needs player to follow him no matter what. Also the board needs to back manager with everything available. Need this player? Ok, we will get him. And for that you need competent DoF. We seem to have nothing. Im all for sticking to one manager, but first we need Dof and board that will provide full backing of whoever they bring. Just like we lost 6:0 and its easy to call Sarri and players a joke, the board and club are one massive joke for a while now, except they hide behind the squad and manger and blame them for everything.
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    The highlight has to be Carrgaher absolutely fucking fuming at HT because City are just piling on the goal difference.
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    Of course...some people will keep blaming the players' power, instead of a weak manager with a poor CV and crazy ideas.
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    i dont think i ever hated a player like i hate him. worst thing is that is not even entirely his fault.
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    Benched by Vazquez and Vinicious and this guy is who would be great to replace Hazard. Same goes for Asensio who is even more overrated. What a fucking joke. Get players that have big roles in smaller clubs instead of going for Real Madrid rejects. Football isnt just about flashy tricks. Its about consistency and tactics and Isco doent know a thing about it. Also their mentality is beyond shit. We already have enough of that crap in our team already. You think Isco will be giving 100% every weekend just to see us race for top 4 spot after playing for Madrid and winning CLs on regular basis? I can see him throwing tantrums and bitch about it every week. Fekir, Pepe etc are the players we should target. Players with lot of quality and who will see Chelsea as the club that gave them top of the football, not some primadonnas from spain.
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