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    At Monserate in Bogota Colombia.
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    A little bit of canvas art I created for our Belgian wizard
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    Pretty much described Willian's playing style.
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    Easily mistaken for Jason Statham
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    Keep the hype low, let the kid grow - he'll be in our first XI before you know!
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    That is the perfect conversation starter, even online...
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    I just can't imagine we'd look nearly as good had we bought Lukaku instead. Big Rom will score a bunch of goals this season but Morata is absolutely miles ahead of him as a footballer. He offers so much more. Morata doesn't completely rely on service. We saw up close a couple of weeks back how Rom looks when we staved him of service.
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    United fans trying to convince themselves at the start that they got the better striker gets funnier by the week, Morata is so much better in general play Lukaku will have to score atleast 20 more than him for it to even be debatable.
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    Looking at the table, the only major blip we had was losing to crystal palace. Our other losses were understandable( We had a red card at burnley, Mancity were better than us) if we won palace, we would have had 25 points, comfortably second and well in the title race (6 points behind) waiting for mancity to lose some form (they've already hit their peak performance wise and can only go down from here) But 9 points is a little bit far, unless something dramatic happens (like another 13 match winning streak) But Conte has done well overall, contrary to what the media wants to portray.
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    There's absolutely nothing I prefer Lukaku over Morata. Not even the physicality. What's the point of shoving away the marker if you are going to do shit nothing with the ball one millisecond later? Lukaku is effective in a couple of situations, but he's years away from Morata
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    My best mate. I love him but hate him. He's 6'3", good looking, and he has the body of a god. Absolutely phenomenal. I have the body of a god as well, the only issue is that its a Buddha.
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    I think he has really good core of abilities, but he must decide in which direction he wants to go. If he wants to be midfielder, he needs to work on his stamina, awareness, tactical aspect of the game. If he wants to be #10 or second-striker, he needs to improve his end product (assisting and scoring more). Also, it would be great if he learns to use his height more. It would take some work, but he could become decent in heading/winning areal battles, we don't want to have another Matić - tall player with really no areal presence. Loftus has ton of possibilities.
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    Totally agree Luiz has been no more than average this season and his on pitch discipline that was there last season seems to have gone awry. He was sometimes so far out of position he was in another postcode. In my opinion, he had got too comfortable with his status and position in the team and maybe thought he was undroppable. This could be the boot up the backside needed to get him back to the Luiz of last season but it is totally down to him...no-one else....not even Cahill can be blamed for this one. luiz is a talented footballer ....lets see if he has any gumption about him and work hard to prove to the staff and his team mates that he deserves a place back. Those that say...he is a leader etc...he might be , but not a very good one. There is no way he should ever be captain of this team.... let him worry about his own game, nevermind worrying about others. Also, this thing about 'the others players like him and he is a good laugh' etc etc...... I will just remind you...that Diego Costa was loved by all in the dressing room as far as we know .....and we all know what happened there
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    Is it me or does Cahill look more settled and assured next to Andreas than he does next to Luiz?
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    I am actually concerned and think it is a huge blow. With how tight the fixture schedule is, we could have done with him. For instance, if he was fit, he could have started on Wednesday and bring Morata on later. With Liverpool the following Saturday, Morata now will be playing virtually 90 mins in every game from yesterday to next Saturday. The trip on Wednesday night is a bloody journey which will take it out of players. Then after that we have a game against Swansea on the Wednesday. Another game where Bats could have given Morata a rest, so unless we play a false no.9 formation, Morata is barely going to have any rest and with his injury niggles this season, is a concern. May not be a lot of people speaking about it but a big blow imo.
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    Looking like a comfortable upgrade on Costa as expected and he's vastly superior to Lukaku in every way. The most talented number 9 we've had in some time Alvaro.
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    So Eriksen just ensured our qualification to the WC with an astounding, unbelievably masterclass performance and hattrick. The guy is truly, deeply great. Him playing for Tottenham is a double-edged sword for me. I wish him so much success, yet I wish the worst for Tottenham almost always. But right now we're celebrating like it's 1699 in this neck of the woods thanks to him!!!!
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    We need to take this ref to Anfield.
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    Speaks for itself that all top 3 had thos first 50 games at chelsea
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    For all the crap that people said about him, from "he is done", or he should be sold, he has proven that he is by far our best chance creator. Nobody in our team can create and pass like Fabregas. With Fab we are not great defensively but without him our attacking quality does not exist.
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    Pedro may not be at that level in terms of natural talent, but he is the perfect foil for player's that are, there's a reason he was a regular for Pep.
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    Flashback to about 2 months ago when top lad @CHOULO19 had me over in Beirut. 💙
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    conte overrated morata overrated need lukaku
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    Must admit he is impressive for a 17yo, but you're grossly jumping the gun here, almost as bad as proclaiming Kakuta to be the next Messi.
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    I think people are getting way too much carried away with him and his potential and all the Pogba comparisons do not help either. RLC is a decent player, good on the ball, carrying it and stuff but he has literally 0 output and that is not because we never gave him a chance here, he also had 0 output in our youth teams and at the same time he offers no defensive protection. So tell me which player a team should sacrifice for a midfielder or second striker with that very profile? I get it,people like him, even I like him, he is from our academy, he is big, he is English, looks super cool and the way he moves looks just so elegant and effortless. I bet he is a great guy too. But having him in the team he and giving him playing time, he needs to offer something over some other player in roughly his position. Which is what I do not see. Not even over Fabregas, Drinkwater or Willian. Hence that loan was not only necessary it was overdue.
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    Back in 2010 we were criticised for the Neymar pursuit because we had Kakuta, enough said.
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    No it isn't. He is a professional footballer. All pro players are capable of great things and The Drog certainly was and is. There are many, many examples of outstanding control throughout his Chelsea career but there are more of poor touch. Look at Rom. His supporters could make a long highlight vid featuring moments of great technical excellence, yet all people who have watched him play know that such a video would give the wrong impression of Lukaku's overall standard. The Drog over Rom all day, everyday, but was his close control among the Premier League's best ever? Absolutely not.
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    It's liking the situation to from years ago to now, managers never stood for any shit at all, no matter who it was from, the player accepted it and got on with his job. Now, the fuckers stick two fingers up and basically say 'Fuck you' long story short the players down tools the manager gets the chop, it's fucking pathetic. Conte wants to stick to his guns here, fuck Luiz if he isn't pulling in the same direction and going against what the gaffer thinks, deal with it or cry in the corner, your a man, deal with it sunshine. That goes for any player.
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    Today was Conte's 50th Premier League game and he's won 38 of them (76%). Not a bad record, is it? On a different subject, he needs to keep that beard.
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    I agree with @kellzfresh. I would add the fact that our three best players have been injured at some point this season so far. We couldn´t cope with Hazards injury and lacked a lot of attcking quality in the first few games without him. I bet we wouldn´t have lost to Burnley with him on the field. Also, its laughable that the media slated Conte and Chelsea for having a nightmare of a season so far, but ignoring the fact that we are only one point shy of their beloved darlings.
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    You’re describing Clinton Morrison as a “prolific ex footballer” just to discredit Bakayoko. Ask any French national team football fan whether they think Deschamps is a great coach lol. He took Gignac over Lacazette and Benzema to the Euros too, and doesn’t call up top talents like Martial up either (only did so recently after media pressure). He picks a washed up Payet and Coman ahead of him. If that’s who’s side you want to be on then great.
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    Then you can't have been watching very closely, or more likely your memory has gone into highly selective mode. Sorry to be so definite about this but it's the only way to express how strongly I disagree on this point. Think we'll have to leave this in the agree to differ pile. But... Check the action at around 4:15 in the video below. Anyone who has been watching Chelsea since 2004 has seen hundreds of such examples, and I do not exaggerate. It is worth watching the whole video if you're so inclined because it includes more positive contributions from The Drog. I'm not saying he didn't find ways to be effective. He did. Sometimes devastatingly so. He just wasn't the ultra smooth technician I'm reading your comments to be suggesting he was/is. That video wasn't selected to make my point. It was the first listed when I searched YouTube for "Drogba Vs".
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    He played well, in the sense that he was a constant thorn to United's side. Constantly winning challenges and getting into dangerous areas. But one performance doesn't detract from his horrow shows against Palace, Watford, Roma (x2). I see very specific qualities Bakayoko possesses and Im not a fan of them because we already have a player in Kante who uses those same skills at a much higher level. Bakayoko wants to play with a holding CM like Matic and Fabinho, but Kante is already like that. So the only way both can play is if Kante is reduced to a holding DM role (which limits Kante) or both play in a double pivot, but that means we forego having a DLP to help in build-up and maintain possession. He's a redundant CM. What kind of squad building is that?
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    'Hey, Gordon, your sister looks like that pornstar who got beat up a while ago' 'thanks Daniel'
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    Cesc is & most likely always will be noticed when he's in a two man midfield getting overrun. He can only play in our current formation IMO
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    I honestly wouldn't care. Will be annoying for the first few weeks while the media and United fans make out he's Ronaldinho reborn and bring him up every time Hazard and Pedro get dispossessed, but the crux of the matter is United will be throwing silly money at yet another Chelsea player who's best days are in the past, he's been our 3rd choice winger under Conte for a reason. It's a shame Woodward wasn't running transfers at United around 2011 time, we could have palmed Alex, Essien, Malouda, Anelka and Kalou on them for obscene cash.
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    But in comparison to Bakayoko Cahill and Oscar have been at the club for years, not for some months. Both of them got enough time to prove themselves. Bakayoko started the season injured, had no pre-season and actually had some good cameos/performances against Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester. Then his form dipped after the Atletico game, but even Azpilicueta made some mistakes and playing next to Fabregas isn´t an easy task for any defensive midfielder. Against United he played really well, Matic couldnt cope with him and Baka should have scored two goals if his finishing wouldn´t have let him down. Not to mention that he just turned 23 in August, so there is naturally room for improvement.
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    You can't watch a player be consistently average, and then lap on the praise because they were 'good' against West Brom. That's the logic. Imagine watching Oscar put in the level of performances Bakayoko has, which we did, and then praising him for showing up vs. Hull City. That we did not do. Similar with Cahill. We know what he is, so we're not going to take 1-off games of his as a measure of his ability. I'm still seeing a player who releases the ball too late, holds onto the ball too long, and who walks more than runs. When you add barely any assists/goals to that, I'm left debating with people on here how on earth this is someone worthy of our XI (because he's strong apparently. such a rare type of player!) A lot of players can 'create space' and 'charge forward' like he does - while doing a lot more on top of that too. So i'll continue to criticise this transfer, and the lack of critical thinking (IMO, maybe i'm dead wrong) surrounding this. I don't see this heavy investment paying off years down the line. I see time wasted, where we could have had an influential player with leadership, or a youngster of our own bled in. I see no logic in praising him for doing the minimum of what's expected (for some of you guys anyway) vs. a Tony Pulis side. Where was he vs. Roma? Tied up in Fabregas's dungeon of shackles again? What about City? You measure a player that cost 40m in those games, not these games. He's not Chelsea starter material, and that's the fault of whoever recruited him, no fault of his own.
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    He was even better in the top game against United though.
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    Even in the Jose meltdown period he was like 7th in key chances created, despite playing through injury and the club being in it's worse place for decades. I still can't believe people thought he was a problem back then. Unfortunately he will never get the credit he deserves due to the average fans obsession with goals and assist plus the unfair and untrue stigma around his 15/16 season.
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    Comparing your own poor record with others just to make yourself look good is just daft. At least Mourinho has won a number of away games against the big sides over the years. How many has Pochettino won as Spurs manager? 1 in 17 and if we want to be choosy, that came against an ailing Man City side under Pellegrini. Said this before, when the spotlight is on Spurs, when they are expected to do something good, they choke. Last season's FA Cup semi-final, that West Ham game in May, the match at Wembley in August, their match at United last month and the Arsenal game today. Those were the times they were supposedly going to win and turn up the heat on others but every single time, they bottled it. All this novelty of building a team for the future, playing good football etc will only last for so long because if they don't do the business in the league, if they don't win trophies, it's all going to fall apart and players will leave at some point.
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    Could not ask for a better first half after the international break.
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    Unlucky not to score a great solo goal I rather have Lucas Moura in our squad than Willian 2bh
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    To be honest he suit’s Liverpool a lot more than he would suit us. If I could have any player from Liverpool’s forward line it would be Mane. Think he’d be the perfect right sided player for us.