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    First day in England and he already speaks better english than Diego Costa...
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    Most exciting part of all of this? All of the other striker threads in Transfer Talk can fuck off haha
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    "When West Ham were playing Tottenham, I decided to go to a restaurant in London with my family with Marcos (Alonso)... "When we arrived, guess who was behind me in the same restaurant? The manager. It was hilarious... "I have an app on my phone that tells me the score and when West Ham went 1-0 up, I turned round and told the manager the score... "The manager didn't eat for the last 25 minutes and when it finished 1-0, he got up and came over to my family's table... "He gave my dad a hug, my wife, children, myself and Marcos and he was so so happy because we knew we were going to win the league.. "That moment I will never forget because even though the team wasn't there, it was a celebration." - Cesc Fabregas on West Ham 1-0 Spurs. Conte is the king!
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    All you spoiled little things can go support Milan or the next rich club, such as City. I'm so fed with you badmouthing this club, the board, nonstop because it doesn't reach your bloody stantard. A little moaning is okay out of frustration, but some of you went way overboard and keep repeating it. Just stfu if you're going to post for the 100th time the same BS. We got it, this club, the board, the injured player we signed all suck and Conte should leave or that if you were him you would. Don't be shy, lead the way.
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    Please. Sandro would be a top top signing. Morata would feed well off his crosses, he'd link up incredibly well with Eden, Cesc/Baka. Would really up the level of the first XI.
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    Don't try and bring people's mood down. Prick.
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    You know, if this 58 mil pounds are true, Chelsea is actually the transfers prices "balancer". Bringing Kante for 35, Morata for 58, not spending too much and still winning major trophies, in this crazy times really puts some example for other clubs. Hope this number is true!
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    BREAKING NEWS. Leif has something positive to say about someone.
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    His versatility would be a huge asset for us next season. Even if we still buy 3 or 4 more players, we won't have an awful lot more depth to what we had last season seeing as we've let quite a few players leave. Therefore having a couple of players that can play multiple positions allows Conte to work with a smaller group whilst still retaining adequate cover for different positions and also gives him greater flexibility with regards to changing tactics and formations midway through games. I wouldn't rate him as high as some on here, and he really needs to add a level of consistency to his game but I do think he has the characteristics to make a very good wing back and considering the influence Conte has over Moses, I would expect him to find ways to get the best out of the ox.
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    European football journalist Mina Rzouki on BBC Radio 5 live If you offered me the choice between Morata and Lukaku, I wouldn't even think about it. I would pay £20m or £30m more if I had to and I would bring in Morata. That is because I would always prefer an intelligent player in my team. Even if he doesn't score as many goals, even if he doesn't do whatever he needs to. If he is more intelligent then he can be moulded quicker, he can do what he needs to do. And Morata has Champions League experience. He was second top scorer for Real Madrid despite not starting. He has done it at Juventus and he has done it at Real Madrid. He understands, he has the pace, he is intelligent, he links up play, he can be a counter-attacking threat.
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    Would take our summer business thus far from solid to fantastic. Just can't see them selling their two best defenders and 3 of their back 5 in the same window.
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    Right. So first thing's first - happy to end our striker hunt. Secondly, as some of you know I don't rate the guy as highly but I'll keep my mind open as always. Thirdly, my main problem was the outrageous fees that were coming out - the 70/80m's. But we've apparently got him at £58m (initial) which isn't bad at all. It'll be great to have a striker who's known for his reliable link up play, but I hope Morata is ready for the Chelsea challenge. This is the first club where he'll be the undisputed number one striker, so he has some pressure. For £58m, he's a better buy than Lukaku at £75m for sure. Almost £20m less! A lot less pressure. The move feels good. Well done to the board who managed to negotiate this fee. Low key hoping that Conte's new contract enforced this and maybe another big signing (Alex Sandro ).
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    Awkward [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had a great game, but let's not get carried away. I feel like this forum has a tendancy to overrate any youngster that is half decent. Hopefully he will have chances this season to play.
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    I can't believe this guy is only 23 years old. It seems he has been here for ages.
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    A guy on another forum I spend some time on who is a massive Serie A & La Liga nerd and also happens to hate Chelsea wrote this about Morata: "Morata will do very well at Chelsea and I will be quite surprised if he doesnt score more than 20 goals. I see nothing strange with the transfer fee considering his quality, previous clubs and goal production from somewhat limited game time. He has qualities that I think will fit Chelsea superbly, especially his ability to run between the lines and to carry the ball forward at a very high pace. His arrival may very well bring Chelsea's offense to another level". It just made me smile as he has been very accurate with a lot of transfers coming out from Italy. Of course it is just his personal opinion, but always great to hear someone who watches like every game of the league be positive. If we can bring in Sandro I barely care about the rest of the transfers. Getting Bakayoko, Sandro and Morata would be a truly amazing transfer window, and the opinion seems to be that once Rudiger can polish his decision-making a bit he can be world class too.
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    Very happy with this!!! And I'm not certain he will score more goals than Lukaku. But Hazard, Pedro, Fabregas, Willian and co will definitely score more than they ever would with Lukaku up front.
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    Morata cost us....Bamford, Atsu, Cuadrado, Begovic and Ramires
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    Driving seat? Passenger seat more like.
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    Sadly 8 days is not enough time for our board. Move along people.
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    Talk Chelsea current circle jerk: talking shit about "The Board". Seriously, this forum is full of bullshit at moment. Its became pretty ridiculous. Weeks ago people were mad because according to some reports Conte was really pissed after United/Lukaku's hijacking. According to those reports Lukaku was Conte's first choice. Now that we took Morata, there are reports saying Lukaku was Conte first choice, and now I see some angry posts saying the board is stupid because they tried Lukaku in the first place before Morata. Wait, if Morata was Conte's first choice those reports about he being mad after Lukaku went to United were false.
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    This is what football news has come to. That kind of reasoning comes straight from the playground in primary school. Absolute rubbish. And they get away with stories like that because most people will actually believe it's true.
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    Just saw this on twitter: "Morata 40 league goals in his entire life Aubameyang 40 goals in a season Chelsea “fans”: announce Morata." LMAO
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    I can't picture any other striker on earth we've been linked to in the past 5 years building as good chemistry with Hazard as Aub potentially could. They'd feed off eachother beautifully; Hazard already puts the ball where Aub would be, only to never have players of ours there.
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    Yeah we offered them what they wanted AFTER they had sold Alves and Bonucci, We could bid 100m now and it will be rejected because no club with the pedigree of Juventus would sell three of it's best performers during the same window. It's pretty much like us bidding 75m for Lukaku after everything had been agreed between Lukaku and United. It was futile back then and this apparently 70m plus add ons bid is futile now. Now if had offered this much before the departures of Bonucci and Alves, things might've been different but as it stands we have lost our small window of opportunity of attaining Sandro at least for this summer. I hope we don't waste anymore time chasing Sandro and concentrate on getting someone who'll be an upgrade and is gettable.
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    Dude, Morata's words, Conte's decision in 2014, our interest on him last summer, Morata's admission of a personal call from Conte last season, the timing of Conte's new contract and Morata's deal should make it clear to everyone what Conte's first choice was. And Matt Law confirmed it.
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    According to RMC Sport, Chelsea are close to agreeing personal terms with Mendy after Monaco rejected @ManCity's £44.5m bid. #CFC #MCFC #ASM
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    Rudiger? Done. Bakyoko? Done. Conte? Done. Morata? Done. Time left? 43 days Fuck Marina and fuck Emanelo. Incompetent fuckers for getting a striker Conte wanted for £20m less than Lukaku. Fuck them for doing a good job.
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    Sanchez.... would u call him Barcelona's waste?? Just because morata is coming from Madrid doesn't make him there waste.
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    Geez, we already have a King Bakayoko twitter account.
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    It's not cursed, we just kept giving it to shit footballers.
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    Will be so strange and exciting to have a striker with fantastic first touch and technical ability.
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    El Confidencial the Spanish version of BBC when it comes to the two big Madrid clubs. Deal pretty much done and dusted. Basically they say in the article that Florentino Perez wants to totally get rid of Jorge Mendes' influence at the club following the tax fraud allegations and Danilo is now the last player in Mendes' books he needs to get rid of. Coentrao, Pepe and James have already left this summer - Danilo the last one standing will be gone too. Danilo is not represented by Mendes' agency directly, but the influencial agent intermediates Danilo's every move/contract. Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is also managed by Jorge Mendes. But Ronaldo is Ronaldo... Danilo was offered to several clubs - Juventus and Chelsea the most interested ones. Juventus have offered £18M, which Madrid did not accept. Chelsea have made a £28M offer and Danilo is soon to be a Chelsea player. Danilo's replacement at Madrid - Achraf Hakimi. A player Zidane likes very much (Maghrebi as well), already with Madrid on the US tour.
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    Acted like a petulant child in January, saw the money signs and was quite happy to put his own interests ahead of the team winning a title, that says everything about him. If true regarding the Conte text that was wrong but maybe he's used the old saying "Do onto others as others do on to you" The quicker he's out the better.
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    wtf the people in this forum don't want Aubameyang ? what?
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    I hope this is true. Was brilliant towards the end of last season and he can play numerous positions. Remember with Hazard being injured, he would be another addition to add depth to the wingers and especially as a impact player, would be brilliant. Would love if we pinched him from Arsenal for so much reasons.
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    The fact that £58m isn't considered a "heavy" price tag anymore is just insane to me. But it really isn't when you see what other clubs are paying for players. Morata for just a tad more than Walker/Stones/Sterling and about 30m less than Lukaku/Pogba. Even fucking Arsenal have spent £50m on a player this summer!
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