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    Watching the Leeds and Wigan and once again have to say, what a performance! Been watching the whole game. Relegation threatened Wigan with 10 men have beaten promotion chasing Leeds on their own patch and he has been the standout player along with Gavin Massey. Surely James will be given MOTM. Been outstanding and the commentator cannot stop running with compliments for the player. What a player we have on our books. Bossed the game
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    What he said is actually 100% right. As Chelsea fans we should know it better. We won ucl with awful team, yet our monster team under Mou and ancelotti didn't win it. UCL is a knockout competition, you need to be good but more importantly you need to be lucky
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    Four games away from the end of the league and we are 4 points of last seasons total, you would think/hope we will at the very worst match it. Add to the fact this season has been a massive culture shift in the club, most of the first team didn't arrive till 1 week before the league started and we have had Europa distractions all season (added to a league cup final run has meant a brutal schedule which has lead to high match turnover basically all season). Right now i think Sarri has should get the benefit of the doubt given what I've listed above. That said there's some aspects he needs a big improvement on. His tactics on big and even 2nd tier away games, our results have not been good enough and the way we capitulate at times is beyond pale, his big game away results at Napoli were pretty good iirc so he needs to translate that to here because we can't have anymore humiliations. His squad management was a big concern of mine 2 months ago but recently he seems to have improved a lot on that score, only Azpi is really getting "flogged" to the level we feared our entire starting Xl would be at this stage, hopefully this is a sign he's learning to better utilize his squad. All in all i want to see where giving him a second season alongside a proper pre season will take us, if we get to October and still no progress or worse we go backwards then okay bye bye, we won't be winning the league next season so it's worth a roll of the dice.
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    A team full of cunts, managed by an even bigger one. Never forgiven them for that year when Matic got sent off. Horrible bastards, hope they go down next year. Also. doesn't help when we have two players that can't shoot, can't score and can't assist
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    Yeah, then sack him if he can't build a dynasty in 6 months. Half of the players in Ajax have known each other for 10+ years, the team has worked long years to reach this level. Just fucking stick with a coach, even Sarri. We signed players for him, let him finish the job. Klopp, Pep, Poch all needed 2 years.
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    Bringing my lad to his first ever game at the bridge. He is buzzing!
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    Also, it's a fucking joke how often we get riled up by Burnley in recent seasons. We know what they are all about - they're gonna be physical, they're gonna be dirty, waste time, be a threat from set pieces - and what did we do? Played into their hands by giving away cheap fouls, not defending properly and picking fights with them. That's what they want and we fell for it...FUCKING IDIOTS!
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    This is the most frustrating and downright infuriating sort of result. When the opponent is rewarded for not even trying to play football. Just park the bus and play for a couple of setpieces and they run away with a totally undeserved point. Time wasting and faking injuries all over the pitch from as early as the 30th minute. So bloody annoying.
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    Sensational headline that took one sentence totally out of context.
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    As long ago as October 2011 I predicted that Romelu Lukaku's attributes would make him able to contribute to a team, but that the manager of any top club who employed him would soon be on the look out for an upgrade because of Rom's technical limitations. The first time I saw Tammy play for the 18s he was used wide right to accomadate Dom Solanke, who was preferred at CF. Tammy did well with his long strides, pace & power but I placed him in a similar category to Rom. A good lad with desireable attributes but lacking the finesse to match the requirements of top clubs. Tammy could be a squad member for us, a replacement Giroud, but I suspect that role wouldn't satisfy him at this stage of his career. I'd also take Rom as a backup by the way, but he'd cost too much, and need to be paid way, way too much to give value for money in that role. For our starter I want a player with elite talents. Easily said, but not so easily achieved I agree.
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    Our dominent youth sides in recent years have featured some really good prospects at full back and centreback. Lads who were outstanding at that level, and who are now doing well themselves out on loan or on permanent transfer. Whenever the development managers decided to play Reece at fullback others had to make way because, as good as they are, Reece is better. That was unless the bosses chose to use Reece at centrback, because then it was the turn of the very good CB prospects to make way for a better player. Another comment from Latics Speyk:- "Thought Cook got the Olsen sub spot on, most managers would have taken a forward off right away but by biding his time and putting Superman [He's referring to Reece] back to centre back it allowed us to keep Gavin on and bingo!! He then brought Olsen on when we were under the cosh and moved Reece back [To CM] to shore up midfield. The lad will go in goal if Walton gets hurt. The fans should really chant "WHERE ON THE MARCH WITH REECE'S ARMY is there nothing this lad cant do, I cant tell you how much I will miss him" - ZAKKY
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    I share your optinion about Reece, don't fully agree about Tammy & Charly and think that it's more about system with Dave. From Latic Speyk after yesterday's game: - "Outstanding today. By far the best player I’ve ever seen in a latics shirt, including all those years in the Prem." - TH10 "A super star. This lad is nothing short of sublime." - dwdan "What I love about him most is his passion for the club. Not for one second has he acted too big for this level and his head has always been in the right place." - NYC_LATICS
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    Good news: united is shite Bad news: chelsea is shite too
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    Burnley have 25 points in the league in 2019. Us? 24.
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    I think this is the most average team chelsea had in the last couple of years...
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    ONE Premier League double over Burnley in FIVE seasons!
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    Why can’t he play Higuain and Giroud up top? FFS, this game was an emergency!
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    they have more points than us since Dec 31st that says it all! fuck Sarri
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    Honestly fucking raging right now Raging as much as Higs is What an absolute fucking Donkey Sarri is Need a goal - like for like fucking substitution What a fucking moron
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    He's just young mate - RLC is older and looks a bit more sensible. It's the people blowing smoke up CHOs arse that are the problem. This is why he needs games and has to learn to be a Pro.
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    Agreed. If you actually read the article, he said it is an important competition, you need to play well AND be lucky to win it, and the media hype CL too much. If anything the headline should have said, “Sarri: Media overhypes CL”
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    That's it. If 0-0 at half time don't come out a completely different side!
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    You forgot Gulasci who has been absolutely sublime this season and made another big step after an excellent last season. He might look like an ageing salesman for vacuum cleaners but he is by far the best goalie in Bundesliga rn.
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    Dont want to take anything away from Tammy, but IMO he wont be the striker we need. He lacks that comfort on the ball that is absolutely necessary for us. He is a target man, but IMO what we need is hardworking, agressive forward with good ball control. That would help us press the opponent better and also play more fluidly in attack against packed defences. He needs good PL loan first and then we will see. I would bring Reece and Zouma back next year and hopefuly we can loan Mount, Tammy and Tomori to PL teams for further development. If we get ban, losing Kovacic might also mean we have to keep Mount for squad depth.
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    Burnley just need to park the bus in the first half. Attack us between 46-60th minute, score 3 goals and then park the bus for a 3-0 win. Easy...
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    Jovic Pepe Mendy Romagnoli Jovic CHO-----------Pepe RLC----Kante Jorginho Mendy---Romagnoli---Rudiger---James Kepa
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    De Ligt looks to have agreed a deal with Barca it seems. That's two future world beaters in De Ligt and De Jong. The latter going for 75 million. Proven talent. Then there's us. Spending 65 million on a Dortmund bench player with no end product and a history of muscular injuries. Never change Chelsea board. Never change.
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    Feel sorry for the kid, wish him a full recovery rather than a fast one. Now it's time for Willian to play a couple of good matches and sell his ass to Barca
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    I don't think this team plays for anyone in particular. Hazard and Kante play. The rest are filler.
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    He was actually playing very well against burnley and got tired in the second half. There was very little space and game to be played in the final 20 mins or so. Disagree that his positioning was wrong. Eden needs spaces to play, big burly burnley players would’ve had the advantage had Eden verged in he center. Having loftus there made more sense. a reminder that we did score two goals... with edens assist too. just couldn’t defend set pieces, which I like to remind people are very very important in football.
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    All of our remaining PL matches are against sides that know exactly how to exploit our weaknesses, too. Had we won today I'd fancy us to finish in the CL places. The confidence would've been soaring. Now I can't see it. Watford and Leicester always play us well and United will summon a big performance against us. These players need to grow a pair and win the EL.
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    It has NEVER worked EVER its such a shit system
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    Fucking schoolboy stuff at the back again
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    Been an issue for most of the seasons. Clearly isn't being worked on in training by the look of things
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    STOP WITH THE FUCKING ZONAL MARKING! Are we fucking clueless at setpieces or what!? Not even near these players!
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    My prediction Chelsea: Chelsea vs Burnley - Chelsea win United vs Chelsea - chelsea loss Chelsea vs Watford - Chelsea win Leicester vs Chelsea - Chelsea win United: United vs city - United loss United vs Chelsea - United win Huddersfield vs United - United win United vs Cardiff - United win Arsenal: Wolves vs arsenal - arsenal loss Leicester vs arsenal - draw Arsenal vs Brighton - arsenal win Burnley vs arsenal - arsenal win Spurs: Spurs vs Brighton - win Spurs vs whu - win Bournemouth vs spurs - loss Spurs vs everton - win Final standings 3. Spurs 76 4. Chelsea 75 5. Arsenal 73 6. United 73
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    What a weekend! Spurs, United and Arsenal all lost. We must win tomorrow and even if we are in a comfortable lead we need to continue to go for goals. This may well come down to goal difference and it is important we score as much as possible. Right now that is what is keeping Arsenal ahead of us. Fantastic weekend all round!
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    Martial leaping for a dive like a Bolshoi prima ballerina must have watched a lot of Salah tape
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    Sarri probably locks himself in smoke room during breaks instead of giving motivational speech and instructions for second half
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    Don't worry mate. It will be easy according to @Mana.
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    It feel like VAR create another problem. Uefa did not train their ref in term of how to use VAR properly and when VAR is used. This round Salah should have been red carded against Porto in the 1st leg. Not sure why VAR did not interfere. Llorente goal was a handball. Again, both incidents were missed by VAR.
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    So another angle shows Llorentes goal came off his arm. We need VAR to monitor VAR.
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    Chelsea will never get the love and wankfest that the mancs and scousers get, thats the harsh reality, and of course it translates to refs against us, media, pundits, fucking FA, etc. Its a complete utter joke tbh, but fuck all of them
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    Barca v Ajax is the dream final. For fucks sake, if Liverpool beat Barca I'm going to be devastated. City may be demoralized by going out and now slip up in the PL as well. Liverpool winning the CL and PL? Oh god....😩
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    I have seen both Messi and Ronaldo a few times live and I have to say Messi all day long for me, just sublime. Please Barca, win this trophy.