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    Do you guys even realize how bad we were in 2016 ? Our highest position was 10th, the one where we finished the season. We had a goal difference of +6. We didn't show the slightest of fights against PSG. We went out against Stoke early in the COC. We went out against Everton in the FA Cup. The best we had done in the league was 3 wins in a row. Our top 4 chance was basically gone by October. This year we were 2nd at some point in January, win tomorrow and we are 5 points short of Tottenham and 7 Liverpool, with a game at home against the latter coming up ( which we might or might not win obviously ). Even if we miss out on Champions League football which is highly likely it will be by a considerably smaller margin than 2016. In 2016 we finished 16 points off top 4, and 13 off the first relegated team, we basically were closer to relegation zone than top 4. We are on course to finish the season with 75 points if we somehow manage to win all remaining Premier League games, in the last 15 PL seasons, this would have enabled us to play CL football the following year in 80% of the cases. It's not a guess, it's an actual statistic. I'm all for giving the players, manager and board stick for this deceiving season guys, but stop rewriting history, nothing we've experienced this year will ever get as low as 2016, that was a total nightmare, terrible.
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    Didn't like him. Created too much. Was always in position. Tracked back too well. Crosses were too threatening. Haven't seen him take one, but I know his free kicks can't be that good. Back to the bench for you mate.
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    Really good, solid performance in his first league start tonight. Solid defensively and dangerous in attack. Liked the way he delivers the crosses into the box. Conte needs to be questioned on why he hasn't played more this season!
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    He's not worth 12 billion and even if he was you can't lose that sort of money overnight because of the UK having a diplomatic spat with Russia.
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    In the PFA team of the year, what a way to silence the haters he has here. Clearly underappreciated on here.
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    He seems to really love the club, but obviously is extremely frustrated with the situation. It is not hard to see why in all honesty. All these years we've had him, and we have never really built around him the way other teams have around their best players. You can talk about his consistency all you want, for me he is. Hard to look consistent on a team like this, when the team is not catered towards you at all. Ronaldo has it. Messi has it. Even Neymar has it and he only just got to PSG. Get a manager who will play attacking football, allow Hazard to get into space and work magic. He looked brilliant carrying the ball through the park in the middle in the last game. Just at times had no one to pass to or build up with. Alonso is especially useless. Either too deep in attack playing on the shoulder almost as a striker, or he is lagging behind. Not to mention when he does get it, slows it up due to being one footed and unable to beat his man to keep the attack going. Get him someone decent on that wing to work with, and a manager that wants to push forward and he will look even better. I honestly think Emerson might fit the bill. Pace and engine for days, and great with the ball at his feet.
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    Should go for Jody Morris. None of the progressive big name managers are available and I don't trust Luis Enrique or Allegri to be the guy to guide this club forward. Make Lamps Jody's assistant and we're good to go IMO.
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    How refreshing is it to have a LB with actual pace and close ball control.
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    Drogba would have been destroyed on this forum during his first season. People have no patience anymore. It just shows how spoilt they have been over the past 15 years.
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    Same old, same old. Mourinho unable to develop young talent - Tell me something new... We were made to believe De Bruyne is the laziest and most unprofessional player on this planet. And we fools took the bait. Look at him now. Luke Shaw is a victim of Mourinho's ego - Chose United over Chelsea when Mourinho was in charge here. Enough for Mourinho to hold grudge on him and try to discredit Shaw with every opportunity. Even when the kid has had a good game, it was "Mourinho's brain and Shaw's legs"... There is three top, super, highly talented internationals in United's squad that any other manager would have improved by now - Martial, Rashford, Shaw. No wonder they have stalled, maybe even regressed under Mourinho. Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, City - no matter who Shaw's next club is, I'm 100% he'll hit the ground running again.
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    Shame both can't lose... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    We're playing much better football than the Norvern monkeys, don't fuck this up -maybe Bakayoko is the exception. It's like hes some random bloke who's won a raffle to play for Chelsea
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    Giroud is actually doing very well playing as support to Morata.
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    So annoying to think that if things stay the same now we'll be 8 behind Spurs.. Win Thurs and be 5...so many games that have been costly!!! Urgh. To little to late now but still... Rather we'd finish 5th around 5 behind then be like a few.. Hey ho... What couldve been. Though we'll prob drop points at Burnley Not to fussed about the man City win.. It's if Liverpool win the champions league when they media will explode
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    Only one day and I'm sick of the Man City media wankfest. Pep loves himself so much he probably sends a Valentine's card to his right hand every year. He is so smug and self satisfied like a Spanish James Corden.
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    Apart from the cross, he's partially to blame for the two goals. As Wisey pointed out for the first goal we conceded, he showed no interest in tracking back to help out defense. And for Southampton's second, he showed no interest in putting a challenge at the far post.
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    As average to poor as we have been this season, we are still passing the ball to a relitevely acceptable level and creating a respectable amount of chances, under Jose in 15/16 we couldn't string two passes together and our only way to create a chance was a Willian set piece or oppo cock up. You can maybe make a comparison between this season and the Hiddink half of 15/16, but even our lowest ebb this campaign is like paradise compared to the Jose half, that period was a complete and utter horror story from top to bottom.
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    Why do people always make it feel like we should be thankful that players play for us as opposed to the other way round? No wonder we always feel inferior when compare to the likes of Real, Barcelona, United...
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    Swooping in with the stats there Stats.
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    Tottenham's golden generation's biggest achievements: Finish third in a two horse race in 15-16 Put the pressure on Chelsea in 16-17 Never make it to a FA final Champions League exit in group stage 16-17 Champions league exit in R16 17-18 Finish above Arsenal 16-17 RESPECT!
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    It's very much still in their hands though. And I don't trust this Chelsea team to beat Spuds to 4th. It's easy to take a piss at Spuds right now, but we could very well lose tomorrow.
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    For all the good work Pochettino does, he really is a proper bottle job when the pressure is really on.
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    He mostly opted to cross than go 1v1, true, but it is so understandable considering it was his first league start in a year or so and has played only bit-part minutes after joining us. I don't mind, his crosses were dangerous.
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    If we goona lose the final, hope we will lose tomorrow... can't stand Jose's wankfest. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    My old man said be a Tottenham fan, And I said fuck off, bollocks you’re a cunt, I’d rather shag a bucket with a big hole in it, Than be a Tottenham fan for just one minute
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    West Ham have given Arsenal permission to speak to David Moyes even though Arsenal have not asked for it.
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    Easily has more overall ability and quality than Alonso.
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    He defo should of been given more chances. He typifies the qualities you want in a LWB. Fast, direct, strong, good defensively judging by tonight and ability to constantly make runs in behind. Thought he was very good tonight. I am a fan of Alonso but don't think he will be a miss. In open play, think Emerson gives us much more of an offensive threat. Especially if he can link up with Hazard.
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    OKAY, I cannot defend Morata for that awful 1-on-1 miss - or the previous ones for that matter - but that aside, thought his performance was decent. Not great by any means but showed flashes he could flourish up top with another striker. On the larger point though, fans would obviously focus on that miss and call for him to be sold (again) but think that would be a mistake if we did so this summer. It's a cliche by now but have we not seen what happened with De Bruyne, Salah? Pedro is an example too. Okay, he's not WOW or anything but he struggled in 2015/16 - his first season in England - when we decided to be shit and became a vital player in 2016/17 when we were great and contributed to our title success. It's a similar situation with Morata now. Has he been great? Nope but he has shown what he can do this season, especially in the first half - his performances against United and Atletico in particular were excellent. Can he do better? No doubt about it - both in terms of his all round play and consistency. There is a good, solid striker in there. Just needs to be 'brought' out. Plus, I'd also argue that the striker role he's asked to play doesn't maximize his strengths. He's essentially been deployed like a target man, to play like Costa, Drogba and that's not his strengths. If he's still performing in this manner this time next season, then I don't think I would object selling him but we have far bigger problems in the squad to worry about at the moment than replacing Morata.
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    I'd rather stop talking about both seasons altogether, and move on to the next one asap.
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    Its because the amount of goals hes scored from his position. Cant be any other reason, hes a good player but team of the year maybe a bit much but in all fairness look at the top teams: Delph playing LB for City every week for months because of an injury to Mendy after like 3 weeks, Ben Davies for Spurs due to Rose's fitness, Ashley Young/Luke Shaw for United, Kolasinac or Monreal for Arsenal, Andy Robertson for Liverpool (I really think he should have been in contention though, as a Scotsman its great to see hes grown into one hell of a player, he played basically non professionally when he was 17/18 now hes playing CL football in the matter of like 6 seasons)... its hardly an outstanding pool of competition. At the likes of Southampton, Everton, West Ham who everyone probably expected to do quite well this season... the likes of Bertrand, Baines, Cresswell.. theyve hardly had good seasons I mean just look at the state of Southampton and West Hams defensive records as it stands.
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    His reputation outside the club actually far exceeds him or the stark reality. The casuals only see the highlight plays such as the free-kicks and the odd goal he scores but they don't see just how basic and mediocre his game is. Just goes to show how few people actually watch matches before having an opinion on anything. Most casuals who have opinions on Chelsea players or on any other teams' players excluding their own generally don't know what the fuck they're talking about. This is why I can't take such opinions seriously. Anyway, congratulations to the guy but its funny how one of our players that defines this new era of substandard quality makes the PFA team.
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    Juventus’ plan to sign Morata revealed http://m.calciomercato.com/en/news/juventus-plan-to-sign-morata-revealed-61505 Why don't we offer them Morata and £60m for Paulo Dybala 😃😃
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    What does it matter? Whoever it is has be a yesman otherwise he will last two seasons MAX.
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    We all knew it was coming mate. I instantly turn the channel over as soon as I see Peps annoying peanut head. For some reason Sterling really annoys me too. I know it's incredibly judgemental of me but I put it down to the way he runs like a girl.
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    Absolutely infuriating to watch. I've never been more livid watching a player for Chelsea. If reports are true and the like of Barcelona or Real Madrid are looking into him... Sell. He slows up any build up play we have going, He is one footed. I can't remember the last time I've seen him cross it in on his left. Constantly cuts the ball back, and simply plays a back pass. Has no pace. Is either too deep in attack, playing on the shoulder of the last few defenders, or is too far back, not providing support. And like I said, when he is, he is too slow to get rid of it, terrible at dribbling, and cannot take his man on. The one thing he does do well, is win headers in defence. I actually cannot think of any other thing he does average to well apart from his free kicks. How is it that everyone that supports the club can see it, yet Conte can't? How is he a sure fire, locked in starter every single week? Seriously? Moses is three times the player, and he is someone we could probably look to upgrade as well. Moses is good enough to be a rotation/squad player though. Alonso isn't close. At least not at WB. Play him as a striker.
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    Off topic I occasionally do a football bet on Sunday's in the European leagues. I saw this teams name from Austria and it's great FC Admira Wacker Modling that's class . I'm going to start looking out for their results lost 6-2 at home today.
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    ...then why he hasn't signed a new contract yet? If he truly loves the club, he'll be begging for a new contract. Not falling for it. I've seen players before who pat the badge, kiss the badge etc, then leave the club later.
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    By the way, Hazard after scoring the equalizer yesterday -
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    The likes of Real Madrid, Bayern, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal all disagree.
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    Giroud was allowed to score those goals because we were attacking their box and creating chances. In 15/16 we wouldn't have been able to penetrate in any way even, 0 shots on goal would have been another day in the office.
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    Yep I agree with that, and I also said I understand for those who live in UK, its completely different than to us outsiders. Here, we have two "big clubs" too and no way in hell one would wish others to be good and there are constant jibes from one to another.
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    Kenedy failed to get regular time under 3 different coaches at Chelsea and has failed big time at Watford. Now he played 4 good games for Newcastle and he's suddenly attracted strong interest from Bayern and PSG? Yeah, sure. Nice work from his agent.
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    Exactly -my missus just said who do you want to win ? Neither !
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    The FA will be doing us a favour giving Alonso a ban sell him in the summer he's not good enough to be wearing a Chelsea shirt
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