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    I am Hazard's biggest Stan but fuck off with the Real Madrid quotes already, dude needs to respect Chelsea, we give this guy the world. At Madrid he would be just another attacker.
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    Why the Premier League should be afraid of 'Sarri-ball' once Chelsea master it
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    From the tactical point of view this was an 'Italian job', a Sarri masterclass. Everytime we play a big match like this my heart races like mad, but not this time, no. Maybe the first 15-20 minutes when City were so dominant, but deep inside somehow I felt it was going to go our way in the end. Yes they were dominant, but all their moves stopped 20 yards away from Kepa. Well this win does not change the fact they are hands down the best club in England but my point is - One of Liverpool or City are going to win the title in the end, that is for sure. Do you think that is by accident that the two teams with their managers in their 3rd season there are exactly the teams fighting for the title? I don't think so. Mourinho is in his 3rd season at United also, but really is there anything you can expect from him anymore? Football has taken over him big big time. Sarri must be given time. And I hope this is the end of Morata here and the start of that dynamic front three. I think there is a better balance with Willian, Hazard and Pedro, especially on the wings where Willian and Pedro track back better when needed. Top result, huge for our morale and now I hope we go on a run before Arsenal away.
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    Does anybody know is @Unionjack alright? He told me in the beginning of October that he'd be going on holiday for 4 weeks, but it's been much longer now. Miss that fucker
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    Just make up your damn mind already you belgian waffle, stop putting fans and the club on edge, at least show the club some respect and stop talking about Madrid until the end of the season, its getting boring and fucking annoying to say the least.
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    He is still and always will be a big nosed CUNT!
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    I think you're forgetting Chelsea fans also booed Hazard (and Fabregas and Costa). Madrid fans are the most fickle but let's face it all fans are fickle. Just take a look at how Chelsea fans are talking about him now vs the beginning of the season when he was in top form. We had 7 years to show our ambition. Unfortunately the club seems to be content with just challenging but never going a step further to really put us up there. Always a couple quality players short.
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    Which is why this feels like a ploy to get a better contract at Napoli.
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    IMO I don't think we play better comparr other matches. One hazard magic and one mistake by opp and it fall on hazard. That is it. I assume if we play with Morata up top, it is going to be 0:0
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    It looks like we don't need striker after all
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    Hello ya buggas! Only been gone a few weeks! Landed at 3am and after 3 days without kip and a 10 hour flight I gotta say I'm knackered. Takes awhile to get my head together nowadays! Must admit it was a bit emotional there for first couple of weeks. Lost my Mrs there end of last year and was 1st time I'd been there without her. In our same house etc it was strange. But her old man came out with me for the 1st 2 weeks so it was handy. Then I'm sitting in a bar at silly o'clock one nigh with my mate Ebeneezer Good and a old mate of ours who stayed with us there for 6 months a few years back turned up so she came and stayed with me. Got me back to my old self again Shes from Israel. Only half my age but reckon she might be coming to London. We shall see! Anyways. You know what I think of you lot. You're sad gits! No - You're a good bunch and appreciate the messages and thoughts. Hope you and yours are all healthy and happy. Love and peace!!
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    After the alleged racist shouting at Sterling, (surely if it were proven we would have heard by now ?), and the Sp*rs song at Videoton that has been sung for decades, what's the betting some journalists will pick up on some 'homophobic' chanting at Brighton as most other teams fans do. Bit of a pattern emerging. Anyway let the team do the talking, should be a safe three points, let's have Hazard returning to form
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    I don’t think Hazard is prolific enough in Real Madrid’s eyes to warrant the price tag that we’ll slap on him, but he’s desperate for a move so it gets awkward for both parties. Is there middle ground? I would be disappointed if we didn’t get around £100m plus for him, especially when you consider he’s running down his contract, but would Real Madrid cough up that much? In my opinion, there are better options out there for them than spending that type of money on Hazard. Hazard talking about Real Madrid at every opportunity is a funny one as well. It seems like he’s doing it to invite offers, but I get the feeling none are coming through, which is why he’s doing it repeatedly. It’s coming across as a desperate “come get me” plea, but Real are sitting on their hands. I could be wrong though. Maybe Real Madrid have told him to do it to lessen his value and condition Chelsea to the fact he wants out. Either way, it’s an ugly tactic and you just get the feeling that Chelsea and Hazard are not going to end on good terms if he leaves.
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    I sense the Andy Caroll rumours will be circulating before the start of the New Year.
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    @xPetrCechx and @Pizy are still active too, but can't think of many more sadly. Me and @milan.cech are the only original ones from 2007 still standing though. Will be here till the bitter end, which is upon us. EDIT: Hey, @the wes, sorry for forgetting you.. you are also here since the beginning of times my man. Respect.
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    he made the decision already, he just needs to stfu
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    Get it done I rather have 31 year old Higuain than lightweight Morata
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    Urgh what's the point?! If is proven hope they find and ban the narrow minded pratts.
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    I read thru the old legends thread and the Pub etc way back and loved seeing the banter. Some of it misunderstood IMHO and rather harmless. Its quite difficult at times to KEEP active and I reckon its got to be in your personality or not. But I do think you lads who were about and know all the old posters should drop them a email or even a msg on here. Let them know they're being thought of and not forgotten. And Jason cant you send out a bulk Email even just wishing new/old members a happy holidays (not Xmas as a lot of diff religions etc etc) Remind them TC is still around (Even if we can't sign any new members!!!!) Would be cool to get some life about. I tell ya I put all the shit I make in Photoshop up on Pinterest and always link back to the site with them all. And I keep getting sarcastic remarks saying why am I linking to a site that they can't join. It's quite embarrassing that its gone on for so long.
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    Brought a genuine smile to my face to see that.
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    I have a sneaky suspicion that Odoi is going to play and score this weekend.
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    Sandro Tonali is a must buy! He is going to be a monster. He is so special a talent. Would flourish under Sarri tutelage. He is already on the Italian national first team (who are notorious for NOT picking youth)
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    or: - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46561167 Chelsea say fans who sang an anti-Semitic chant in the Europa League game with MOL Vidi have "shamed the club". A vocal minority chanted offensive songs about Tottenham fans early in Thursday's 2-2 draw in Hungary. That came days after four fans were suspended for allegedly racially abusing Raheem Sterling. "Anti-Semitism and any kind of racial or religious hatred is abhorrent to this club and the overwhelming majority of our fans," a spokesman said. "It has no place at Chelsea or in any of our communities." Uefa said it will await the referee's report before deciding on whether any action will be taken. Willian and Olivier Giroud scored free-kicks for Chelsea, who had already qualified for the knockout stages, in their draw in Budapest. "Any individuals that can't summon the brainpower to comprehend this simple message and are found to have shamed the club by used using anti-Semitic or racist words or actions will face the strongest possible action from the club," the spokesman added. On Wednesday, manager Maurizio Sarri condemned "discrimination in any form" following the alleged racist abuse of Manchester City's Sterling. Chelsea and the Metropolitan Police are investigating the allegations which occurred during the Blues' 2-0 win on Sunday. What is the matter with these brain dead morons? This crap has been going on for decades. Do these prats really think players are motivated to play for people behaving like this? Do they expect our squad to be proud of them? You can't shoot these idiots, so absolute zero tolerance must be applied. Ban any offender for life and let's get MPs to play their part too. Let's create a law under which anyone convicted of racist behaviour in controlled spaces gets added to a register akin to the one for sex offenders. Make this nonsense behaviour start to affect their job prospects. Either that or require season ticket holders and members to pass an IQ test. That'd get rid of most of 'em. I say in controlled spaces because freedom of speech must be maintained, as long as it is within the law. We just have to accept that there must be a place where idiots are free to say idiotic things. If you enter a football stadium however, you agree to be bound by its regulations. Let's start giving those regulations some teeth. Just completely fed up with these people.
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    Cesc is done out here, I hope this is the last time we see him for a little while. The last 2 matches his started we have been poor in midfield.
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    Vidi v Chelsea HD Streams http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-1.html# http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-2.html# https://www.vipleague.bz/mol-vidi-vs-chelsea-fc-streaming-link-1 https://www.easysport.tv/games/videoton-vs-chelsea/ http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-5.html
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    I don't think so. I think he's gone. It's going to be even harder to convince him of our ambition (I think a lot of us need convincing as well) if we're transfer banned. At this point, there's not much else the club can do and he still hasn't signed an extension.
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    CSKA just battered them, complete domination. Mário Fernandes, their RB, is like an Alonso clone, but with more pace and not quite as good a shot. They are almost same age, same height, even look alike.
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    Amen to that brother. I am still a firm believer that even though the MemberOfTheMonth award ended in a fair amount of arguments (all trivial)... it also spurred people on to post more in quantity and quality. Popularity can drive the Modern Man. I'm pretty positive that accolade drove people to use this forum over the others. What else could have caused the sudden decline in activity on here.
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    I was about in those days but yea, the top posters like Term X, Zolayes?, WeHateScouse, peace, LDNBlue and guys like NicolasCFC, Stingray ect.. are sorely missed around here. 😞
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    Media just concentrating on Sterling 'incident'. Completely overshadowed what was a fantastic performance. Whether there was racial abuse or not -the mud will stick now
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    Easy team to select here... Caballero Zappacosta AC Ampadu Emerson Cesc RLC-----------------Barkley Willian----------------------------------------CHO Morata
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    ignorant morons, racism just can't be tolerated, punish the responsible people and ban them from the stadium
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    Ok. I think you probably were watching the Fulham game again. Either way you think he was shit, I think he had a solid game.
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