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    Doesn't affect me one little bit. He's shown great loyalty to this team especially since we appear, temporarily I hope, not to be trying to fulfil his expectations. Remember he came here because, he said, he wanted to win The Champions League. We're a long way from having a squad with a realistic chance in that competition. I think Eden has respected our club and deserves huge, and unreserved, acclaim from Chelsea fans.
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    Only way to play with Fabregas and not Drinkwater against side like this was to compensate mobility somewhere else on the field. Conte did that by playing Pedro instead of Morata/Giroud. So with the help of Willian and Pedro, Fabregas wasn't exposed much for Barca. Never, ever in this game Barcelona looked like scoring. And he benched our captain, who is also an Englishman, against bloody Barcelona. This man deserves all the praise he can get. Hats off.
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    Put some respect on his bloody name! He was brilliant tonight and defo the best player on the pitch
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    And again he brings the best out of a rather ordinary side. You can have your Tuchels and Sarris, but until we don´t change our profil of players we won´t play beautiful football. Conte is the man.
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    Willian On love story with Chelsea: "I think every person has a purpose here on earth. And my purpose is to be at Chelsea, no matter if I'm on the bench or starting.“ 💙 "Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training and to keep your head up.“ "I have been playing more games, I have been scoring, I have been helping Chelsea win. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.“ [Globo]
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    Have I been seeing things? First, MrExcalibur praised Conte and now you too? Only need Styles to do the same to complete the hat-trick!
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    All those with this anxiety to get rid of the "middle class" of the team should remember our transfer policy: - when we sell Matic we dont bring Tony Kroos, we sign Bakayoko; when we sell Costa we dont bring Suarez, we sign Morata, if we sell Willian i bet it will be Carrillo from Watford.
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    Holy fuck. You said something positive towards Conte.
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    Eulogise it for character or whatever, but truth is we were crap in 2012 and got extremely lucky. Our previous sides like the 08/09 one deserve that praise and recognition (restricted one of the best Barcelona sides in history to precisely ZERO shots on target before that Iniesta goal), but history only remembers the winners.
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    Now I've had chance to think about the night and digest the game, firstly its a perfect example of why football is so unique for providing such a rollercoaster of emotions. From starting the game hoping, to nervousness, then to frustration when Willian hit both posts, to elation and finally to disappointment. The performance was very good tonight, a throw back to a few years ago and its a complement to the players that having started the game just hoping to still be in the tie, we finish it disappointed to draw 1-1. Everyone put in a shift tonight. Pedro wasn't at his best offensively but he run himself into the ground for the team, doing a lot of pressing so that Hazard didn't need to waste energy. It was also the best I've seen Fabregas play for a long time in such a big game. The back 3 should be our first choice now for the rest of the season. Azpi is immense and leads by example, Rudiger will continue to get better as he plays a run of games more. I'm disappointed for Christensen with his mistake but he will have to learn and learn quickly. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides to younger players is that they will make mistakes (Scott did something similar against Hull) and will be frustrating at times but it's a learning curve and he has proven this season he is by far our best option in that position. I'm glad Conte backed him after the game and I hope he continues to do so by playing him as his undisputed number one centre back. Willian is really starting to hit a bit of form now, alongside Hazard and I'm just hoping that it kicks us on now for a very difficult and important run of games. Special mention to for Conte. He got his tactics spot on for me tonight. It left us compact, but when we had the ball we looked direct and dangerous. You feel that this was a game that really got him going and you could see that he was back to his old, vibrant best on the touchline. When he is like this, I don't see anyone out there that is realistically attainable that is on his level as a coach. The biggest question will be can he keep this little bit of momentum going and help us kick on again.
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    I just hope we put a good fight and make the club and fans proud, whatever the result. We dont have much chance, lets be honest, but it would be nice to see one of those classic european nights when we define the odds. Whatever happens, come on blues! Edit: Oh and I hope for fair refereeing.
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    The boy's got balls of steel. He might look like a palm tree but he plays like a young Beckenbauer.
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    I advise the Chelsea board on transfers things are a little tense at work at the moment.
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    Always nice to see that the Barca DNA is still alive.
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    Yes, he's probably still on the pitch creating spaces and drawing away Barcelona defenders while taking kicks from Umtiti, Busquets, and Pique every other second... Imagine criticising Hazard after tonight's game ffs
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    When did we park the bus? It was just one of those spells where Barcelona bossed the possession and ultimately did nothing with it. Same thing happened in the first half. We had counter attacking chances after going 1-0 up and should have punished them but didn't.
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    Why are people so disheartened, before this game I didn't even think that Chelsea could have gone through, we were by far the better team, making a team with Suarez, Messi, Iniesta look clueless in attack, all to play for at the Camp Nou really and I really think Chelsea will go through after seeing today's performance
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    I also don't know a single thing Bakayoko does that contributes to a win, but I do know a few things he does that contribute to losses and draws. With Drinkwater? Not so much, he's solid and intelligent enough and resembles a premier league footballer.. granted, a mid-table premier league footballer, but still a competent player at this level. Bakayoko pace and power? You're having a laugh, most of the time jogs around half-arsed, is late to every situation and loses physical battles. He's trash. Drinkwater any day, all day over Baka. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Agreed. Winning a title in your first year with a team that came 10th the year before sealed that deal.
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    I'm going to dissent a little. Olivier displayed the great technique we knew about from Arsenal, showed the lack of pace we knew about from Arsenal and gave a clue or two about why he's here not there. He indulged in our 'flicks & tricks' offence that looks great when it comes off, but is low percentage and just an excuse for the lack of genuinely effective attacking options. He also gave the ball away a lot. That is certainly something that can be cured by increasing familiarity with his new teammates but it is far, far too early to declare his debut a roaring success. Edit: (After the 'like' by DYC) In short, I'm worried that we're at risk of falling into a honeymoon assessment of Olivier's first start. It would be wrong to deny the positives, but just as wrong to ignore the negatives.
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    Had a great day Saturday thanks to Ola Aina...VIP player pass for one of the hospitality suites at the KCOM Stadium and as well as seeing Aina and Hector it was good to see Boga and Tomori too. Boga stood out for Birmingham and that's saying something, they were shite. Aina was solid, didn't have much to do but steady. Hector is a real presence, big physical lad and commanded the back line brilliantly. Top day..This is my lad with Aina and Hector before the game.
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    Actually it's 1 in 4 games that he's been played as a false 9 this season. 9 times in 36 games. Also you can't seriously be comparing how Barcelona play a false 9 with how we play it.
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    Fuck that. Caballero first choice? Reminds me of the ridiculous cries for Begovic to start. Neither are good enough to be Chelsea's #1. I can't stand subpar goalies so I can only hope Chels manage to replace Courtois properly if he leaves, which is a lot harder than it might seem.
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    His passing range too. He hits them like it's nothing. His inclusion in the starting 11 despite having played last 2 full games is an indication that Cahill has been dropped for good.
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    He was brilliant today. I have total confidence that he can beat Barcelona at Camp Nou or get a plus 1 goal draw.
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    I'm old school Chelsea and proud of it so I don't give a shit about tactics and boring analysis. What I do you care about is the famous CFC and we were superb tonight and apart from one mistake we would have beaten the greasy pricks. Regardless if they beat us in the second leg in that soulless fucking amphitheatre they are just the epitome of footballs smug elitist cunts.
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    Not sure if was just the occasion but the Conte we saw on the touchline tonight was more like the Conte of old. Very animated and was hugely 'involved' in the game.
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    Fàbregas shouldn't be starting big games for us at all. He can only face pub teams in domestic cups because even by relegation fold he's been bullied, bypassed easily and his creative contributions - which isn't as often as it used to be - don't make it worthy
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    that Ronaldinho goal, what technique, what a player back then, great game it was, a thriller over 2 legs, great memories. Cheers
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    I said it once I will say it again, if Willian's mind was as quick as his feet, he would be one of the best players in the world. He got the skills, the technique, the pace and the shooting skills on level with Hazard's but he just has not that intelligent. Still let's hope for a few sharp moments of his against Barca. Definitely deserves to start.
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    There's not a single manager in the world who's 'good enough'. So just appoint any fancy name. If things go well under his management, he stays. If it doesn't, he gets the boot and it's on to the next one. No need to analyse and worry about who it is because it doesn't matter.
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    Unbelievable it's 2018 and people still assess a footballing performance by possession stats...
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    Conte may not be the best in managing young players out there but it's reassuring and nice to see he has confidence in Christensen, even after the mistake against Barcelona. If Mourinho was still our manager and Christensen made that mistake, we would probably never see him in the team again!
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    Wait a minute... Hazard prefers playing in his actual position rather then playing out of position ? Well i'm shocked to my very core. Who would have thought ? Pretty sure he was talking about using him as a striker as an emergency not when we've got 2 strikers on the bench. I hope we play with a striker at Nou Camp. 1-1 is a bad result for us. We need to score and in the false 9 sytem we didn't create any clear cut chances. Willian scored and hit the post twice from 3 long range strikes. Apart from that i can only remember the freekick from Alonso and two shots from Hazard (left foot shot and a volley). We need to score to go through and honestly i don't think we're gonna be able to keep a clean sheet at Nou Camp so we're gonna have to score twice. I don't see us doing that with a false 9 system.
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    Yes, the False 9 formation has produced more negative results than positive ones in the past but to put Tuesday's game plan down to luck is just pure stupid. It's not as if Conte just threw the players and asked them go play against Barcelona. He would have planned and prepared the team to the tiniest of details. To not give him any sort of credit for getting things right is pathetic.
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    🎼 Antoniooo, Antoniooo, Antonio, Antonio, Antoniooooo 🎼
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    WOW 2 mistakes against Barca....for a guy whos only in his early 20s he has been fucking fantastic this season. Fuck the people who are counting his every mistake. Really happy with this performance.
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    This was my reaction when I first did not see Cahill and then noticed that we dont have Morata or Giroud.
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    3:5:2 will end up like city game where we had no attack to worry them and Pep thrown their fullbacks in midfield, completely overruning us. I can see Roberto and Alba do the same. But if we put front 3, Barca will have to worry counters, I think thats better. But for 3:4:3, we probably needed inform Bakayoko. I dont see Cesc or Drinkwater hold that line in middle next to Kante. Both systems have some big flaws. People like to point we have positive record against Barca, but now we have different formation with 3 at the back, never mind different character. We are not that Chelsea anymore. I hope we wont just close down and pray. It would take enormous luck to win vs barca on goal difference. We have to go for a win at SB. Defensive approach certainly, but with clear plan to counter attack them and press them in second half to score for advantage. What we have over Barca is strenght and stamina. We need to exploit that.
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    Ermm. I think that was the game against Man City, which we won 3-1
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    To those wanting Morata to start ahead of Giroud because the former has more pace, worth remembering that we played a 34-year-old Drogba against Barcelona in 2012. Drogba wasn't exactly quick at that age but his holdup play was crucial. Giroud's could be key here to help us alleviate pressure and even win cheap fouls for us launch balls into their box.
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    That's a cracking goal. However many goals he scores though, loaning him out was the best thing Chelsea could do. He wasn't trusted by Conte and wasn't getting regular games. Playing and scoring goals for a big club in a competitive league can only do his confidence wonders and help his continual development. If he comes back next season full of confidence and a breath of fresh air, our crop of strikers alongside Morata and Giroud could suddenly look the strongest it's been for a long time.
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    Who cares if we only had around a quarter of the possession? Possession means nothing if you don't do anything with it. Despite the difference in possession, we had more shots, the same number on target. Had Willian not hit the post twice, we would have scored three goals. And their goal came from a bad mistake, not from great buildup play. Fact is, the team was set up to give possession to Barcelona but not allow shot after shot, and they succeeded at that. Remember 2015/16? We typically had more possession than our opponents, and look how well that worked out.
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    Courtois Azpi - Chris - Rudiger Moses - Cesc - Kante - Emerson Willian - Giroud - Hazard Hopefully.
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    Never thought Willian would be the outstanding player in a Chelsea-Barcelona match. He's in top form atm
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    When Costa went anonymous for months and Conte completely ignored Michy for example. When he played Hazard false 9 (which let’s be honest isn’t really effective) instead of Michy for example. Can’t say Conte has been fair with Michy. I know he doesn’t fit his system per se but still.