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    I thought it was obvious I wasn’t referring to this forum as online trolling because he would never read any comments here. Have you ever been on his social media pages? I’ve seen Chelsea fans abuse him, hope he dies/gets injuries, insult his race and family, etc. It’s disgraceful. Nothing wrong with criticising his game as he has been underwhelming so far, but does it always have to be so vitriolic and spiteful? Even when he does something good people struggle to acknowledge it, or they’ll manage to turn it into a negative. I get the frustration. I just don’t get the need for Chelsea supporters to continuously pot our own. It’s a shit read on what is generally a very good forum. But anyway, I think Alvaro will come good and I hope we persist. He makes good runs and finds himself in good positions. I think his poor finishing is largely due to a lack of confidence and is something that will improve in time.
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    what a joke, slavery? just stfu Calderon you old fart https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1032460/Chelsea-news-Real-Madrid-Eden-Hazard-Ramon-Calderon/amp
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    This CHO contract situation is almost as bad as the Hazard situation. At least, if Hazard doesn't renew, we'll get some decent money for him, we won't even get that with CHO. CHO is not going to be starting regularly next season, and as much as I want to see him in the team, I'm not sure he's ready for that yet (I agree, CHO needs to play more now). Edit: I re-read, my last post, I didn't mean to give the impression that I don't think anyone should be brought in. Just not a Sancho type of player. They have to be 1st team ready. CHO needs to play more now, and we can determine if that's him, I agree. CHO should really be getting Moses' minutes, I hope this is a Moses-in-the-shop-window type situation. Sarri certainly rates Chiesa, not sure what the club think about Bailey, and his dad/agent. If they both come in, it certainly means that Willian is off as well (which is okay with me too).
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    I don't think he's much different to Torres in terms of performances and production for the team. To be honest there's quite a few similarities in both with regards to style, attitude, etc. The biggest problem with Torres was that the money paid for him at the time was huge and once Drogba left, we were in a position where we had no other option but to play him. At least with Morata he's proven to be dispensable and droppable, and for that reason I think it doesn't become quite as infuriating. To be honest I think he's a pretty good option to have as part of a striking group and I think he would thrive far more being under the radar as opposed to the main man, the pressure which he clearly struggles with. The fact still remains though that a top striker that will score us 20+ a season is the biggest need at the moment.
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    Not even close, i think some of you are forgetting just how bad Torres was!!!
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    Chelsea lead race for £57m striker sensation – but there’s a catch https://www.teamtalk.com/news/paper-talk-chelsea-lead-race-for-57m-serie-a-sensation-but-theres-a-catch-one-in-one-out-in-220m-man-city-deals CHELSEA LEAD PIATEK CHARGE Chelsea have been told they can win the race to sign Krzysztof Piatek – but there appears to be a couple of catches. The Genoa striker has been in sensational form in Serie A this season, scoring 13 goals in eight games across all competitions. That has led to speculation suggesting Roma and Liverpool were keen to sign him – while on Tuesday Napoli claimed they had opened talks over a €40m deal. But reports in Italy, via the Daily Express, claim Genoa could now demand up to €65m (£57m) for the striker – a fee only Chelsea are willing to match. Furthermore, Genoa have told interested parties there is no chance of doing a deal for the striker in January and any sale of Piatek must be put on hold until summer 2019. With Olivier Giroud yet to score a goal and Alvaro Morata’s confidence vulnerable, Maurizio Sarri is thought to have earmarked the 23-year-old as a prime target for the Blues. Snip
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    I was going to say the same. I know he makes us question it sometimes, but he is still just a human.
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    Yes. Most we can hope for this coming summer is around £100m. They just offered around £110m or so for a JANUARY transfer. RM will probably pass. Sign him on a free in a year and a half. Or do some crazy Kovacic for Hazard plus £35m as I honestly think they will try and prise £60-65m or so out of us for Kovacic. Maybe we can bait Juve (if Allegri replaces Mourinho and ZZ takes the Juve job) into Hazard plus cash for Dybala. Use the threat of him going to RM if they dont deal. Hazard might want to play for ZZ and we know ZZ wants him BAD. Unless Eden renews we are going to get raped. Already resigned myself to this upcoming disaster.
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    He has looked really average again tonight for France. He has made a couple decent tackles but he needs to show more to his game. He has been caught in possession a couple of times. I want to see him dominate games more. Maybe I am coming across harsh but he has set such high standards and I am yet to see him but in a dominant type of performance he used to put in, this season for club or country.
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    I remember as a 14 year old there was a kid on our team who was a superb player the trouble was he'd only do something if the ball came to him. What I mean by that was he'd never look for the ball or put pressure on the opposition he'd coast for most of the game. Same goes for RLC he just doesn't get involved enough I think he's scared of making a mistake and only gets involved intermittently it was the same when he played for England against Belgium. It's a shame because I'm really not convinced by Barkley even if he is improving and Ruben is potentially a better player but it looks like that's three managers in Maureen, Conte and Sarri who don't particularly rate him.
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    He won't get a run of games here, unless something drastic happens like a long term injury or suspension occurs. Kovacic and Barkley are ahead of him in the pecking order. I cannot see a long term for him at this football club, I just can't.
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    F*** me this thread is toxic. I really hope Alvaro comes good so he can shove it up the arse of everyone on here who has completely written him off. The guy is clearly struggling with confidence and it doesn’t help when our “supporters” mercilessly troll him online and abuse him at games. Is this how we treat our own?