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    He is still and always will be a big nosed CUNT!
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    IMO I don't think we play better comparr other matches. One hazard magic and one mistake by opp and it fall on hazard. That is it. I assume if we play with Morata up top, it is going to be 0:0
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    It looks like we don't need striker after all
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    After the alleged racist shouting at Sterling, (surely if it were proven we would have heard by now ?), and the Sp*rs song at Videoton that has been sung for decades, what's the betting some journalists will pick up on some 'homophobic' chanting at Brighton as most other teams fans do. Bit of a pattern emerging. Anyway let the team do the talking, should be a safe three points, let's have Hazard returning to form
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    Googled a few lines from that quote, zero hits. That is written by a gooner troll 100% unless you can provide a reliable source for this quote (I hate controversial posts that don't link any sources, the internet is full of trolls and people are gullible enough to gobble all that shit up). That's from a random twitter account, isn't it?
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    I am starting to agree, he has seemed to regress the last 2 months. In his slot he needs to score, and he isn't. I still hope he comes good.
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    I see Tammy scored again yesterday. Only a penalty but keeps his confidence up.
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    Got better and better as the half went on. Amazing what happens when we are crisp and careful with our passing, huh? Our pressing has also been effective. Forcing Brighton's deeper players into making rushed, sloppy passes and giving it away.
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    so we score and Saints score, works for me
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    Total domination. Nice to have someone lead the line that can finish
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    Kovacic is my imo the biggest dissapointment. I expect big thing from his this season but so far he is just ok.
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    I have no problem with allowing physical play but obvious pulling without any intention to play the ball is a yellow everytime.
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    With the abuse they get in the lower and Sunday league, I get why no one wants to do it. But it's so inconsistent. Edit: We have a CF! Oh, our CF wants to go to Madrid in the summer
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    Yup we don't need a striker. Hopefully, Morata watch how do you finish one on one
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    No, it's funny. If you can't laugh about some quality bants aimed in your direction, that would look worse on you.
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    Great stuff from Hazard. Pedro offers us such an underrated and invaluable goal threat.
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    BHA v Chels HD Streams https://www.vipleague.bz/brighton-&-hove-albion-fc-vs-chelsea-fc-streaming-link-1 https://www.easysport.tv/games/brighton-vs-chelsea/ http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-1.html http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-2.html http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-3.html http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-4.html http://fulltimemanutd.blogspot.com/p/newcastle-united-5.html
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    Interested to see how this false 9 will work here against a side that we should actually dominate possession. Could be the way forward until we can maybe bring a striker in next month. But for the love of God, can we please get off to a fast start here!? Sick of having to wait sometimes a whole half before we wake up and take control.
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    IMO we should go for Fekir who is left footed, has physicality to play in PL, can score goals, has prime years ahead, but isnt completely green like Pulisic. Also most importantly, he can keep possesion and play in tight space which is perfect for Sarri football. Unless there is some real injury concern in the background, I dunno why arent we going after him (lyon president said we were in talks but we stopped pursuit). We might aswell take risk with false 9 because there isnt single quality striker available (Icardi too expensive, Suarez and Lewa wont move,...). Depay, Richarlison,...maybe it could work under Sarri. And the best bit is versatility since Fekir and even Hazard can play uptop or either flank, so there would be alot of movement and fluidity.
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    I am amazed that you pick up on Navas and the stadium. He stated that he wanted to return to madrid to be with his kids the major reason for leaving us and now he is like "meh moving them to London wont be a problem" WTF is wrong with this guy. When there is one thing I hate more than liars are liars that are too dumb or just too careless to even conceal their lies or being somewhat consistent with it. And then this Arsenal line which gives away that he did not only leave us because he is a superficial gloryhunter or because he prefers Madrid over London but he basically admitted that even likes fuckin Arsenal over us. WTF is wrong with him? Both on intellectual and character level he is just subhuman. I hope his curse continues and he is at fault for a goal every match and never wins a title again.
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    Just confirming things...he's a gob shite and he's shite.
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    Fulham looks positively shambolic. They spent huge and have gotten worse, lol. Also FUCK 2 2 soton arse
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    He has been 3/10 player since September. Brighton dont even bother marking him
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    LOLOL, that look Eden gave Alonso after that skyball cross, lololol
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    Might go to gooners v Fulham for a crack
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    This, pep teams is really good at doing that, I honestly think we have too many honest player in our team. I want a sprinkle of Costa in our team
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    Same thing last week, I understand it is a difficult job. But honesty they are horrible, Alonso should have been yellow carded early, and that fouls on hazard is very obvious
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    Lol even the commentator is ranting about the ref
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    So, does this mean we've gone from needing a striker, to finding a striker, to needing a striker because our striker is leaving in the summer? All in a week?
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    FFS, Alonso. Your lack of pace isn't much of an issue today (yet), but that doesn't mean you should give the ball away every time you touch it.
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    Our passing has been utterly atrocious so far, fuck me.
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    I salute our elders! Kerry Dixon 1983–1992 Chelsea 335 games (147 goals)
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    I don't necessarily think Pep is racist. But, that video did show that he doesn't really understand the right language to use. Which is part of the problem in the long term. It leads to "he's not really like that", or "he didn't mean it that way", etc. Well, in that case, he shouldn't fucking talk like he is "that way", and if he does, someone needs to correct him. @Vesper His quote in the press conference was "My kids go to school with Indian people, black people, normal people, people from everywhere". It's unbelievably stupid. If it was Jose, you would have heard all about it. If it was Sarri, with the heat on the club right now, it would be a huge deal.
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