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    His versatility would be a huge asset for us next season. Even if we still buy 3 or 4 more players, we won't have an awful lot more depth to what we had last season seeing as we've let quite a few players leave. Therefore having a couple of players that can play multiple positions allows Conte to work with a smaller group whilst still retaining adequate cover for different positions and also gives him greater flexibility with regards to changing tactics and formations midway through games. I wouldn't rate him as high as some on here, and he really needs to add a level of consistency to his game but I do think he has the characteristics to make a very good wing back and considering the influence Conte has over Moses, I would expect him to find ways to get the best out of the ox.
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    Had a great game, but let's not get carried away. I feel like this forum has a tendancy to overrate any youngster that is half decent. Hopefully he will have chances this season to play.
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    I can't believe this guy is only 23 years old. It seems he has been here for ages.
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    I hope this is true. Was brilliant towards the end of last season and he can play numerous positions. Remember with Hazard being injured, he would be another addition to add depth to the wingers and especially as a impact player, would be brilliant. Would love if we pinched him from Arsenal for so much reasons.
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    Arsenal fans saying "it's only their first preseason game, they're wayyy fresher than us!" Yeah, it's your 3rd preseason game so you should be much sharper and further ahead than us. Idiots!
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    He does better kick ups than Madrid's new signing
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    Great signing and once we sell Costa and Matic we'll be at around nil net transfer spend for this summer and that's not even taking into account the money we raised in January selling Bamford and Oscar. I can see a couple more big signings coming through the door before the end of this window...
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    homegrown, covers loads of positions. Perfect squad player if you ask me.
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    BUY BUY BUY. The Ox would be a great addition in several areas of the pitch.
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    This guy is asking the real questions here
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    All the hype about "world class" Costa (he's not world class) and Batman continue to make him look inept with not just goals but brilliant all round displays. It's a shame he didn't get a proper run in last season. He's a very talented player and I think we have a potential player on our hands. Conte needs to manage him properly next season.
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    Long term users of this forum would know I have been raving about this kids's talents for a good 5 years or so now. He just needs the right platform to turn into a top player. So much ability it is unreal. Never been a player I have been more impressed from in watching academy games more than him. Hope he can thrive and Conte takes notice and gives him a chance.
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    Ideal scenario to me: Sell Matic to United, and still get Sandro. If Matic really is being used in an exchange of sorts (i doubt this to be honest), then that is great too. We should prioritize getting Sandro, so if matic helps then do it. If Sandro isn't coming in return, I would rather Matic go to Man U. They get a super average player, and we get a decent chunk of money. Most importantly, it stops United from getting a better, more dynamic CM. I think they will buy a CM one way or another, so them getting an average one would be brilliant.
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    Overrated in my opinion. I'd rather take Alex Telles to be honest.
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    We should do a video scene of the shining morata busting michael emenalo door down and shouting here's Morata lol
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    Don't care what he said, just get rid please. Pointless player.
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    Chelsea defeated Arsenal 3-0 in the Bird’s Nest stadium in China to begin their pre-season tour of the far east with a bang. The Premier League champions took the lead through Willian. The Brazilian, who enjoyed the best goal-scoring season of his career last time around, cut inside onto his right-foot and bent the ball […] View the full article
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    I have to say though, this is our best kit ever, absolutely gorgeous
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    He hasn't been mentioned in here, but Kante has absolutely bossed the midfield today. Cant wait to see him link up with Bakayoko.
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    I don't agree. I would take Mendy at Chelsea right now. Walker gets that fee because he's homegrown
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    I would understand if those were the likes of Lahm, Alves, Roberto Carlos, Ashley Cole and others in their prime...but players who had a couple of good seasons to go for such amounts of money...shocking
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    Boga has not been very good so far.
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    Ox showing his defensive and attacking credentials to the Don
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    One of my dream signings, is it actually gonna happen?
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    If AOC has any self dignity he would refuse ANY new offer from Arsenal. He has begged through his agent like 3 times for a new deal and when he finally got one he clearly isn't happy with it. Let Conte mould him into a RWB, and he might finally take that next step in his development as a footballer. And after giving Arsenal Cech, Arsenal better play ball on this one. Do the right thing Ox.
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    I agree. A huge signing for the squad. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    How many more Champions league finals will they lose I wonder.
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    I agree mate some lads on here need to take off their ex blues shades off lol
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    Here to post on the 1st page so that I can hopefully look back in 5 years time after he's scored 100 goals and remember this day.
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    Highly doubt we're still in the market for a CB. Especially not one that'll cost £50m or more. Think he only wants Liverpool anyway for some strange reason.
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    Probably miss based on his January onwards performances
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    Not really West Ham fans gave Paul Ince loads of abuse for wearing a Man United top while he was still a West Ham player. It's low and it's a kick in the nuts to the fans who have shown loyalty give a bit back don't rub our noses in it. Gordon Durie said he wanted to back up north (he was Scottish) and so he joined Tottenham the bastard. I've seen some ex Chelsea players get some abuse but nothing as bad as Durie got and deservedly so.
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    Looks even more of a gargoyle in that Madrid shirt. The modern day footballer in a nutshell. Inexcusable in my opinion angling for a move is one thing but that's fucking low to wear a Madrid shirt while you're a Chelsea player.
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    our squad has become weaker compared to last season
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    Agree, his game is all about linking up and off the ball run. The moment he is moved from winger role to forward role, he became completely different player.
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    Conte drills us to a pattern of play and players like Pedro who don't have the individual dribbling talent of Hazard benefits massively from this. I think if Costa was a better linkup player, Pedro would have been even better.
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    Messi is not a winger and never has been. That's absurd. Bale is only a shadow of the player he once was. Have you seen him recently? He's lost his a yard and he looks average these days. I don't want to write him off completely but Pedro and Willian are ahead for now. James (useless on the wings), Mertens (a second striker), Douglas Costa (are you having a laugh?), Muller (shocking last season, very average), Griezmann ( a second striker), Sanchez - Hazard - Neymar (none are Right wingers). Di Maria is debatable but he was woeful in the Premier League. I don't doubt his ability but I have my doubts about him. You can sort of argue KDB as he's played that position sufficient amount of times. Dembele and Robben are the only actual right wingers that are better. Willian is better than Sane for now though Sane has huge potential. Seriously some shocking takes on TalkChelsea. I don't know if it's just ignorance of football or/and overrating other club's players and underrating ours. Willian continues to be laughably underrated despite adding goals to his game, being one of the best freekick takers in the league and looking almost as unplayable as Hazard is at times. What the fuck more do you want?
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    Still not late to get Dembele who can cover a number of positions and will undoubtedly be one of the best players in the world in a couple years.
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    i hope he thrives here and becomes a legend
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    Well on that performance hopefully Conte will utilise him, very industrious and skilful. (I am probably the longest user of this forum, but often don't read a lot of stuff )
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    Anything upto £30m would be a bargain in this market. Could see him doing a job at RF or RWB. His crossing puts Moses to shame.
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    I always have thought how we got nice character players in squad, and Costa always stood out from that. I see Morata a lot more like Hazard, like Azpi, normal and good. Pedro and Alonso seems likable, Matić and Cahill are ok guys, Kante is adorable, Fabregas is cool, and Luiz is a bit crazy, but in more positive way than negative. Moses more quiet but also cool. Costa was loved in dressing room, sure, but only because he was crayzee fun I think. I think Morata will get along better with other players. They could make one wonderful, healthy team, and time by time they will become great, big characters. Welcome, Alvaro!
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    In terms of squad role, yes, he'll get his minutes. But, we've lost Chalobah as well this window. 2 out, 1 in when we need more depth. Right now we've only got 4 CM.