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    https://twitter.com/fikayotomori_/status/1117133429877944321?s=21 Tomori wins Derby supporters’ player of the season
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    Good news: united is shite Bad news: chelsea is shite too
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    The "we are shit and our rivals are amazing" thing has always been a big trend on here.
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    I don't think this team plays for anyone in particular. Hazard and Kante play. The rest are filler.
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    He was actually playing very well against burnley and got tired in the second half. There was very little space and game to be played in the final 20 mins or so. Disagree that his positioning was wrong. Eden needs spaces to play, big burly burnley players would’ve had the advantage had Eden verged in he center. Having loftus there made more sense. a reminder that we did score two goals... with edens assist too. just couldn’t defend set pieces, which I like to remind people are very very important in football.
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    Stop. Please. I know what you are trying to do, so I'm going to stop you there. They just beat City over two legs with players stepping up in the form of Son, Moura, Eriksen, and Alli. If Hazard is quite, there goes our entire game plan. It's been the case under Conte and Mourinho.
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    If Spurs draw and Arsenal+United lose tomorrow, I'd lose my shit
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    You are honestly kidding yourself if you think this sad, bollockless team will get anything out of this. If anything, I see another Arsenal away approach from these 'footballers'. Lukaku and Rashford will take the absolute piss out of Azpilicueta and Christensen. No too worry, I'm sure we will see many "Up the Blues" posts from the players pretending like everything is Ok. Wankers.
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    Rudiger too, and Kepa the rest are filler indeed
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    If Eden leaves this summer, absolutely no one can blame him. He is miles ahead of everything we have.
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    The battle of who is less shit on the day.
  13. 2 likes
    To be fair to everyone here, no one here thinks that we will win or even draw
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    I'm trying nothing. I can't stand people overestimating teams in this league. Liverpool and City are the only teams that have superior squads to us right now. I couldn't care less about the VAR fiasco that aided Spurs last week.
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    I don't think the comments being critical is impatience (I've only seen one person totally write him off) I think it's more down to the fact of how hyped he's being and how Sarri is being seen as the devil for not playing him and the last few games especially shows he has a lot to learn and isn't the instant upgrade that has been made out.
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    Still has my backing. Continue to play youth. But if next season he does not improve from this season then he will go. Can't have 2 seasons like this, or regressed even worse. We need to see some improvement next season.
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    Yay a away game! Maybe we can win one! Expecting much the same.. Go in half time hopeful and then bam! Or win this and drop points in the others. Who knows. Just end this seasom
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    Firmino is MILES better defensively, arguable the best defensive CF and SS in world football
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    He got more space staying wider in both matches though in fairness. While I will agree he needs to come closer to goal to have a bigger influence but even for his assist today he started outside the box and had a chance to isolate someone one on one as opposed to coming inside and being met by a plethora of bodies.
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    I know. Going to be such a sad and depressing end to hazard's Chelsea career.
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    And you honestly expect that to happen, our lot will already be booking their sunloungers on the beach. They won't even bother to turn up, for the game, when has anyone at Chelsea ever considered the fans ffs
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    We dont have their talent tbh, and with Eden out the door and no replacement next season is going to be grim if we try and keep playing sorryball. If Puli is a bust, our wingers are in truly dire straights, as CHO is out for months and that leaves the two 30 somethings as only options other than an out of position RLC.
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    Those United players you've mentioned all make Willian look as consistent as Lampard.
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    But that is not the point, who Ole played is not the question. The contract is also not the questions because if it is, hazard has one year left and he obviously want to go to rm. The question is simple who has the better squad. You cannot say ohh they have Smalling and jones. Even pool has lovren and Moreno.
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    I'll take spurs and United squad over our squad. Spurs has kane, ali, son, eriksen all in their prime. They have good cb in alderweied, vertonghen We have hazard, 30+ Willian, Higuain, Pedro, super raw CHO. Our backline is bad but we have kante and jorginho. So basically we have 0 offensive power beside hazard United has pogba, Rashford, Lukaku, martial.
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    I disagree that Mourinho 2nd term is a short term thinking. We sold kdb, Lukaku, salah and signed much ready player s n Costa and fab. It gave us 2 title but now we are back to square one.
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    It's worse when results or performances like last night occur.
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    Has made big steps but think him and Rudiger are too similar to play together. Also dont think hes technically competent enough to play out like Luiz, Andreas and Rudiger.
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    whatever happens, this team needs complete overhaul. There are a lot of players that are either passed it or not worthy to play for Chelsea. Even if by some miracle we get top 4, changes need to be made. We need a new striker, our midfield besides Kante is a joke. You don’t control the game with players like Jorginho, Barkley or kovacic. Loftus-Cheek is still developing so he needs time. We need a new left back, Alonso is garbage and Emerson is decent but should be used as a squad player not as a starter. We should not extend luiz’s contract, and we should bring zouma back , plus we need a new Right back to challenge Azpilequeta as Zappacosta is not good enough. A lot of improvements need to be made for Chelsea to go to the next level and compete with City and Liverpool.
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    Can't really call it luck. They have quality. We don't.
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    He has started all PL matches since Cardiff, hasn't played a single good match in any of them and surely hasn't shown anything to prove the many points here that he should be above Pedro and Willian in the picking order, something most of you blamed Sarri for not seeing something so obvious. It doesn't matter if his 18 I'm not blaming the kid but the fans who think they know all and insulted Sarri for not starting an 18 years old kid who clearly ain't ready to start in the PL above 2 veterans with experience. According to some of you CHO was supposed to steamroll that side and make us dangerous in attack which clearly was never the case.
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    Honestly, lets enjoy a world class player in his prime playing for a sub par team like Chelsea ... He's already auditioning for Madrid and I wouldnt blame him for that, he deserve a better setup and we are not up to it ... would we be? I sure Hazard must have asked that lot a times. Anyways lets enjoy while it lasts!!!
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    His a world class player but we might be better off with him leaving. We might at the very least start playing as a team instead of playing for Hazard.
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    Alderweireld is already 30. No way the club will sign him, especially when Luiz is apparently close to signing a contract extension.
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    mom on Saturday away to boro , getting better week by week according to sources
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    Most of he plaudits going to Mount, however Tomori himself was absolutely fantastic. He done really well against Lukaku and his performance should not go unnoticed.