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    Willian On love story with Chelsea: "I think every person has a purpose here on earth. And my purpose is to be at Chelsea, no matter if I'm on the bench or starting.“ 💙 "Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training and to keep your head up.“ "I have been playing more games, I have been scoring, I have been helping Chelsea win. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.“ [Globo]
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    Unbelievable it's 2018 and people still assess a footballing performance by possession stats...
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    There's not a single manager in the world who's 'good enough'. So just appoint any fancy name. If things go well under his management, he stays. If it doesn't, he gets the boot and it's on to the next one. No need to analyse and worry about who it is because it doesn't matter.
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    Conte may not be the best in managing young players out there but it's reassuring and nice to see he has confidence in Christensen, even after the mistake against Barcelona. If Mourinho was still our manager and Christensen made that mistake, we would probably never see him in the team again!
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    🎼 Antoniooo, Antoniooo, Antonio, Antonio, Antoniooooo 🎼
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    Theres nothing like a confident 'supporter' eh!! If we use same starters as Barca but with Eden/Giroud/Willi top 3 it will be enough.
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    Who cares if we only had around a quarter of the possession? Possession means nothing if you don't do anything with it. Despite the difference in possession, we had more shots, the same number on target. Had Willian not hit the post twice, we would have scored three goals. And their goal came from a bad mistake, not from great buildup play. Fact is, the team was set up to give possession to Barcelona but not allow shot after shot, and they succeeded at that. Remember 2015/16? We typically had more possession than our opponents, and look how well that worked out.
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    Go as far to say that based on pure CB talent he’s already top 5 in the league.
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    cometh the hour cometh the man, he deserved to score more.
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    Well, I understand your point and agree to an extent. That said, when Eden is subbed on or off, for example, he gets a bigger ovation than anyone else. I don't think he can be in any doubt of the affection the stadium has for him. It's a fact however that the sustainability of a chant has a lot to do with how often, and how persistently it is sung. The song sung most often, and most loudly, at The Bridge is the one which sustains the best: - #Antonio, Antonio, Antonio Antonio Antonio# sings on a perfect loop. Its end scans seamlessly back into its start. Eden's song, by contrast does not repeat quite so well. There was a great example of this 'sustainability' phenomenon on Monday night. The day we signed Gianfranco Zola, I envisioned a chant for him to the tune of Lola by The Kinks. I'm not the sort of personality that gets chants started however so I was delighted when the same chant I had in mind (more or less) broke out at The Bridge. That version of it is not, if I say so myself, as good as the way I had worked it out and did not sustain. It was often chanted but usually petered out. In was not until the following chant was taken up that the great man's name reverberated the way it deserved to. : - When Franco, Luca and Tore-Andre Flo paraded around the pitch at half time on Monday, it was this song which rung out most loudly. There is no doubt that Franco is one of the best loved Chelsea players ever, but there is also no doubt in my mind that his chant was sung most on Monday because it's the best song. I'd have preferred the following for Eden. I think it would have rocked stadiums around the country. (Phonetically) : - Aden Azar (Clap, Clap, Clap) Aden Azar (Clap,clap,clap) Aden Azar Zar Zar Zar Zar Aden Azar (Clap, clap, clap) Ooo-Ooo Ooo-Ooo Aden Azar.... Sung to the chorus of: - It sustains beautifully and then there would be no doubt possible about our love for the magical Belgian.
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    The problem isn't with this kid, the problem is Conte's constant ability to drop Rudiger for that fucking donkey Cahill. Let's hope that has sunk in now, because quite frankly I do not want to see Cahill start another game for us, he's fucking rubbish.
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    Nah man, on a perfect day we would have won by 3. A hattrick by Willian and no mistake from Christensen.
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    If we lose Hazard to Real him or Isco is a must get in the deal. Asensio is younger and can just be as good as Isco if not better. Was outstanding the other night for Real v Betis in what was a pretty exciting match for a neutral.
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    There's always either "we'll see", "for now" or "at the moment" when Hazard talks about his future. If he intends to go, he should just say so.
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    Some of your recent comments have been utterly bizarre. Your making assumptions by what you hear or don't hear on TV of Hazard's popularity is just plain stupid (I wouldn't normally call a women stupid but you hate political correctness so presumably it won't bother you). At Stamford Bridge it's hard to get chants going because the place is full of day trippers and tourists who just sit there taking photos on their phones. Go to any pub on matchday especially away games and there's plenty of support for Hazard. The problem at home games is it's virtually impossible to get match tickets for groups of mates like you could in the old days ergo 4 mates in the pub singing will probably be sitting in four different stands. Internet fans being more supportive than match going fans probably sums up the state of modern football. If I started watching a Brazilian team and they were getting booed by the home fans do you think they could say ''oh well no problem the people who watch us every week think we are wankers but at least we are popular on the internet''.
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    Get Dyche and play 10 at the back. Barca will shit themselves.
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    If we would get Isco and Milinkovic-Savic for Hazard I'd be more than ok with that.
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    If we had someone like Poch as you suggest, he would be sacked long ago for not winning any title yet. While its true we dont build for long term, its actualy fact that Conte created better team last year than Poch all seasons combined. In the end trophies are everything in football. Spurs have good defence, good midfield, good attack and all is result of Poch, but hey they flopped every season in title race and they have fallen off this season a bit. Already lost Walker and its only a matter of time before they lose someone else. On another note, its incredible that Conte won league ahead of manchesters and last year very strong tottenham with that squad we had. But we sold two key parts in Costa (I still cant believe how did people not see his importance) and Matic and replaced them with frauds. One cant score open goal and the other cant control a football. We have pretty much same squad as last year with two much worse players in Morata and Bakayoko, but the rest are same. And yet they play lik shit. Its not surprising majority of these players pulled same trick under Mourinho. You certainly cant blame only Conte for this because he managed to motivate Juve for several seasons, he isnt the type to just let it go to shit. But you can only do so much with the team we have. The difference between us and Spurs or City is they have players who can improve. Moses, Alonso, Pedro, Willian, Cahill, Cesc,...they all have been at their peak already. We spend so much money, but you shouldnt look at how much but at who. We had to improve both fullbacks, we didnt. Emerson has long way to be in first 11. We had to bring striker who can replace prolific Costa, we didnt. We had to bring top DM, we didnt. We had to bring quality central playmaker, we didnt. Cesc was bit player last season and thats what he is. Now he suddenly plays regulary because we dont have anyone else. We had to bring quality winger, we stuck with Pedro and Willian. What we did bring were Rudiger who is fine, Drinkwater and Zappacosta who are terrible, Bakayoko who is clearly not ready and flopped, Morata who isnt reliable striker, Giroud who is stopgap, Emerson who is recovering, Barkley who fits in no formation we play etc etc. The difference between spurs or city is they target players that suit them and can improve the team, small money or big money. Our scouting fills Conte with players that dont fit, dont have quality and most of them isnt even match fit. Morata, Bakayoko, Emerson, Giroud, Barkley,...they couldnt feature in first game for us. City throws Laporte in match one day after he was bought. Similar with Auba, Mkhitaryan, Sanchez,... The one signing equivalent to our business is Llorente to Spurs (who we were linked heavily too lol) who has flopped big time. Poch cant do anything if player doesnt have quality or potential, much like Conte. Except Conte has bunch of such players, you can sqeeze one top season out of them, but thats it. We played 3:4:3 last year and if we bought damn quality LWB, RW, striker and DM, we would be still very very quality side. But we sold Costa and Matic and bought average players. We are pretty much worse team than last year, only positive is Christensen who is doing well under Conte. Thats why Conte had to make patches with 3:5:2 which didnt work, several injuries and underperforming players and here we are. The environment at Chelsea is toxic, like under Mou. But this happend second time now, its not just on manager. The players are equal culprits. You can see they cant string two passes between. I admit Conte isnt innocent. His defensive play is something I hate alot these days. We could play Eden, Morata and Willian/Pedro many games, but we didnt. Maybe because Bakayoko is so bad and we needed to add Cesc. These problems wouldnt exist if we actualy bought competent players. Morata missing 1v1s isnt something Conte can do much about either. If you remember it all started with our bad finishing, then we couldnt create and now we cant even defend. We bought shit players, thats main explanation why we dont play well. Conte wanted Sandro and he got Zappacosta. And the constant talk of sacking and no future here, plus poor transfer support for his ideas, no wonder he will eventualy not give a shit. Trust and faith goes both ways. Costa was pivotal in both title runs, probably more important than Eden when on form, and we replaced him with Morata. You see all the negatives Conte makes, but hell he was doing miracles with this team. Now it just exploded as it was expected. Every neutral fan who watches Chelsea will tell you so. Our players have so little technical ability, you cant possibly make promising improvements like Pep did with City last year. Tell me how many Chelsea players can hold on the ball with composure? Eden. Kante. Christensen maybe. In tottenham and city you have Lloris and Ederson with more composure on the ball than our team, apart from those 3. Its funny but true. If we want to compete, we will have to buy better players. If we want longterm project we have to give manager more control. The club is somewhere in between and will eventualy pull the short straw on both ends. We have to make decision soon. Its the only way to stabilize our club.
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    Theyre still one of the teams that need to get smashed. Ever since my school days in London with massive lunch time fights, when half the kids supported Utd (because of Best, Law, Charlton ) and the other half supported Chelsea, up until the 90s when they thought they had a God given right to win everything - I fucking hate them. Come on Chelsea !!
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    Appologies for dead links guys but I got some ummm twats who dont like the fact that I like to keep my anomynity online so they take great pleasure in slagging me off and making awful remarks about my family life so I decided to throw all my toys out of my pram and taking my football home. Just made them private so theyre still and will make them public again soon ishhhhh But still got me Chewing Tooons channel up =D Listen to this 1st track! What a voice
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    I do alot of Dj'ing at the Northern Soul/Mod All Nighters and have got a massive vinyl collection of some really rare stuff. Ive uploaded quite a few torrents (under username Imunionjack) and have put quite a few of the rarer ones up on my Youtube channel under the name GasmaskHeadhunter. CHECK HERE If theres anything I can put together on MP3 that you cant find gimme a shout and I'll see what I can do for you.
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    I can't stand this bird and her horrible squeaky voice she's just a Poundshop Amy Winehouse. The fake laugh is brilliant,
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    if only those 2 shots went in... he was just class
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    Agree but doesn't it also unsettles the club, the team when your main player is thinking about leaving? It all feels so contradicting.
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    I don't agree with the, "You live in Brazil so you don't really know what you're talking about (as regards in Stadium chants)" bit. I don't agree because the volume of appreciation for a player registers on TV and that's what @Barbara is talking about. You are right that stadium chanting is more influenced by quality of song, than it is by depth of love for the object of that song. You are wrong however to claim that Eden does not have a song; he does. It's just not very good, but perhaps that's what you meant to say.
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    Or that he constantly talks about being interested in Real Madrid. Not going to endear himself to the fans if he's always having one elsewhere.
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    Costa wanted to leave, not once but twice. If a player wanted to leave twice you have to sell him.
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    AC Thought it suited him cause he keeps his cool (usually )
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    Needed a laugh chaps and found myself with wet cheeks with this especially.My dogs gormless too.
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    He's a tremendous player and I think he's a Chelsea fan. . He was playing as a wingback at the beginning of the season but thankfully he's been reverted back to his original position as a winger. We have to pull out all the stops to try and sign him. Not like I trust this club to do so but he's one of the absolute best young players in the world.
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    We have a serious chance of winning against this United side tomorrow. After our near flawless game against Barca our spirit is high, whereas United fans are slowly growing impatient with Mourinho´s negative tactics and antics. If we can nullify the threat from Sanchez we should win under normal circumstances.
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    Courtois Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger Moses - Kante - Fabregas - Emerson Willian - Giroud/Morata - Hazard Go for it, press them high!
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    Really can’t see him being here for much longer. We would be very lucky to have him for 1 more season. I hope the board don’t replace him with another average player or two, we need a world class replacement
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    Not sure why Moses gets so much hate. Think he does a decent job. Gets up and down the pitch, chips in on both ends, etc. Only thing he lacks is crossing, but he does create problems for defences in other ways.
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    Since you mentioned that barbecue party with prostitutes everybody wants meet you.
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    I'm not saying we should have kept Costa. I'm just saying how easy it is now for people to say "WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT COSTAAA!" because Conte is currently underfire. I miss Costa and his deadly strikes when he's on form, but his bad side overtook his good side.
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    Nah there is no use of keeping a player that want to leave. As long as you get what he is worth, it is better to let the player go.
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    Conte and Costa had a massive fell out. Because they both have an ego, I doubt it will be ever be repaired. You saw Costa's performance in the 2nd half of last season. Abysmal. Him flirting with Atletico etc. At this point, you choose. Costa or Conte. Because one of them will leave (or misbehave until they DO leave) if Chelsea FC don't back him up. It's easy now in hindsight to say we should have kept Costa, but last January when we were on fire and Conte looked set to become one of CFC's best managers it was hard NOT to back Conte. And Costa has a poor attitude history.
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    If you have Siri on your Iphone say this Queen lyric. Sounds like Miss Miller. I'm just a poor assistant well Freddie did used to work on a market stall