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    lol, I have some CUNT yank spuds fan who is trying to be me banned from a US Democratic political chatboard that I have been on for close to 10 years simply because I am a Chels fan (the Roman/Putin angle) The fucker keeps alerting on me, calling me a crypto-Trump voter!!! <<<<<< LOLOLOLOLOL He went fucking mental when I posted this (after he had started attacking me in post after post)
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    due to the CHO situ, and looking at the overpriced meh players that the rumour mongers are saying we are looking at I think it is semi-madness to not buy Boga back for only £13m UNLESS we are (so doubtful) actually still trying for Sancho
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    Boga was with RLC the best out of that generation. Til this day, I have not seen a youth team player with better dribbling skills than Boga. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    Ohh I learned that the hard way mate.....wont believe shit until its practically confirmed. Lets hope we do well huh.
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    The board will piss away Boga you'll see, now im not saying he will do great with us or maybe he will who knows, but for 13m there really aint much risk.
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    he would be such a superb buy so versatile
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    Exactly. How do we think to compete with City with this transfer policy? They had Sterling, Sane, B. Silva and they bought Mahrez. Now they will lose Sane and I bet they will replace him with a top player like Bailey or Oyarzabal. With so many academy players we have to fill the squad there is absolutely no reason to buy average players any more just go for top class.
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    Jesus Coronavirus his league goals in pinball Liga NOS all comps yes, by all means, let's buy a soon to be 28yo winger who makes Pedro look like a goal machine
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