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    What a Blue day! Just got home. Been a long night, Need some pain killers for a couple of bumps on me head but no biggie. All went well till half time. Bit of usual banter But then when Eden and Kova came on I went bonkers and they didn't like that but no ones goina to tell me what to do in my own home! But the game eh!! Yahoooya! Happy fpr Morata. He really needed that. Great assist from Dave again but gotta say it was the best thing he did all day imho. Willian started OK then after Pedro scored got into sulky emo mood. You can bet he was jealous and saw bench time coming again when Edens back. Shouldn't get the extension or payrise.And see him get mardy when the bench calls him. Pedro on the other hand played a blinder Sarri team suits him down to the ground.. We have our Callejon! Little sod didn't stop did he! Hes good at keeping the game moving instead of holding it up like William Good finisher, Unlike Willian hes got a hustle about him, Keeps the game moving along where as Willian takes too long thinking alloy of times.. Tho he does take a couple too many long shots for me. Barkley had a goodun. I know it was a shame to bring him off but it was Kovacic ffs!! But reclon Barkley will be a decent backup. Really don't kmow hen RLC or Cescy will get much time. Kovacic!! OMFG! Told you he will be the dogs dangleys!! Hes like a Eden but that can defend too. Will be amazing for us. And will let our wee baldy man to drop back and help out when needed back there more. But want to keep WBM option to go forwards more open cayse I still see him as a real B2B'er.. Alonso What more can we say about him eh!?. Cracking going forward but just not got enough defense in him. But once we start defending as a team he will come in handy. You can understand why RM want him. Hes like that bad girl at school you fancied. Hot as fuck but crazy as a big bag of crazy things.Every time you finished with her she would climb thru your bedroom window and talk you round again! Thats how I see Alonso. Even Captain Obvious can see why RM want him. And Eden!! Fuckin excellent seeing him on form and having fum. Cant wait for him and Kovacic starting. I see them making a good little relationship. T'Boa would get jealous. Like Sarri said its gonna take some time to get up to speed and the lads working as a unit instead of forgetting where they should be and acting like individuals but I'd rather we won 3-2 than 1-0 Goina to be a fun season I reckon with a odd bump here and there.!! Wasn't this excited before we got Sarri
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    The Jose Mourinho 3 Season DVD Collection: Season 1: Buy The Bus Season 2: Park The Bus Season 3: Throw Players Under The Bus
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    What a fucking difference Kovacic made when he came on! Instant, telepathic link up with Hazard and Jorginho. He's so good on the ball.
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    Just watched MOTD highlights and analysis of United's game and my word they look shit. A Mourinho team defending like schoolboys is spectacular, their center-backs are backup level at best. None of them seem to have any confidence at all and they look shitscared like our players did in their 3rd season under Mou. They've had over 2 seasons together now, but perform like they've never played together. The same theme continues that they have no attacking pattern of play and defence makes a mistake after mistake. Even we look much more coherent and in-sync after only a month. Jose's ego has long outgrown his coaching ability. He has absolutely no new fresh ideas in him, his main tactic these days is to use mental warfare on his players to make them crawl out of their skins and prove themselves individually, instead of doing something new tactically and collectively. He needs to suck it up and hire an attacking assistant coach to help him like we did with Avram Grant and Henk Ten Cate (thought to be the mastermind behind Grant's somewhat successful spell). We know this won't happen though, because this is the man who once said that at his level he cannot learn from others because he is the best. The best at making world class players look average perhaps.
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    It does feel like fans do not value or appreciate Azpi enough. Don't think many had heard of him when we signed him in 2012 but we did and ever since then, he has improved immensely and proven to be very reliable and consistent. He has played in 3 different positions across the defence in 6 years and has never looked out of place at all and has always given at least 7-8 out of 10 week in week out. We have become so used to his consistency and dependability that I think many have taken him almost for granted. Sarri's football is obviously different to what we have had in recent years but if there's anyone who deserves the benefit of the doubt and a fair chance to cement his spot under Sarri, it's Azpi, who has shown he's intelligent and adaptable. And it's not like he has been a disaster under Sarri, nowhere close. As you said, there are more concerning issues elsewhere than the right back at this time. (random fact - since the start of the 2015/16 season, Azpi has played in all but two Premier League games - was rested in both. if that isn't consistency, I don't know what is.)
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    Not enough love for Alonso's first touch. It took out any chance of Bellerin dispossessing him or clearing the ball away. Perfect control.
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    The difference between Hazard and William is brutal.
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    Switch to 4-2-3-1 and have Kante play deep next to Jorginho, need that defensive protection first and foremost.
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    Jorginho is putting a horror show there. Sarri soon will find out PL is a different animal compared to Série A. I mean, when Arsenal got the ball the team is playing with 10 men. Jorginho is bad at positioning and he is not marking pra covering anything. Kante must play as DM.
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    Experience is a tired argument, by that logic Cahill deserves to play ahead of AC. CHO is better, that's enough.
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    I only watched the 2nd half and missed the 1st. Hazard and Kovacic were amazing. The former is standard but the latter was fantastic. All of a sudden positive about the season than I've ever been. We still need to do something about Luiz for Christensen. I just dont see Luiz surviving as a starter throughout the season. Alonso will get a pass from me for now. Amazing match and football. I can't believe we're playing this sort of football now. That was better than anything we played last season entertainment wise.
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    I really liked what I saw from Kovacic hope he can improve from here and we can make him a permanent transfer *i know it is too early but positive signs are always a good thing*
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    A double pivot would hurt our possession game. The high position BOTH our CM's take is absolutely vital in opening up passing angles. Dropping Kante next to Jorginho would give us more protection but at what cost ? We'd lose a forward option to pass to. One less player to worry about, one less passing angle the opposition would need to defend. We're a high pressing, possession team now. Our first line of defense is our possession and our high press. In the 15 minutes before half time, against Arsenal, we made a mess out of both. To make matters worse there seemed to be a lot of confusion about who was supposed to support the fullbacks when they were 2 vs 1 on the flanks. (i'm sure Sarri will sort that out) (General note) Honestly i'm a bit annoyed about how many Chelsea fans are asking for Kante to be pulled back next to Jorginho or even people saying Kante-Jorginho should swap positions. Those are negative solutions. That's not the way forward. Improve our pressing, more and better possession. Kante and Jorginho stay put where they are. Kante will adapt as will Jorginho.
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    Same. He looked like an early Hazard with that 17, sometimes I couldn't distinguish until I saw the number on the back. Really really liked what I saw. Much more mobile and agile than Barkley, imposes himself on the game more. Noticed that Jorginho started going higher upfield once Mateo came on, possibly instructions from Sarri to mix things up with Kova being more solid defensively in a deeper role than Barkley. Really confused the hell out of Arsenal, they didn't have a clue what was happening around them... Our 64% possession shows that, since when do we hold so much of the ball against Arsenal of all teams? I think that's never happened before.
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    But but Stewart Robson said Jorginho only passes sideways and backwards...
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    He had 4 saves, and you want him saving a shot from 8 yards after the defence lets them square the ball that easy? He had no chance on the 2nd. First one was unlucky. He got there, but the shot was a cracker and bounced awkwardly. He had one bobble, but it happens to all keepers. He is perfectly fine. Don't feel nervy at all like when Willy is in goal. He has great reflexes and sees the ball well. Made a few good saves that most won't mention because they are over analysing every thing he did wrong due to his price tag.
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    Kovacic has been fantastic. Hazard is Hazard.
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    that was the passage that I remember being impressed with the most. Was reminded of this (1m 05s if it doesn't link the right part):
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    We're already attempting the one touch pass out of the back like Napoli
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    still early days but the positive signs of sarri ball are there, it will take its time to gel to perfection, i for one cant wait.
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    Thats fantastic. Especially considering the fact that Mancity have played Arsenal and Huddersfield just like us.
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    Sarri-ball is taking shape out passing city
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    He's been in La Liga for years where teams (including Madrid) dive alot. No excuses, but he would have to stop doing that now in the PL. He can get cautioned.
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    My mate's uncle nice bloke but completely blinkered when it comes to Man United I told him Maureen would be a disaster for them of course he was having none of it. As Chelsea fans we all knew it would go pear shaped and this post highlights it brilliantly he's a manchild and he's being shown up by Pep and Klopp. He' lost the dressing room and the writings on the wall and it says in block capitals FUCK OFF.
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    THAT would explain last years kit! Good catch!
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    He is absolutely world class player that proven himself here season after season. If there is a player worth that pay, its him. Kante comes close second. People dont see yet we will NOT be able to replace Hazard. We couldnt replace Costa, nevermind Eden who is 10times more important in our attacking play.
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    Think it was an extremely risky appointment in general. Derby are always the nearly team, its big expectations that they have. For somebody who hasn't even coached at u18s or that it was a huge risk but a bold one that will still be a good experience regardless of how it goes, although I do hope he can make a success of it. I watched the Leeds-Derby game and it was a demolition job, Marcelo Bielsa totally outwitted Lampard and they outplayed them but its a learning curve. Its nice to see younger coaches getting involved though but still I feel that sometimes the reputation as a player can give the impression they'd be a shoe in as a manager. Steven Gerrard at Rangers is somebody with experience at under 18s or 23s and so far seems to be doing well, fair enough different league but the expectation at Rangers is huge and it has chewed folk up and spit them out (have a feeling hes unbeaten in 9 games). I think Lamps could have done with a smaller step to start off, Jody Morris would probably have been more suited to going in as the manager as opposed to Lamps based on his success and more importantly his experience managing with youth teams from 2014-18, although again the youth team shit doesn't always naturally transfer over to senior football for players and managers but I generally think Jody Morris will be a top manager once he decides he wants to go make the jump.
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    This time last year, he was the hero against Spurs in Wembley But nothing has changed for me. Just like then, he needs to be rotated. Give Emerson a try and see how he handles it
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    Pogba turned the ball over TWENTY-SEVEN times!!!!!!!! That makes Bakayoko get the green-eyed monster!!! LOLOL
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    He really loves football, even before he started coaching.
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    He is such a polarising player. I don't even know what to think anymore. Just play him at ST.
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    Gosh. Someone can't explain their reasons for their struggle without being accused of blaming something/someone else? Your negative obsession with Morata is "hilarious".
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    They will be without Kenedy. He is, despite his last shocker of a game, one of their more important players.
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    Unless we are completely shit and hand them loads of chances on a plate early in the game I just don't think they have enough quality to either score multiple goals against us or prevent us from doing so.
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    CHO in my opinion should be the first choice like a substitute of Hazard and Pedro above also willian and Moses!
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    You wont get a argument out of me mate. Its strange at how much someones rep can change so much. I thought we had struck gold when we first got him but then it got to the stage where I never wanted to see him again. Hes definitely going to get the chop and would think by the New Year if the media stays on his back. And he wanted to be the new Fergie. What pisses me off just as much is the continuation of the medias love affair with Shitty and the scouse twats. They are forever being compared to them in the same breath!
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    This will be his last job in English football UJ he's damaged goods plus once the Man United loving English media get on your back your finished. Personally probably some will disagree but I think in his first spell with us he underachieved. He had players at their peak and basically an open chequebook and yet we lost to Liverpool twice in the Champions League where his negative tactics stifled us. In fact from memory not going to google it but we played Liverpool 6 times home and away in the Champions League and scored once Joe Cole.
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    But with us APARENTLY going to give him an extra 2 year contract AND a payrise WTF??? They got a good kid in Guendouzi . His stats
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    It's very easy to blame the ex-coach, right?
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    I saw the highlights of Derby on Saturday and they looked an utter shambles. Lamps has got them playing out from the back which would be fine in a Premiership team but not in a Championship team simply because the players aren't comfortable with it and technically they aren't up to it. Tony Cascarino said that Hoddle would get pissed off because he would ask players to do certain things but they couldn't do it yet Hoddle could which is one of the factors not the only one why great players (certainly British ones) don't make good managers. A long time ago admittedly but when we got relegated in 1988 Bobby Campbell bought possibly the two dirtiest and physical players I've ever seen at Chelsea in Graham Roberts and Peter Nicholas but that's exactly what we needed. I think Lamps should do something similar Fancy Dan football doesn't work with average players get promoted first then buy better players and try to adapt your style.
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    Just made me LOL thinking about a bellend with 2 eyes!
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    what infuriates me more is we are gifting Arsenal a way to win this game, a game we should be controlling much better after leading 2-0, fuck...