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    Even setting aside the Sarri part of this whole thing, it's actually insane how we've heard zero about Conte since the season ended a month ago. Nothing. Even the notoriously slow acting, reluctant Arsenal are in overdrive getting things done early. And they had the mammoth task of replacing their legendary manager of 20+ years! They've appointed their new manager, signed 2 players, and are right on the verge of signing 2 more before we've even heard a whisper from Chelsea! They'll likely have all of their new signings in for the start of their preseason where they can quickly begin bedding in. I'll bet any amount of money that we'll still be fucking about on deadline day. It's literally unbelievable.
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    Azpi isn't a cb, Cahill isn't a ball playing cb, David Luiz is heavily rumoured to be on his way out. That would leave us with just Rudiger and Christensen. A third ball playing cb would be a must. Manolas and Rugani seem to be our main targets for the cb position but i don't expect us to buy them both. It's probably going to be 1 or the other. I've watched a number of full games from Napoli, read articles and yt vids about Sarri's tactics. The cb's are really important. Them along with the nr 6 deep playmaker are the foundation of his team. They are responsible for the distribution of the ball. If they start panicking, and/or start hoofing the ball long then shit will hit the fan real fast.
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    Then the following Monday, then the following Monday
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    Then you don't watch enough international football. International football is all about defence, Argentina has the most porous defence I have ever seen. Absolutely horrific,even they look like they are going to concede everytime against Iceland who is not known to have good attack. It does not matter if you have all the best strikers in the world. That is the reality of international football. Built a solid defense first, do not concede,pray that you score at the other end. People say but Ronaldo have worse squad and Portugal won. Ronaldo played quite poor at euro and they still won. Like I said having good attacker is a bonus,having a good defensive structure is the most important.
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    If you said you didn't enjoy watching us play in Contes 1st year I'd call you a north Londoner mate. IMO we played some of the best football Ive seen us play. It was a great atmosphere in the stands and you could see the lads were enjoying playing together. Thats what makes this season so much more difficult to get our heads around it. Similar to the 2 seasons previous. its like we get a biannual PMS! So by rights Sarri will come in, we will extract the urine out of the league and then we will need tampons the next season and need another manager. I'm going to start practicing thee black arts. Just need some chickens to sacrifice now. Will gooners work instead do you think?
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    Messi is a shadow of his former self. He looks bang average for Argentina. Just strolls around the pitch doing fuck all for most of the game. Ronaldo trumps Messi by a Country mile when it comes to the International stage.
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    I am getting sick of hearing how bad Argentina is as a squad and that Messi has to do it all himself. Aguero, Higuain, Dybala, Di Maria, Fazio, Otamendi, Biglia, Rojo, Pavon, Mascherano, Not to mention no Icardi or Laturo Martinez. Seems like Sampaoli has made some bad cuts and even worse lineup decisions. Why keep Fazio/Di Maria/Dybala on the bench? play the talent. Messi might be a better player, but Ronaldo is doing way more for his country with either the same level or a bit worse squad.
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    Would have changed the whole game. Pub I watched it in went bonkers.
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    The last couple? Last season for sure, but 16/17 we were playing great stuff, maybe not Pep, Sarri or Klopp level but certainly the tier below.
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    This is not likely at all. The club would have released a statement ages ago considering all this media commotion and uncertainty is hurting the club's image badly. The public and especially the players are crying out for clarity, Hazard is threatening to quit for example. A statement would be the only reasonable thing to do to put those stories to bed and concentrate on going forward with Conte. No such thing has happened and at this point will probably not happen, because in reality Conte is not in the club's plans.
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    Knowing our board they will forget to sack him.
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    With my blue tinted lens, I thought he was having a good game until that moment. Why Willy, Why?
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    maybe he sniffed too much "ice" in that game
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    Wait, what do you mean by Rugani is better than Barzagli? Barzagli is 37 years old. He is past his best, been on decline for past two years, but before that he was actualy better CB than Bonucci and Chiellini. Ask any Juve fan, they will tell you no one could tackle and read game better than Barzagli in BBC trio. Rugani seems nothing special to me. Allright CB, but thats it. Once Caldara comes back, Rugani will play even less.
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    Would say a CB, a nr 6 deep playmaker are priority. A third CM and an upgrade on the RW would be welcome to. Striker, maybe. The striker position is a bit of a head scratcher for me. On the one hand i feel like Morata could improve. In a more attacking sytem he could be better but on the other hand what if he doesn't improve and the Morata we've seen this season is the one we get next season... That would be a big problem. No matter how good we'd play if your striker is missing easy chances and falling to the floor you're not gonna win a lot of games. The thing though there aren't really many top strikers available. Most of them are past their prime and would still cost a lot of money.
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    Fully agree, I would assume Azpi will move to full back in a flat back 4. Take Luiz and Cahill out who are both more than expendable (and proven to be liabilities in past times in a back 4) and we suddenly look thin. Zouma could come back in but his biggest weakness is his ability on the ball. For me, depending on Courtois' situation, we should be concentrating on the spine to our team this summer - a top class centre back option, central midfield partner to Kante, and a goal scorer.
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    SOMEONE obviously doesn't think that our defenders will suit Sarris style and I want to think/hope that its Sarri that's deciding this and hes got some sort of plan. Everyone laughed when Moses went on the RWB but that 1st season worked out great. I don't know enough about his style to determine what skills our lads have that will work in it. I give all our managers full support even if their ideas freak me out. I always presume they know what theyre doing. Sometimes i give them too much credit tho lol
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    Nah. Had an opiate monkey on my back back then. Dont really like crack enough to let it abuse me. Just the herbs now. Ta for caring tho .
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    Seems so strange that we're being linked with about 5 CB's this summer. Probably the 4th or 5th priority on the lists of all our needs. Unless we're targeting one from the top bracket like Boateng or Koulibaly I'd just assume we stick to what we have and spend that money elsewhere. A CB core of Azpi, Rüdiger, Christensen, Cahill, and a (hopefully) fit David Luiz is good enough. If Sarri plays with a back 4 we don't need as many numbers there.
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    Tbh he always did. Even when Argentina got to final in 2014, Mascherano, defense and Zabaleta were the main reasons for that. With Portugal, its always on Ronaldo. He scored 80+ goals for them. Regardless of who played better for NT, there is zero doubt Ronaldo always loved to play for Portugal, even more than for Madrid. Messi often doesnt give a shit for Argentina, which is odd. He did live in spain for big part of his childhood, maybe the reason is there. Regarding today, Argentina sucked. Thats on Sampaoli. He picked shit players and left Icardi, Paredes and Mamanna at home. Nevermind didnt use Di Maria, Lo Celso or Fazio who is best argentine CB. Guzman Taglifico Fazio Otamendi Rojo Paredes Mascherano Lo Celso Messi Kun Di Maria Meanwhile Sampaoli found way to play Acuna, Silvio, Meza, Perez, Mercado and Pavon as sub
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    I have no idea what this manager is thinking to be honest.
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    That has helped me understand some of Sarris style clearer than watching countless YTs. Cheers chap!