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    Very solid performance and his celebration was so emotional. He clearly wants to be a Chelsea player more than anything and his instagram post before the match showed how grateful he is for the chance he got tonight. I really hope we don't crush this boy's dream.
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    Rüdiger needs to start. Sick passing range and so much better on the ball than Cahill, much faster too. Bakayoko is a beast in the making, pairing him with Kante will be a sight to see. Both are exceptional ball-winners, one of them quick and clever and the other a strong powerhouse. Both being French too will add to their chemistry. Musonda is very talented and very determined, natural on the ball. Opponents had to foul him like they normally foul Hazard. I like him and think he could have a bright future if he plays his cards right. Pedro and Willian are not getting any younger, if he's patient enough, he might just make it here. Didn't see anything special in that Ampadu kid, didn't influence the game enough and every ambitious pass he tried failed.
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    Yes a 17 year old making his debut in front of 40,000 and playing in midfield even though he's a centre back. I feel fucking cheated I paid my money tonight expecting to see the new Zidane.
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    He looks like he's about 12 years old!
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    Very good, one of the man of the match candidates.
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    Nice performance from Bakayoko. All three of Tiemoue, Antonio, and Andreas have filled me with some confidence about our new squad so far this season.
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    I am one of Cahill's biggest fans on here and spend majority of times defending him. I have backed him numerous times in this forum and will continue to do so and while a lot of what I said was done with a bit of tongue in cheek, I really feel he let Boga down and if it was not for his reckless challenge, he could have thrived that game but not sure if he will get that chance again. So I am just hoping Musonda's full debut goes better to plan than Boga's did. Nothing wrong with that mate.
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    I get you like Cahill but you don't have to defend him every day. He's pretty average my man.
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    Love this kid I hope he makes it at Chelsea
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