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    He's far from the worst player we've ever had and the rare times he brought his A game (Qarabag, Bate, Arsenal in the 2-2 at The Emirates, Frankfurt) he looked a player. All in all we were a level above his skillset but he was a solid 6/10 player, can't recall any real disasterclass performances. A watered down version of Paulo Ferriera is probably the best way to describe him.
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    Letting go of Costa wasn’t a mistake, it was bringing in a mentally weak soft twat in Morata that was the mistake.
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    Its a shame Azpi' was preferred to him at times because I feel at times if he had been played he would have given us a different dimension. His pace and crossing ability could have been used at times last year when we were pedestrian like.
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    let's see buy a 23 yo striker well on his way to scoring 30 goals (he got there) and OWN him outright for £31m (Piątek) who is on a little less than £60k PW wages as well OR spend £15m on a SIX MONTH LOAN (fees plus wages) for a washed up 30-something Higuain, with a buy option that would put his overall cost for 2 and a half years (on his current wages of £270K PW plus loan fees and the redemption fee) AT £81m (counting all loan/transfer fees and his ridiculous 35 million quid in wages for the 2 and a half years) Piątek's entire current 4 year contract is less than Higs makes in 11 months, wage wise (I assume we would, TBF, pay him a lot more than £60K PW, but NOWHERE near the insane £270K PW Higs was/is stealing) In Euros all that KNOWING THE BANS ARE COMING (if little me knew, the bloody board certainly knew) that is us in a nutshell
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    Anyone, and I am going to be blunt as hell on this, anyone who would say that 5th place with this team is not a success for a first year ever topflight manager, simply, and let me be clear as crystal, does not know SHIT about football. We lost our best player, a top 5 or so in the world talent, have a 2 window transfer ban, have pure shit for strikers, crazy injuries, and have one of the worst boards (over the last 5 years) of a top 20 team, who positively FUCKED us with shit buys, horrid sales, worse non-sales, rotten cock-ups on attempted buys, AND GOT US THE FUCKING BANS in the first place. Every top half of the table team is improved in the EPL except us. The top 6, 7 are improved dramatically, save for the dippers. 5th place would be a success, and hopefully we can nick a trophy (League Cup or FA Cup or even better, drop down via 3rd place CL group stage and win the EL again, which gives us CL footie guaranteed next year and another shot at the Super Cup.)
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    Hes been firmly on my radar for atleast 18 months, upto about 6 months ago I firmly felt he was better than Ruben.
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    No he won't. Any other achievement? Top4 is over achievement this season. Frank won't be sacked even if he finish 11th.
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    Let’s hope things get running soon and lamps Chelsea doesn’t go the same way as kompany’s Anderlecht, they got 2pts out of 4 games atm..
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    You made it sound as if we have any say in the club's transfer business.
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    Preach! Your best post in my eyes. I will not blame Frank for anything this season (unless he literally comes to training naked and foaming from mouth), enough blaming the managers, everybody will lose their shit with a toxic criminal mob incompetently running the workplace. I'd rather try this with RLC than Mount. He is strong enough to offer a long hold-up option, quick enough to make runs in behind and good enough technically to create for others and himself.
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    I actually think @Vesper is onto something when she suggests we should try for Mbappe if he doesn't renew at Paris. Logic suggests it won't happen but he does have previous connections with us even if just a trial and dined with Hazard, Willian, Luiz, Kante and Drogba at one point last season (i know two have since left but still) so he is clearly friends with a fair number of people here. Would be unlikely but it gives us enough scope to atleast test the water, what a statement it would be, even if we are a pitstop en route to Real. Now back in the real world i hope Cech/Lamps/scouts can think outside the box a bit, even if there's no stand out striker about there will surely be a very good one somewhere that's compatible to our style, like Firminho is for Liverpool (no one mentioned him as a potential solution when we had our previous striker crisis pre Costa).
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    I disagree, while it may be a ok ish short term option these sticky plaster solutions is a big part of why we're in this shit in the first place. With Pep about the league is out of reach for the next 2/3 years so we need to turn that negative into a positive and build something to compete in the long run (pragmatic quick fixes just won't cut it now). If this is the vision Lampard has for us i'd rather go full steam ahead and take the teething process.
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    Can't remember the ins and outs to be honest but he was presented at OT at a presser with a Man United shirt. On a side note that geezer Chelsea first love who picked Harry Kane in next seasons team he's having a Steffi Graf
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    Man United play young players. OGS gets praised to the heavens. Chelsea play young players. Lampard gets criticized for not using experienced players.
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    Started the season with a goal. Who knows maybe he explodes this season.
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    Cesc... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    On the other hand, using your bats argument, we’ve got quite a few managers who consistently did not give him minutes. 2 of them also happened to be Italian.
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    Best player ever for me. I know Messi and Ronaldo have produced the show for a length of time. But the few years that I witness with Ronaldinho was magical. I have never seen anything like that. It's a pity that it lasted only a short period of time and was unable to sustain like Messi and Ronaldo. But Ronaldinho prime beats anyone hands down for me.
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    Yeah, I don't really have a bad word to say about Zappa. Think he's been unlucky not to get more runs in the side. Has always looked pretty good going forward and in matches where we knew we were going to absolutely boss possession, he could've come in handy more than Azpi. Good luck to him.
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    You fucking preach sister......awesome stuff right there and spot fucking on, my view to the bone. Sorry mate but if there is one area we are lacking BIG TIME compared to practically any epl team is indeed strikers. The board has utterly neglicted that area for years and took everything for granted. Its borderline negligence what we are seeing, they didnt even have a slight foresight and vision what we need and might need in the future, hence we have been striker-less since Costa.
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    Back in training with the first team.
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    False 9 was used not because of compactness, it was simply because Hazard is useless defensively. There is no reason to play false 9 with Puli and Pedro
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    I think frank solves much of the problems by choosing the same formation as last year but by continuing to give players license to get forward which cesc was clear in saying sarri stopped after that arsenal home game. Against Liverpool we were great. Mainly because we were *balanced*. The problem is Frank's seems pretty set on the 4231 being his style, or the formation he wants this year with these players at least. If that's how it is top 6 is in trouble, I just hope this season is sacrificed for actual progression in the next. I'm actually a bit more chipper about Frank's chances on changing things though, he's a smart guy. Get that pivot working or drop it mate!! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Costa's decline has been as bad as Alexis Sanchez since 2017, if not worse. There's a reason Simeone turned to Morata.
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    Big problem with Moussa Dembele is that if Dybala is sold, Juve will more than likely grab him, as they are so so wary (rightly so) of the cunt Wanda with Icardi. Barca are in meltdown atm, with crazy injuries, and their Dembele (Ousamane) not only injured, but now maybe is in big trouble of (quelle surprise) dodgy African shit with his family (getting injured in Senegal and lying about it, sleeping in airports waiting for his poison brother, etc.) Bailey is the same, just sub fucked up Jamaican yardie fam and leeches for dodgy African ones. Unless he (Bailey) shows vast improvement amd also maturity, hard pass. Same for Ousmane Dembele atm. All the talent in the world, but is one fucked up lad as of now.
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    LOAN WATCH: According to Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea defender Davide Zappacosta is on his way to AS Roma on loan after the two clubs agreed terms over the move. Zappacosta was signed under the stewardship of Antonio Conte to provide competition for Victor Moses at right-wing-back. Despite producing several encouraging performances during his time as a Chelsea […]View the full article
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    Yet another shitshow of a buy by the feckless board. At least he is off the squad for now. I will also say, I wager he would have been better than the dismal Azpi for that Leicester match.
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    So even with var they are still doing their best to favour their selected darlings huh........Theres was not a shadow of a pen and yet var thought it correct to Award one? When will people wake and see the shit stinks? When the fuck is it not a theory anymore ffs. Its clear as day there are puppeteers controling the puppets ( refs ). VAr will never ever Work in epl.....they will get rid sooner than you think. They will make fans chant fuck var at every match until its thrown to the wind.
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    Everybody thought David Moyes would get time at Manchester United .It was the logical road to travel. He had a six-year contract, he had the support of the club's sage, Sir Alex Ferguson, and he had Ferguson's shoes to fill, too. It was always going to be tricky for the first man in, but United had a recent history of giving managers time. He lasted just over nine months. The lesson here is do not presume. This is the Premier League , 2019. The idea that reason, or fair play, will prevail is quaintly nostalgic. All rational thought might suggest Frank Lampard has two seasons, at least, to shape Chelsea given the club's present predicament. He has a transfer ban, he has lost the best player, he is the first coach truly engaging with the youth policy and Chelsea's current squad is a pale imitation of what went before. Plus, Lampard is a local hero and a novice manager. Roman Abramovich has never appointed one so raw, so young, or so English. Any cogent analysis of the situation would conclude that Lampard must be indulged, even if his Chelsea team slide into mid-table. Yet that would require senior club officials taking responsibility for a share of the crisis, and that is why Lampard, like Moyes, is not safe. Subsequent United managers have discovered where the buck stops these days. Not upstairs. United's recruitment in Moyes's first summer was poor. The team he inherited from Ferguson needed reshaping and there was no department empowered to deliver that process. It was left to Moyes, who became overwhelmed. Yet to admit this, to continue with the manager beyond one disappointing season, would be an admission of guilt. Far easier to make a decision that heaps the blame on his shoulders, and make a change, a complete reversal, as if Moyes was the mistake, not the system around him. That is what the appointment of Louis van Gaal did for United's executives. It suggested it was the selection of Moyes — a manager whose teams had never challenged for titles, and whose players were not of elite status — that was flawed, and the introduction of a stellar coach like Van Gaal could resolve this. or the same reason, one imagines if Lampard's tenure does not work out, his successor will not be a young, English manager from a lower division or lesser club. If this doesn't work, John Terry will not get a look in for decades. For while Lampard is a coach who is not afraid to give youth its chance, Chelsea's problems are not of his making. He was not involved in the narrative that saw Eden Hazard depart to Real Madrid, he did not buy any of the first-team squad, he was not linked to the skulduggery around youth registration that resulted in the transfer ban. Equally, if his team is callow, this is the path Chelsea's hierarchy has been urging managers along for many years now. The club's spin on youth involvement is that the executive management is all for it, but successive managers were resistant. If Lampard does not last in his present role, we will know why. Chelsea's managers have come second, third, lost a Champions League final, won a Champions League final, and still got sacked. No wonder they have interpreted the message from above as more Mickey Spillane than Mickey and the Gang. Chelsea are a hard-boiled club and youth development is a revenue stream, not a philosophy that impacts on first-team plans. And then came the transfer ban — just at a time when Chelsea were most in need of rebuilding. This is the job Lampard has inherited and it is much closer in size to Moyes at United in 2013 than the traditional lot at Stamford Bridge. Someone has messed up and it isn't Lampard. Do not imagine, though, that the vanity and ego of the modern football executive will ever admit this. If it goes wrong, hero or not, we know who will shoulder the blame.
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    I was kinda worried he would stay at Barca and we ended up signing him next summer kinda how now I'm worried we will end up with that Zaha dud having not moved this summer.
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    I'm just glad he didn't come here, what a waste of money he would've been.
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    Cannot agree more If we are going jacobs-deep in on youth, unleash Castillo next year and ship that turtle Alonso off whist he can still get some filthy lucre for his turgid arse. Hell do it NOW, Atletico Madrid will surely pay some serious cash for Marcos as they only have ONE LB on their entire roster, Renan Lodi, and although he looks to be an amazing talent, is only 21 and has all of one game at top level and is now under red card suspension already (granted he was FUCKED by the dodgy La Liga refs).
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    Wanda Nara Confirms: “Mauro Icardi Will Not Sign For Monaco” https://sempreinter.com/2019/08/19/wanda-nara-confirms-mauro-icardi-will-not-sign-for-monaco/ sloppy bint and wears the trousers
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    So I wanted to give you a rating from me regards Batsmans performance today. I started at minute 30 and if I understood correctely, Michy had one big chance in that time. He scored two good goals, whichone of them was a goal keeper mistake, but the way Michy took the goal was still very calm and impressive. He missed 2 very big chances, which he really should have scored in the time I watched the game. One was a bit similar how Tammy missed against Pool only two metres more away from the goal. One other big chance he missed was where he stood in front of the goalkeeper in a 1 vs 1 situation and he decided to shoot at the goalkeeper. He should have done way better at that situation and it showed to me that 1 vs 1 situations are not his favourite things. He also missed a big chance similar in pre season, only in that situation the ball came back to him again and he scored in his second try. His hold up play was decent, I don´t thin that Pools pressure was that good and Michy had a lot of time to think and place his passes. He seemed very calm. Later on he had another good chance. Anjorin gave him a good pass and he was running to the goal from the left side and aimed to the far post, which he missed by 1 or 2 metres.Can happen. Tammy missed a similar chances, but Tammy gets slaughtered when he misses those^^. All in all he scored 2 goals of six big chances. Against the smaller teams, I think that he should be good enough. Against the big teams, he has to be given a fair chance. His hold up play against Pool U23 looked good, but there were nowhere near the level of Pools pressing, so I still think that this will be a big issue for him. Against the smaller teams, he should score some goals. Also, it is a question how many chances Michy will get in a game. For instance, Tammy in his last game had one chance from outside the box, while if I remember correctely, Giroud had no chance against Leicester. He don´t create that many chances, especially high quality chances in our first team for our strikers. Castillo for example made wonderful crosses two Anjorin and Michy. Emerson and Azpi can´t cross the ball anyway near his level. I still would try Michy out in his next game.
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    True but on the other hand, since scoring is already a big issue for us, we should at least make sure we are defensively solid, so that we can get away with some narrow 1-0, 2-1 wins etc. But we aren't defending well and have to score at least 2-3 goals each game to win, which isn't ideal at all.
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    It's 5 am the next day and I'm still raging over Willians pathetic performance yesterday against Leicester. Wanker.
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    Everyone seems to think the latter is sorted with Reece. No idea if he's anywhere near good enough, but I look forward to seeing him challenge Azpi.
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    If everything goes well with the young lads and the likes of Hudson Odoi, Pulisic, Loftus Cheek, Mason Mount, Reece James, maybe even Tammy and Tomori make the next step in their development and Chelsea make top four, too, next summer, I think Frank is going to concentrate primarly on a top centre forward, a top central midfielder and two top centre backs. Come next August, I see Hudson Odoi and Pulisic as definite starters on the wings, Emerson, too, at left back (really feel Lampard likes him there and will make that spot his), one of Azpilicueta/Reece James at right back, Kante a certainty in the middle and one of Loftus Cheek/Jorginho/Kovacic next to Kante. The other four spots (CF, CM and the two CBs) I feel and we must go for top, proven players. Whether it's English players or not, Frank must build Chelsea a strong core again. But I think it is imperative at least the two centre backs and the centre forward are of very high quality.
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    Pulisic is clearly a short ectomorph so no chance of that happening till his 40ies
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    I read Bayern is not all that sold on Werner due to his poacher instincts and incapability due play outside the box... I don't know how true the reports is that's why they went for Perisic on loan.. As regarding Sancho if he wants to join us and we all went blazing for him (me hoping CHO and to an extent Pulisic pulling power would be advantage)... And of course I would we pay insane amount for him than spend close to €70m on Zaha that would we won't get much years of service from...
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    This one has not aged well lol.