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    He said today in the French press: Is Chelsea "too small" for the French international? "Of course not. In Chelsea, I spent three great years winning titles (the Cup and the Europa League in addition to the PL). Chelsea has helped me a lot and I hope it's a club that will allow me to win a lot more titles. I am in Chelsea until 2023 and, in my head, I hope to continue to live beautiful seasons until 2023 http://www.sports.fr/football/transferts/articles/l-annonce-forte-de-kante-sur-son-avenir-2624111/
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    How Chelsea beat the low block: Frank Lampard has devised clever way to beat defensive teams without being hit on the counter https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/11/11/chelsea-beat-low-block-frank-lampard-has-devised-clever-way/
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    that is him in a nutshell fall over fuck things up cry like a bish do wifey's hair for punishment
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    200 million for each of Kante's legs, Madrid are a joke, their arrogance pisses me off so much, they think they can just bully any club to get the top player they want, they can't even develop their own, just buy buy buy, they already took Cuntois and Eden from us, we are not a fucking selling club, just fuck off for good Real Madrid, the same goes to Juventus, italian pricks.
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    I know football players earn a lot of money but those fines are brutal.
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    Think it's a tricky one. Ajax have a specific style, way of playing and they get players who fit into that and ensure both the players and team flourish. Tadic, for example, looked bang average at Southampton but went to Ajax and has suddenly looked like a world beater. Also, players who come to the Premier League from the Eredivisie have struggled more often than not over the years. Might explain why PL clubs are reluctant to sign players from that league.
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    Shame that twat Oliver didn't gave fifth yellow card to Sterling. They would be without both starting wingers
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    I much rather have Lukaku than him thats for damn sure
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    and they raped us on both Cuntois and Eden (with a HUGE assist from Marina) for around £100-105m in sale price difference versus a year earlier sales price, plus tag on the £40m to £50m overpay for Kepa (versus buying Alisson or another decent keeper in summer 2017) and those cunts have cost us close to £150m (again with huge help from the board) in lost sales revenue. The true cherry on the bloody cake is when they offered £45m for Alonso and Marina told them £55m (or even £60m, I forget now) she could have settled for around £50m and we would be have been done with that cunt and a nice fat profit too. We will be lucky to get £30m now for the rotter.
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    Makes me wonder how much money the club has collected already Also makes you realize the rich do live in a different world.
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    £65m, right around July 24th, 2028, when we were leaving Australia Willian was 29, turned 30 around 16 days later (August 9th) fuck Sarri and fuck Marina if that was the reason why he wasn't sold I still think we might cave in and offer him a 2 year extension (or at least 1 year) which, IF we do buy Sancho, I will not freak out on (and sell him in 2021 (if a 2 year), even though he will be almost 33 then, we can still get £10-15m or so for him I wager, he seems the type that can play to 35, 36 as a sub, especially in a slower league like Serie A) I can be more than happy with LW Pulisic LW CHO RW Sancho RW Willian for next year all of them can play either wing too (just not equally as well)
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    Sure are....but hey if it works it works.....last thing we want is our youth going the spurs and utd way. They are more like celebs than ballers, more like clothing line sellers than ballers.
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    All teams underestimated him. He also never had an serious injury. The longest time he missed due to injury was 20 Days. Suarez also played way too long for Ajax because Top teams did not rate him even though he was World class back then. Ajax players don't get the respect they deserve Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    With all the young players performing, reece still seems to be the one with the highest ceiling to me. Has everything to become one of the very best in his position.
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    Given we will likely be facing Mahrez , maybe a good idea to put Azpi LB for this one.
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    What a fucking clown. Moldova is somebody who even us Estonians could beat.
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    Over at Bluemoon they have this game down as a smashing for them......let us show them this is Chels and we take no prisoners.
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    I get that brother....but there comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself or get bullied forever. If there is one big Club that has to speak up its us man.
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    the problem is if we complain they will fuck us over even more, and will label us enemies of football, etc. fucking cunts
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    One meeting but it took him about 10 weeks to sign the actual contract. I smell bullshit because there is no way we are that bad at dealing with setting up new contracts. No way in hell.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7682367/Manchester-City-make-formal-complaint-referee-Michael-Oliver.html If only we had half as much balls, maybe they would not shit on us for so many years....blatantly shit on us. You have to speak up and demand answers when its clear you are having it up the arse.
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    I just looked into some stats comparing Konate, Zouma and Romagnoli. According to the stats, Zouma is way superior in Aerial duel, which is to be expected due to the fact that his jumping ability is just insane. Romagnoli seems to be the best passer and Konate the best Defender and not bad at passing either. You say that Konate faster than Zouma? https://www.premierleague.com/news/917666 According to some PL stats Zouma is faster than Rüdiger and a little bit slower than Virgil. So Konate is really faster than Zouma? Konate may be 2 cm bigger but does he have Zoumas crazy Jumping ability. Also about all these stats. Bundesliga and Seria A are nowhere near the Level of PL. So Konate may be the better Defender stats wise, but he plays against less strong players in Bundesliga. Konate does not have to play against players like Mane or Salah, Sterling, Silva or other Great PL players in his league. Zouma has to. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    I think Sancho is wanting to move here. Again he is in the press talking, this time that SFL and Drogba were two of his idols. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/jadon-sancho-credits-chelsea-pair-frank-lampard-and-didier-drogba-as-early-inspirations-a4286881.html%3famp This comes on top of similar comments and the picturs that he has with the other youung lads. I would not be surprised if he is brought this January and comes in then or during the Summer.
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    Welcome to life under Lampard at Chelsea… just don’t be late https://theathletic.com/1375805/2019/11/14/welcome-to-life-under-lampard-at-chelsea-just-dont-be-late/?source=shared-article
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    I am talking more on the quality that he bring. Take for example if Lampard envision Tammy Puli/Cho - Mount - rw I hate to pop people dream but Sancho won't be the best fit for that RW position. We pretty much need another Willian.
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    This is football, loyalty works both ways, we have ruthlessly released many player's that would have sold their arses to get as much as one minute playing for Chelsea (most famous example Declan Rice) so we can't exactly moan when the boots on the other foot. The only way i would have criticised Callum during the saga is if he was phoning it in on the pitch and becoming distructive off it, which clearly wasn't the case (a day after his transfer request he put in his best display so far for us and was always in good spirits with other squad members). As for the "yet" bit, if he see's himself playing abroad at some point then good luck to him, player's have short careers, i'll just revert back to my previous point that aslong as his future desires (if that's what they are) don't spill onto the pitch then he shouldn't be criticised for them. Also to furtheradd, if he does want to go to an elite club for his peak years that means he will have to perform here at a world class level, so even that scenario carries a somewhat good result for us.
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    No one is moaning. He's being very quiet last seven games between two international breaks. According to Whoscored 6.91 has been his best rating in this period. He started the season very well but dropped in form recently. Many agreed with me here that RLC from last season is better player so I'm just curious to see what happens when he is back from injury...
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    Spurs in relegation form regardless of VAR being there or not. Enjoyable
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    At the same time, one could say Mount + Kovacic offer more than Kante depending on the opposition. Mount may not always look like he does much but he's key in linking our midfield and attack. Otherwise, we'll just end up with 2 endless ball passers in Kovacic & Jorginho, who don't get forward much, if at all, and Kante, who is hit and miss going forward.
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    I hope he's not undroppable because Kovacic/RLC offer more depending on opposition. Jorginho and Kante are undroppable for me at the moment.
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    Its def the setup.......but Alonso sure as hell doesnt add goodies on that. It will be a tough tough game. We cant go gung ho on them. Set back and be devastating when we break. I would game kante Jorgo and Kova at the same time. We can hurt them. But I so so fear the fa will do their best not to upset Pep, not after what happened vs pool. You can bet money we will be vs 14 and not 11.
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    Beacuse he is a utd player.....and he is English. Enough material to make him look big. He is a crappy player earning huge amounts.
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    Ohh I never made such assumptions my friend........and im with you on this. I just wanna see ambition, Desire and the will to go get some quality. Not mbappe etc, thats a pipe dream. But Theres plenty good players out there that can slot right in and improve us. You can get 2-3 quality players for 200m.
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    Marina is just trolling us all, selling Alonso for that ammount would have been insane, just like with the Barca insane offer for Willian that was rejected...
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    The guy is beyond fragile. Imagine his live had he not started at Real Madrid.
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    It's simply a reply to the notion that we defend set pieces better with Alonso in the XI when the stats don't suggest that. The set up, as you alluded to, is more of the issue rather than the personnel.
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    Seeing as we need Azpi's determination in defending against such an attacking side, we should start him on the left and James on the right.
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    Let's see if James plays at Man City. If he does, then fair play to Lampard.
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