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    Only thing bizarre are people now pretending Cahill can influence this team all of a sudden.
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    Vinicius Jr. Zero experience in european football. Real Madrid is not afraid to start him in a Champions league game...Hudson-Odoi, coming from Chelsea own academy, Sarri is afraid to play him in a fucking Europa League against a minnow side from Sweden.
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    Before Sarri came, we heard he was strict with playing youth and many fans weren't bothered as long as we played beautiful football, this so called SarriBall. So far we are watching dogshit dry in the sun and Sarri refusing to play one of the best young talents in Europe. You couldn't make it up. It fucking infuriates me watching this shit go down. There has to be more than meets the eye with this situation, there is no way Sarri can be this ignorant.
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    Of course managers will come. Jose and AVB fucked up, got sacked and walked into jobs with teams that finished above us on those seasons when the summer came along. The stigma created by the media about us has basically made this job a free hit for managers in terms of reputation risk.
  5. 4 likes
    Higuain Hudson-Hazard-Pedro Jorginho-Kante Emerson-Luiz-Rudiger-Zappa Kepa Fuck me we really need new fullbacks immediately. Alongside getting a new striker should have been the priority in January Nevertheless, 4-2-3-1 should be the way to go until the end of the season. It could possibly solve three problems 1) The whole Hudson-Odoi thing, this would give him more chances for game time since Hazard is not playing LW 2) Lack of creativity and goals from Barkley/Loftus/Kovacic and midfield in general 3) The never-ending Jorginho-Kante dilemma I mean Sarri is very much familiar with this formation so it's not like he would have to re-invent his football philosophy.
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    Kepa Azpi Koulibaly Rudiger Cancelo Kante Nainggolan Alex Sandro Federico Chiesa Icardi Eden zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake Mr Conte!, you have been dreaming again of actually being backed by your old club
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    Sarri hasn't done himself any favors with the line ups he's picked or subs used in games, but was anyone actually expecting much more then this? An up and down season. An inconsistent side who when on actually looks pretty good but when it's not on looks like a pick up team at the park. It's deja vu at Chelsea, we have all seen this play out before, as recently as last season. Shockingly, with that great off season and all those additions and upgrades to the squad, we're right back in almost the same position we were last season. Did anyone really think adding Jorginho, Kovacic, and Higuaín at the end of January, was going to be enough investment make up ground on the teams ahead of us. Maybe if Manure had kept Jose another month or two it would have been enough for 4th, but come on. As much as it hurts we just aren't as good as the teams ahead of us right now and we haven't done enough to make up the ground. Something needs to change and it's more then just the manager. The club needs to decide what style of football they want to play and build towards that and be consistent in that approach with managerial appointments and players bought. I don't know if Sarri is a great manager or not. At the moment it's not looking so great but it still seems like it's far to early to be calling him names or calling for a replacement. Not everything he's tried has come off and from the outside some of the decisions seem perplexing but we really don't know what's going on behind the scenes. If he's really been told he has to get CL football next season or he's gone then I can almost understand the Hazard and Kante subs yesterday. Maybe he thought bringing them on for 20 minutes would enable us to kill the game off there and then and make it easier to rotate for the second game, just a thought I had and didn't turn out that way. I still want to see him have a full pre season and get a few more players in that suit how he wants to play but it's getting harder and harder to see that happening.
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    Wasting your fucking time making sense around here, all you get is some people saying he's been slowly introduced and readied for the next game...it's all bullshit. Zola came out with some bullshit in his PC this afternoon about it.
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    Id say we are bit short for this game, but as long Alonso starts, we should be fine.
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    Well if they put a man on him or two men our other players should have a lot more space.
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    3 UCL in a row, and described as bang average. Ok, I get, according to you he only won those trophies because any manager could win witch such team. The real genius is Antonio Conte who won PL with Moses.
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    Post of the season 👍😂😂😂👍
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    Would be great if we were able to find those spaces and not fuck up when we do find those spaces.
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    I hope we can knock the smug smiles off the faces. Especially since they sit above us all very lalala.
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    Who's Next?... Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
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    Vesp, sounds more like your kind of dream
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    Need to mention they did spend 50 million on him. Again. If he doesn't start against United, there is justifiable reason to slate Sarri on this matter.
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    See theres a new up n coming series of Catch 22 starting in May. Starring Clooney I liked both the book and movie but not sure about Clooney in it.
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    22 Tomas Kalas 3 Jay Da Silva 45 Kasey Palmer all are starting
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    Three Chelsea players in the team for Bristol City against Wolves at 1pm, FA Cup fame. Dasilva, Palmer and Kalas. Should be quite a good game. Interested in seeing Dasilva particularly.
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    Real will target Paris St-Germain's 27-year-old Brazil forward Neymar this summer, which could rule out a move for Chelsea and Belgium playmaker Eden Hazard, 28.(Sunday Times)
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    We should rehire Di Matteo at the end of the day he has a CL so according to you guys he is great. Truth is Zidane is a bang average manager who happened to play for a Madrid favored like mad by the refs. Sarri has his flaws but already showed his worth at Empoli and Napoli, yes he didn't win shit but no fucking manager in the world would win something in Italy with Juventus powerhorse. Sarri is a very good coach but is stubborn which goes against him. I think the English media pressure got to him and is working tight right now.
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    Maybe because our top 4 fight cannot afford risks like buying massively unproven Piatek?
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    Big fucking YES to this one! I've been a fan of him for a while and been dreaming about him joining us. It won't cheap though as he's by far the best player in Eredivisie. Hardworking, more dynamic version of Mesut Ozil is how many people like to describe him and I think that's pretty accurate. In fact, he's so hardworking that I could see him playing that Kante role. He does have a bit of reputation for being a diva though but maybe that's also down to him being so much better than most players in that league.
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    Watching this season we could all do with some moroccan magic
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    let's do a Haitian zombie ritual on Chubby Chris and let him loose on Fleet Street!!! this song gets me WET
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    That's it. Not fussed at the moment about beautiful football.. I just want to see normal football!