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    I can't believe what I have just read.
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    Wait until July 1st when the Nike deal comes in to place.
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    The biggest surprise for me would be if we do sign someone.
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    Smart, taking hostages in case contract talks with Eden don't go as planned.
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    Am I the only one who finds it funny there are so many Belotti experts on this forum, yet almost no one knows Zappacosta, his team mate in Torino?
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    Arsenal: 92m take it or leave it Monaco: Okay, we'll take it. Arsenal: What? Monaco: What? Arsenal: What?
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    The real question is why the fuck were we in for Ox for so long and so late to play our RWB when he doesnt even want to play that position. Such a rubbish decision by the board, unbelievable.
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    If we get him, can we agree not to call him DD? There is only one DD, and it's not Danny Drinkwater.
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    This blows, but at the same time some serious questions need to be raised. How did it take this long to reach this point with Ox? We have been interested for months, and we only learn now that he actually dont want to play as a WB? That is extremely incompetent on our part. The communication should have been clear from the start from both camps. I feel certain that we will get DD and Barkley if we really want them, but Oxlade was the only one that had a good chance to become a starter. If we leave the window with no WB's added, then it is 100% embarassing on the boards side. In difference from other positions there have been many options available during the summer.
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    I don't believe that rumour for a minute. If you asked him, I believe he would say he would play anywhere he can be of use to the team. Also, if he excels there, why would he be opposed to leveraging his career to a new level? If we have agreed a fee and the player is undergoing a medical, then for sure there have been conversations about his role in the team already, negotiations wouldn't be this far if there weren't. And looking at our team, then it is a natural conclusion that he would play wing-back a lot. Ox presumably knows this, but still (hopefully) signs for us - that tells me all I need to know, those rumours are just made up bullshit.
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    We have been very, very, very lucky to suffer our decline while the whole English football was declining as well. It has allowed us to keep the head out of the water and to win two PL, otherwise we would be right now at the same level as Liverpool. Seeing our inability — or rather, our non-desire — to manage the squad and to renew it properly, in a few seasons we will be in a dangerously dire situation. I mean, ten years ago we had world-class (outfield) players in every position in the field : Terry, Lampard, Cole, Drogba, etc... Now, we have only one and it's Hazard. Abramovich needs to understand that doing these cheap business will cost us greatly in the mid to long term. Not only it is crucially weakening our squad, but it does also hurt our ability to attract big names and/or futur stars. Young kids want to play with Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Robben, Pogba, etc... The only one of our players that has this power of attraction is Hazard — and he is not eternal. That is also why, back in the days, we were able to sign good players for the bench : because they had great players before them and thus could deal with it. Now, we cannot even convince the likes of Chalobah to stay on the bench while years ago players queued for that. And if you throw in the mix that every two years we are in a shambles, then you have a club that is not very attractive at all. I fear the future is not very bright for this club...
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    Tired of all this talk mate and it seems that the media and the opposition fans have once again turned your head upside down and made you see whatever they want you to see. Exactly like Mourinho did last season when he underachieved with the most expensive squad ever assembled. "If it wasn't for all the missed chances..." - this is what I kept hearing during all last season from Mourinho and United fans. Somehow Mourinho turned their minds and mislead them into thinking he did a great job, but players let the club down by missing chance after chance. Wow, what a great logic this is!!! Let me tell you something - if every club would put away every goalscoring chance they have, even WBA would finish the season with 100+ goals scored. Every team misses tons of chances during the season. We've scored 85 goals during last season. But did we have only 85 chances of scoring? Or 90? Hell no, we've probably had 250+ scoring opportunities. What if we had capitalised on at least 80% of our chances like Mourinho kept talking about? We'd have won the league title by February... But this "If it wasn't for all the missed chances..." was only a United thing last season because Mourinho and the United fans were the only ones that kept talking about it. Like they were the only ones missing chances and others were scoring with every shot on goal... It is exactly what is happening now with Matic. We've all wanted him out of our starting line-up for two years now. How many of us have asked for his head, especially after EVERY SINGLE match against a big team in which he was completely useless and got exposed everytime when Chelsea faced a decent set of midfielder? Matic is a decent option to have against lesser teams, but he is of no use against big teams. But this has no relevance now that he is at United and United fans keep spouting absolute shite, with some Chelsea fans biting the bait every single time. It's like they've signed Iniesta's heir and we're left with a poor man's Charlie Adam. "Wow, they let Matic go and replaced him with Danny fucking Drinkwater! Haha" - it's something coming from the United fans, that you hear and read everyday now. When the truth is we've replaced Matic with Bakayoko and Chalobah with Drinkwater. We've replaced Matic with a younger and better version, French league title winner and UCL semi-finalist at only 22, playing in a two-man midfield. Exactly the tactics we use. Drinkwater for Chalobah - An England international, former EPL winner and Kante's former partner in a two-man midfield, to sit on the bench and act as a back-up only. Chelsea have not signed world beaters, but at least they are players to fit Conte's philosophy - Rudiger and Christensen (basically feels like a new signing) have played in a three at the back formation at Roma and Gladbach, Bakayoko and Drinkwater have played in a two-man midfield, Zappacosta is a wing back, Morata is versatile and not only a target man. But when some listen too much to the oppositions fans taking the piss out of hate and envy, reality gets disrupted. Afterall Chelsea have won two out of the last three league titles in England - time in which United were always deemed as favourites to win it after assembling the most expensive squad in football history.
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    BREAKING News: Gunnersaurus has handed in a transfer request, after 23 years at Arsenal.
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    Any argument about Azpi in the bench should stop immediately. He's one of the first names on the team sheet.
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    I couldn't give a flying fuck if Morata blew the ball into the goal with a straw. Just make sure you score bro.
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    Will everyone STOP saying we've replaced Matic with Drinkwater, FFS! We replaced Matic with Bakayoko and time will tell if that is an upgrade or not. If we insist on making silly comparisons then Drinkwater replaced Chalobah, not Matic. And THAT clearly is a huge step forward in terms of quality of depth.
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    In these desperate and depressing times I somehow actually find it really hilarious the way admins of the Chelsea twitter page are acting like everything is normal. Credit to them lol
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    Not expecting anything.. Like walking as a kid in a candyshop but your mom doesn't buy anything..
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    Thank god you aren't in charge of transfers.
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    Are you saying that we haven't played attractive football. I would say that the winning run last season was some of the most refreshing football I've watched the club play for a long time with a new formation, approach, mentality. The home game with Everton in particular I would argue as one of our most complete and dominant games I've watched us play and Everton are far from mugs. Conte played the best way to get a result in the Spurs game, I'd far prefer flexible managers who will tweak their own tactics and mindset depending on the circumstances than one set on playing one way. People like Guardiola and Klopp when their teams are on song it's great, but when things don't go their way there seems no plan b or alternative approach which becomes their downfall.
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    So you think we can play "attractive" football with the players we had available and still win? I know i prefer my manager to have flexible styles and do whatever needed to win, rather than obsess on having more possession and lose 5-0,which we would have had we opened up to spurs. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    And just like that, I've gone from very confident to thinking we'll be lucky to get a point. How the hell must Rüdiger feel about playing so well and Cahill immedietly taking his place for this huge game? Ridiculous. Fabregas starting in a midfield 2 against a pacey, highly technical passing side? For fucks sake! This is the sort of match that Bakayoko was bought for! Why is he benched!?
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    What a performance man. Looks right at home in the PL. Will only get better too. A huge reason why Kante was able to have such a top game.
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    Missed the part where he controlled the ball, ran a few metres, passed it off to Ramos then made a run into the box to finish it off. Sick of the constant negativity on these forums.
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    Danny seems a bit like Cahill. English, not exactly world class, bought when he is about to peak but a classy guy who really wants to be here and do his best. Wish him all the best.
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    One or two to turn down Chelsea is expected. Three or four is fucking careless. Five or six points to something rotten at the club. Conte must be gutted
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    And Messi mate, never forget Messi
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    I think he's just a dumb jock who knows mediocrity is his ceiling.
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    BBC rarely get it wrong... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41077833
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    It's hardly like we don't play great football under Conte, he just isn't silly enough to play open when we should'nt.
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    to all the people saying "we played horrible but I'll take it", with all due respect, what were you watching? the team did exactly what conte wanted from them, as he himself said post game. Sure spurs put some pressure on but all they had to show for it was to hit the post once and have a few half chances (ok that gift from michy as well). They didn't even score a single goal themselves ffs.. Meanwhile, we set up to frustrate them by clogging up midfield and hit them on the counter and not only did we defend brilliantly but we had the best chances in the game (morata sitter, willi hitting the post, two brilliant alonso goals). People think that because a team has a lot of possession they should win, it's ridiculous. We were limiting their possession to areas where we could defend well against them and were fairly comfortable throughout. And we did all this with a new backline, hazard, cahill, cesc missing, starting christiansen in his first big game, pedro, bakayoko and morata not up to speed... damn impressive if you ask me. You'd think that chelsea fans would know what a brilliant, tactical, disciplined away display looks like by now but a lot of our fans still can't appreciate it, I feel sorry for them lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    and everything is right in the world once more [emoji41][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Maybe Conte had a bad day, too. It happens. It is a human thing. Chelsea do not possess the best squad in world football, nor have made stellar transfer windows lately. Also Conte does not earn absurd wages. So my point is that Conte, at least in my view, should not be under any pressure, especially coming from us, the fans. It's only a year and a couple of months since he's been with Chelsea and IMHO he's changed the club a lot, both in style of play and mentality. First season in England - wins the league title with a record breaking 30 wins in a season. And scores 85 goals, Chelsea's second best tally in the Abramovich era. Only after Carlo's Chelsea. Some might say it's only because Chelsea have had no European nights and a lot of time to rest, but if you ask me these numbers do not come by accident. Conte has truly reinvigorated this club and will surely continue to do so, this is why I find it pathetic to criticise this man after a bad result. It really means we are a fickle bunch if we can't digest a draw against a big rival. Derby matches are always imprevisible because of their nature and rivalry, maybe the problem is the fans that think Arsenal are some sort of Watford in disguise and not Conte.
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    Nah mate, I think you're overestimating Rüdiger and underestimating Azpi in that regard. Rüdi hit a few nice cross-field passes, okay that's great, but I remember Azpi doing the same many times, not to mention his pinpoint crosses coming from deep right.
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    Great second half for Zap tonight with Italy. Best player on the pitch. We got some player in our hands.
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    Taken Costa's spot at Chelsea AND Spain.
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    So just shut up and wait until he play some games. You should be ashamed to even write that you are not convinced by fucking youtube videos. Right now the forum is full of people moaning about everything, people who can't even understand the shit they are saying. People are complaining that players like Chamberlain and Barkley are "rejecting" us, when they are doing so because one of them know he won't be starting games and the other one will be fighting for his place with Moses. So its "board's' fault players don't want to join club? Gimme a break mate.
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    He's 22 and goes into development squad
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    Negotiations for Eden's new contract have already started I see.
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