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    I am by no means Sarri's biggest fan and the jury is still very much out on him for me and whether he gets next season here. However I have sympathy for him today. A few weeks ago we tried going toe to toe away at City and got royally embarrassed. He changed our tactics for the league cup final which went infinitely better and rather than being stubborn and sticking to his principles (which he has been ridiculed for at times this season) he changed the tactics to keep us in the game as long as possible. When Liverpool's biggest creative threat comes from their full backs, I can also understand Sarri wanting to move Hazard away from a wide position so he wasn't expected to keep dropping back to track the Liverpool full backs. In the first half we were pretty solid for the most part and also offered a threat on the counter, and the tactics seemed to be working. Keep Anfield as quiet and nervous as possible for as long as possible and then potentially have a go in the last 20-25 minutes. Some faith was finally shown to the likes of CHO, RLC and Emerson in a huge game too. The game today showed how much more clinical the teams at the top are at present compared to us, and currently we're just not good enough at present.
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    Met him this afternoon, went to watch Boro v Hull, me and my lad took our CFC shirts. As he was warming up I had my Chelsea training jacket on, I shouted over to him he took a look over and beat his chest with his fist. After the game my little lad shouted him and he came straight over after seeing the shirts. He spent a good half hour chatting about Munich and all things Chelsea. What a day.
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    Watching the Leeds and Wigan and once again have to say, what a performance! Been watching the whole game. Relegation threatened Wigan with 10 men have beaten promotion chasing Leeds on their own patch and he has been the standout player along with Gavin Massey. Surely James will be given MOTM. Been outstanding and the commentator cannot stop running with compliments for the player. What a player we have on our books. Bossed the game
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    The game was actually decent. In the first half William thad the best chance of the game. After Liverpool scored 2 goals in a space of few minutes, Sarri reacted quickly and introduced Higuain. Hazard lost two goals in front of the goal, and thats unusual coming from him. Liverpool is the stronger side. So I would say that was a decent effort from Sarri. He wasn't even afraid to put Odoi in the game, even though its clear the kid is not ready for this kind of game.
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    Bringing my lad to his first ever game at the bridge. He is buzzing!
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    It's quite funny that Sarri has done what everyone's wanted for months and it's being swept under carpet, possibly because only 1 of the 3 wanted trio actually performed today.
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    That's why I consider all people who slam him for lack of assists stupid as fuck who take anything what pundits say as gospel. This video shows very well that the players in front of him are mostly toothless who can't even receive the ball properly. Assisting depends on your teammates, not yourself like scoring.
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    What he said is actually 100% right. As Chelsea fans we should know it better. We won ucl with awful team, yet our monster team under Mou and ancelotti didn't win it. UCL is a knockout competition, you need to be good but more importantly you need to be lucky
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    Four games away from the end of the league and we are 4 points of last seasons total, you would think/hope we will at the very worst match it. Add to the fact this season has been a massive culture shift in the club, most of the first team didn't arrive till 1 week before the league started and we have had Europa distractions all season (added to a league cup final run has meant a brutal schedule which has lead to high match turnover basically all season). Right now i think Sarri has should get the benefit of the doubt given what I've listed above. That said there's some aspects he needs a big improvement on. His tactics on big and even 2nd tier away games, our results have not been good enough and the way we capitulate at times is beyond pale, his big game away results at Napoli were pretty good iirc so he needs to translate that to here because we can't have anymore humiliations. His squad management was a big concern of mine 2 months ago but recently he seems to have improved a lot on that score, only Azpi is really getting "flogged" to the level we feared our entire starting Xl would be at this stage, hopefully this is a sign he's learning to better utilize his squad. All in all i want to see where giving him a second season alongside a proper pre season will take us, if we get to October and still no progress or worse we go backwards then okay bye bye, we won't be winning the league next season so it's worth a roll of the dice.
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    Yeah, then sack him if he can't build a dynasty in 6 months. Half of the players in Ajax have known each other for 10+ years, the team has worked long years to reach this level. Just fucking stick with a coach, even Sarri. We signed players for him, let him finish the job. Klopp, Pep, Poch all needed 2 years.
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    Bottom line, and there's no getting away from it we're lacking a decent striker and have for quite a while now.
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    Watching the game against Norwich and has been the standout player and most obvious choice for MOTM. His strength is ridiculous. Amazing how he is relied on for their set pieces also. Real gem we have here.
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    That was awful. Truly awful. Haven't seen for a long time a group of supposedly high level players misplacing passes and losing the ball under no pressure ALL game. This is all I could picture while watching:
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    People jumping on his 'swing and miss' moment?? Some people are just never satisfied lol. The lad assisted the break through goal and played like a don for 90 minutes. He shows more threat than 90% of our so called first 11 starters.
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    The voices from the stands today spoke a thousand and more words.
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    What did Willian and Pedro do today that CHO couldn't? Exactly, nothing.
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    A team full of cunts, managed by an even bigger one. Never forgiven them for that year when Matic got sent off. Horrible bastards, hope they go down next year. Also. doesn't help when we have two players that can't shoot, can't score and can't assist
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    Ironically the job he has done with RLC and CHO this season has been a huge positive for the club as both have come on leaps and bounds as the season has progressed and are now both arguably first choice options. Sarri's style is such a culture shift away from what a large contingent of players are used to under Mourinho and Conte before him and that would be an extremely difficult thing to change within the more experienced older players. Even with a transfer ban, if Sarri was to keep his job, I think he needs to look at the progression of RLC and CHO and realise that some more trust in younger players may be needed, who he can mould into his ideology and style having been fairly unexposed to anything in particular yet in their careers. There are 3 or 4 players we could easily integrate into this squad, plus Pulisic coming in next season to start the process of refreshing and rebuilding this squad. If the club are to go 'all in' with Sarri and are prepared to take a couple of steps back initially to make bigger progress moving forwards then they should also be taking this opportunity to get some of the younger players coming through too.
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    We were just beaten by a better team - this is where are and where we've been since pre-Sarri.
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    https://twitter.com/fikayotomori_/status/1117133429877944321?s=21 Tomori wins Derby supporters’ player of the season
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    We have been talking about Alonso, but even though he was damn awful today, the biggest surprise is that he wasn't the worst player on the pitch. That title goes to Kovacic. From minute 1, sloppy, sloppy passing. Slow and sloppy. Conservative passing. He can go back to RM. We don't want him.
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    I sometimes feel that Chelsea fans do not deserve success. It isn't. Last night we saw again what Ruben could be, not what he is. There were numerous examples of Ruben not imposing himself on the game as much as he should. Numerous times when he could have supported the ball but he hung back, times when he could have pushed himself into the box but didn't. I do agree though with people who have said that Maurizio seems to have helped RLC improve in this regard. I've been complaining about this flaw in Ruben's make up for half a dozen years but this manager seems to be helping him find a solution. Good work Rubes, and good work boss. still more to do though. He definitely isn't. He's hearing a lot of honeymoon judgments on his displays at the moment. Ordinarilly I'd be confident that his manager would help him ignore the noise and make an honest assessment of his output, but people, mainly, but not exclusively, fans, are saying that the manager is wrong. The manager is not wrong. The whole of our attack was pretty inefficient around the box last night and that includes Callum. Five minutes from the end West Ham could have equallised. It would have been horrible to surrender 2 points but we might almost have deserved it. Callum is not exempt from that criticism.
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    Lol at Carragher who gobbed in.a 14 year old girls face. People forget it was Sarri who picked an 18 year old out of last summer’s short pre-season and promoted him to the first team squad, I think he’s been handled pretty well on the whole and very unlikely any other manager would have handled him differently.
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    This guy is a beast, can't wait to see him in Blue. I noticed that Christensen, Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi have quite a good relationship, on bus and on plane they always sit next to each other and so on. It's understandable, they've known each other since they were children. James could join them too, another old pal of them. These relationships can be essential when building a new team. Man Utd's Class of 92 or Barcelonas great generation worked very well and I think it was a factor.
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    RLC 8 goals and 4 assists this season in very limited game time. Should be starter no doubt! Kovacic 0/2.
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    Any other manager and we'd make some significant changes to our formation and XI for the rest of the season. Expect we'll see the same shite in a few days. Seems like most times RLC comes on we instantly look more dynamic and dangerous. Should start ahead of Kova for the rest of the season. I don't want to see Alonso again. I have tried hard to be patient with Higuain but he really has been exposed as the faded force he is. Once every few matches he has shown flashes of his former brilliance but he's wildly inconsistent and sloppy most of the time. Giroud deserves to start in the PL.
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    very lucky to win this one, Cardiff were very unfortunate, our equalizer was miles offside and Rudiger should have been sent off, we actually got help by the officials today for a change, we need to take any win we can at this stage, but of course it doesnt hide our shit show and im in with the Sarri out brigade.
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    If the fucker actualy played RLC, Odoi and Emerson, we wouldnt be behind in first place.
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    Sensational headline that took one sentence totally out of context.
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    As long ago as October 2011 I predicted that Romelu Lukaku's attributes would make him able to contribute to a team, but that the manager of any top club who employed him would soon be on the look out for an upgrade because of Rom's technical limitations. The first time I saw Tammy play for the 18s he was used wide right to accomadate Dom Solanke, who was preferred at CF. Tammy did well with his long strides, pace & power but I placed him in a similar category to Rom. A good lad with desireable attributes but lacking the finesse to match the requirements of top clubs. Tammy could be a squad member for us, a replacement Giroud, but I suspect that role wouldn't satisfy him at this stage of his career. I'd also take Rom as a backup by the way, but he'd cost too much, and need to be paid way, way too much to give value for money in that role. For our starter I want a player with elite talents. Easily said, but not so easily achieved I agree.
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    Our dominent youth sides in recent years have featured some really good prospects at full back and centreback. Lads who were outstanding at that level, and who are now doing well themselves out on loan or on permanent transfer. Whenever the development managers decided to play Reece at fullback others had to make way because, as good as they are, Reece is better. That was unless the bosses chose to use Reece at centrback, because then it was the turn of the very good CB prospects to make way for a better player. Another comment from Latics Speyk:- "Thought Cook got the Olsen sub spot on, most managers would have taken a forward off right away but by biding his time and putting Superman [He's referring to Reece] back to centre back it allowed us to keep Gavin on and bingo!! He then brought Olsen on when we were under the cosh and moved Reece back [To CM] to shore up midfield. The lad will go in goal if Walton gets hurt. The fans should really chant "WHERE ON THE MARCH WITH REECE'S ARMY is there nothing this lad cant do, I cant tell you how much I will miss him" - ZAKKY
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    I share your optinion about Reece, don't fully agree about Tammy & Charly and think that it's more about system with Dave. From Latic Speyk after yesterday's game: - "Outstanding today. By far the best player I’ve ever seen in a latics shirt, including all those years in the Prem." - TH10 "A super star. This lad is nothing short of sublime." - dwdan "What I love about him most is his passion for the club. Not for one second has he acted too big for this level and his head has always been in the right place." - NYC_LATICS
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    Hats off to Ajax. Great work in the last couple of years. It’s crazy that bringing back Huntelaar, Tadic and Blind was what these young team needed, perfect mixture with the young top talents. Huge respect to Ten Hag, great tactics once again. Juve had zero big chances after 1-2. Allegri knew this, he feared Ajax. He pretty much decided not to win Serie A last week, played in SPAL with a ridiculous team to rest every important players. Ten Hag couldn’t do this bc they are racing PSV in Eredivisie, still he schooled Allegri. I’m pretty sure this is the last season of his at Juve.
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    Yeah Sarri is the only one who has really focused on improving RLC. Mourinho, Conte and even Roy just shoehorned him in places they believed hid his weaknesses the best. Earlier in the season Sarri was calling Ruben over in game at every opportunity to give him instructions and it looks like his persistence is starting to seriously pay off, something Loftus has mentioned himself. I think this is a perfect time to get Mount and James in the squad even if the ban gets overturned, I think we need to spend all our budget on serious quality at ST and LB and with Azpi declining and the LCM spot being open, this is the perfect chance for both.
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    I don't understand some people here. We went to anfield, created a couple of very good chances with Hazard which he should have scored. Got beaten by class goal by salah and mane. We played Cho who is clearly not ready to play against this kind of team. Watch how he defend and watch Willian. But that is not important, he is young bla2.
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    We are genuinely at a time where we won't be competing for the title for a while. The sooner people grasp that, the better. It has been an accumulation of poor transfers and club decisions that's been going on since Gourlay left. We are Liverpool of 2012. What makes it even more frustrating, is that we are the ones that pay the price. Not the board as their job security is unbreakable. Half of our starting XI aren't good enough. Bench is terrible. Transfer ban looming. Hazard destined to leave. Roman can't enter the country. With our without Sarri, we need to take the bull by the horns and ride this through. It will take some while. Least this will get rid the plastics.
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    Sorry again mate but I disagree.Higuain on his day, or should I say in his day was superb, and Giroud is a good link player as well as scoring some great goals. They have the experience. Tammy is doing ok this season, but its the Championship, not the Premiership. Both are a world apaet.
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    I think what you meant to say was what he has to do to get you on his side again. Getting to CL one way or another and showing improvement in performances would be enough for the majority I'm sure.
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    I feel for Danny and the crappy turn his professional life has taken. When recruiting him, Chelsea must have made a convincing case that there was a role for him as an active member of our squad. There clearly isn't, and never really was. We've let him down and I hope that we'll help him find a move in summer whether permanent or temporary. But, but but.. There is no excise whatsoever for drink driving and putting other people at risk. None. How would you feel if anyone who, "thought they were OK" caused harm to a young kid you know? It's totally irresponsible to endager other people. Danny, mate, irrespective of the bad situation at the moment, you still have a dream job with lots of benefits for your health, and a salary which is equivillent to winning the lottery, year after year. You can afford an Uber even if you're travelling from one end of the country to the other. So what if there's a risk of emabarrasment if it comes out that you might have been drinking when you shouldn't? The article I've read doesn't say if this is a first offence or not. Hopefully it is and it will also be the last. At the very least there's likely to be a big fine. However much it is Danny, I hope you'll publically make a matching donation to a group working on drink drive awareness. I know this post sounds preachy. It is preachy, I can't deny it. I did this foolish thing once, when i was probably a lot more over the limit than you were. Very, very, luckily, I got home without hurting anyone or myself. Everytime I think about how I might have ruined someone's life that night, I feel like an absolute w*****. I was probably about your age when it happened. I had a partner and a young baby who depended on me. I should have known better and so should you.
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    All 4 teams fighting for the Top 4 are just crap.
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    This dude is very smart. On the verge of getting sacked...then put two young english players in the starting XI. Bang. Won over fans and british press.
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    Average LB. But, I'll take an average LB anyday of the week over a woeful LB.
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    And that's why he needs the chance to improve rather then the odd 10 minutes here and there or nothing at all. Hopefully this be a turning point. '' Callum Hudson-Odoi has been directly involved in nine goals in his nine starts for Chelsea in all competitions, scoring four and assisting five.
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    Mate CHO should have started the fucking game over Pedro. Don't fucking defend the useless cunt Sarri. A fucking opponent manager couldn't have picked a worse starting line-up Edit: I still love you though dude 👍🤩
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    In what world is a player playing 7years for our club isn’t a loyal player anymore?
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    Southgate is just making a mockery of Sarri and what he has said about Callum. In fact it's embarrassing in all honesty and the shite that keeps coming from Sarri's gob is utter bollocks.