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    Indeed mate, also David Luiz's comments after the match are encouraging. Said Sarri wants them to be happy when they are on the pitch because football is fun and they are privileged to have one of the best jobs in this world. This is a manager that works hard through enjoyable drills and pleasant football, gone are the days when Hazard had to play left back and take care of fucking Robert Snodgrass or God knows who other bang average winger just because the manager could not go out of his comfort zone and in the modern era of football still played/plays dinosaur tactics. Look at this team of ours now - a midfield of Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Barkley, Fabregas. No tall, rigid midfielders, just ballers because this is what modern football is about. Compare this to Matic, Fellaini, Herrera, Fred. My God we were fooled into thinking football is all about having enforcers all over the pitch and every match is like WW2. Hell fucking no mate and I am glad we have a manager that not only gives us an identity now, but will surely change the 'rigid, park the bus' image Chelsea have as a club and makes sure we never go back to Mourinho type of managers.
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    It was very important to get back on the winning track after those two unnecessary draws and before the Man United game. Now fingers crossed nothing will happen during the stupid international break.
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    Offered nothing in attack, looked like conceding every time Liverpool got forward but somehow, came away with the win. Vintage Chelsea. As much as this comeback win feels great, we better fucking win on Saturday. That's the more important game of the two!
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    Don't know why people are having a go at Jorginho. He was one of the only players who looked like making anything happen. All of the attacking players were poor.
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    Lad needs a lot of credit, he's worked fucking hard to get himself back to 100% fitness and has adapted unreal to Sarri's style of football. He deserves all the praise he is getting.
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    Take away his flirting with Madrid (pretty much since he joined us) and you get the most level-headed, modest pro you could imagine. People are starting to get nervous because he hasn't signed da ting yet
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    That save today from Redmond was world class. The ball was travelling and moving a lot in the air and Kepa was on the back foot getting back on his line. I've also noticed the last couple of games making some very good saves that he has strong hands and wrists. This worried me after that Arsenal game. He is already looking settled and solid for us, and can only get better. I get the impression that the defence in front of him are growing in confidence with his performances too.
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    great game from him today, long may it continue in Chelsea colours and i hope he develops in to a top top keeper for years to come, there is still a lot more to come from this lad
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    he is as useful as tits on a bull
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    Morata for table tennis Player of the Year.
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    Mourinho's last meltdown with Chelsea is exactly what makes the United one worse. Everyone saw it coming, yet they were (and some of them still are) stupid enough to believe that the man can make it there.
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    United out on penalties, Super Frank wins at Old Trafford!
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    Today was the first time I have actually heard Chelsea fans signing Sarri's name. 'Mauriziooo, Mauriziooo.' Hopefully Conte does not take it personally as it was 'his' song
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    Wooooooot. 2 in 2 for Alvaro. I will take what I can get!!!!
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    The numbers regarding Drinkwater are probably some of the absolute worst dealings that our board has done in the last 20 years. 40m fee and 100k per month, for someone everyone knew wasnt good enough to play here are beyond any explanation, english or not. You have bunch of players who could fit that spot, for third of what we forked on Drinks. Bakayoko was hyped up talent and it made sense to pay 40m then. But Drinkwater, thats the deal our board should be paying from their own pockets for such a fuck up. I know football is unpredictable and you never know how things will turn out. Not a single board is perfect in their dealings, but our board had so many fuck ups in the past few years that this isnt coincidence or ''who could predict?'' anymore. KDB, Lukaku, Salah sales, bunch of wasted buys, all the failed negotiations and there is big big chance RLC and Christensen will leave soon who will both end up very very decent players at least. Get a damn person who actualy knows football business. Thanks to Conte and Sarri we are actualy managing fine considering everything.
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    When they play together, it is so hard to tell who is who. Similar build, similar style of dribbling and I am glad I am not the only one. Constantly get confused.
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    Also Sevilla beating Madrid 3-0, Courtois having a miserable night.
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    Lets all take a moment to laugh our fucking heads off at United Pogba gate is back, they played a strong side and got out played and Mourinho snapped at the reporter.....Fucking love it.
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    THIS! FUCKING INFURIATING! You do that when you're 3, 4 goals up but not when it's still 0-0! Hazard deserves some bollocking for that!
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    Willian is just a headless chicken. Hazard had a game off, but it happens here and there. Willian was acting like midfielder, only without passes and physical presence. We needed something different (read: Pedro). Kovačić wasn't good either (can't really figure out why), but Willian was our main problem. Giroud was awful too. Kante avoids a lot of criticism because he "isn't playing at his position". It's not like he is playing as striker... When did Kante actually play that position? Drinkwater and Matić were both closer to defense than he was. Kante is not Makelele. I think people expect too much of him. He needs to be to Jorginho what Vidal was to Xabi Alonso in Bayern, or what would now be to Busquets. Why isn't Vidal DMF? Why was Verratti DMF and Matuidi was b2b? Matuidi is something closest to Kante. You always have one destroyer and one tactically smart player a little behind him, that's all normal. I'll overexaggerate now: it's like saying, Moses isn't good at wing because he isn't playing his real position.
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    we simply waste too many chances, the game in Europa was evident, if we had proper finishers we wouldnt be complaining right now.
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    We also see today why Pedro is preferred as a starter to Willian. He's a big reason why we look slow in the final third. He only ever gets the ball when he's standing still. Pedro is constantly running through the lines and down the flanks and receives the ball while he's in stride. Willian just grinds our moves to a halt.
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    Just a shame Sarri isnt playing any youth. Odoi, Ampadu not even on bench. Rlc not playing either. Very sad.
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    ONE DOWN!! CHO and Eden now!! Really hope the kid has some great games coming up True Blue Ampadu ready to keep learning and working https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/9/19/true-blue-ampadu-ready-to-keep-learning-and-working Ethan Ampadu signs five-year Chelsea contract extension https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11502060/ethan-ampadu-signs-five-year-chelsea-contract-extension
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    Thought this was an interesting fact In the 37 games in which Hazard has found the back of the net in the Premier League since joining the club in 2012, Chelsea have won 34 of them and drawn three, never losing a match when he has scored.
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    Seeing his latest comment on the subject, i'm now convinced 100% he'll be gone next season, then we'll be fucked, "I know one man doest not a team make" but he's fucking close to it.
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    Having Pedro and Willian as a backup is not much different than having Pedro and Moses/CHO as a backup. Not to mention if we had actually brought someone better for 80 mils (using 65 mils Barca offered for Willian). Willian has it all in his legs, but has nothing in his head. It was always the case and always will be, hope to see Pedro as soon as possible.
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    I thought it was obvious I wasn’t referring to this forum as online trolling because he would never read any comments here. Have you ever been on his social media pages? I’ve seen Chelsea fans abuse him, hope he dies/gets injuries, insult his race and family, etc. It’s disgraceful. Nothing wrong with criticising his game as he has been underwhelming so far, but does it always have to be so vitriolic and spiteful? Even when he does something good people struggle to acknowledge it, or they’ll manage to turn it into a negative. I get the frustration. I just don’t get the need for Chelsea supporters to continuously pot our own. It’s a shit read on what is generally a very good forum. But anyway, I think Alvaro will come good and I hope we persist. He makes good runs and finds himself in good positions. I think his poor finishing is largely due to a lack of confidence and is something that will improve in time.
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    Give me a bloody break. You deserve to be chastised for calling people who are simply stating the obvious 'idiots'.
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    Pedro is a must start for me, but I hope to god we don't get drawn into this "Morata has scored now so it's OK to start him" analogy- He has got a long way to go before he deserves any kind of start in the PL.
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    The team were named after Hungarian company Videoton that produced radios, tv-s and other shit like these: Videoton used to be a great team, in the 1980s they reached the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup(now Europa League) final which they lost against Real Madrid. The current team is absolutely garbage, they reached the group stage with many luck. Their best player, Danko Lazovic(who played for PSV and Zenit before) suddenly decided to retire last week Defeating them should not be a problem even with Morata.
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    Nothing short of so refreshing is what we are seeing with Sarri, not just the football but his none ego style, no slagging managers or players and it was great to see him embracing Klopp on Wednesday and Saturday, two excellent managers who love good football.
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    Going round a mates to watch it but will be with ya in spirit guys! Love and Peace! COYFB!!!
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    What did we learn? Hazard just standard stuff from him, Christensen is shaky as fuck and last season is still mentally affecting him and Morata was once again absolute wank. Performance was average but to win on their patch was a bit special, the best bit being them singing "Fuck off Chelsea FC you've got no history" as Hazard was pulling Moreno's pants down and scoring
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    How da Fuck did we walk away wining this game Liverpool missed a lot of good chances
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    I think this competition is BS. But, I really wanted to win this one. 1. It's Liverpool. 2. We won't have Liverpool every round, we need matches that the back-ups can play in. Every round is another match for Christiansen, Emerson, RLC, and hopefully Ampadu and CHO.
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    Wow, great result for Lamps, his team just caused a major upset at Old Trafford, well played Derby, Mourinho's wounds just keep getting deeper, now he is knocked out at home by one of his favorite former players on his 1st year of management. Football, bloody hell!!!
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    Give Manure Willian, Luiz, Morata, Moses or some other combo, there are 21 players I want gone so a shit tonne of options), we get Pogba and Martial then we ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK Pogba has taken it up a level, I think he would be a BEAST in Sarriball and Martial would become our instant number one striker I await your hate......
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    Try to buy any of the 6 or 7 above him for less than £100m. It isnt going to happen. We had £92m turned down by AM for Oblak. Real offered same as what we paid (his release clause price) for Kepa and he turned them down. If Courtois had 3 or 4 years left on his contract and we still agreed to sell him, we would have gotten £100m from Real if they didn't have Navas. The board fucked it all up, but paying only £4.5m more at the window death than the scouser twats paid mid-window for Alisson is not anything I worry about. Everton was talking about £80m FOR PICKFORD. PFFFFT. We probably could have bought Strakosha for £50m from Lazio, but the board didnt even enquire. 21yo Alex Meret would have cost us around £30m (with the non Serie A pricing.) But he is far from Kepa in terms of game time. PSG was talking £50m for Areola. Kepa is better than Areola, atm far better than Meret and Meret is going already REALLY good. Real wanted Kepa for years, more than De Gea or Courtois. That should tell you something right there. Shitty spent, with add-ons and fees over £150m on 3 FULLBACKS, one of whom barely plays, the other was badly injured, and the 3rd will be 30yo before next season ends. We offered roughly £120m for SMS to Lazio and they laughed in our face. Welcome (2 years early) to the new 2020's transfer paradigm in terms of vastly increased cost basis. Kepa is going to be a monster someday soon. Top 3 to 5 for sure as several above him will slow down whilst he will be just entering his peak years when that occurs.
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    Juve and AC Milan played a giant con game, with us as bargaining chip. Juve wanted Bonucci back and Higuain off their books, Milan wanted Caldara badly, plus a striker. Only way all the sides moved was to force through those players, with Morata to AC Milan the victim. Also, Higuain really wanted to stay in Italy, not come to pinball footie EPL where his lack of pace would be exposed. The real fuckup on our board's part was not using the 2 week in July window release clause on Icardi for only £98m. We could have covered half (or more) of that with a Morata sale. Icardi would be an insane beast in Sarriball. No one will convince me otherwise. He is a deadly efficient sniper, pacey, great at linkup play, and works like a dog on trackbacks. He is the complete package. Vastly superior to the soon to be 31yo Higuain. He is also well over 5 years younger.
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    Please dont even underestimate Kante like this again. There is not a single player in the world available that could do the job that Kante and Hazard do for us. More so, there isnt a single player in the world that does Kante job better than Kante. A decade since a proper DM was praised this much like Kante is now. Havertz, Brandt and especially Bailey are quality players indeed, I said many times Bailey is must buy for or RW whenever we go in the market for new winger. But damn, not at the expense of Kante The wee baldy man is anomaly that happens once in a decade. We have all these fancy attackers in the spotlight all the time, then comes this hard working lad who goes toe to toe with best players in the world. Football is a team sport and getting good attacking player isnt hard. But getting a proper hard working DM who always puts team mates ahead of his personal glory and is still called in same breath as best players in the world, thats a rare thing that doesnt happen many times. I was in belief that all fans, nevermind Chelsea fans finaly saw how great and important player Kante is. In a world when all we hear is who scores more goals, who makes more assists, more dribbles, when its all about attackers, with defenders and DMs underappreciated as fuck, Kante literaly shone the light to football world that you can be equaljy appreciated even if you are DM with no fancy stats and no fancy football style. That you can be in same league, equally important as those best attackers in the world. That you dont have to live extravagant style and show off, but being humble and respectful to others and still get ton of fans around the world. A DM that won the best player of the year award ahead the likes of Hazard, Aguero, KDB, Coutinho,... You do understand how fucking great you have to be in the game itself to be so appreciated when you have no fancy stats and tricks to back you up? When you have world beaters who score screamers every week, dribble past half the field, decide the matches on its own as competition and you still get fans and other players to vote for you? BUT then you come and throw Kante for fucking Kai Havertz? I may not agree but I would understand if you said Messi or Ronaldo, Drogba in his prime or something like that, but Kai Havertz? Realy? Please never again.
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    Besides our style of play which is coming along much quicker than I (or most) would have anticipated. I think something that's been underrated (because it's not really mentioned) is whatever Sarri is doing at half time. Besides Newcastle, which was kind of a freak goal, I don't remember any team having a sniff in the second half of our matches. Before half time against Arsenal, they were cutting balls back to the penalty spot for fun, like they were playing a video game and had found a way to score over and over (and we were lucky to not concede 4). Second half? Nothing. Last week against Cardiff, it seemed like they would launch a clearance/long ball down field and it would immediately be snuffed out. I don't recall them being on the ball much in any kind of dangerous positions. Opening match against Huddersfield, it felt like a goal was coming against them in the first half. Absolutely nothing in the second.
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    Yeah its simple, Giroud is good vs PL opposition and Morata vs shite European sides.