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    Doesn't affect me one little bit. He's shown great loyalty to this team especially since we appear, temporarily I hope, not to be trying to fulfil his expectations. Remember he came here because, he said, he wanted to win The Champions League. We're a long way from having a squad with a realistic chance in that competition. I think Eden has respected our club and deserves huge, and unreserved, acclaim from Chelsea fans.
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    "This is the worst I've felt for quite a while," he told BBC Sport. "Performance-wise, I didn't recognise us or myself. It was abysmal" don't worry - we recognised you out there Gary
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    Only way to play with Fabregas and not Drinkwater against side like this was to compensate mobility somewhere else on the field. Conte did that by playing Pedro instead of Morata/Giroud. So with the help of Willian and Pedro, Fabregas wasn't exposed much for Barca. Never, ever in this game Barcelona looked like scoring. And he benched our captain, who is also an Englishman, against bloody Barcelona. This man deserves all the praise he can get. Hats off.
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    Put some respect on his bloody name! He was brilliant tonight and defo the best player on the pitch
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    And again he brings the best out of a rather ordinary side. You can have your Tuchels and Sarris, but until we don´t change our profil of players we won´t play beautiful football. Conte is the man.
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    People will realise when Conte is gone just how bad the next few years are going to be. No more titles. No ambition (anyone honest will realise that Conte's moaning stems from ambition. I haven't forgotten the warrior he is. The level he demands from his players. He has been given a Cleo to race Ferraris). You know happens when everyone realises are ambition doesn't reflect that of other teams? That it isn't good enough? The best players leave. Hazard. Tibo. Willian (who we will miss when we see the cross we replace him with). This club needs Conte, because the board needs a manager with ferocious ambition. We all know the board thinks business first. Most likely he leaves. I have nothing but respect for him, kinda want him to have a foreign club to support him. So here's my prediction. Abramovich is going to need to have things get a lot worse before the board is reshuffled. Hopefully we put as much effort into choosing sporting directors than we do managers.
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    Willian On love story with Chelsea: "I think every person has a purpose here on earth. And my purpose is to be at Chelsea, no matter if I'm on the bench or starting.“ 💙 "Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training and to keep your head up.“ "I have been playing more games, I have been scoring, I have been helping Chelsea win. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.“ [Globo]
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    Have I been seeing things? First, MrExcalibur praised Conte and now you too? Only need Styles to do the same to complete the hat-trick!
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    The truth hurts people Dozens of you said many times that Conte brought the best out of many average players we have, that we overachieved and outperformed and when he says that he's able to do that he's lacking *false* modesty and humbleness *rolls eyes* Why can't someone admit what they are good at? I'm tired of those politically correct people. They suck monkey balls, unbearable people who are annoying as hell and looks like a mark of this age, all generations included. I despise politically correct attitude
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    I'm glad he has stayed here so long, but it's a bit sad that he has pretty much wasted himself here. Sure, 2 EPL titles in 6 years is cool and all (not really), but we never kicked on after that CL win - the reason why he joined in first place, thinking we were ambitious and going places. He couldn't have been more wrong. We haven't challenged for the CL since, have been in decline and the club implodes after every successful period. No sustainable success, just scraps here and there with subpar players and subdued performances. For me he is a legend for sticking with us through all that (possibly because of false hopes or promises), but nevertheless he has shown more loyalty than some others who enjoy legendary status. I wouldn't blame him at all if he left this summer, I would too if somebody better came calling.
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    A season ruined by this useless board before it even started. Every sane person would think that you must build on a title winning season, but not this board it seems. And it is not even the first time it happens. They would rather go and buy seven or eight players worth 200M, than get two or three world class players who would automatically improve the team. You look at Arsenal - the perennial losers, 6th in the table, Europa League level, a dinosaur of a manager, a deluded fan base, a club that has lost their best player to a rival. They go in the market and buy one of Europe's best goalscorers for a club record amount. While we set for the likes of Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Bakayoko and Roma's bench warmers, looking closely to influence as little as we can the net spend. We had everything a club could have asked for in May last year - a title winning squad, a passionate manager, a great atmosphere, lots of players taken to the next level. Everything was there for this club to reach new heights. Diego Costa should have been the only departure last summer. Everybody else should have stayed at the club, while adding at least two or three other top players to automatically break into the starting eleven. But not with this board. They had to sell in order to buy, Pathetic!!! This is not 2005 anymore where you could allow yourself to get relaxed knowing there is maybe only one club posing a threat and you could easily bounce back very quickly. Times have changed, there are at least five clubs now ready to pump money into their teams and it hurts to say this but Chelsea looks way behind all the others at this point and there is no signs anything will change come the end of the season. I bet this pathetic board would sell Hazard for 200M and buy six or seven Zappacostas worth this money, instead of looking for the best talent out there and fight for him. Conte had the right ideas and was the perfect manager to drive this club forward, unfortunately he had to deal with this greedy board. Will be sad to see him gone.
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    I think he indicated that over last transfer windows we actually needed those 8 players for depth, rotation and replacing those who left, but we don't anymore - now we can focus solely on bringing quality. He is actually always talking about building something for long term, to build strong foundation. But let's ignore that, right? Who cares if our coach wants to build something important for whole next decade? Let's just focus on his criticizing.
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    Can't believe we spent 36m on Drinkwater. He is the very definition of mediocre.
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    Holy fuck. You said something positive towards Conte.
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    Eulogise it for character or whatever, but truth is we were crap in 2012 and got extremely lucky. Our previous sides like the 08/09 one deserve that praise and recognition (restricted one of the best Barcelona sides in history to precisely ZERO shots on target before that Iniesta goal), but history only remembers the winners.
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    People on here talking about wanting a manager like Poch. Yet they’ll be the first to complain if we don’t win anything for more than a year.
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    Conte is maybe not doing us favor in this moment in speaking the harsh truth all of the time, but long term that's exactly what this club needs. Someone important to say that this team is not good enough and that he made them better, and that our board is not doing good job. Truth is important.
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    Enrique? Sigh. Despite our transfer failings, at least we tried for top/exciting managers. Now we're settling for mediocrity there too. Standards have dropped dramatically all-round, very sad to see.
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    People are going to be sorry for hoping Conte is sacked when we hire Marco Silva or Luis Enrique to replace him. Two managers who I feel would be disasters akin to AVB. Be careful what you wish for.
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    Got to wait till March my boss is a twat thanks for asking though
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    Seems like everyone (the club, the fans, and Conte himself) are resigned to him going. Such a fucking shame and caused almost entirely by the club this time rather than the manager himself. For years and years Roman and the club hierarchy have desired a long term manager who can build something at Chelsea. We've finally got one who could've done that and they haven't ever backed him sufficiently. Now it's all going to start over in the summer. New manager who will probably have much different ideas on both playing style and personnel. More rebuilding and another reset while the clubs around us are all stable. Now seeing rumors about Luis Enrique being the guy. What a huge gamble that would be. A terrible choice, imo.
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    If people actually want Zidane to replace this guy then they have officially lost the fucking plot.
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    Now I've had chance to think about the night and digest the game, firstly its a perfect example of why football is so unique for providing such a rollercoaster of emotions. From starting the game hoping, to nervousness, then to frustration when Willian hit both posts, to elation and finally to disappointment. The performance was very good tonight, a throw back to a few years ago and its a complement to the players that having started the game just hoping to still be in the tie, we finish it disappointed to draw 1-1. Everyone put in a shift tonight. Pedro wasn't at his best offensively but he run himself into the ground for the team, doing a lot of pressing so that Hazard didn't need to waste energy. It was also the best I've seen Fabregas play for a long time in such a big game. The back 3 should be our first choice now for the rest of the season. Azpi is immense and leads by example, Rudiger will continue to get better as he plays a run of games more. I'm disappointed for Christensen with his mistake but he will have to learn and learn quickly. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides to younger players is that they will make mistakes (Scott did something similar against Hull) and will be frustrating at times but it's a learning curve and he has proven this season he is by far our best option in that position. I'm glad Conte backed him after the game and I hope he continues to do so by playing him as his undisputed number one centre back. Willian is really starting to hit a bit of form now, alongside Hazard and I'm just hoping that it kicks us on now for a very difficult and important run of games. Special mention to for Conte. He got his tactics spot on for me tonight. It left us compact, but when we had the ball we looked direct and dangerous. You feel that this was a game that really got him going and you could see that he was back to his old, vibrant best on the touchline. When he is like this, I don't see anyone out there that is realistically attainable that is on his level as a coach. The biggest question will be can he keep this little bit of momentum going and help us kick on again.
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    It's not just that Christensen is a very good defender and extremely comfortable on the ball, but it's the confidence others around him seem to have when he's alongside them. Azpilicueta is the best case, who does not look comfortable alongside Luiz or Cahill anymore because I don't think he trusts them and is regularly needing to cover for them. It was the best and most solid game I've seen from him in the last few weeks. Rudiger on that left side of defence for me is our best option too at the moment, He's quicker and stronger than Cahill and he's far more comfortable with the ball on his left hand side. The standing ovation for Christensen when he came off shows how far along he's come this season and I believe in both the minds of the fans and now Conte that he's undisputed number 1 in that position now for the club.
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    tt's not confidence. It's his game. He is scoring the same poacher's goals he has been scoring for us. A team that creates chances for the striker and does not require him to create his own will get one of the best fox-in-the-box striker in Europe in Batshauyi. Dortmund have struggled with poor finishing with Aubameyang but they always created enough chances. Now they have a superior finisher. I would have expected Bats to flourish here if we for one would play with more than 3 attacking players of which Pedro/Willian can not really be considered full attackers with the amount of defensive work they do + their offensive output is erraic. Look at Dortmund's lineup. They startet with 5 genuine attacker. Kagawa and Reus in a 3 man midfield, Schürrle and Pulisic as wingers. Small wonder Dortmund create more chances than us.
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    I can't put into words how hilariously ridiculous sacking Conte in favour of Enrique would be ffs
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    It might sound stupid after the last 2 results, but I actually think it's the right thing to do. The players are shot mentally and physically at the moment, what's the point in running them into the ground even more when we have a week before we play again? Don't quote me on this, but i think this may be the first time in about 2-3 months that the club has had a week between games and a lot of the players have been flogged to death during that period.
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    Yeah, people calling for Conte to be sacked will be sorry. He's still the best out of any of the available managers. Hiring a mediocre (maybe worse?) manager like Luis Enrique who has done nothing and combining it with our clubs transfer policy and the very real possibility that we lose Hazard and Courtois would be a disaster. Like, we'd probably be finishing 6th-7th next season disaster. We have to give him until at least the end of the season. If we finish in the top 4 and there's a decent mode around the club then he should stay and be given some proper investment into his priority targets.
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    Really hoping that Conte stays and we turn this around but I can't see it. This is all too similar to pre-Mourinho firing but this time it's less down to the manager and more the club. I feel like there's a growing majority here that won't mind him getting sacked but I personally believe he's been treated appallingly not just by the club after delivering a title with a mediocre side, but also by the media, who as usual, are the absolute worst, I know it comes with the territory but shame on them, lowest of the low.
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    2-3 world class signings are better than eight average players.
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    Whether Palmieri is gonna be better or worse than Alonso remains to be seen, but I can't understand why people continuously describe Alonso like he's a world beater. Sure, he has scored a number of goals since joining us and some of them have been key to us winning but if we put them aside, what does he contribute? For someone who plays in a key position in the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, his general contribution in open play is non existent. Can't win 1-on-1s because of his snail pace, link up play is average, hardly provides telling passes in final third when given the chance to do so. Has only 6 assists in 68 games for the club. Even Azpi has matched that number in the league alone this season! Not to mention, Alonso is hardly the most solid defenders around either. Can be caught napping at times and will definitely lose any foot race if he's being forced into one.
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    If Hazard played for Atletico, Dortmund or Monaco (ie, where there could be small hope we could still get him) there would be a 1,000 page spread of universal pleading for his signing.
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    I just hope we put a good fight and make the club and fans proud, whatever the result. We dont have much chance, lets be honest, but it would be nice to see one of those classic european nights when we define the odds. Whatever happens, come on blues! Edit: Oh and I hope for fair refereeing.
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    The boy's got balls of steel. He might look like a palm tree but he plays like a young Beckenbauer.
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    Thank you, FA, for scheduling a match on my birthday. Thanks, Chels, for playing well as a gift. Bring on Barca, visca Chelsea
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    I advise the Chelsea board on transfers things are a little tense at work at the moment.
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    I've been working in a DHL warehouse for the past 4 years in a dead-end job. Been overlooked for 2 promotions, one just recently for a total newbie who knows jack shit and now he's my boss and I need to teach him... fuck logic eh? In free time 99% of time I intoxicate myself alone by smoking and drinking. This is what you get having suffered crippling depression for 10+ years, but at least there is always a way out when I well and truly get tired of this shit. This is the truth, I don't talk about it much, but here you go, that's what I do for living. Exciting isn't it?
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    Congratulations on screwing over another manager. This business concept does not work at a high level. You can’t expect managers to polish a turd. No top manager will want to work here without complete control over transfers unless they want a quick payout. Im not saying we need to spend like City but at least invest in some players that the manager needs to improve the team. You can’t just throw together a team full of players the manager doesn’t want or know. Reminds me of Jose’s press conference about the class of eggs. Nothing has changed here.
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    I'm totally fucking shell shocked I haven't seen such a piss poor performance from Chelsea no exaggeration in decades. From the kick off you could just sense the vibes were bad and the starting eleven injuries or not were just laughable. Conte looks like a kid whose father has told him to mow the lawn bad body language shoulders slumped doing a half arsed job and then expecting to get paid.
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    Conte leaving won't suddenly make Bakayoko and Cahill a football player, neither make Moses, Zappacosta, Alonso world class.
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    Can't wait to see how many of those batterings we will get next season and you asking Enrique or whomever takes over getting sacked. This squad is a fucking joke and were still Top 4. They told him before the transfers period they would back him and lied like frauds, bought Everton players for him and said here train those feckers like you did with Moses and Alonso.
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    Oh, FFS! 😂 Was it Conte out on the pitch all those times not being able to control a football? Was it Conte out there having the ball bounce off him like a brick wall? Could Conte have trusted him a bit more and instilled him with more confidence? Yes. But he didn't exactly help himself when he played.
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    I'm actually gobsmacked that anyone would make a statement like this. Nobody and I do mean nobody can top Jose for the 'self obsessed, arrogant and delusional prick award'.
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    It's always extremes. Last season he was this god, exhalted above all other managers and capable of turning crap into gold. People actually wanted the club to buy average/decent players and all kinds of 'experiments' because Conte would do his abracadabra ting and take them to higher levels. And you're a fool if you think otherwise. Now he's a fraud, unmotivated, needs to go bla, bla, bla. The same thing over and over again. It's the damnedest thing.
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    Why isn't the deadline day thread open? I want to post and read about the yearly Hulk rumours!
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    Enjoy your break from the forum, see you next month. Sick and tired of your attitude and repetitive posts. I will monitor how your posts go when you arrive back, if it continues you can have a permanent ban.