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    To me, Pedro was an absolute beast today. He was fantastic. Just his shooting around the box but never mind. Super stuff from him.
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    I am Hazard's biggest Stan but fuck off with the Real Madrid quotes already, dude needs to respect Chelsea, we give this guy the world. At Madrid he would be just another attacker.
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    Luiz needs to play like this more often, sometimes you just dont know what you gonna get with him, either a monster game or a brainfart. Credit where is due he was immense today and deserves the motm. Cheers fellow blues and enjoy the weekend
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    Why the Premier League should be afraid of 'Sarri-ball' once Chelsea master it
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    1. Lost to mid-table Wolves on Wednesday and then beat the champions Man City on Saturday. I love you, Chelsea but YOU ARE FUCKING WEIRD! 2. Okay, I'll admit that I expected a bad/heavy defeat for us but as it turned out, we actually played well, even in the first half. We were chasing shadows for long periods, granted, but we restricted them to very, very few chances and in the second half, we were like a team transformed. Whatever Sarri said at HT worked and speaking of Sarri, kudos to him for today's result. Maybe made some dodgy decisions in the team selection but he got the players to perform what he wanted or at least what we needed to get a result. 3. Only shit thing is...we've helped put Liverpool at the top of the table. UGH!
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    To highlight the madness in this place. Page 3 - We are shit, Alonso is a CUNT, Sarri is a joke Page 16 - Winning 2-0
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    From the tactical point of view this was an 'Italian job', a Sarri masterclass. Everytime we play a big match like this my heart races like mad, but not this time, no. Maybe the first 15-20 minutes when City were so dominant, but deep inside somehow I felt it was going to go our way in the end. Yes they were dominant, but all their moves stopped 20 yards away from Kepa. Well this win does not change the fact they are hands down the best club in England but my point is - One of Liverpool or City are going to win the title in the end, that is for sure. Do you think that is by accident that the two teams with their managers in their 3rd season there are exactly the teams fighting for the title? I don't think so. Mourinho is in his 3rd season at United also, but really is there anything you can expect from him anymore? Football has taken over him big big time. Sarri must be given time. And I hope this is the end of Morata here and the start of that dynamic front three. I think there is a better balance with Willian, Hazard and Pedro, especially on the wings where Willian and Pedro track back better when needed. Top result, huge for our morale and now I hope we go on a run before Arsenal away.
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    How? Run more? His positioning is perfectly fine, if he is marked then it is up to the other two to collect the ball, that is how it work
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    If you watch clips of Napoli under Sarri, you will see Hamsik a beast of a payer creating space for Jorginho with intricate passing and demanding positional awareness. Jorginho looks isolated in our midfield. He always had an out ball when at Napoli even when he was being pressed. The Napoli team were constantly moving around into space. We aren't really doing that and if we are then it is too a far slower tempo.
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    We haven't had a lot of the ball, we have stopped them, but not only that we have worked hard. We should be working this hard against the likes of Wolves etc.
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    Its actualy realy funny how us and United ended up fighting for two shit strikers, meanwhile Arsenal grabs not one but 2 realy good ones with no competion.
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    Hardly surprised by the performance and result. It's been coming really.
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    Alonso should have a red and 3 yellows.
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    Does anybody know is @Unionjack alright? He told me in the beginning of October that he'd be going on holiday for 4 weeks, but it's been much longer now. Miss that fucker
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    Just make up your damn mind already you belgian waffle, stop putting fans and the club on edge, at least show the club some respect and stop talking about Madrid until the end of the season, its getting boring and fucking annoying to say the least.
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    And an herculean effort it was! Outstanding reaction from the boys, everybody was on point, Never would I have dared to dream we would win 2-0. The best part is that not only did we scrape a result, we actually played ball, we pressed! We didn't sit back in super low blocks, we closed them down and harrassed all over the pitch! Even when winning 1-0 we didn't only play long or try to hit on counters, we kept it on the ground and played ball. I wouldn't have believed that the team would be capable of doing that AND win. All props to Sarri and the boys who showed massive balls against a City team unbeaten since... was it April? Azpi MOTM for me, rock solid and led by example.
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    City pressing was excellent and the plan was to strangle us out of the possession before the ball even got to Jorginho. Sadly for City however we were breaking their pressing with consumate ease!!
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    Lose at Wolves then this performance... God I love being a Blue, a Chelsea Blue
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    We done it!!!!!!!! What a performance. Every player was brilliant. All the slating of our players such as Alonso and Luiz before the game from pundits and our own fans alike for the likes of Luiz and Alonso and both of them were top class. Sterling had that one moment where he went past Alonso with ease but apart from that he was very good. Luiz the MOTM for me. Was top class. Was pivotal in both goals and defensively was different class. Won everything in the air and read everything throughout the game. Luiz and Alonso can't play in a back 4? They were top class against the best team currently in Europe. Azpi, fantastic. Hazard with the 2 assists put in an excellent shift too and happy Kepa recovered from that Wolves game and looked really solid. We had a point to prove and game back with a bang. I fully expected us to be in 5th place come this evening but the boys played brilliant and kept a clean sheet and showed Man City are not unbeatable. KTBFFH !
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    I bag the shit out of the guy but holy f*** Luiz was a warrior tonight. KTBFFH! So glad we beat those f***ing c***s! Eat your invincibles up your arse! Blues baby!
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    From dog shit to the dogs bollocks... What a difference 90 minutes makes.
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    You're right. You put Hazard in any top team, he will still pull off fantastic stuff, just like he does at Chelsea. But he's not superhuman. He will have off-days. The real difference is what happens during those off-days The problem is that the rest of the team can't do shit when he is having an off day. kellzfresh hit the nail on the head when he said that we no longer have a Diego Costa to compensate with goals.
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    3 points!!! Arsenal lost. Great day
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    He is still and always will be a big nosed CUNT!
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    I think you're forgetting Chelsea fans also booed Hazard (and Fabregas and Costa). Madrid fans are the most fickle but let's face it all fans are fickle. Just take a look at how Chelsea fans are talking about him now vs the beginning of the season when he was in top form. We had 7 years to show our ambition. Unfortunately the club seems to be content with just challenging but never going a step further to really put us up there. Always a couple quality players short.
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    Which is why this feels like a ploy to get a better contract at Napoli.
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    Can't believe people have been getting on his back this season. HE WAS IMMENSE AGAINST CITY!
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    Guardiola on Sarri: "When he wins I congratulate him, when I won he congratulated me. I admire him, he deserves all the good things that happen." #CFC
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    Does David Silva get on anyone else’s nerves? He has a nice guy reputation but I reckon he’s a smug little pr*ck. Won’t forget the day he smirked hard after Frank scored against us. You just know that him and Aguero have it in for us. C***s. Anyway, f*** em. How good were the chants at the end: “...Champions of Europe, you’ll never sing that!”
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    Luiz is always great in big games
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    As pathetic and awful as we've looked at times recently and in the first half here, gotta throw my hands up and credit the lads. After our first goal we were clearly the better side. Whole defense and even all three of Willian, Hazard, and Pedro played well. Wow, what a huge 3 points.
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    I was saying the same thing to my 4 year old daughter. Not sure she understands but shes my go to person when I talk footy in the games. Nobody else listens to me.
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    It's also tiring for fans listening to him constantly talk about another team.
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    Sacchi on Hazard... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6468609/Arrigo-Sacchi-Pep-Guardiola-Maurizio-Sarri-like-teachers.html
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    his loyalty to us should have prompted the fucking board to surround him with quality players to match his ambition, but we keep getting deadweight players
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    What he really means is that "I was overconfident and underestimated Wolves, that's why I started with these players".
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    Missed a clear chance to get us 2-0 up and then gifted Wolves a goal with his diving. How he has scammed so many chelsea fans into thinking he's some great player I don't understand.
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    A standard Morata game. Missing a sitter, receiving a stupid, stupid yellow card.
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    Loftus Cheek is a beast, so agile for a big bloke, the way he slaloms past players. We need to hang on to him and Hudson Odoi.
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    Am i missing something or why is everyone talking of Rugani like he is next Beckenbauer or something? I just dont see any reason how would he improve our backline. He didnt play in months, still realy young and inexperienced,...
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    New contract for Mr. Kante. Official! https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/11/23/kante-commits-to-the-blues1