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    Some things never change. Manager under fire and Henrique is on the forum attacking left right and centre
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    A few interesting soundbites from City's first season under Pep. Drawing 1-1 at home to Southampton "But there were signs of the home support becoming frustrated with his team's build-from-the-back approach, not least when many could be heard jeering their team off at the break after Stones' error. City lacked aggression and tempo in the opening 45 minutes, allowing an organised Southampton side to contain them and then burst forward on the break." Losing 4-0 to Everton. Sounds a lot like Wednesday night, replacing Sagna with Kovacic's chance. "The Toffees willingly soaked up 71% of City possession but restricted Guardiola's side to few chances and scored with four of just six attempts at goal. City lacked cutting edge throughout, though had Davies not headed a looping Bacary Sagna header off the line before half-time, they may not have gone on to suffer a fifth league defeat of the season." Losing 4-2 away to Leicester. "For all their possession, they did not have their first shot on target until Kolarov scored a well-placed free-kick in the 82nd minute, and only salvaged further respectability when Nolito tapped in the Serb's low cross late on." "Kolarov was supposed to be playing as a third centre-half but he played so far forward, he left Stones isolated. Zabaleta was playing in a weird in-between position and it didn't look like he knew what he was doing. "Kevin de Bruyne appeared to be at left-wing-back. The communication and lack of line was pretty bad. Kolarov was playing his own game going forward so often. They gave Leicester so many opportunities to attack them. It could have been more. "Fifty changes, they've made this season. It's nice to build relationships and have some familiarity. You can't keep changing players." Ironically it was the reverse for Pep where he was heavily criticized for changing too many players. Even after beating West Ham 0-4 away, there was still critics. Sounds familiar to.. "I think if Manchester City play the team they did tonight away from home against other teams, they will be found out. They are far too open. Yaya Toure, as the holding midfielder, won't get around enough against decent teams." ------------- In short, I think if you want to revolutionize the way you play then you need the time to do it. There will be hiccups along the way and the parallels to Pep's first year are all too familiar. I'm not saying we will become as good as City but I believe we can get to the point where we are also one of the most feared teams in Europe (in terms of being on the front foot). Sarri must show he can adapt like Pep did but more importantly to play a precise system we have to bring in the correct players.
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    The fact we are getting exactly the same wild swings in performances under two very different managers in two successive season, therefore pre-dating Sarri’s time here, strongly suggest he’s not solely to blame.
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    I will get behind Alonso with a strapon. Might speed him up a bit. #FearThePeg
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    Higuains hold up play and link up play has been fantastic. Highliights just how awful Morata is.
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    Even Hazards greatest admirers have to admit, Eden is as inconsistent as a superstar footballer can be. If he wants to play for Madrid then he needs to go this summer and let us build something new and fresh without him. It almost feels as if he is actually holding us back now, a result of us relying on him too much and his attitude towards success wavers.
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    Really sucks to see. He's a gem of a player who is paying a severe price during this experimental season. I'm certainly not ready to bin him like a lot of our fans and seemingly 100% of the media are. Thing is, where do you move him in Sarri's 4-3-3? There really isn't a place. If we played a 4-2-3-1 where Kante moves back into a pivot and therefor is always close to him I guess it would be better. But Sarri plays only one system so can't see it happening.
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    Still livid. One more word from these United fans in my work van and somebodies getting knocked the f out!
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    This saga makes me respect RLC even more What a Don for staying and fighting for his place.
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    He's freaking brilliant. Makes me not even remember a great keeper like Courtois left us. He's that good. His distribution is a million times better than Courtois' mediocre distribution plus he's an excellent shot stopper. The best distribution of any Chelsea keeper probably ever. His command of the box has really impressed/surprised me. Love everything about Kepa. He's been easily one of our best players this season.
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    I just wanna congratulate sarri identifying the problem and putting stuff right and got a massive response off the players tonight.
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    Yeesssssssss!!!!! This game reminded me of those magic nights we used to have at the Bridge some years ago.
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    Again Sarri is not wrong. Eden doesnt inspire me completely as somebody who is demanding enough to push himself, yet alone 10 other players. He is more a talismanic figure as opposed to a captain. I would say theres a difference bit that's just me. Some would say they could be similar. Meh.
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    Hi. I'm a Napoli supporter so you can trust me, I'm not biased: Sarri, as a manager, is WAY better than an Ancelotti. I've read a lot about Plan A, Plan B... This is not the problem. The problem is that you never had a chance to ACTUALLY see Plan A, the Sarriball. Here in Naples Sarri had a team of a much lower level than this Chelsea. But they were a team. They were humble, ready to play for the team, for the manager, ready to pursue a collective idea. Here at Chelsea instead the player are technically much more gifted, BUT they are assholes. Egoists, individualistic, lazy, basically they're a bunch of player puts together, not really a team. And if you want Sarriball you need a team. Trust me: support Sarri. If the players one day will choose to play as a team, you'll be the luckiest supporter of the world, as we were until 9 months ago.
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    I respect Sarri for sticking to what brought me here in the first place, you can't put that on him. Ultimately, it's a casting error by the board, you can't have a weak squad with limited characteristics and bring a manager who will force them to adapt because he wants to play like prime Barcelona. Only two ways from here, you either stick with him, prepare for another season without champions league and bring the right players for his system in the next two transfer windows or you sack him now, do some damage limitation and get a budget result oriented manager first thing in the summer. Knowing our board, we will once again do something crazy.
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    Trough the legs again 😆 1-1 against real
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    I know people will be shocked but zero issues with Willian or Barkley today that said FUCK ALONSO
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    Kante is IMMENSE. What a player. Best signing since Hazard, hands down!
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    You would be totally right if this was an unknown manager trying things for the first time to see if it works or not. But this guy has made Napoli play some great football with no superstars in his team. It is why Chelsea hired him and the hope is not that we would like him to turn out to be like Klopp or Pep, but to replicate the football Napoli played. Was Napoli that boring as this Chelsea? Never. Were they clueless in the final third? No way. I am saying it again - Napoli never played like Chelsea play these days, that team was different in all aspects. And you would expect Sarri to bring the same methods he used there and I am 100% he did that, but why it is not working? It's either because the players are not good enough or simply don't want to pick up his methods, I guess Hazard would rather dribble past 10 players and cut inside just to pass it to Azpilicueta, or Willian would take 100 touches before doing something stupid like he does all the time. Our wingers no matter who plays there simply take stupid decisions instead of doing the exact same things Insigne, Callejon, Mertens used to do. Of course you are going to have tons of possession if all three midfielders are happy to just pass the ball and your wingers don't shoot, or run in behind, or try some quick one twos. Nobody in this team takes any risks, of course everything is boring as fuck. Does Sarri instruct them to? Not in a million years, I don't believe this for a moment.
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    I can see it, in the summer we will sell Hazard and CHO while Willian gets a contract extension.
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    Im 90% its the players. Sure Sarri has terrible subs and is responsible for Jorginho and all problems releated to it, but the players on pitch are absolutely spineless. The moment pool and city escaped, we knew there wont be a title and while we were never good enough to beat pool or city, we were good enough to finish 3rd comfortably. But the players went from 5th gear to 2nd instead of fighting on for 3rd. Thats why we had ups and downs in the past. Title season and then bust. The moment they see we wont win title, they stop giving a shit. Tonight Sarri dropped Alonso for Emerson. Higs as new striker and Pedro for Willian. Our best lineup. We lose, never mind. But the way we did it? Players strolling, jogging, zero urgency in attack. And no its not Sarriball. This shit worked perfectly from august to october. Then it just stops? Players stop creating and suddenly Sarriball is the problem? I know its hard to face the truth but the players are either spineless mercenaries or pure shit, believe its the former since they turn up in some games when they want to. Its easy to point at the manager, but this shit happend under Mou, under Conte. Sarri didnt win title, but we had bloody brilliant run till november.
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    Didn't get the service tonight. Made some excellent runs, the sort that Cesc would have found to the nearest centimetre.
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    This might have been said before but I don't get why CHO seems hell-bent on leaving in this window. Is he guaranteed to start week in week out at Bayern between now and end of the season? I doubt it and plus, they have less games than us to contend with. Why not wait till at least the summer and see what happens? Why not wait till the summer and see whether Hazard actually goes? Because if he does go to Real Madrid, then there is a space opened for him and the No. 10 shirt is available for him take. Is he really going to lose much between now and May? There are gonna be options for him to choose in the summer. And from the club's point of view, it would be daft to let CHO go now and weaken our squad even further with little time to sign any replacement.
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    Nothing to do with Sarri, if they were set on staying they would have signed deals before Sarri even arrived.
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    Finally! I've been trying to join you guys for more then a year now. I'm here every day so I feel like I know a lot of you already
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    Emerson lacks height. Alonso lacks pace, intelligence and skill.
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    It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo refreshing to see a full back charging up and down the flank with pace and causing danger in the opposition box. Emerson wasn't afraid to take on players and attack the box and the others were confident in playing the ball into space, knowing he has the pace to get onto it, unlike Alonso, who must always receive the ball at his feet. But knowing Sarri, he'll probably drop Emerson back to the bench for Alonso when the league returns next week...
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    Kante isn't and never has been a CDM.
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    I see we are back to blaming the manager. Fine let's sack Sarri - who's next? I guess you people really don't understand the word continuity - all the teams above us have had it and stick to it. But sure let's sack him and go get somebody else, who will last 18 month's then be sacked again. Then we end up with a mishmash of players all costing the club a fortune and our perfomance will still be mediocre. This is why Chelsea fans get a bad rap, we are spoiled and whiny. Back the club, back the manager and give him 3 years. If he doesn't deliver then fine, change.
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    I agree 100% People thought Pep was daft trying to play his style of football with Bravo, Otamendi, Zabaleta and Kolorov. A year later they steamrolled the league because they upgraded their weakenesses. I didnt expect an easy ride this year under Sarri because it was so clear that Conte maximized almost everything he could out of what we had when we won the league. It didnt work the following season because we weren't good enough and sold 2 key players in Costa and Matic, both who were very good and have never been replaced properly. We finished 5th last season, weve hardly massively improved any position on the pitch bar the addition of Jorginho but that also comes at the loss of what Cesc could offer. Glaring issues are still there, left back, right wing and upfront. Throw in the lack of movement or productivity from our front 3 and midfield... even more glaring issues. I think if Sarri gets next season it will be a lot better yes, but that also depends on improving the squad and first 11. Which very much lies with the board more than Sarri due to his reluctance to be involved with the market.
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    That's eased my worries a bit, usually when Merson makes a prediction the opposite happens.
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    Chelsea coming to my home town, got my tickets ready!
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    He should have demanded to leave last season after the World Cup. Its obvious to anyone we are a fading club. What did he expect/hope to achieve this year other than battling for 4th ? Sad as it might be to say for the sake of his career Hazard should have handed in a transfer request. Cristiano Ronaldo, Suarez, Coutinho, Gareth Bale all handed in transfer requests and they were all playing for teams in a better position than Chelsea is in now. All were also younger than Hazard is now. All the attempts to not "leave the club in the wrong way" and all this stuff has nothing to do with the real world. At the end of the day football like any other sport is a business and the career of a professional football unlike most other careers is very short. Anyway, I expect him to be gone by the end of the season. No one can then criticize him for 6-0 defeats away from home surrounded by Alonso, Barkley, Pedro and a 30 something past peak striker. It's been 7 years and we still can't assemble a world class squad to help this man. Look at what De Bruyne has at City to what Hazard has and has had at Chelsea. We'll know how good we are in this Premier League when he isnt here next year.
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    from shedend: In the last 5 years Defensive football, counter attacking football, possesion football... Managers that have won everything, managers that haven't won a thing Managers who are strict and disciplined, managers who are more care free 4-2-3-1, 5-2-3, 4-3-3 Every manager we've had in the last years have all gone public to question the players mentality Every year we constantly yo-yo from looking fantastic to looking like we can't even play football It doesn't matter what manager we have or what tactics we play. There is something seriously wrong in our dressing room, sacking Sarri isn't going to solve a single thing. Yeah we may through a mini honeymoon period with a new manager but sh*t will fall apart just like it did for Mourinho and Conte
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    that 4 nil Bournemouth disaster have fuckall to do with Emerson
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    Fuck him - let him go. Give zero fucks about this - if he wants out let him go. I wouldn't play the cunt tonight either. GTFO-CHO Wow I think I'm grumpy today 😂
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    Nice £320 pay out. Right, who wants to know Saturdays Lottery numbers
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    Saying it again. Sarri has turned Luiz into an absolute monster
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    Hazard failed to score in 7 consecutive games as LW before Sarri moved him to CF.
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    "I prefer Hazard when he speaks with his feet" Well said Maurizio.
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    We are supposed to be taking advantage of the space other teams leave when they overload the center just to mark Jorginho. But our players don't know how to play quick one touch football, they love hugging the ball and we have poor players on the wings to exploit the space when the center is overloaded. Sarri has to buy his Alba and Alves to combat this because Jorginho is his Busquets, they maintain the tempo of possession and control the whole game for the team. Every coach that has Jorginho in their team will start him 9 times out of 10, I don't think he's as bad as people are making him out to be.
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    Watching Sarris press conference. He looks and sounds like a mafioso going to get revenge. I can imagine it won't be a fun next practice for the players. Well deserved for them for that When your mentality isn't right your passing and application isn't right, you lose your 50/50 balls and don't have that burst of pace that you need at the highest level. I agree with Sarri here. Even though I don't agree with his selection of Willian and Alonso. Those players can and should do better, along with the others. Not even angry, just disappointed...