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    When you look at the table you realise City is going to walk the league and frankly there is no shame in that they really look like the real deal. But for me this is the last thing that comes to my mind right now, I am so pumped up and full of adrenaline it is unbelievable and a superb feeling for me. Haven't felt like that in such a long while. To be honest I had sex with a gorgeous woman that I was craving for a long long time, but that does not even come close to this win. It's seventh heaven for me right now. Glad we can now rub it in Mourinho's face once again he truly is a despicable human being, glad that we've now shown the Mancs just how useless Matic is in a big game, after weeks of taking the piss saying we were fools to let him go. I'm proud of Conte and happy that he can now have a fucking break from all the shit that's been thrown at him lately. And proud of two players in particular - Morata and Bakayoko. Both under a fabricated pressure by the media and away fans on the basis that we've supposedly chosen the wrong players instead of getting Lukaku and keeping Matic. And the standout for me was Andreas Christensen - brilliant player, hands down the best young defender in the world. Christensen and Azpilicueta - MUST be the first two defenders on the teamsheet every single time. Personally I feel invincible now, amazing what a football match can do, even if it is for a couple of hours only until the adrenaline level gets down again. But this is the moments I live for, can't tell you how much I wanted Chelsea to win this.
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    I had to laugh at Mourinho. When he was discussing his options with his staff, for long minutes, you could say he has actually some nice plan. BOOM. Fellaini in, long balls to Lukaku and Fellaini. Bravo.
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    Quite seriously, do the people who hate him and are happy to see him leave know why they are happy? Just to take a step back and take an overview of his role and time at the club: When he was promoted to Technical Director in 2011, we had an aging squad with an alarming player power playing a dying style of football while the club was synonymous with ridiculous over-spending in the transfer market on big names that made it virtually impossible for any youth player to break through. Over the past 6 years, we've moved steadily towards younger squads, with more flamboyant and modern style of football. The player power in the dressing room is all but gone as the Costa saga proved. We've finally reached the stage where our youth academy is actually turning a profit as we've seen this summer with Christensen, Ake and Chalobah. We've also become one of the most astute clubs in the transfer market, especially on selling players that we no longer need (so much so that opposition fans accuse us of bribing other clubs into buying our players! ). Despite the drop in our budget (relatively to the rise of prices) and our inability to compete financially with the Manchester clubs, we've still managed to steadily improve our team with FFP-compliant low net spending (even lower than Arsenal!) which has allowed us to remain the most successful team in England during these years. I know, I'm painting quite a rosy picture here, and of course there has been many mistakes and blunders, but I think it is undeniable that when looking at the overall trends the club has moved in those general directions in the right way in the past 6 years which have arguably been the most successful period in the clubs history with 2 PLs, the holy grail, a EL, the FA cup, and the league cup. Now, I'm in no way attributing all of that or any of the above solely (or even mostly) to Emenalo, but when I look at the progress and achievements of the club since 2011, I can only sincerely thank Michael for any part he played in helping us get to where we are now and wish all the best with his life after CFC.
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    One goal less than the mighty Harry Kane and the GOAT Aguero, same as wonderkid G. Jesus and "Better Finisher" Lukaku. Chelsea 1 point off United and Tottenham. Still, apparently, Chelsea in crisis, Morata not good enough, missing Costa. Beautiful journalism.
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    We still haven't signed: (1) A complete central midfielder that is comfortable physically and technically and can function as a playmaker. (2) Signed a world class attacking midfielder to supplement Hazard (3) Upgrade our Left wingback spot. Alonso not good enough (4) Upgrade our Right wingback spot. Moses/Zappacosta(don't need to see anymore of him to know) not good enough. Like Conte said, he's not a wizard. We're clearly were we are in the league, looking up at both Manchester clubs and we're nothing more than pretenders in the Champions league. Conte overperformed last season with this team. This season he's performing according to expectations our board set for him.
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    Director Marina Granovskaia, who is primarily in charge of transfer negotiations, is taking over his duties for the time being. That means the scouting network and academy director Neil Bath is reporting directly to her. Great, proper football people reporting to a bureaucrat who has no clue about that field. Sounds just like how real life works for common folk.
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    The disrespect for Drogs though. His close control is one of the best ever in Premier League history.
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    If you look at whole season now, Burnley loss wasnt that bad now, seeing they are doing brilliantly this season. Arsenal draw considering it was derby is acceptable. City loss, they are unbeatable atm so fair play. The only game we should win but didnt was Crystal palace, they are bottom and it was truly a fuck up. We won rest of matches in PL. Of top teams, we generaly had good games against Atletico, United and Spurs and poor against City and Roma, not disaster either. If we won palace too, we would be second with 23 points, only behind City who is on next level this year. Hardly saying we have shit season, bearing in mind we are probably progressing in CL too. Conte shouldnt be anywhere near the sacking if you connect these dots and take into consideration we didnt have as good summer business as Manchesters. Also, media are twats.
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    A little bit of canvas art I created for our Belgian wizard
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    Pretty much described Willian's playing style.
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    It's been so obvious for ages that he's the prototypical #8. A midfielder who bursts forward with pace and power and uses his supreme physique and athleticism like a prime Yaya Toure. Why Conte tried to use him as more of a forward still confuses me to this day. We were right to send him on loan because he's still raw and needs to play every week. Seeing lots of kneejerkers on Twitter (mostly from non-Chelsea fans) saying we we idiots for doing so. If he continues to develop like this he'll be a huge asset for us next season and our midfield options will be insane. Imagine a midfield 3 of Kante, Baka, and RLC. We'd bully everyone off the pitch. Goes without saying that now we have Drinkwater and have RLC to return next summer we have zero need to still be after Ross Barkley. Would be a total waste of money.
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    Insane, god-like Performance from Morata. So impressed with him.
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    World class header. It feels so refreshing to have a proper No. 9. A No. 9 that you can count on his header.
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    In January we'll have the annual excuse of waiting for the summer for the "right targets" to become available (the real reason being that we are not ready to pay inflated prices mid-season), and then when the summer comes we fail with the right targets and eventually panic buy somebody who we could have bought in January. The summer window will be shorter this time, it closes right about when Marina returns from her vacation so expect even more disappointments.
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    Keep the hype low, let the kid grow - he'll be in our first XI before you know!
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    Only Ian Wright would compare an attacking midfielder to a more defensive minded box to box midfielder. What a crock of shit. It’s clear that Baka is a bit more balanced, where as Ruben is more offensive minded but Ian Wright being Ian Wright compares two totally different players or so I’d say. Honestly I think he’s similar to a Ross Barkley off all people, a lot of folk have said Dele Alli but I don’t see the comparison, Alli is more of a goal scorer than a creator, somebody like Thomas Muller, always finds space in and around the box, where as Ruben is not. If Ruben were to play instead of anybody in our 3 man MF it would be Cesc imo but I don’t think he is the right fit if we want a more controlling midfielder in there though. I think Ruben will play off the front in a 3 although he’ll need to improve his goals and assists output because that will be what he’d be judged on, not how many Cruyff turns, nutmegs or whatever he does in a game v Germany. He made a few good decisions in final third, didnt over complicate things, played a nice long pass for Vardy too, I don’t think Bakayoko has that in his game to be as decisive in the final third but again Baka is more balanced, better at winning the ball back with tackles and interceptions, can still go forward (they are both similar in transitions) but I don’t think he is as forward thinking as Ruben. More chance of Baka in a MF 2 than RLC for me.
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    Luke Shaw is a perfect example of Mourinho's poor management of young players. I'd even say that Mourinho hardly ever improves players - youth and senior - especially in the last 6-7 years. He may improve players from the mental aspect - even then, he tends to throw them under the bus when things go wrong - but not technical wise. Can hardly pinpoint a player that he has helped to add more 'weapons' into his game. It's always just the same kind of play coming from players under him.
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    We still have Marina, Buck and Cahill.
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    WTF...Out of nowhere...What should i do to my display pic?
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    Crazy how he can miss a month through injury and come back and dominate Manchester United in his first game. Not only that, he instantly made Cesc and Baka look like world beaters as well. Exciting to have our full selection of CM's now. I think Drinkwater will be fantastic with Kante out there, too. The thing that always amuses me and makes me just smile is when tiny little Kante runs full speed at someone twice his size, bullies and harasses them, and wins the ball cleanly. Incredible player. Getting way better carrying the ball and getting forward as well under Conte's coaching.
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    One negative point from today is our shooting. Players like Bakayoko should really practice on their shooting, because with proper finishing this game is over after minute 60.
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    I agree with that above sentiment. Conte is classy towards players & managers. Conte is up to date tactically; in fact he revolutionised the Premier League of all leagues moments after stepping into it. He isn't necessarily transforming our players into freak-versions of themselves, but at least he isn't asking Hazard to be a wing back. He's simply likeable by fans & media alike. He's authentic. He's shown more balls with our lineups (successfully) than any other manager of ours in the past 7 or so years. It can only be a good thing that he demands an unreal fitness level, which hasn't actually sidelined that many of our players compared to other clubs, who lose just as many players but with half the lungs. Now as for managers we could bring in... there are only a few clubs (easier listing club names than managers) with 'top', proven coaches - Napoli, Atletico, Inter, Man City.. and that's about it. Now, Atletico play terrible football, anti-football almost, IMO. Napoli's coach is proving himself in Serie A, but what can he do with superstar egos? (Not that we have many superstars right now.) I'm not sure - plus, he wants to leave Napoli due to the board & president. Man City - Pep isn't coming. And as for Inter, Spalletti is not a long term coach for any top club, but a brilliant short-term manager. Internationally, there is Sampaoli. But, I think he's more the type to transform Tottenham into league winners who go deep in the Champions League, more than he's the type to take already-league-winning Chelsea to a level where the trophies keep coming in, but the football style is improved greatly. I don't think he can do both in the most high pressure league. It's just not something he has experience with. So in my mind, the only 'top' manager that's available and that'd keep us at the top is...Ancelotti. And that's almost like bringing Hiddink in. Forget the tier below of Poch, Marco Silva, etc - you can see in their eyes that they'd do everything they're told by the board, and that's not something we want to enable. (Makes sense that the only managers with big balls are the ones who already have brilliant reputations. If you're still 'coming up', you'll care more about keeping your first top job than you'll care about appeasing the fans & players.) After Conte showing some balls to our board, our next potential manager must continue chipping away at that wall of ignorance in our club. Simply, there is no better than Conte, and every team from United, to Juventus fans (not the board of course), Roma, Milan, Atletico, Barcelona, Bayern would gladly lap him up next season should we cut him off. And he'd be damn brilliant, because he'd have the players he needs. The only way to go after Conte is down.
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    Commentators still use phrases like "here comes Willian, he could change the game" Tells you they don't watch us enough.
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    False. According to Transfrmarket.co.uk - Arrivals - £179.1 million Departures - £176 million We aren't really improving the squad. We're just replacing like for like. Our net spend is Arsenal like. It's what we've been for a long time now. In reality we've been standing still for several years : Premier League net spend since 2014: Man City £448.7m Man Utd £424.7m Arsenal £193.8m Chelsea £126.9m Tottenham £20.5m What Abramovich and the board put into the club is what we get. Roman is not all that interested in going crazy in the market anymore. He can't compete with Abu Dhabi and the coffers at Old Trafford. It's high time we accept that reality as supporters of the club.
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    Thought he looked excellent yesterday, been impressed with him so far this season, hope he gets a run of games now.
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    I just can't imagine we'd look nearly as good had we bought Lukaku instead. Big Rom will score a bunch of goals this season but Morata is absolutely miles ahead of him as a footballer. He offers so much more. Morata doesn't completely rely on service. We saw up close a couple of weeks back how Rom looks when we staved him of service.
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    United fans trying to convince themselves at the start that they got the better striker gets funnier by the week, Morata is so much better in general play Lukaku will have to score atleast 20 more than him for it to even be debatable.
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    Looking at the table, the only major blip we had was losing to crystal palace. Our other losses were understandable( We had a red card at burnley, Mancity were better than us) if we won palace, we would have had 25 points, comfortably second and well in the title race (6 points behind) waiting for mancity to lose some form (they've already hit their peak performance wise and can only go down from here) But 9 points is a little bit far, unless something dramatic happens (like another 13 match winning streak) But Conte has done well overall, contrary to what the media wants to portray.
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    There's absolutely nothing I prefer Lukaku over Morata. Not even the physicality. What's the point of shoving away the marker if you are going to do shit nothing with the ball one millisecond later? Lukaku is effective in a couple of situations, but he's years away from Morata
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    "Works better in three". If I had a penny everytime it was mentioned. Everyone works better with more help. "Works better in three" mostly means - needs a lot of help, is limited to the bone, can't do things by himself. Just like with our central defenders. It was good game by him, but let's not get carried away.
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    Saw more of Luiz on the game broadcast last night than I did Lukaku.
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    A player that makes those around him play much much better. Top top player.
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    Why’s this thread so quiet? What a promising performance that was from Bakayoko. Not surprised that happens now he had a competent midfield partner in Kanté. Really needs to work on his finishing though. Could’ve had a couple goals today.
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    Everything you say is more or less spot on, but what the media/press or any outside fan fail to see was simply how poor our summer window was, something that we are now suffering for. Turn on a radio, read a tabloid or click a link it's all 'Chelsea in a mess' Conte has lost the team' Conte chucks his penis at first team players' The summer is gone and it's easy to forget that, but for certain fans and people on here everyone was climbing over themselves to spend and strengthen based on an extra cup competition and how the rivals would react. What I am trying to say is what you are and most CFC fans should know...this guy in charge has been let down big time, and until things change behind the scenes things won't change at the forefront.
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    Unless you have something negative to say about the board alongside it, nobody should be saying anything negative about Conte. It's idiocy and high time it was ignored, like these people continuing to ignore blatant signs of power struggle.
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    Hahah last year almost everyone was throwing Matic and Costa under the bus, now you cry after them and even question Conte? Surprise surprise...
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    Not gonna happen. Our policy is to sell and replace like-for-like. For example I can see us selling Christensen because he's very talented, this board hates talent and loves money, and then will replace him with someone older and more experienced around the same price, but not necessarily better or more talented. There will be zero signings in January unless we sell someone, I can almost drink poison on that. In fact even that is not a given, we flushed our team last January and signed no one... The board actually tried pulling the rug from under Conte's feet, but even that didn't stop him from dominating the league. They finally succeeded in doing so with a shit show of a summer though. If January is not an improvement, if I was Conte I would leave in May and find a club that matches my ambitions.
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    It is disturbing that Klopp continues a free pass from the media despite all the mess at Liverpool (and he has been there for 2 years!) while Conte's job is on the line after 2 losses.
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    I think he has really good core of abilities, but he must decide in which direction he wants to go. If he wants to be midfielder, he needs to work on his stamina, awareness, tactical aspect of the game. If he wants to be #10 or second-striker, he needs to improve his end product (assisting and scoring more). Also, it would be great if he learns to use his height more. It would take some work, but he could become decent in heading/winning areal battles, we don't want to have another Matić - tall player with really no areal presence. Loftus has ton of possibilities.
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    Totally agree Luiz has been no more than average this season and his on pitch discipline that was there last season seems to have gone awry. He was sometimes so far out of position he was in another postcode. In my opinion, he had got too comfortable with his status and position in the team and maybe thought he was undroppable. This could be the boot up the backside needed to get him back to the Luiz of last season but it is totally down to him...no-one else....not even Cahill can be blamed for this one. luiz is a talented footballer ....lets see if he has any gumption about him and work hard to prove to the staff and his team mates that he deserves a place back. Those that say...he is a leader etc...he might be , but not a very good one. There is no way he should ever be captain of this team.... let him worry about his own game, nevermind worrying about others. Also, this thing about 'the others players like him and he is a good laugh' etc etc...... I will just remind you...that Diego Costa was loved by all in the dressing room as far as we know .....and we all know what happened there
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    Why does he feel the need to always shoot on his right foot? A common Morata sequence is this: Gets ball and faces defender, fakes right foot shot, cuts on left (defender is beaten at this point), then cuts BACK on right foot (defender now in excellent position), right footed shot. Also, why are his shots always so weak and dribble so slowly to the gk? I always thought he had a powerful shot about him... Those are 2 things that frustrate the hell outta me about Morata.
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    Kante is the most important player at CFC - Fabregas had his best game of the season so far yesterday imo. Lots of good performances all round the team though. I thought azpi, Courtois, Hazard and Morata in particular were excellent also. Christensen looks promising and if Bakayoko can improve his end product in the final 3rd, he could be a real handful.
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    3CB Conte's system has won 6 championships for Juventus in Italy. So no the problem is not the system the problem is that Chelsea do not have a midfield.The only good is kante.
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    This thread gonna be a graveyard for some dudes here in year or so when Baka rips the league apart.
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    He should stay there! Rüdiger offers so much more, surely Conte must see that.
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    I still can't believe where at a point where we hope Drinkwater is fit and ready to start for us
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    Sanchez is quality, but Im not losing sweat if he goes to City honestly. They already have plenty of quality players in that position. Alexis is not young anymore, he isnt that out and out brilliant player every week, frustrating to watch sometimes. If they were signing someone like Dybala, I would be much more worried, because such player can stay there for almost decade and create dinasty, Alexis wont. As long we get super quality young player ourselves for that RW, I couldnt care less if Alexis goes to City. KDB is there as well, but we can counter it if we sign proper players ourselves.