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    First day in England and he already speaks better english than Diego Costa...
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    Most exciting part of all of this? All of the other striker threads in Transfer Talk can fuck off haha
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    "When West Ham were playing Tottenham, I decided to go to a restaurant in London with my family with Marcos (Alonso)... "When we arrived, guess who was behind me in the same restaurant? The manager. It was hilarious... "I have an app on my phone that tells me the score and when West Ham went 1-0 up, I turned round and told the manager the score... "The manager didn't eat for the last 25 minutes and when it finished 1-0, he got up and came over to my family's table... "He gave my dad a hug, my wife, children, myself and Marcos and he was so so happy because we knew we were going to win the league.. "That moment I will never forget because even though the team wasn't there, it was a celebration." - Cesc Fabregas on West Ham 1-0 Spurs. Conte is the king!
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    All you spoiled little things can go support Milan or the next rich club, such as City. I'm so fed with you badmouthing this club, the board, nonstop because it doesn't reach your bloody stantard. A little moaning is okay out of frustration, but some of you went way overboard and keep repeating it. Just stfu if you're going to post for the 100th time the same BS. We got it, this club, the board, the injured player we signed all suck and Conte should leave or that if you were him you would. Don't be shy, lead the way.
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    EDIT: He's at Cobham right now under going medical tests.
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    Leif suffering a meltdown over Rudiger might be the funniest thing in this transfer window
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    From being close to signing Lukaku, Alex Sandro and van Dijk to actually ending up with Llorente, Telles and Rüdiger.
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    Please. Sandro would be a top top signing. Morata would feed well off his crosses, he'd link up incredibly well with Eden, Cesc/Baka. Would really up the level of the first XI.
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    Don't try and bring people's mood down. Prick.
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    Hello guys, maybe one of you remember of me...I Was registra in this forum when I knew that Conte will be the new manager of the Chelsea FC. I am a Juventus Football fans but in the Premier my favourite team is the Chelsea for the Story and the Good Tradition of Italian fotballer and Manager of the Club (Zola,Vialli,Di Matteo,Ancelotti ecc) I think that A.Sandro will be a New Chelsea football player. Last Week Fabio Paratici (Juventus DS) spoke to Atalanta ti re-transfer in the Club Spinazzola Who play in the same role of the Brasilian. Atalanta don't let go Spinazzola but this is a clear signal.. if you have any Technic question about the Brazilian player or the Juventus news I stay here. sorry for my English XD
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    Nope, it's done already. Everything agreed in principle, player just needs to have a medical and sign the contract. A Roma supporter told me their club needed €30M income by the end of June to comply with FFP, so that's where the Rüdiger sale comes in and that's why the deal was agreed out of the blue in less than 24 hours. It all happened because their sale of Kostas Manolas to Zenit fell through at the last minute and they needed to complete another deal fast. If (or rather when) the sale to Chelsea goes through, Roma will get the transfer fee income included in their financial books for year 16/17 because it was already agreed before the end of last month and they're in clear waters with UEFA. However if a club like Man City now hijacked the deal and records show that the transfer was only agreed in July, Roma would be fucked with FFP sanctions because the income would appear on their books for 17/18 and for last year they'd be €30M short of complying with the rules. Any reports linking the player to Man City are just tabloids writing shit and trying desperately to sell papers.
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    His ability to carry the ball forward is quite underrated on here I think. The few times I watched him last season I always got the feeling that he has decent technique and can dribble past opponents. Of course, he doesn't have the elegant close control dribbling like Verratti, but he is fast and can force his way through midfield by his strength if he needs to.
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    That is paranoia. The same was said for Mata — since then we won two PL while Manchester United finished respectively 7th, 5th, 4th and 6th... When de Bruyne signed for Manchester City, it was all doom and dark. They finished 3rd and 4th... The same goes for Sturridge and Gallas — and probably many others that I do forget. Basically, when was the time we let one of our player go to a direct rival and had to pay the price afterward ? Had we been talking about Hazard, such a paranoia could be justified, but come on... People on this forum love to freak out, my word. Let them have our Serbian Marshal. I am looking forward to see a midfield-three of Matic-Pogba-Fellaini — it will be a sight to behold.
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    You know, if this 58 mil pounds are true, Chelsea is actually the transfers prices "balancer". Bringing Kante for 35, Morata for 58, not spending too much and still winning major trophies, in this crazy times really puts some example for other clubs. Hope this number is true!
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    BREAKING NEWS. Leif has something positive to say about someone.
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    His versatility would be a huge asset for us next season. Even if we still buy 3 or 4 more players, we won't have an awful lot more depth to what we had last season seeing as we've let quite a few players leave. Therefore having a couple of players that can play multiple positions allows Conte to work with a smaller group whilst still retaining adequate cover for different positions and also gives him greater flexibility with regards to changing tactics and formations midway through games. I wouldn't rate him as high as some on here, and he really needs to add a level of consistency to his game but I do think he has the characteristics to make a very good wing back and considering the influence Conte has over Moses, I would expect him to find ways to get the best out of the ox.
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    European football journalist Mina Rzouki on BBC Radio 5 live If you offered me the choice between Morata and Lukaku, I wouldn't even think about it. I would pay £20m or £30m more if I had to and I would bring in Morata. That is because I would always prefer an intelligent player in my team. Even if he doesn't score as many goals, even if he doesn't do whatever he needs to. If he is more intelligent then he can be moulded quicker, he can do what he needs to do. And Morata has Champions League experience. He was second top scorer for Real Madrid despite not starting. He has done it at Juventus and he has done it at Real Madrid. He understands, he has the pace, he is intelligent, he links up play, he can be a counter-attacking threat.
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    I mean...can you blame people? Our board seems excellent at one side of transfer dealings (selling unwanted players for nice fees) and terrible at the other and more important side which is buying players. Two summers ago was an absolute shambles and we know what that caused and last summer was nearly a shambles but for a couple of extremely late deals. Already this summer our supposed #1, sure fire target has a deal wrapped up with a direct rival within a couple of days when we've apparently been working on him for months. I think people are right to be weary at this point. A couple of these deals were supposedly close to come off in the next few days and we'll be fine.
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    I personally feel that some people are overrated certain aspects of Belotti's game. I say that even though he would be my number one target. My order would be 1) Belotti, 2) Morata, 3) Lukaku (Mbappe is a dream, but impossible. I would pay stupid money for him). I think that lukaku has the biggest deficiencies of the three. He will do well and score lots wherever he goes, but he isn't the type of striker to take your team to the next level. When he is at his absolute best, he can be almost unplayable and arguably the best of the 3, but there's so much lacking that stops that from happening. Since this is the Belotti thread, I won't go further than that though. On to Belotti. I think he is brilliant. He does have that costa/tevez type of fight and determination (without the massive negatives of costa). This type of willpower really does have an effect on the team. It wears the defense down, but it also gives a lift to the team. Teammates cling to that and it is contagious. It's that little bit of scruffiness and fight that pushes a team over the line when they are having an off day. He presses brilliantly and willfully (vital in our system). He drives the team forward (as his coach or president of torino, forget which one, said). His runs stretch the defense and allow other attacking players to get in to the mix. When he gets the ball deep, his first thought is to go straight forward. One track mind at time it seems, and that is something I value in a striker. He is a surprisingly good dribbler in space and when he is at speed. It's hard to stop him once he starts going. So when he gets it deep, he drives the whole team forward quickly and effectively. More on other type of dribbling later on. He is excellent in the air. Again, it has a lot to do with his sheer determination to get to the ball first. He knows how to position himself well for crosses (if we end up with him and sandro, it will quite the partnership). He is pretty good at holding play up. He is physical and strong, and holds the ball well enough to left his teammates get there. When he releases the ball, he is immediately making a run forward and making himself available. He struggles getting the ball away from his feet some though. Areas I think he is lacking and overrated by a few: I think his overall technical quality is not near as good as many make it out to. Yes, it is better than both lukaku and costa, but it's not top level. In his highlight videos, it looks good, but when you watch full games or all his touches in a game, you see it is lacking. His passes are often hit too hard, he doesn't quite have that touch. His first touch is okay, but not excellent, theres a few times most games where it's just too heavy. Along the same lines, he is not that good at dribbling in spaces that are tighter. When he is at pace, he is very good though. As I said, he is my first choice and I rate him very highly. He does come with his flaws though. He is decent enough technically that it does not negatively effect the overall team play as I see lukaku's doing. He is the type that will always make a difference on the game whether he is scoring or not (another thing I think lukaku lacks).
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    The same people that didn't want Lukaku are now disheartened cause the club isn't getting Lukaku anymore..
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    inside info (now edited and properly checked): the player and his agent agreed and it looks like Juve doesn't want to sell him at all and that's why things cooled down. Now it's down to Juve actually holding their ground and holding a player that already told them he doesn't want to stay or if they will agree to sell him off. Got this straight from the the player's staff (not me, but my peer). He wants to play for Chelsea and the club and the player already agreed on everything. The press release has been written for a week now.
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    Not the right arguement... There is a reason though why the great Manolas was only pursued by the mighty Zenit and Rudiger was on Chelsea radar for some years now.
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    Would take our summer business thus far from solid to fantastic. Just can't see them selling their two best defenders and 3 of their back 5 in the same window.
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    Right. So first thing's first - happy to end our striker hunt. Secondly, as some of you know I don't rate the guy as highly but I'll keep my mind open as always. Thirdly, my main problem was the outrageous fees that were coming out - the 70/80m's. But we've apparently got him at £58m (initial) which isn't bad at all. It'll be great to have a striker who's known for his reliable link up play, but I hope Morata is ready for the Chelsea challenge. This is the first club where he'll be the undisputed number one striker, so he has some pressure. For £58m, he's a better buy than Lukaku at £75m for sure. Almost £20m less! A lot less pressure. The move feels good. Well done to the board who managed to negotiate this fee. Low key hoping that Conte's new contract enforced this and maybe another big signing (Alex Sandro ).
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    I can put my house on the fact that all of who say he is shit, haven't watched a full single game in which he featured for Roma. Come forward the one fan who can sincerely say he knows him and thinks he is bad. For as far as I know, every Roma fan who actually watched him, says it's great business by us and that he is a very good (though injury prone) defender. Check here what they think of him: http://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/monchi-business.2039275/page-93 Anyway, I know it's a bit disappointing given the fact we were linked to giants such as Bonucci and VVD, but I also think that they don't worth as much as their respective teams are demanding. I truly think that spending 30 million on a defender like Rudiger is better business than 65 million on Van Dijk. I also don't think Ake has shown that he is good enough to be a starter at Chelsea. I believe Rudiger is, and to send off a player that had a nice season on loan at a bottom club for 20 million and a buy back option is fantastic for both parties involved. A summer with a return of Christiansen, and acquisitions of Rudiger, Bakayoko, Sandro and Lukaku (or another top striker) will be fucking unbelievable. It will be enough for us to challange on all fronts. So please stop being so butthurt and have some faith.
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    You're a brave man browsing twitter on 2%
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    He is not the only one — me too, I have seen the epiphany. It is like in Dragon Ball Z, where San Goku is so fast and so strong, that when he fights against opponents that are on par with him, all of his friends cannot see what is happening as it is too quick for their eyes. This is the same for Matic. What he does is so quick, so subtle and so refined that nearly nobody can appreciate what he is doing on the pitch, aside of a few connoisseurs. Actually you should search for that interview of Pep Guardiola, where he talks in depth about his team at Barcelonna. He explains that he was desperate to sign the Serbian genius, but unfortunatly, could not. As a consequence, he was left with no other choices than to allocate Matic's role between his three midfielders (Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets). And while everyone consider this midfield-three to be one of the best midfield in history, Guardiola stresses very intensively, in his interview, that he was still not satisfied as he had to use three players (Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets) to do the job which could have been done by only one (Matic). He even admitted that he and del Bosque had a secret plan to try and fashion Sergio Busquets into the same mold as Matic — needless to say, it did failed. Ancelotti too, has had a lot of nice words towards our Serbian Marshal. Just the other day, when he was discussing his failure here at Chelsea, he told the reporter that it was undoubtedly due to the critical mistake of having sold Matic to Benfica. To have lost Matic was what made the difference between a winning team scoring 103 goals and a team that painfully finished second ex-æquo. As for Mourinho, well, after we won the League he made the mistake to give the creative duty to Hazard — and it backfired greatly as we fell one point above the relegation zone. I hope Conte does not make the same mistake and that he is able to see the crucial importance — and no words strong enough do exist to emphasize enough the importance — that Matic represents for the team.
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    Awkward [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No, according to the like he has acid humor and tons of sarcasm. My kind of person
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    Matic off Chalobah off RLC loan Costa off Hazard broken ankle and we signed a keeper
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    Even though he seems to be the most reliable reporter for Chelsea, Matt Law is the king of saying nothing in his articles.
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    It's brilliant. Picked up mine and my wee fellas earlier. Best shirt in years. Retro looking as it can be. Love it. That blue 😍
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    Extremely shortsighted and plain stupid if we sell him there. Essentially completing Mourinho's midfield for him and significantly improving their squad. He should be kept unless he forces his way out or we receive an acceptable bid from a foreign club. Think he'd 100% be a hit at United and we'd seriously regret it.
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    I can't believe this guy is only 23 years old. It seems he has been here for ages.
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    A guy on another forum I spend some time on who is a massive Serie A & La Liga nerd and also happens to hate Chelsea wrote this about Morata: "Morata will do very well at Chelsea and I will be quite surprised if he doesnt score more than 20 goals. I see nothing strange with the transfer fee considering his quality, previous clubs and goal production from somewhat limited game time. He has qualities that I think will fit Chelsea superbly, especially his ability to run between the lines and to carry the ball forward at a very high pace. His arrival may very well bring Chelsea's offense to another level". It just made me smile as he has been very accurate with a lot of transfers coming out from Italy. Of course it is just his personal opinion, but always great to hear someone who watches like every game of the league be positive. If we can bring in Sandro I barely care about the rest of the transfers. Getting Bakayoko, Sandro and Morata would be a truly amazing transfer window, and the opinion seems to be that once Rudiger can polish his decision-making a bit he can be world class too.
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    Morata cost us....Bamford, Atsu, Cuadrado, Begovic and Ramires
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    Driving seat? Passenger seat more like.
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    Someone reliable said United was in for Lukaku for quite a while, the transfer wasnt done overnight as BBC reported. It kind of makes sense. Lukaku said a while ago he knows where he is moving, he then went to usa training with Pogba, and in meantime called Chelsea rumours BS. Unfortunely it all looked like he was practicaly ours, but if you think again, it was all assumptions only. All those "he is chelsea fan and would lovev to move here" quotes were bs too, mostly what fans threw out to make transfer reasonable, but Lukaku himself didnt say that in quite a long time. On paper it looked like he is Chelsea bound, but neither him, chelsea, everton said anything about fees or personal agreements. Maybe he was on Chelsea shortlist and Utd beaten us to it, but he definately wasnt out and out first choice, at least not anymore because for all we know, Lukaku might decide to go to United two months ago when he said he knows where he is going. Bottom line, as long we get proper striker, I couldnt care less. Lukaku is far from ideal striker for me anyway. And if our late bid of 75m pounds is true, that means we are not that short from Morata or Belotti.
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    Honestly, I really hope we manage to sign Belotti. He impressed me much more then Lukaku and Morata. His hunger, movement, finishing, versatility and overall energy are amazing. He reminds me of prime Falcao with his goals and how he starts running to celebrate the moment after he scores. It could be that Conte wants him rather then Morata and Lukaku so that's why the delay.
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    With Sandro, Bakayoko and Lukaku we can pray Conte does a miracle again in the PL, needless to say no chance in the CL.