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    With Kai, Hakim and Timo around goodluck with that.
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    I see our CBs getting the praise for their work today. The goalie is the key here. With no Kepa behind them, they just feel more confident. Simple as that. That is what a solid gk does. Now imagine a class gk.
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    i wasnt this excited about a player coming in since werner
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    All the big six (plus Wolves and Leicester) beaten atleast once but no potential of being a top coach apparently.
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    5th domestic cup final in 6 seasons. 3rd FA Cup final in 4 seasons. 1st win over Solskjaer's Man United in 6 games!
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    That tackle from Zouma was epic. He was covering Christensen who was beyond shyte today.
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    My stance has been the same for quite some time. The standard of officiating all over Europe is hopeless. Until something is done we will benefit from it and get screwed over from it. However shit the ref was today doesn't change the fact that we should have put this sorry excuse of an Arsenal side to bed and failing that, not given them a way back in with peak Allardyce route one.
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    2 absolutely massive stoppage times in the last home league games - Giroud scoring a winner against Norwich, today Mount and Giroud securing us vital victory. WE DID IT! Without Hazard, with transfer ban, youth coming through, rookie coach. We made it to the Champions League! What a day! What a season lol. Now go on win the cup. And unleash new lions/signings!
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    Giroud is one of the best signings of past years. He had zero hype. He was cheap. Yet he was key in Europa League trophy last season, and he was key in saving our season. Team looked set to finish 6th pra 7th with no proper CF. Now the team will pretty much finish inside top 4 and is in FA Cup Final. He played a big part in both achievements.
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    July 2019 "we'll be patient with these young players" July 2020 "what's the point of him"
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    FL lost it from the start again, selecting Tammy ahead of a much much better Giroud and under estimating SU like he did with WHU This Tammy love has to stop and it has to stop now.
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    It is 2020 and people still think Barkley will become good...
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    If we go onto to win the FA Cup this is an outstanding season...even without the FA Cup Lampard has done a really good job.
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    This is the levels, we qualify for top 4 and celebrate with little fist pumps....Spurs draw 1-1 to qualify for EL and Mourinho and staff are dancing about the touchline.....levels
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    We should also be asking why a clown like hilario is coaching him
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    As the season is ending, I don't think we should judge a manager's job based in the last 3 games. The team might finish inside top 3, with a FA Cup trophy, or in 5th and losing FA Cup final to Arsenal. Very different results, but I don't think he should evaluated based in those outcomes. I don't think Lampard's job this season was good enough. The team might well finish in 3rd, but this was a very unusual season. United, Spurs and Arsenal all went through huge period of crisis, and with one game to go, we are closer to 12th placed Southampton than to 2nd placed City. Its tempting to picture Lampard's work this season as amazing and unreal if we finish inside top 4 because "nobody expected us to finish inside top 4", but the expectations are adjusted as the season progress. Lampard had some positives, specially in the way he trusted young blood. His attacking football mentality is also a bonus, and he never gave that up, even if in some games he used 5 at the back. He was also humble to review some of his beliefs, like reintroducing Giroud and finally accepting Pulisic is a key player in the current team, and at some point he also realized that he was over evaluating the quality of Mount, James, Abraham and Tomori. To other side, there are many flaws in his work. Defensive system is the biggest one. Some of his positives were also undermined by repeating same mistakes over again. If at some point he realized the english kids weren't as good as he thought, his decisions to start Gilmour over Jorginho when both were available never made sense. He gave Pulisic some playing time, benched Mount, only to bench Pulisic again in favor of Mount. At the end of the season we don't exactly what is Lampard ideal starting XI, and we don't really whats his football style. I don't think we end the season as a solid foundation for next season. I got a positive vibe at the end of last season, as I believed Sarri had created some solid basis there. I don't have the same felling right now. To other side the board knew what they were getting when they hired Lampard one year ago. I think all of those flaws in his job were pretty much expected, so it doesn't make any sense to fire him even if the team don't finish inside top 4 and don't win the FA Cup. Lets see what the board expects from him next season, specially that team is making some bold moves on the market again.
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    even though this was just a 1-0, it is not htat we have been hanging on for dear life. we could have scored more but we defended well today. too much negativity on here. this was a mature performance in defence. Our attack is just terrible
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    With us not fucking about with the Werner deal and Ziyech deal you have to think the trend will continue here too. Falck and Romano in on the act now, lets hope this gets done and done quickly. If this gets done, we have some serious fire power come next season
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    This. Thought Gilmour, despite the shaky start, did well today. Jorginho's experience highlighted his performance tonight. The way he makes space for himself is second to none on the team.
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    Reece James has that same problem that RLC does. They both have all the physical tools to be monstrous, freak footballers but they are both so nonchalant, loose, and lackadaisical. If they had aggressive, assertive mentality to go along with their physical ability they'd be world class. Also, much as I love Billy and he's one for the future for sure, Jorginho is our midfield boss without question, instantly made a dramatic difference when he came on.
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    Drinkwater always seems to be in a happy, positive mood despite his career just coming to a complete halt for years now. Guess he's got enough paper for it not to matter?
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    This is a proper cup tournament, not one a one-off game for a trophy like the Community Shield. Since we are in the final, it’s kinda BS to say it doesn’t mean much, particularly it is the FA Cup. Lots of players, especially the younger ones, haven’t won a single trophy in their career and winning it would help give that winning feeling and breed that winning mentality in the team, much in the same way it did when we won the League Cup under Mourinho in 2004.
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    Matt Law on the Kepa & GK situation... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/07/27/chelsea-talks-withbayer-leverkusen-fee-midfielder-kai-havertz/
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    Last 6 games at SB just one goal conceded. KDB free kick.
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    Werner is calling Havertz and telling him to get his arse here NOW lolol
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    Not really, Kai will be playing in the middle and even with Ziyech signed he'll still be third choice winger at worst, which will lead to a lot of playing time when you consider the packed schedule and injury's. Furthermore, it's easy to forget now Puli's in the best form of his career but there were times last season CHO was outperforming him, infact this time last year he was considered the better prospect. It's also easy to forget he's still only 19, for perspective when Ziyech hits his 30's CHO will be 22 and still a good few years from his own prime. The notion his pathway is blocked couldn't be further from the truth. Reason we're signing Havertz before defense is you don't say no when these talents become available, theoretically in 2012 we should have ignored Eden and focused on the pivot but i think we can all agree 12 months more of suffering with Rami, Obi and aged Lamps was worth it, we're not winning the league next season so if getting Kai in means we have to wait a year to really plough into the defense then so be it, furthermore if we can get an upgrade on Kepa (even just a quick fix who merely masters the basics) i think we'll be surprised at just how much better/less chaotic things look, even this season we've had many games where we've conceded next to no chances.
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    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all we need is draw in either game
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    BREAKING: Kai Havertz expected to be CONFIRMED as a Chelsea player next week, total agreement is IMMINENT. acc to Corriere dello Sport.
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    Delighted Absolutely delighted 3rd place and the FA Cup - who would have dreamed that. I honestly thought we would finish around 8th or 9th before a ball was kicked. Not negative, just realistic 👍
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    He was stupid for giving away the pen but the rest of the critisism is wildly over the top, as usual.
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    Pulisic carrying us like Hazard did
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    You say this every season lol Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    I thought he learned from his idiotic decision to start with Tammy against West Ham. Nope. He gave this lamp-post of a striker an instant reward for scoring a goal against CP. I've said it before, Tammy should NEVER start a game till the end of the season until he gets into hot scoring form. And what an absolute STUPID decision to keep Tammy on in this game, and remove the most influential attacker in Pulisic. Probably also trying to please Willian, who is probably running ragged after playing 90 mins of every game, and is ironically halfway out the door. And what's Lampard's idea for fixing a leaky defense? Simple: Keep rotating the back four every time we lose a game. Won't be surprised to see Willy Caballero come on for Kepa in the next game. That will be his next 'fix'.
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    Jorginho is a waste of a spot. Next week should be his last game for us. This should be his last start.
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    I am more worried about how I am going to play at golf tomorrow than us completing this deal.
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    He's used the Mourinho text book perfectly this last week, firstly by rattling OGS and now by having the media talk about his "meltdown" at Anfield instead of the squad before such a crucial match.
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    Kai #Havertz has asked #BayerLeverkusen to be sold this #transfers-window. He wants to join #Chelsea. Total agreement between his agent and Marina Granovskaia. Agreed personal terms for a contract until 2025 (€8M+add-ons/year). Now #CFC working to finalize the deal with BLev Yesssss
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    @Ryebread @Vesper it's in your best interest to drop this now.
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    As some have said, our record this season is not great when the back 3 is used in consecutive games...
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    If you have the BT app tune into "Ziyech:Wizard of AMS". Gives you a great insight into the man aswell as the player. He goes over his personal feelings when Nouri collapsed (he was right next to him when it happened) and how it affected his season, how he reacted to THAT Spurs game and how it took a while to win the love/trust of the Ajax faithful, amoung other things. Really really good watch! EDIT: to make it even easier I've found it on YouTube.
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    Frank set the team up HORRIBLY to face a back 3 playing team Tammy is useless in this type of game there is always a 3rd CB to cover him if he gets away from the other two
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    I am more than sure that Reece will come good. More than just good, actually. He is just having a blip, just like every single youngster in the squad. They are young after all. Just like with Tomori, he is a defender so a bad patch will become more apparent. Don't get me wrong - I fume at some stuff I have been seeing from Reece. But he will get through this period and we will enjoy having him in the starting eleven.
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    I do find it strange how the general goalposts have been moved. When we drew vs Arsenal despite largely playing well and smashing them for the most part that's irrelevant because only the result counts now it's the other way round performance matters after all.
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