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    It takes balls and knowledge to take out Morata who wasn't good. Conte took a risk and it worked! Bravo Antonio! It's nice to see all supporters still signing ANTONIO ANTONIO, even in moments like those.
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    Some fans should feel ashamed of themselves with the abuse they give Cahill. I get he is not everyone's cup of tea and when people use constructive criticism of why they want him out but seeing the class of some fans who call one of our own names like 'cunt, donkey, spastic' and making videos taking the piss out of him is pathetic. Just look at what he has contributed for us in the time has been here. Won everything, contributed goals, put his body on line and you get fans treating him the way they do. Really sad.
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    WHAT A FUCKING PERFORMANCE!!!! My personal MoTM? N'Golo fucking Kante. He was unbelievable today and absolutely all over the pitch. 3-5-2 has to be the way forward for every big match against a top opponent.
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    I think people in here saying Luiz should be dropped are crazy. It's Cahill that needs to make way for Rüdiger or Andreas.
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    You know, I just wanted to come here and praise Michy for his attitude. He gets some stick from us, but what has impressed me is that in his first season he barely played, got humiliated several times with a few secondcameos, couldn't even get a game when Costa wasn't fit. Any other player would have sulked and left or gone on loan, but he stuck to it and is reaping his rewards. Getting plenty of game time now, scoring goals, always having a positive attitude. There are obvious footballing reasons why he is a substitute, but besides that I really like how he didn't jump ship at first opportunity.
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    Fantastic game...cant remember the last time we were actualy in control against a top team in europe. Regardless of result, I would be proud even if we lost. But the win is even sweeter. Good game on both ends, we played like a team, our midfield stood their ground, we were composed in defence and our attack was quick and efficient. We could easily score one or two more. Brilliant performance, hopefuly we show similar against city.
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    Willian is a player that’s great in the 2nd third of the pitch, bringing the ball into the final third. After that though his brain freezes. He didn't destroy anything imo because he literally just wasted the ball almost every time he got into the final third.
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    We were never good against pressing, not under Mourinho or anybody else. It has more to do with lack of quality than the coach.
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    Definitely beneficial when we're doing more attacking and he's not asked to defend much or play as an auxiliary left back.
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    Luiz MOTM. Absolutely outstanding at the back today and really charged the team forward in a crucial time. People won’t talk about his performance though.
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    If we hire Ancelotti again, we can forget about winning the league in the coming seasons.
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    No, Chelsea went back to the top after a poor start because of Conte and that glorious winning streak, not because others were poor. You don't get to win 13 on the bounce, score 30+ goals and keep 10 clean sheets in the process just because "others were just not good enough". United had the exact same team last season, bar Lukaku, but Ibrahimovic up top. The difference this season is their easy run of fixtures so far. Swap any of the top sides with United and they would all be on the same points as United is now, if not better, with that fixture list. Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea - three of the next four matches for United. Let's see after the Chelsea game how much they've improved. Nobody can predict the future so I find it irrelevant to draw any conclusions like most of you do now. But talking about the past, it has a tendency to repeat itself, so you never know... Before Chelsea go to the Emirates on New Year's Eve, we get to play only two difficult matches until the end of the year - at home against United and away at Liverpool. 12 others are against lesser sides. And 7 out of these 12 matches are at home Think some of you should reconsider your thoughts now days after the City match. You might be in for a surprise before the Arsenal game on NYE when Chelsea will probably be way closer to the top than most of you would imagine.
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    Spot on mate and one thing I would like to add is that people these days draw conclusions way too early in the season. You win two in a row, hooray we're going to win the league. You lose one, nah we're not good enough, need to rethink everything. It's like they never learn and it's like this every single season. Last season at this exact moment Chelsea was losing 0-3 at the Emirates and was trailing City by eight points IIRC. And by the way City was demolating everything in front of them just like they do now. I'm not saying it is surely going to happen the same thing (Chelsea to come from behind and City to start dropping points all of a sudden), maybe City won't even lose a single game this season. But can anybody predict the future? Especially in the EPL? Everything is possible in this league. And let's not forget Chelsea have definitely had the worst schedule so far. And on top of that, prior to yesterday's match, Chelsea have played Atletico in Madrid and were coming after an emotional win. I'm not trying to find excuses, no way, although I don't think it would be wrong to talk about the two days rest in between these two massive games. I mean - with an International break coming up, surely this match could have been moved on Monday night, or at least Sunday night. But Saturday? After finishing the game in Madrid close to midnight on Wednesday?... Whereas Liverpool play on Tuesday night and get to play late on Sunday afternoon... Look at Real Madrid now - they are currently seven points behind Barcelona. A side led by Messi that could win every match in that two horse league. But nobody is talking about the league being finished already and other crap like we've seen on this forum. For me the worst thing about the defeat against City is not the result. Or anything related to this game. It's the fact that I saw a lot of United fans taking the piss, some of them saying "can we write Chelsea off now?". No you can't you fucking bellends. You've played no decent team so far and had the easiest schedule a team could dream of. I hate Liverpool and Spurs with a passion, but my God how I'd wish they beat the shit out of United in the next rounds.
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    Even if we drew or lost, I am just so happy with the way we played away in a big CL game! I am so used to us going away with the likes of Mourinho and watching ABSOLUTE DROSS for 90mins. Shite like playing AZPI ON THE WING (which I will never forgive). Just look at what these guys can do when the manager has confidence in them. I am so happy we have Don Conte. So happy.
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    I always thought Eden and Diego had a horrific understanding considering they played three seasons together. Eden and Eto'o had developed a better one within weeks despite Eto'o not playing every week. But yeah, Cesc-Eden-Alvaro will be magic once they start playing together week in week out.
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    What I like is that whenever the team performs badly, regardless of the result, he comes out saying we need to do better. I genuinely think that the football played by the team is leaving Conte sleepless and he's working to find a strategy that works for this squad. That's the right attitude you want to see in a manager and I will back Conte for the next two seasons. It would be a mistake to sack him
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    Did you actually watch the game? We didn't set out to the park the bus. We had some threat going forward - looking to launch quick counter attacks - when Morata was on the pitch and even after he went off, I'd argue that we actually looked to play the same way but because we had no one leading the line, no one capable of working the ball into the City area, we ended up looking very defensive. But even then, it's just one game or rather, half-a-game. Can you really use such small size sample to say Conte also "parks the bus" like Mourinho in big games?
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    It is so refreshing to see a striker with proper link-up play and hold-up qualities playing for our team. I loved Diego, but his lack of technique and skill was also very frustrating, he destroyed countless attacks which could have been goals with his stupid running into opponents. When you have people like Hazard, Fabregas, Pedro and Willian you simply have to get a technical sound striker, who in the end we really got in Alvaro. It´s still early days, but you can see that Morata fits our system very well and our AMs profit to play with him so far, our attacks look much more fluid than in the last few years. I didn´t expect him to hit the ground running in this short period of time and score so many goals for us (and not only stat padding against weak sides), so I just hope he continues like this.
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    This is why possession football is so important. See how good we look when we keep the ball. Of course Atletico is different from other top teams in Europe, they are not possession based but I want to see us continue in this way against other top teams. I really love this 3-5-2 away from home vs the top teams. Perfect blend of everything.
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    What a player. Privileged. Don’t see players like Azpi around too often these days.
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    Balon dOr is a popularity contest. No way he is getting ahead of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, they are the most marketed players and Eden simply isnt such personality. For same reason Ramos is getting more praise than lets say Chiellini.
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    Again the failures in the transfer window are hurting this team. Too many complimentary players no where near enough pace and technical quality. Sans Kante this team is a mess in the midfield. If Debruyne has a bad game there's Silvia, Sane, Aguero, Jesus etc. Chelsea loses Morata and they don't look like the could score in a whorehouse.
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    It is hard not to feel the board lost their way and ambition since the 2013/14 season. Before that, the board seemed to have a clear idea of what they want the squad to be like - bought young, exciting, creative players and wanted to shift from the pragmatic football to a more attractive one. We even wanted to sign Guardiola to build that and impose attacking football at the club but couldn't get him and for some reason, we went with Mourinho because when we brought him back, all those plans went out of the window completely. We hired a manager that is incompatible with those kind of players, sold them one by one and ended up with a squad that is horribly lacking in quality for a big side. While I'm not saying that quality players do not work hard but we have been having more workhorses in the squad than quality players and players who can provide that X factor. To compound matters, whenever we have bought players in the last couple of years, it's mostly to replace outgoing players as opposed to genuinely adding onto those we already have and boosting our squad depth and half of those players are desperately average or terrible. Conte may have his faults - which manager does not make mistakes? - but we can only blame him so much because the board seriously cannot expect him (or any other manager) to perform miracles with such flawed squad, be successful when the competition is so strong domestically and in Europe and then sack him when things go south. We were arguably one of top 5 - or even top 3 - sides in the world 7-8 years ago but we have gone downhill since then. Do the club want to be serial winners or just content with one trophy every now and then?
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    He wasn't good, and that's being said after the game. Good. But the idea along the lines of, 'How come Hazard always escapes fire when we play shit!?!?!?' is stupid. If a player is generally your best player for 7 or 8 out of 10 games, you don't give him the same smacking as the players who go missing 8 out of 10 games, do you? Why would you do that? It isn't 'fair'.
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    We were not allowed to play, and closed down as soon as we got the ball.. Pep learned from his two defeats last season, and to give him credit got his revenge tonight. Overall we were very poor, but Christensen was immense .Hazard wasn't let play. I thought it a very strange decision to bring on Willian when Morata got injured. To me, it then looked like we were playing for the draw. You need a target man upfront if we are to play the way we have been playing. We were lucky it was only one goal. City look the real deal this season and wont drop many points, and they have 2 good players for nearly every position on the park. But I'm not too upset. We have played Arsenal, Spurs and City in our opening matches whereas I think this was City's first big game ( I wouldn't call Liverpool a big game) and Utd haven't played anyone of note yet, so we are still in with a fighting chance. And we wont get any tougher test than we got tonight. Although we lost, there were some positives, One was Christensen and the other was that we are fairly hard to break down when our backs are to the wall. Beware Palace, City have poked the Lion and he's angry.
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    One positive of this match is that Christiansen has been very good. These are the best opponents I've seen him against and he's possibly been our best player.
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    Dzeko is so much better than he's given credit for.
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    Thought we had messed up the opportunity to win by overplaying the free kick but get in! Genuinely never expected such a performance and result - especially away against one of Europe's better sides - but that was bloody impressive. We better go on to win this group!
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    I'm here, didn't have the chance to log in these days Our first real test...
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    This lad has been getting away with murder recently with his performances. He's been one of our worst players in the series of poor performances we've had.
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    It's almost as if they take special delight in watching managers fail after a season of success. It's common sense we had to capitalize on the gift title (and it was a gift since no one expected it) that Conte delivered. Instead they hang him to dry. I don't know what to say anymore. Roman needs to take a hard look at himself also.
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    Seems like him and Moses are brought down to their real level this season. I like both, but boy Conte did a miracle last season to win the league with average wingbacks.
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    How things can change after one loss His game is based on stamina and Conte already stated that team was tired after tough match against Atletico ... he was superb against Spanish team and actually in all games before City. I don't know who are you kidding if you actually think that Matić would make a difference in Saturdays game. Our whole team looked tired and we lacked aggressiveness. Once again - OUR WHOLE TEAM!
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    Honestly. Would be incredibly sad but 5 years of this nonsense is hard man. When you have a player like Eden and don’t build around him properly it’s incredibly sad. At least we’ve taken a step forward with Morata but we really do need another top quality forward to help him.
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    They played well but we didn’t. We were more offensive in that game but that’s not exactly hard is it? We played with 9 men behind the ball today, at home. I don’t care if it’s City or Barcelona or PSG or Madrid, we have enough quality in the team to not play like that at home. Conte gave Arsenal too much respect, and he gave City even more.
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    Jesus vs. Moses. The first real test.
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    That was the most complete performance from us I can think of in Europe, it was absolutely outstanding. Even when they scored I never worried because we were so dominant and playing with a mass intensity. To go there and beat them in their new home, but do it so convincingly was just sublime in every way. Hazard is getting lots of plaudits and rightly so, but Morata was fucking brilliant, his hold up play and work rate was phenomenal. Topped off by Costa looking sick as fuck.
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    I think it's worth the risk. When he's playing, everyone else on the field is a modern pistol, while he's a large cannon from the middle ages. The large cannon does have a higher chance of failing in its execution; its older; but it was also crafted in more delicate & creative times, so when that cannon does execute, it makes the pistols look like toys. It's worth taking the risk of having a lump of uselessness if half the time it'll blow everyone away.
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    I love this from MARCA: "Porque pocas veces se ha sentido tan pequeño el Atlético de Simeone. Diminuto, para ser exactos. El Chelsea era más alto... y tenía a Hazard. Absolutamente indetectable, el belga se adueñó enseguida del flamante estadio rojiblanco para convertir el partido en un monólogo 'blue' ante el que lo peor fue la falta de respuesta. En cuarto de hora había tenido dos ocasiones y había habilitado a Morata para otras dos, pero lo más cerca que anduvo de la red entonces fue cuando estrelló un disparo en el poste. No está mal, pero no es suficiente. Porque sin gol no hay paraíso. Ni siquiera en el jardín de Eden." This is my own translation. It's few times that Simeone's Atletico has felt so small. Diminutive to be exact. Chelsea were taller...and had Hazard. Absolutely undetectable (Unstoppable would be better, but undetectable is the literal word being used here.You get the idea), the Belgian took over the brand-new red and white stadium immediately to transform the match into a 'Blue' monologue (I really don't know how to properly translate the last part). In a quarter of an hour he had 2 chances and had created two more for Morata, but the closest he got to the net was when he had hit the post. Not bad, but not enough. Because without a goal there's no paradise. Not even in the garden of Eden.
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    Simeone on TV: "The opponent was the better team, they were the more comfortable team in all moments, and deserved to win."
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    Don't forget this was his first start in a competitive game (Nottingham Forrest was a training session). To put in that performance away to a beastly team lik Atletico were even Messi and Cristiano have struggled to perform in the past is mindboggling. The talent this guy has still amazes me even after 5 years at the football club. He was basically unplayable all game
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    Results as captain: W 4-2 Spurs W 2-1 Spurs W 2-0 Everton W 2-1 Leicester W 4-0 Stoke