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    Newsflash: The Metropolitan Police have called off the search for Wilfred Zaha he's been in Reece James's pocket all day
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    He shouldn't have even got booed in the first place.
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    Kovacic left it all on the pitch today impressive effort. Wasn't always pretty and the ending was a bit nervy at times...but three points is three points. And spurs lost so get in!!
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    That was essentially a 2-1 thrashing. Did everything but scored 4, 5, 6 goals, especially in the second half.
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    No disrespect to Lille but if we can't beat them at home, then we don't deserve to go through.
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    Not buying it sorry. Nonsensical and lazy analysis from Jose, read between the lines. He's not saying it in a genuine way imo. He obviously doesn't agree/understand the whole youth movement to begin. He's talking about Chelsea as if we're the complete team already and aren't lacking in quality and experience which is ridiculous in my opinion. Nobody expected Chelsea to be ahead of City at this stage of the season, some even had us scrapping for top 10. This sort of analysis from Jose sounds like jealousy/he's been proven wrong because he didn't believe in the youth when he was here, so he needs to scrutinize them in this veiled way which on the surface seems like fair criticism but let's be honest, it's bitter from him. Fake constructive criticism. Let's actually keep it in context and look at all of our big games this season so far. We've played United, Liverpool (Super Cup), Leicester, Liverpool, United (League Cup), Ajax away and Ajax home. Let's just summarise these to see whether we've done bad in big games so far given our expectations. 1. United away, first game of the season. 4-0 scoreline flatters United big time. Lampard's first game in the PL, individual mistakes severely punished but overall we definitely looked like the side with more potential (which has held true so far this season). Nobody too surprised about this result. Tactically naive and missing lots of players. 2. Super Cup final. Against the best in Europe, matched them completely and we were arguably the better team overall. Lost on penalties. Already a huge improvement in a big game but again undone by some individual mistakes. Tactically pretty much spot on. 3. Leicester are the second best team in the league atm and have been outstanding. A game we had under control but a lapse in concentration caused a goal to be conceded (set piece yet again mind you). Tactically pretty spot on again imo. 4. Liverpool in the PL. Again undone by a set piece and some individual mistakes. However showcased a good framework tactically and didn't embarrass ourselves against the champions of Europe. 5. United League cup - put out somewhat of a B team and again essentially beaten by a wonder set piece goal. Not really important imo. 6. Ajax away and home. Superb win at the JCA, superb comeback at the Bridge. Glossed over by Jose as we're now suddenly expected to dismantle CL semi finalists. The point is that we've steadily been improving in big games and have put in some very promising performances. SFL has set his ambitions on creating an attacking team, a team that doesn't shelve it's whole identity in big games, something Jose fundamentally disagrees with as he's naturally a short term thinking, defensive coach. Jose doesn't do long term processes and to him it's about winning now rather than building something over the years like Klopp and Pep have. It's why he's been left behind in today's game. His criticism seems to be about Lampard's tactics when it's experience and quality that we're lacking. Overall we've been good tactically in big games. He's talking as if Chelsea should be beating all big teams this season which is far from the case. This is why I find his criticism disingenuous.
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    Ya know i've been reading here this morning, about how bad some players were Mount etc, yes i know he and they had poor games, and there were even a couple of folk who were calling for Lamps to be sacked....and no i don't think they were joking. What a lot of you on here is still failing to notice is we are in transition, how many times have I had to say this? it's going to take time. On the way there is going to be disappointments, but for christ sake get a grip. Look how long it took Klopp to get where the scouse cunts are now, I get the impression if he had been here with his form there would have been those of you calling for his head. I am still firmly behind Lamps, and then when he gets a chance to bring in his own choices, it's still going to take a while to get his ideas across. It's not going to happen overnight, it might take as long as Klopp did, get used to the idea of disappointments, but there will be good times as well. What I cannot understand is up to the Shitty game folk on here were raving about how well we were playing and we were definitely going to finish in the top four, and even after the city game the were still positives that in spite of the defeat how well we played and deserved better. Now one poor performance and tactical errors the knives are out. That's it my longest ever post and i'm fucking
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    Pulisic out will be a huge huge blow. On his current form he can really hurt that back line of City's. I don't think Odoi is ready for a game like this, certainly not from the start.
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    What I find really impressive is how well we're locking down games against lesser sides at Stamford Bridge. Last three league opponents to the Bridge have been totally strangled out of the game almost to the point we may aswell have removed Kepa's goal. Gives me huge confidence that we can eventually build the consistency to challenge the top two.
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    Alonso is not worth the other 90% negative attributes he brings to the pitch
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    I recommend my attitude to international breaks. I don't buy tickets to internationals, I don't watch them on TV, I don't follow them in any way. If everyone did that for a season, we'd be rid of these blasted breaks, instead of just going along with them the way fifa expect us to. Ditch the breaks, use the time saved to shorten the club season so it starts later, and finishes earlier. That makes room in the calendar for an international season. The weather's good, the fan parks open, the flags come out and we can all enjoy getting behind England, or our various national sides. That's the way to do it.
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    Not one doubt. As a Chelsea manager - 'Hazard needs more protection!' As a Man United manager - 'Kick the shit out of Hazard!'
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    Think this maybe the right time to let him go. As crucial as he's been this season we see it a lot with players in their 30's having one last horrah before totally falling off a cliff. It was the mistake we made with the old guard and then a few years later Ivanovic and Terry, while they were still performing we weren't thinking ahead regarding succession plan which left us in a bit of a pickle when they turned to shit. This is a perfect time to end an up down relationship on a high.
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    He said today in the French press: Is Chelsea "too small" for the French international? "Of course not. In Chelsea, I spent three great years winning titles (the Cup and the Europa League in addition to the PL). Chelsea has helped me a lot and I hope it's a club that will allow me to win a lot more titles. I am in Chelsea until 2023 and, in my head, I hope to continue to live beautiful seasons until 2023 http://www.sports.fr/football/transferts/articles/l-annonce-forte-de-kante-sur-son-avenir-2624111/
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    I absolutely love this Chelsea side, youth, desire, players smiling, good football and the air of not knowing but positivity around is quite something. Long my it last. Even @Jason might crack a smile.
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    You don't know what you have until you lose it. Jorginho is absolutely essential to us. He is the director, the pace setter.
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    Pulisic is wayy more talented than people give him credit for
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    Get in boys. Good to get back to winning ways even if that was closer than it should have been
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    Well it ain't Frank's fault if we don't get 3 points from this. Players need to bury those chances!
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    So much for looking a safe bet for the Top 4, aye? That was a fucking atrocious performance!
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    I don't wanna hear any more complaints from Giroud over lack of playing time. The dude is dire
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    Mr. Frank still has a lot to learn. Defending was pretty bad, and in 2nd half Valencia looked like scoring every time they attacked.
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    This was a must not lose game. So why the fuck did not we just take it to the corner and play the time.. I get it, a victory was just one goal away but come on... That was not a good display tactically.
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    My lord, Kovacic is such a joy to watch, brilliant player.
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    Expected to lose before the game and we made a good account of ourselves, but we could have even done better which is frustrating. We troubled them so much in the first half hour then lost our way second half. They weren't that sharp at all which is additionally frustrating. Arsenal dropped points which is good because we still have an 8 point gap over them. Thought Tomori was very good and Kovacic again for me was our best player. Think Mount should have come on earlier tbh. We have West Ham at home next week in the league and with the way they have been playing. Lanzini injured and Diop suspended. We should be winning that. Bring on Valencia!
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    I'll come back later or tomorrow. We didn't play great today but the season we've had so far and the commanding gap we've built in the top 4 places, for there to be a near complete meltdown on this forum because we lost to city away is a difficult read. Some comments I've read about replacing the likes of tomori and tammy because they're either not good enough or we cant wait for them to grow and develop is quite frankly pathetic.
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    I agree with all of that apart from the Leicester game. The space we left them in transitions was suicide and the only reason we escaped with a point was because Madison kept mistiming his through balls to Vardy.
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    Mr Marketig Move so far: 914 minutes 5 goals 6 assists
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    Another win. And got to get a clean sheet too. James was fantastic wow. A little too confident sometimes, but wow he is special. Kovacic, bearing in mind Jorginho was absent and he is not usually in the pivot with Kante, was once again fantastic. Willian top class. Pulisic top class too. Three league games in a row he has scored in and he looks electrifying when he is on the ball, with a purpose. You can see how much improvement he has made. Him being thrown out the limelight for a bit has done him wonders. Did not thought Abraham was at his best today, but another goal and a top finish too. Tomori was solid and Zouma was excellent. Wow, hopefully Leciester beat Arsenal or at worst get a draw and top 4 is looking really good. Nice way to go into the international break.
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    Yes yes yes, big 3 points and a clean sheet. Now let other results go our way I love this team.
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    It REALLY pains me to say that Willian did good today.
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    Oh look, someone's happy with Pulisic!
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    So gonna happen. Gazza not scored in ages. We will be under huge scrutiny on set pieces. Milivojevic deliveries to Tomkins, Cahill, Kouyate etc defended by our kamikaze backline will be chaos. Still got to win this somehow. If we manage to win this we will either have a 9point gap on Arsenal or leapfrog Leicester. We will either close the gap to Liverpool or ManCity. The former would make PL less suspenseful so you can bet your ass on the FA corrupting the ref and rigging VAR to an unprecedented extent. It will be an absolute battle vs 14men and VAR. I guess we will have to score 4 goals for one to stick amidst VAR checks. So take those bloody chances. Dont lose the ball in stupid areas. Dont commit stupid fouls. So Barkley and Alonso the two braindeads in chief should be farther away from the pitch than the FA are from their moral compass.
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    14 league games in, with MASSIVE injuries, a 2 window ban, and a rookie coach you need to have patience my friend
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    10 PL goals. Yes, a very poor striker indeed. 😂😂😂😂 Man some fans are seriously screwed up. You seriously could not make this stuff up. We have a 19 year old right back with world class potential, a 22 year old striker who has 10 PL goals and shoving it up "fan's" asses, a 20 year old CAM who has gone off the boil a bit, 21 year old winger proving all geniuses who thought was a "marketting buy", 22 year old CB who no one predicted to be a PL player before this season. And yet fans are cribbing. Actually fucking cribbing. Unbelievably. I mean what is the thought process in calling Tammy a "poor striker". He has finished his chances, his link up play is good, has decent speed, has scored all kinds of goals. I mean what the actual fuck is wrong with people on here. Fucking hell.
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    Can we play without Jorginho tho? At least every time he's subbed off we seem to lose control of the game completely. If we had CBs who could actually pass the ball he wouldn't be as necessary as he is now
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    When we play Spurs you just know Jose will tell Dier, Alli, Vertonghen etc to wind our young lads up and try and get into their heads. Lampard will be aware of this and his main job before that game will be to prepare them for that.
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    Welcome to life under Lampard at Chelsea… just don’t be late https://theathletic.com/1375805/2019/11/14/welcome-to-life-under-lampard-at-chelsea-just-dont-be-late/?source=shared-article
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    Why do you hate him? He only ever did his best for Chelsea. What more could he do? If he was not a sufficiently good player in your book that's hardly his fault. After all, Gaz didn't pick the team. I was on my feet saluting him yesterday and I'm delighted that this was pretty unanimous around the stadium.
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    Sell Kovacic? What are you smoking? His consistency and performances this season have been excellent. Barkley yes maybe but Kovacic wont be going anywhere anytime soon. 100%. Suggesting that is even more ludicrous. I watched Milinkovic-Savic play against Celtic in the Europa League, Lazio were at home, he was pretty pathetic I thought. I know how good he can be and is but still, Id keep Kovacic than sell him to buy Milinkovic Savic. 100%.
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    We're above Man City going into this and have suffered less league losses than them...
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    All of our top 4 rivals have very tough matches this weekend. This one is massive for us to put pressure on all of them playing after us. PLEEEEEEASE get all 3 points here! Can give ourselves a giant cushion that can afford us a slip up or two later in the season. I haven't wanted us to win as desperately in a while!