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    Do you guys even realize how bad we were in 2016 ? Our highest position was 10th, the one where we finished the season. We had a goal difference of +6. We didn't show the slightest of fights against PSG. We went out against Stoke early in the COC. We went out against Everton in the FA Cup. The best we had done in the league was 3 wins in a row. Our top 4 chance was basically gone by October. This year we were 2nd at some point in January, win tomorrow and we are 5 points short of Tottenham and 7 Liverpool, with a game at home against the latter coming up ( which we might or might not win obviously ). Even if we miss out on Champions League football which is highly likely it will be by a considerably smaller margin than 2016. In 2016 we finished 16 points off top 4, and 13 off the first relegated team, we basically were closer to relegation zone than top 4. We are on course to finish the season with 75 points if we somehow manage to win all remaining Premier League games, in the last 15 PL seasons, this would have enabled us to play CL football the following year in 80% of the cases. It's not a guess, it's an actual statistic. I'm all for giving the players, manager and board stick for this deceiving season guys, but stop rewriting history, nothing we've experienced this year will ever get as low as 2016, that was a total nightmare, terrible.
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    Yeah, 15-16 was much worse. Can't believe people don't remember how bad we were, like twice as bad as now. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Really am bewildered by the constant questioning of Hazard's attitude, not only has he given us 6 years of service (which is a long time in the modern day, especially to a club you had no previous connection to) but also literally every single interview and video i see him in i don't see this bad egg with a big ego that a lot of people bizarrely think he possesses, what i see is a very decent guy of excellent character. If i was told a player was causing trouble in the dressing room and was then told to guess who it was, Eden's name genuinely would not cross my mind.
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    Genuine applause to the fans yesterday from him. Players who give their all are always loved by fans no matter who they may have played for. Well done Giroud and let's hope your example rubs off on some of your under performing team mates who have lead many of us to become disenchanted at times.
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    Didn't like him. Created too much. Was always in position. Tracked back too well. Crosses were too threatening. Haven't seen him take one, but I know his free kicks can't be that good. Back to the bench for you mate.
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    Really good, solid performance in his first league start tonight. Solid defensively and dangerous in attack. Liked the way he delivers the crosses into the box. Conte needs to be questioned on why he hasn't played more this season!
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    Revisionist history. The 15-16 team couldn't build up to save their lives. As bad as we are right now, we still are capable of creating chances.
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    How sad. As a schoolboy, I was in the away end at White Hart Lane watching an eighteen year old Butch Wilkins captain Chelsea in a crucial late season relegation four-pointer. (Two points for a win in those days.) Near the end he missed a chance which would probably have earned a point that could, perhaps, have seen us avoid the relegation which followed a couple of weeks later. Three and a half years after that, I stood opposite The Shelf and watched him dominate a game in which recent Word Cup winners Ossie Ardieles & Ricky Villa featured for Spurs. (Check out Brian Moore's post match comments in the video below.) In between I stood week after week in The Shed chanting, "Wilkins, Wilkins ... born is the king". He was our captain, our leader, a part of the furniture. So much so in fact that he married the Chairman's daughter. He was Mr. Chelsea, the true heir to Ossie's throne. In later years I was not always able to agree with his comments as a pundit but today, and forever more I hope, Chelsea fans will remember the club legend. Thank you Butch.
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    it doesnt really matter who the manager is if the board doesnt change.
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    Agree @WNDS I don't really know what he's moaning about tbh. It's weird. Look at Klopp today : You don't see him moaning about lack of transfer funds every time. Klopp wasn't scared to bring on Solanke tonight. In a freaking UCL quarter final game against City with 20 mins to go + extra time. Our own Solanke. Conte will never. I always thought of Conte as not being a cheque-book manager but based on his career so far he seems like a builder who can't manage his building once he finishes construction. We saw it at Juventus as you stated in the other thread. Conte got Juventus back to a great level. Allegri was the one who took that team to a new level. Conte seems to have problems re-inventing himself which eeringly similar to Mourinho. His moans about transfer spendings are just a cover-up for his failings. He's been all over the place tactically this season which has kind of surprised me.
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    My childhood hero along with Peter Osgood. Captain at 18 a Chelsea legend who when he played for England there was enormous pride amongst Chelsea fans as we were short of star players back then. Thoroughly decent bloke no ego at all and always had time for the fans RIP Butch.
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    I don't think I should waste my time thinking about managers because with this current board no manager on the planet can make us a consistent top team again.
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    It does seem like managers can't seem to win these days. If they overachieve with clubs on small budgets like Poch and Sarri have it's "show us your medals", yet if they win at City, Paris, Bayern, Real, Barca apparently it doesn't count because even Shannon from Scunthorpe and her dog could do the same. It seems all managers we get linked with right now are being put in one category or the other.
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    He seems to really love the club, but obviously is extremely frustrated with the situation. It is not hard to see why in all honesty. All these years we've had him, and we have never really built around him the way other teams have around their best players. You can talk about his consistency all you want, for me he is. Hard to look consistent on a team like this, when the team is not catered towards you at all. Ronaldo has it. Messi has it. Even Neymar has it and he only just got to PSG. Get a manager who will play attacking football, allow Hazard to get into space and work magic. He looked brilliant carrying the ball through the park in the middle in the last game. Just at times had no one to pass to or build up with. Alonso is especially useless. Either too deep in attack playing on the shoulder almost as a striker, or he is lagging behind. Not to mention when he does get it, slows it up due to being one footed and unable to beat his man to keep the attack going. Get him someone decent on that wing to work with, and a manager that wants to push forward and he will look even better. I honestly think Emerson might fit the bill. Pace and engine for days, and great with the ball at his feet.
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    I don't think i have ever seen a set of fans have such a special player and try and downplay them this way, it's really bizzare.
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    Kante was immense today. He was the main reason we kept winming the ball back. Eden criticised his own performances of the past few months and after today you can see why. He was unplayable today.
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    Who would've thought he's actually an attacker not a left-back eh? We are horrible with our prospects.
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    No point even talking about it really, the job isn't even an attraction, the dumb cunts who run the show are the ones we should be looking to replace, not the fucking guy in charge now. This whole has escalated because of another shit summer window where we skimped and scraped the bottom of the barrel and got shite like Zappacosta, Drinkwater and the latest window of Palmeri and Giroud. That's not even taking into consideration the shite we previously stock piled in Cahill, Moses and Barkley who is also a fucking crock. The man management has been so bad, and the day to running of transfer dealings so poor it's embarrassing.
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    The irony of wanting young players to play for us but quick to throw him under the bus when things go south.
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    Conte breaking all our treasured records with impressive alacrity. (1) After almost total domination over Arsenal they've beaten us about 5 times under his tutelage. He's basically become Wenger's bitch. (2) Spurs no win at Stamford Bridge for almost 20 years. Conte sees that to an end. (3) Messi never scored against us. Messi scores at SB and makes a mockery of us at Camp Nou. We aren't the best team in the PL but this team should at least be in the top 4. Conte has been totally outcoached by Pochettino, Guardiola, Klopp and even Mourinho this season. His coaching philosophy constitutes of one PLAN A then nothing after that. CONTE OUT OUT AND OUT. I'll help him pack his bags to Turin.
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    He's saved us many times in the past in big games. Just last season for example he scored in almost every big game. Don't try and create a false narrative. The difference between this season and last is that we're just shit this season and there's not much one player can do about it.
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    It's got to the point i want us to build a structure going forward. Lets be honest, Pep isn't relinguishing top spot for the forseable future so we might aswell turn that negative into a positive and build a style of play while integrating the young players which in the long run will see us competing if done right. I was happy with the solid shape first, everything else second when it had us amoungst the favorites for major trophies, but if we are going to be an outside bet (which we all are for as long as Pep's here) id rather we started playing attack based football.
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    Typical Morata coming on against tired legs vs. a team that’s looking to score hence why they’re quite open at the back, to look better than he actually is imo. He’s been nowhere near as effective when he starts since his slump in form.
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    He's not worth 12 billion and even if he was you can't lose that sort of money overnight because of the UK having a diplomatic spat with Russia.
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    In the PFA team of the year, what a way to silence the haters he has here. Clearly underappreciated on here.
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    Midfielder who plays for Lyon (on loan) 21, style reminds on Vieira or spurs Dembele a bit. Very strong, technical and dyanamic player. If we are targeting Bakayoko replacement, we should definately grab Ndombele. I said pretty much the same about Bakayoko (that he would be great buy; but he dissapointed me alot), however I hope Chelsea wont stop pursuing ligue 1 based midfielders just because of Bakayoko being flop (and IMO he could still turn into fantastic mid if he regains confidence). Essien, Kante, Makelele, all top players, originating from ligue 1. Ndombele, unlike Bakayoko has fantastic technique, good engine and plays very dynamic, but obviously he is very inexperienced, so it could end up another Mvila/Imbula with bad management. His character seems to be much better than those two. Wont cost shitload and imagine new playmaker-Kante-Ndombele next season in middle 3.
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    Now we can see why the negotiations between Dzeko and Chelsea failed. He stayed in Rome to beat and eliminate Liverpool. That is his mission, he will help us all by doing so, even if not wearing our shirt.
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    Should go for Jody Morris. None of the progressive big name managers are available and I don't trust Luis Enrique or Allegri to be the guy to guide this club forward. Make Lamps Jody's assistant and we're good to go IMO.
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    People wanting to sell Hazard please have a day off. One of the best players in the world and possibly the best player we've had at Chelsea and you want him sold? If you actually watch games, 90% of everything we do is through him, despite having 2/3 opposition around him yet people get annoyed when he looses it yet not one other player is attempting anything effective in an attacking sense. rather than want him out, id rather bring in players technically on or near his level to support him. Again if you want games him and Fabregas often look only for one another because no-one else is comfortable at keeping the ball (Mata was another who linked up well with Hazard) We've been Eden Hazrad Fc for a fair few years now and selling him would be a stupid stupid idea
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    1. Only 3 points ahead of Arsenal and 8 clear of Burnley. Can't wait for Conte to say we deserve to finish below Burnley at the end of the season. 2. Hazard was shit. Lost the ball countless of times. When he had the chance to shoot from a decent spot, he didn't. When the opportunity wasn't there to shoot, he decided to shoot. WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE PLAYING AT?! 3. The communication between Courtois and the defence was a disaster. Every time the ball was played in between them both, neither side looked sure on who should come collect the ball or deal with the danger. THAT was so evident with the goal we conceded.
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    He has been here for 6 years and how long more are people gonna put his lack of consistency or goals/assists contribution down to poor squad/manager? I mean sure, having a flawed squad and/or average manager plays a part but it also comes down to the application from the player himself. You only have to look at Kante as an example. Different player and not as talented as Hazard but he consistently puts in the performances, always looking to make a difference with his energy, work rate, quality etc and it's not only on the defensive side of things but also offensive wise. Not devaluing Hazard by any means but has he actually put in 10, 15, 20 consistent, consecutive performances in a season? Like some has mentioned in here, Hazard always does well for 4-5 games and then suddenly goes quiet for the next 10. If he can do it for 4-5 games straight, then why can't he sustain that kind of form for longer period? Blaming the poor quality of the squad or manager only goes so far. Comes down to the desire, mental fortitude and application at the end of the day.
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    How many times have we heard ourselves say this season after season? It's just not gonna happen. If the bigger disaster of 2015/16 didn't teach them anything, then nothing ever will. We'll just have to suck it up and accept that our short period as a top European club has come to an end. Was fun while it lasted though, some really good memories there. :')
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    He "forced" our board? Lol. I guess he was begging for Drinkwater at gunpoint, that's why he isn't using him.
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    They just proved they are and they are also proving it in the table. It doesn't matter at all that on paper we could be better (even that is arguable, their midfield and attack shits on us), what matters is that we are not. I know acceptance is hard, but we are not Spurs or Liverpool level, they have overtaken us by some distance. Shambles.
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    As painful as this defeat is, it's not even surprising at all, which I guess sums up the state of us right now. Have never felt more disconnected to the club - no direction or leadership from the board. have a manager who has long given up. have a squad of players who not only lack the quality but are also spineless. It's clear that no one gives a shit anymore these days.
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    Best player on this team. He is even better than Fabregas going forward. Let that sink in.
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    to think we could be with Salah and De Bruyne in our team right now, it just makes me want to kill the idiots who let them leave without buyback clauses
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    He mostly opted to cross than go 1v1, true, but it is so understandable considering it was his first league start in a year or so and has played only bit-part minutes after joining us. I don't mind, his crosses were dangerous.
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    Class performance. Love his fighting spirit
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    Fishy penalty, but let's be honest, you are stupid for doing a reckless challenge like that in the box.
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    I feel his general play has improved in the last couple of games, he has seemed more motivated to compete and stay on his feet far more. There is definitely a good footballer in there, but there are question marks over his attitude in my opinion. But again, it's first season, some players take to it and others take a much longer process of settling in (Drogba!). I don't think it's a coincidence that he dropped off completely around the time when he would be usually used to having a winter break whereas over here the games come even quicker. Add to that at the time, Batshuayi wasn't fancied so there was far more reliance on Morata and from what has come out he's been playing with an injury. I think there is such a huge job this summer that unless somebody truly world class is available on the market to replace him or he makes noises he wants out, we should stick with him and give him a chance.
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    Completely agree that tonight has cast a huge shadow on Conte. The way Liverpool played tonight completely showed up the way we played against City this season both home and away, and that Liverpool team tonight you cannot say is littered with all round better players than ours (although they clearly suit the system Klopp is utilising). There are a couple of potential arguments. The first is that this is clearly a team in Klopp's image and he has a big say over their signings, whereas we don't know just how much swing Conte has in this department. The other is if it was the other way round, would Klopp have had the time at Chelsea that he has had at Liverpool to build this team, bearing in mind that they still haven't won a trophy. I can't help but feel that there is a direct correlation between the pressure manager's are under here and the lack of young players coming through. However I still think overall this season has shown Conte in an extremely negative light and you're right, he does seem to be more similar to Mourinho then he would probably like to be. I do think that a different type of manager would be needed in a rebuild/longer term planning scenario, but the big question is whether the Board will give a manager time and patience to do so.
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    Exactly and I am a bit angry with the club - sacked for allegedly saying to Roman and Gourlay ''Well if you ever played the game you'd know differently''. Booted out the next day. His heavy drinking started soon after. Anyway I was privileged to see him play loads of games -as were you Iggy ? Fuck me if you think we are a one man team with Hazrd, you should have seen us when we were with Wilkins. Midfield maestro. Never forgotten.
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    People just don't get this anymore. Football is becoming infested with stat nerds now instead of folks actually focusing on what is going on in the game. Iniesta and Figo are average players going by stats. Guess most would rather have Mahrez aye?
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    Had to be “since Aug 2016”. Also that tweet is old. Jan this year. Aguero, Kane, Mane, Sane definitely at least bettered or equalled Hazard's record now, and after Dele's double against us - Dele is above Hazard. Anyway, how many goals did he score against a top 6 side this season? ...1. Against Arsenal. From a pen. Willian scored way more than him this season against top 6. Even Alonso as well. Hazard defenders here are getting a little bit over their heads now. How can you continue to say positive things about Hazard when he has poor game after game - especially against Spuds when he didn’t turn up?? He goes missing for the majority of the game against any big side this season! (Whoops, sorry except Atletico I guess) If Hazard is a legend, to me he is much as a legend as... Willian. Or Costa if he didn’t leave us. He is nowhere NEAR the legendary status as Drogba, JT, Cole, Zola or even Lampard’s.
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    The part don't get is, if he is so intent on leaving and it's decided, why is he even doing this? If he left us in the summer with us in a solid top 4 place his stock would arguably be even higher cause of the not so great circumstances. He has proven he can get great performances out of flawed squads, so if he's going, why is he not focusing ALL his energy on going out in a blaze of glory? If he is that desperate to stick two middle fingers up to Roman and the hierarchy, what better way to do so than walking away with a CL medal round his neck? And the hardest thing to take from all of this is we were in a strong position in January, we were comfortably in top 4 and it looked very likely we would finish 2nd (United were flaking and Spurs/Liverpool were at arms length), but Conte had another episode and now we look certain to be playing Thursday nights next season. If Conte left in December i would have been devastated, if he leaves now i'd happily offer to clear his desk myself. Literally feels like we have had two different managers since Conte took over, one was every bit as good as Jose the first time (if not better) and the other's worse than Scolari.
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    TBH not able to pay for top class players often leads to giving chance to youth. At least something exciting, something that shows the direction of the club. BUT at Chelsea, we rather pay 30,40m on piss like Drinkwater. I actualy dont mind we cant afford 200m every summer, but what I hate is the club buying shit players instead of giving chance to some of our youth. For example, RLC or Chalobah (who was sold) could easily fill the Drinks/Barkley role and we would still have 55m for other targets. Our board doesnt know what will happen next month, nevermind in 2 years. The lack of vision is depressing. We sell Chalobah, only to be forced to buy another english midfielder who is worse, older and costs 40m? GTFO. Sure Chalobah wanted to leave, but if he was actualy given the same trust that Barkley or Drinks got, that would change his mind. Its all about being in the plans and being counted on. Playing time would be small, but when you know the club and coach counts on you, its easier and Chalobah would still get decent amount of chances. It made too much sense to bring some of youth in more important backup roles and spend whatever money available on 2-3 top players. Instead we sold or loaned youth and brought shit players to our bench for backup while spending all the money, and on top, no actual proven quality. Clusterfuck, And dont say RLC and Chalobah werent good enough. Till injury, they were very good and considering the state of our midfield with aging slow Cesc, injured Barkley, average Drinks and Baka, our two youth midfielders would be more than good enough. But the club cant see shit, no vision, nothing. Having less money next couple summers wont kill us, but the idiotic board just may.
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    Agreed. That was a wonderful goal. Absolutely ridiculous that it did not win goal of the season. Most long range efforts are pretty much hit and hope. This one was different; it was a precision strike. Everything about it was completely intentional. Perfect contact, generating perfect fade to achieve perfect placement. One of the all time great goals.