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    I can imagine such conversation taking place. Conte: Let's go for Mahrez, Malcom or Lem... *Roman and Marina looking at each other* Roman: Did I just hear him say Nathan Redmond? Marina: Yup *Conte crying*
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    I check whats new about Conte and I see last few pages of this Conte out shit. Unbelievable.
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    Well after watching the press conference against my better judgement it is now fully clearly to me that Conte is done with the club. He looked ill, he looked broken and he sounded completely disillusioned. The board have single handedly drained every ounce of charisma and zest the bloke had, and other fans, the media and people you speak to have no idea why we are so fucked off and why our manager is too. It's actually got to the point where I actually feel more for Conte than the club itself based on the whole way he's been treated and the way they have handled the transfer business in the last few years. People can tell you there isn't anything wrong, their fooling themselves. There is a lot wrong right now at this football club, a lot. I don't know what direction we are going in, the spine has gone from the team, something we were noted for over the years and we do not have leaders in the dressing room anymore. It's been allowed to get to this because of a short term outlook, the quick fixes and the penny pinching. City are now paying the asking prices, the big wages and probably going to be very dominant for the next few years, we cant afford to follow the copyright set by Arsenal, were we allow ourselves to fall into the background, just saunter along and win fuck all. And believe me this is very realistic and possible, and quite close to happening than people actually think. Every window we are missing out on more and more and more targets, this then has the knock on effect it has with Conte we are seeing now. We are also seeing something now that we haven't seen for a while, teams like Liverpool are starting to up their game in terms of big signings...Van Dijk is in, Naby Keita is about to join they are really pulling up their socks. Other teams are starting to do big business, big players for big money. My fear is we are starting to drowned, the tide of other teams is starting to come in. We aren't identifying targets and we aren't nailing them, other teams are. This club needs to be very careful, we are walking a fine line because other clubs around us are spending and moving forward, and right now we are stagnating and not dining at the top table, in fact, and I have said this before we are not a big pull anymore. The Andy Carroll thing isn't made up media shite, we are actually chasing him, I mean what the fuck is this all about, even Arsenal are chasing Aubameyang and Sanchez looks like he's about to join United. It's embarrassing what's happening right now, and I actually think the board are so focused on this new stadium everything else around them is being shoved away. We need to be very careful.
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    Seems like we've been rebuilding the squad since 2012, every year it's the same excuse. We're not rebuilding anything, we're shite.
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    Crazy money is when you buy Andy fucking Carroll at any price even little as £2m....
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    The funniest thing is watching all the United fans defending and siding with Mourinho after calling him a classless, childish cunt for years and years before he joined them.
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    Calm down guys, those Sanchez rumours are planted so we can go low profile for Andy Carroll without competition from Barcelona or PSG.
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    I know Hazard is our best player but for god sake, he's not immune to criticism! Every time he goes AWOL, people keep finding excuses for him. Did anyone see the number of times he gave the ball away against Leicester? Had it been Willian, people would have thrown him under the bus.
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    Can't believe people actually think Hazard is waiting for Courtois to sign a new contract. They were both clearly joking. I highly doubt Hazard is signing any contract until the summer. Not unless he's 100 % sure Real isn't coming for him in the summer. On the whole loyalty talk. Sorry but i always find it funny when supporters get on their high horse when talking about player loyalty. How many wanted Hazard gone in the 2015-2016 season. How many were spouting insults at Hazard that season. He was even booed at one stage of the season. This was a player that had been key in getting us the title the year before. So where was the loyalty there ? Easy to talk about player loyalty. Simple fact is supporters and clubs aren't any better. We all look after our own self-interest. If a players isn't of value anymore to a club or supporters they'll discard him like that.
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    The saddest thing is, when he was through on goal for the first goal, you just KNEW he wasn't going to score. Never thought he would completely miss the target all together though.
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    I'm satisfied. Long live don Conte, stay at Chelsea for long long time. We've seen him at the good times, we've seen him at the bad times. Never ever has he lost control, never ever this team under him have gone AWOL like under Mourinho. After every loss we bounced back in upcoming weeks. Second place at the table, with this team, says it all. And even if we finish third it would still be good.
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    I honestly don't know what fans expect from him. He can't work miracles without any backing in the transfer window. We were clearly lacking in terms of fullbacks and wingers heading into the season. The board do nothing about it apart from signing Zappacosta on deadline day (who has looked average at best). You replace Conte with any other attainable manager and I doubt we would be in top-4.
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    Courtois’ command of the box is world class, people don’t realise what we have there. How often are we actually threatened when high balls are in Tbo’s area? Very under appreciated aspect of his game.
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    Is this a joke? This man won us the league last season and is doing quite decent during this one. We are top 3 in the EPL, still in both Cups and in the UCL. Are you guys serious? Why do you want him to leave, because he doesn't agree with your super-expert tactical opinions? Lol
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    It’s quite funny, the Lampard comparisons. Lampard’s signing at the time (at a very similar stage in their careers actually) had divided a lot of Chelsea fans as well. Lampard was a talent at that time too. Then prime Jose Mourinho helped him become one of the best on the planet. If Barkley offers the same hard work and commitment (Conte’s favourite words) that Lampard did, he’ll at the very least be on the right path to becoming a player worthy of starting here.
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    Conte simply needs backing, he's done nothing to suggest he should be sacked and shown the door. Last season he worked a miracle, he also made average players look very good. I'm ot saying he is perfect, but the sheer thought of wanting him sacked is pure madness.
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    "Using the same formation game after game"? Factually, that's not right but I take your point. However, if he constantly changes formation and it leads to inconsistent results etc, wouldn't you be sitting here and complaining about it? "Starting war of words against other managers" The only time(s) he's criticized other managers is when others speak about him/us. Have you seen him start a verbal war with Wenger, Guardiola, Pochettino or Klopp for no reason? I prefer my club manager to not get into that and focus on getting results and performances from the players but at the same time, if others start to have a go at us, I also want to see my manager fight back and not be a sitting duck. Would you really be happy if others start to criticize us and the manager do nothing to defend us?
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    We’re somehow second. Conte’s a big reason as to why.
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    Do people know what they're even saying? Conte out? Fucking hell. I'm hearing a lot of complaining about not being fluid going forward and not threatening defensive teams like Everton enough etc etc. The fact of the matter is if you're watching the games with close eyes you'll notice that there are no problems in terms of movement, creating and finding half spaces, making triangles between players, etc. The 'only' thing missing right now is the end product. We would have won against Everton with two proper wing backs. The amount of space that was offered to Moses/Zappa/Alonso and the little they provided is absolutely scandalous. With a better winger than Willian, at least one of those flicks would have worked and we'd have probably scored against Everton. If you're looking for a team that looks absolutely clueless and void of any attacking movement then you should look back at Mourinho's 15/16 side. It's funny how people's minds forget things so easily. That team would barely score a goal that wasn't an opposition mistake or simply an individual moment of brilliance. We couldn't even pass the ball out from the back. With this team, we're making the right movements, we're very good at building from the back, our pressing after losing the ball is quite good. What is missing is the little bit of quality from our players. We have great players in this team, but we also have bang average ones starting week in week out. With Alex Sandro Sandro, Sidibe (or any other very good rwb) and a better back-up striker than Batshuayi I bet we'd have at least 9 points more than we do at the moment. It's criminal how we have such poor wing backs in a Conte system - where wing-backs are supposed to play a huge role. None of our wing-backs are great at beating players 1v1 (Alonso is absolutely shocking). None of our wing-backs are good at beating the opponent's press and driving forward with athleticism. They also have terrible end product (Alonso is only good at shooting - given the right amount of space and time only). They alongside players like Willian absolutely no genuine quality from open-play in games where we need them. I'm not even talking about scoring an outrageous goal or making phenomenal passes, I'm talking about having the basic qualities like the ones I mentioned for wingbacks, and not fucking up passes at the end of great movements. This is the problem of lack of quality in the squad, and it was not addressed by the board in the summer.
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    Quiet thread I support Conte, I want him to stay, but sadly enough it seems like we destroyed him... The spark in his eyes is gone. Too bad and anyone who replaces him wonr get us in UCL with this squad. WHOEVER. He's made mistakes, ofc he did, but he worked miracles more often than not People complaining about taking Eden off before the end of the match last week. Honestly, do we want him to get injured, performing below level as he did for lack of resting? Today he kept him and I believe only because he had to sub Christensen. The players are tired, I am frustrated just like most of you, but our squad is laughable. We don't have good starters in some positions let alone competent squad members. We need to show ambition and intelligence in the market. We've been spending in average players maybe because the negotiator is known to never changing her 'no' or because our scouting sucks or because we must pay for that new stadium. Either way, our squad is laughable and Conte is a miracle maker. I don't need us to buy neymar or Ronaldo, it's not about breaking spending records, but we must scout better and be wiser about covering our deficiencies and improving the squad. Conte is king.
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    I can get behind this signing. I don't know anything about him other than he plays in a position we need and his name isn't Andy Carroll.
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    And Chelsea underperforming 'because of Alex Sandro'?
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    There is bad and there is bad... One thing is a player struggling in a new club and new league. Another is a player who looks completely out of his depth, like Bakayoko. I'm sorry, but I don't need 3 months to see he's not a good player. People obsessed with his physicality need to realize that being physical is not nearly enough at this level. Yaya bossed midfields (in England only!) for being physical on top of excellent! technique. Barcelona and Real boss midfields with skillful midgets. Most bizarre signing Chelsea ever done... ok unfair to Hector and Pappy...
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    The views on Marina sure turn faster than Bakayoko.
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    Lampard was one of the most durable players on the field, his stamina was in range of Kante's, God knows what would his career look like without it. So please stop comparing those two just because both had powerful shoot.
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    They should be, in 2012 midfielders like Obi Mikel, Meireles and Ramires sent them home
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    Conte summed up all the fans' feelings after one of Morata's misses -
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    Cant believe I'm seeing people in here and on twitter saying shite like 'Conte out' and 'Morata is the new Torres'. How ungrateful are these fucking morons? I put a post up a few weeks back I think where I said Conte is best manager we've had in years and that opinion wont change regardless of if we finish 20+ points behind Man City. Hes took a side that despite winning the title under Jose, although they ran out of steam after February/March, that eventually would go on and struggle the whole of the next season and made them champions when a top 6 finish was arguably considered a challenge before a ball was kicked that year. We are now second after a poor transfer window, where he has constantly talked about a lack of numbers. Whats the problem? I feel the whole of England and the world have become overly obsessed with Pep Guardiola and Manchester City but lets not forget that the difference of quality in their squad in comparison to ours after the summer. For instance we replaced Nemanja Matic with Bakayoko... City replaced Zabaleta with Kyle Walker, Kolarov with Benjamin Mendy, Jesus Navas with Bernardo Silva... if we signed those players we'd have a better first 11/squad and would have undoubtedly have more points. What hes done with what hes got is very impressive.
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    Zappacosta not celebrating because you aren't supposed to show happiness at a funeral
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    You can bring in Guardiola and Sarri as assistant coach nothing would change. Only formation. Too many wrong players in the squad. This is why Pep rejected us at first place. Last 2 summer transfer windows were the definition of human stupidity. Spending +£400m mostly on squad players. For that amount of money we should look like Real Madrid on (at their best) and off the field (on the paper). Thanks god on Antonio Conte. He upgraded almost every player to the possibly maximum level. And most of them are limited and one dimensional. Shame he didn’t get his first team targets. I don’t know. Don’t expect him to stay because it’s Roman’s toy. But definitely people should show more respect to Antonio for what he’s done and he is still doing with this average team.
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    Not going to elaborate anyone wanting Conte out is a cock of the highest order and so plastic they shouldn't go near radiators for fear of melting.
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    You have to remember that our priority, our holy grail this season is finishing top 4 in the league where Džeko can help us greatly. This is the reality, this is the fight we are in for the rest of the season. CL we will not win, but we need to compete there next season and then also Džeko can help us.
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    This is by far the most disapproved target I have seen during my time supporting the club. I have seen nobody have anything good to say about this, it's being unanimously condemned. Djilobodji was as bad or worse signing, but with the upside of not having had to simmer through days and weeks of embarrassing rumours, it happened out of the blue and was obviously a desperate last ditch panic buy. This however is a calculated target, it's not the last hours of deadline day, this is the most embarrassing part. If he signs we can't even label him a shit panic buy and sweep it under the rug like with Papy, who btw cost roughly what he was worth compared to the ridiculous prices quoted for Carroll. Why not Hernandez, some ask? It's clear that the club is after a strong target man, it has been clear since we've been most strongly linked with players like Llorente, Benteke, Boakye and now Carroll. The club probably don't consider Morata a target man, which let's be honest, he isn't. So understandably they want a plan B up front, but come on...
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    Scenes when Barkley floats a corner into the box for Carroll to score and we win 1-0 on agg against Barcelona.
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    Just pay the fucking money damnit. Virgil Van Dijk just went for £75m, Walker and Mendy cost £50m a piece. £60m for Sandro, a long term left back solution is fine. This is ridiculous. Club needs to get with the times.
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    He's what I remember as being what a Chelsea player is. Also deserves many more assists than what hes got.
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    Morata would have sent that into the stands.
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    Chelsea would become a laughing stock to the football world if this happened. FFS, I'd rather bring 40 year old Drogba out of retirement!
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    Well I had a great day! Brought back good memories oftaking the piss out of gooners. OK Morata needs a big shot of confidence. His mind might be on the Mrs and newly discovered twins who knows. But we went thru this with Diego. And I remember Drogs only scored what 15 in his 1st season? So do I want him to score more - of course but I really think he will come good. Nobody shouts cause Eden dont score more eh! Good to see Tibo earning his wedge. This chap here is right up my street. More power to him.
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    It's the biggest problem i have with him. I knew he was limited technique wise but i though he was gonna be a lot better defensively. I though he was gonna be a more mobile defensive partner for Kante. He just completely unaware of what's going on behind him. The amount of times Ozil and Sanchez were able to drop off and pick up the ball behind him was just ridiculous. Drinkwater >>> Bakayoko
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    Better than Bakayoko at everything. Should be a starter with Baka the stand-in.
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    Morata pretty much useless with his feet. He should start lifting the ball in the air on 1-on-1's and head it in.
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    I don't think anyone is saying we should have 11 world class players on the pitch, people are saying we should get in a few more elite players to compliment Hazard. Asking for an improvement on the likes of Alonso, Willian, Zappacosta etc. is not the same as people thinking football is FIFA. We've barely spent anything for years now so your financial argument of us not being able to afford a big signing here or there doesn't hold much weight.
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    Hazard improving in a more attacking side is just logical. Sure it's a hypothetical because he hasn't left us for one (yet) but it's based on logic. A more attacking side + more quality will no doubt help attacking players. Especially if they've been playing for one of the most pragmatic top teams in the world before and still managed to perform at a high level. .Because Hazard doesn't have a release clause. Hazard is our best player. Aslong as Hazard isn't pushing for a move himself i don't think we could be persuaded to sell for any kind of money. Now why hasn't he pushed for a move himself ? Well there are a number of reasons. His personality is one. He's a laid back, family man type of guy. He's not a money grabbing a'hole. He's not a diva looking to be in the spotlights all the time. There's also the fact that even if he'd push for the move it would still take a considerable amount of money to make it happen. Most teams don't have the money to buy Hazard. He's also not interested in leaving to any other club but Real or Barcelona.(mostly Real though) PSG have been wanting Hazard for years but Hazard himself doesn't want to go back to the french league. The german and Italian leagues don't interest him at all. So the amount of clubs that can afford him and that Hazard would want to go to are just 2. People can complain about wanting Hazard to be more ambitious but if Hazard were more ambitious i don't think he would have stayed with us for as long as he has. About it affecting his game. Look people have different personalities. Not every football player in the world has to be as driven as Ronaldo to succeed. Hazard is who he is. His primary goal is to enjoy his football (his life). Considering he's making millions and is widely viewed as one of the top players in the world i'd say it's working for him. Have you actually been watching us ? During and since the European Cup KDB has been the one who's been subdued while Hazard has been the one that performs. KDB is actually going through a considerable goal drought for our NT. The last time he scored dates back to the 26th of march 2016 against Switserland before the EC. 20 games without a goal. Hazard on the other hand has 8 goals and 9 assists in 16 games since the EC (including the EC)
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    I disagree, i can't think of many other players who could have carried us the way Eden has. Apart from Messi, who can change direction at full speed and still have the ball firmly planted at their feet like Eden can? Who ( again apart from Messi) can change speed while running with the ball like Eden can? All these players who supposedly are much better (Neymar, Suarez, Bale, even Ronaldo) waste possession so much more than Hazard does. Literally everything has been set up for him to fail with us, He gets clattered numerous times every single game. Doubled and sometimes tripled up on, 1 on 1? Forget it, not even the likes of Azpi and Alderwierld could live with him 1 vs 1. Playing with limited team mates, the only players during his time here clever enough to link up with him are Mata, Cesc, Eto'o and Morata and the first three were/are limited by either lack of athleticsm or ageing. Playing under coaches like Benitez and Mourinho who are hardly reknowned for developing attacking talent, Conte isn't as bad as those two, but equally he isn't Pep or Klopp in the attacking football stakes either. He has been successful swimming against a tide for his whole time here and those other players have been playing in a lot more favourable conditions that pander to their talents, Hazard has hit the heights he has playing in a team with a lot of limitations. Also in the 15/16 season he was undeniably in the worst form of his career AND had a hip injury (for perspective Eric Lamela has just returned from a year absence due to a hip injury) yet still averaged 2.4 chances created a game, that is ridiculous, and he doesn't even take set pieces, i can't think of many other players who would touch such a positive stat while injured, off form and the club in the worst moment for over 2 decades, Messi probably would, anyone else? Forget it. If he could add more goals then ofcourse, nobody will be complaining but if he does i want it to be natural evolution, not forced (ala him taking 10 low percentage shots just to score 1) and it shouldn't be used as a deal breaker for him to be a top 3 player, he comfortably is for me and not only that, the best player we have ever had.
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    Maybe the big fish wants more room to swim ? Ever stop to think that a big reason for Sané and Sterling's form might be Guardiola's sytem ? Ofcourse it could just be a coincidence that every single attacking player under Guardiola is currently flourishing in his ultra attacking, heavily focused possession system... Let's get real though. Hazard would start in Pep's system and he'd flourish there with all the quality around him and possession he'd get.