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    When Frank comes, he should have a clause that he can come on for the last 10 minutes for late runs in the box to score a classic Lampard winner
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    Hazard when asked if he regrets not joining Madrid sooner? Hazard: "On a personal level, I was really happy at Chelsea. It was special. Watching those Chelsea videos earlier was very emotional. I do not regret leaving Chelsea sooner".
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    I'm telling you now, to all the SarriOut supporters.... you don't know how lucky we are to have a humble manager like Sarri... a man with principle, passion, an expansive free flowing footballing philosophy and balls, big humungous set of balls.... be careful what you wish for.
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    “Look, these Chelsea fans are my family. They will forever be part of my family. I will never have a family like these fans again, I will happily say that but this is my goodbye. Thank you for these 7 years. That’s all I can say for now. I love you.” Eden Hazard to BeIN Is ...is someone cutting onions 😭😭😭
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    My guy is gone. Strangely enough I'm fine with this. I've been ready for this moment. Seven years is a long time. I did not expect him stay this long when he joined and I'm glad I got to watch him play in Blue for that long. He came with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Most crumble under that kind of pressure but he never let the pressure get to him. I was always highly impressed by that. His fitness always astounded me. Rarely missed a game and completing the full 90 min pretty much all the time. And the amount of fouls he would just absorb, including a ridiculous number of nasty fouls, yet he would just get up and play on. Never complained, never got angry and never sought to get some sort of (physical) revenge. That level of self control... I've never seen that in all my years watching football. Very inspiring to say the least. And he's such a likeable guy. Funny, chill, humble but a bit brash still, and very warm and inviting. Oh yeah, and happy. My kind of guy. I'm grateful for the memories. Not just a Chelsea legend but a legend of English football. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him play.
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    Don't agree. The lad's moving, he's given us a bigger slice of his career than we've deserved frankly, and has been our best player during his time here. Let's respect what he's done for us and not nit-pick about a few days or so.
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    Some of our 2nd half football was fantastic. And a special mention for Christensen and our defence. Bad old Chelsea keep on winning
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    another Jorginho masterclass btw he was magnificent the last 10 games we only lost 2 of the last 20 games btw let that sink in KFTBFF
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    We must be the stupidest run club in the world. We are going to let Sarri go to Juventus, a club who are at the sort of level we want to be, and replace him with Lampard aren't we? No disrespect to Frank but hes done nothing yet as a manager, getting promoted to the PL in his first season yes it would be good but David Wagner did it with an absolute abomination of a Huddersfield side who literally just ran about lumping it. Even funnier we were actually linked with him before we got Sarri. Sarri hasnt won anything either but the guys put the hard miles in to get to this point from the lowest level of Italian football. Lampard in is just gonna be in all likelihood a PR move as someone said above, to try appease the fans acter a mixed season and cover up everything that has been allowed to happen like the transfer ban, lack of good signings over the years. Or will the board think he will be grateful for such a huge opportunity and just pan him off with absolute garbage like Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Papy Djibilwhatever his name was, like almost every other manager since Mourinhos last season? Goodness me. Id like to think Frank if he were ever to be appointed as manager would be appointed on his merit and achievements as a manager, not on achievements as an ex player.
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    David Luiz to Chelsea fans that can't travel to Baku: "Just take your drinks, be in the sofa and enjoy it a lot because we're going to try hard for you guys and thank you so much for the support. It doesn't matter where you are, we know your hearts and we'll try our best". 👏 👏
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    You all know how much I love Eden. I'm going to leave a long ass post as this guy deserves sooner rather than later but I've been busy and I haven't had time to get to it. I see some weird people still sneaking in some criticisms still about how he only ever had his sights set on Madrid and how he never loved us. As if he didn't sign a 5 year contract in 2015 when he could have signed a much shorter one and left a long time ago. Only once did we hear from Eden's mouth prior to the post match interview in Baku that he wanted to leave and that was only last year after the world cup after SIX years at the club, (which never built anything substantive around him to help maximize his talent) Anyway, I'll get to my appreciation comment soon for my favourite Chelsea player and athlete of all time 💙
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    Even if I don't mind Lampard becoming the "coach", the rational feeling is: -Would you replace a manager that in his first season got a top 3 finish in PL, won Europa League humiliating Arsenal in the final and is wanted by Juventus, would you replace this guy for a guy that best job as manager is finishing 6th in Championship?
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    I know one of them will win the big one in a few days but for now it's fucking hilarious Sarri has broke his duck in England before Klopp and Pochettino.
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    Pleased for him - he was looking at that medal like a little child at a coveted toy
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    I am really happy for Sarri, you could see how genuinely happy he was to win that trophy.
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    Giroud, Cole and Cesc come here from Arsenal and are quickly get transformed to true Chelsea boys. The latter two making no attempt to hide as much whatsoever. Cech by comparison goes to Arsenal for more game time but makes sure he's back at the first opportunity.
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    Sarri with Higuain, before that Jorginho. No way were they club signings. Damn right! Look at the trouble we went through last summer to get him (pay Conte and pay De Laurentiis). The club should rightly stand firm - either Juve pays it or Sarri buys out his contract. Why give freebies when every single other club is out there to fleece us?
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    he looks forward sees Hazard gone an absolute SHIT board the bans (100% above boards fault) the hate of the fans and says after a a banker's risk-analysis hmmm, Juve or Chels? well it's
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    More chance of me giving up booze.
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    I think this is massive alarm bells for any manager coming in in the future. Who would want to come into a club where the fans and various media outlets have slaughtered a manaeger despite successfully getting third place and getting to 2 cup finals? People wanted a different style after Conte we got that, now there was a blip mid season but it sorted itself out and we finished strongly. The whole family reasons is a smoke screen for me, why would anybody stay where they clearly arent wanted? Juve really want him.... Marina clearly doesnt seem that fussed either so that shows the mentality of the club at the minute and what they actually think of Sarri. So yeah 100% if it were me or another sane person, theyd be off. He was very clear if his future was hinged on the Europa League final result they should sack him as it would be better for him to go. Actually quite annoyed hes going to leave, he needed time to continue working on our team (like whoever will take over after), hes made big steps in terms of changing the teams playing style and he deserves more time after how the season finished to get us to where he wanted us to be but I do see why he wants to go as well. Think a portion of fans and the media need to have a long long hard look at themselves. Embarrassment to the club and themselves. The club has also got to reevaluate thing upstairs. Good luck to him in the future and hopefully he can start winning more trophies along with implementing his style wherever he goes. That was his one criticism he hasnt won anything but now he has so lets see if he can continue to do so to enhance his reputation.
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    Celsi haha class... so how's the temperature over there? like 26 degrees Celsi us ? ^^ Massive respect to you for flying to the ass-end of the world to support the club tho!
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    i'm getting the feeling a lot of fans just want a Mourinho type of manager, imo thats exactly why Conte was loved, because he is basically the Italian Mourinho.
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    I love how some mongy looking fuckwitt thinks he's the voice of all Chelea fans if he put that up near me I'd shove it up his brown eye.
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    Needs to be looked at it context, given where we are right now just looking at trophy record is counter productive as it's likely going to take atleast two years to get challenging again and even that's only if we get almost everything right in the interim. One of the main musts with these job now is who can bring through the next generation. We have the best set of youngsters in this country since the Busby Babes, would you really trust Jose to nurture them and be patient while they grow? Could you really imagine him patiently building for a few years while Pep and Klopp run away from sight at 1st and 2nd? I can't, his ego won't allow it, he'd lose his shit more than ever before. You think its bad seeing KDB and Salah at rivals, wait until homegrown Chelsea boys are doing so which could well be the case if we bring back Mourinho. One of the big remits of this next few years has to be to bring through the cream of our current crop, and with that in context Lampard (especially given he has Jody Morris in his staff who will openly advocate giving these players chances) seems as safe a bet as any.
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    Absolute bullshit We need him, and he needs us, make it happen number one. Taken from Sky Sports. Roberto Di Matteo says it is not too soon for Frank Lampard to become Chelsea manager because he has all the tools needed to succeed in the role.
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    Now that's a statement. That's how you go out a legend!
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    You lot are going to miss Kovacic when Bakayoko receives the ball under pressure and it bounces all over the place
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    Don't forget @xPetrCechx too. He always held onto his name when Cech left for Arsenal
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    We've now won 2 of the last 3 games against Arsenal after winning just 1 of the previous 8.
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    After all the shit he has been through this year it is finally time for him to light up a big one and enjoy himself
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    Funny 24 hours ago it was all doom and gloom. I was watching the game with my Gooner dad and his mate...nice to have the last laugh. It was also great to finally see Roman on TV again after a year’s absence. Still, even after 4-1 I’m not 100% happy...not because of the game but for the uncertainty of Chelsea’s future. Hazard’s 99% going with no true replacement, transfer ban, Sarri/Lampard...oh well, I’ll worry about that tomorrow. RIGHT NOW PARTY TIMEEEE
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    This trophy is dedicated to all the haters and doubters. Watched the match with my mate at a pub and everyone else was either supporting or rooting for arsenal. It felt so good. PRIDE OF LONDON BITCHES, WE ARE THE FAMOUS CFC
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    Ended a shit season with 3rd place and EL...title machine. Our winning instinct is in our DNA.
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    I'm off to the pub hope everyone on TC has a good night I will be far to drunk to post later .Carefree wherever you may be
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    NO ONE will trust someone who lists ALONSO as their favourite player
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    Not a fan of seeing Cech and Lampard coming back at this stage, it reeks of a PR move to hire popular figureheads to hid away general incompetency by the board.
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    i've been reading comments by Madrid fans saying Hazard has joined a better club and that Chelsea ruined his career, no wonder he was asked that question if he regreted not coming to Madrid sooner, clearly trying to stir the pot, seriously what the fuck? Hazard as always was classy and professional with his reply. fucking spanish morons, fuck Real Madrid and their fanbase, too many bandwagons
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    Think any manager that comes in and benches or worse, gets rid of Jorginho would be making a serious mistake. Guys shown more than enough times this season particularly in the last 10 or 15 matches he is more than good enough.
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    Good luck Ola and well done Cobham. Cobham can't promise to make youngsters into Chelsea calibre professionals, it can only promise to make them the best they can be. Every time a Cobham graduate gets a good job it's a feather in the cap for the academy. It was completely revamped in 2007 after the old setup was condemned by Jose, saying there was no one at all in the system who could possibly help him. The first class of 8 year olds from 2007 are now aged 19/20, and the six year olds are aged 17/18. We've had to be patient but we've reached the stage where we can begin to judge the new academy. I think they're doing OK.
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    Fans player of the year. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/05/27/eden-hazard-wins-pfa-fans--player-of-the-year-award