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    On the other hand, it's very heartwarming that wholeChelsea discussion board is pissed off that we got a pen, lol. Unimaginable with some other teams.
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    Biggest compliment is how teams are now choosing to take corners short instead of lumping it in our box. Massive transformation from last season.
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    Taking off Werner was a massive mistake
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    Werner has never been the most clinical of players. Last season in the Bundesliga he recorded 20 big chances missed, only second to Lewandowski at 24. That said, it comes with the territory. He's a player who gets in these chances constantly because he's a good player and even though he misses a lot of them he still finds himself on the score sheet really often as well. If you look at the stats from EPL last few seasons, you'll find players like Aubameyang, Vardy, Salah, Mane constantly topping the table of big chances missed statistics. Are they bad players as well? I think not. Sure he should've scored at least two or more goals in the games against Newcastle and Rennes but shit happens, so what? The team was still good enough to win both of those games despite Werner having an off-day with his finishing so what's the problem? I'll only start getting worried if Timo stops getting himself in these kind of goalscoring positions and wanders around the pitch like a lost lamb because only then there is a problem. Right now his overall play is looking good and more goals will come, it's only a matter of time. 8 goals is a very decent return for this stage of the season, especially for a player who's only just joined a new club this season. To put things into perspective, if he keeps up the same scoring rate he'll end up with +25 goals overall in all competitions, which is something no Chelsea player has done in the last ten years. As for the "oh but he's scored three penalties" brigade I'll ask you who's the one who got those penalties? Timo has won four penalties so far I think, but Jorginho took the first few and missed some.
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    I don't want to jump the gun and jinx anything because we are by no means a complete team yet but did something happen between Lampard, the coaching staff and players after the Southampton game? Because the last few games and performances have been unrecognizable, for the better, from those games and performance prior to the Sevilla game. The new signings have partly helped but it feels like Lampard, the players etc suddenly just went back to the drawing board, pressed the reset button and go again. Tougher tests will come after the international break (we really do have a horrendous run of games coming up) but the last 6 games and performances as a whole have been encouraging.
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    Abraham doesn't have a clue what to do with Ziyech's crosses, should have brought Giroud earlier. They've been on the pitch together for only 4 minutes for fucks sake. A player with a good pass and cross together on the field with Giroud, it's not rocket science.
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    Have we all given up on Werner as a striker? I mean, I get that we have great crossers in team so having Abraham/Giroud maybe makes sense, but come on... Havertz and Pulisic are fit, let's try them with Timo upfront.
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    And a special mention to Reece James. NOTHING went past him. He could have been more attacking minded in the first half but defending wise, nothing went past him.
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    We've conceded 1 goal in 6 games with mendy. Imagine if we had a preseason and him from the start. Rewind to the Southampton game and I think most people would laugh if you said we would concede like 3 goals in the next 10 games. But that's gone. But we are a team who has a lot of attacking talent and are the most solid team defensively in the league right now. No one wants to play us. If lloris doesn't pull off that worldy safe or tammy scores one of those headers and we win then the narrative shifts. But under the radar is fine and if we keep improving then we can be a force to be reckoned with.
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    Hold my hands up, didn't think he could play as a sitter especially not in a possession based side but he's back to his defensive best and we're still building up brilliantly (which was my main concern with him playing there). Couldn't be happier!
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    Mendy is the deal that made us be more solid. Doesn't hurt to have Silva, but without Mendy we would not be this solid. He is the real deal, the hire to Cech.
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    MOTM is hard I will go with Kante as he was everywhere but Zouma was immense too
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    I appreciate Willian's service and effort for the club down the years but he's not better than Pedro let alone Ziyech.
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    The Wizard of London has arrived... I didn't know how long it would take him to settle, but this is how he used to dominate Eredivisie. Can't believe this is being translated to the PL already. What a player!
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    No complaints, very happy with how things have turned around. Good job LAMPS! Almost all the players are playing well. Thiago and Mendy have been magnificent acquisitions. All our buys and adds were good. Havertz will soon explode I predict. Puli, PLEASE STAY HEALTHY! KTBFFH
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    I am far more concerned what I am going to eat for dinner than Timo Werner.
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    This lad belongs in the cm role. Never should he play out wide vs the big boys. Really happy with what I'm seeing from him recently. Long may it continue.
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    one of my all time favourite Chels kits, pretty rare looked superb with black shorts
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    NOW I can enjoy the rest of the games this weekend.
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    I am absolutely buzzing! Ziyech has proven why he was levels above everyone in the Eredivisie for years. People questioned whether he can adapt to life in PL blablabla. What now? No one can deny he is special. Don't get me started on the man, the myth, the legend Thiago Silva!! He completely changed our defensive structure, and brings a calming presence which rubs off on the other defenders. Reece James is probably our best academy product since John Terry, his offensive and defensive contribution is superb. Chilwell is someone who completely proved me wrong. I had no idea he was a player of this quality, he is performing at a world class level at this moment. The rest of the players deserve massive praise as well. One thing is for sure, we are being feared by rivals and I absolutely love it lol.
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    I love how the academy boys have taken on the challenge of the team's level increasing. Mount has upped his game, James has upped his game, Tammy as well. Superb response from them. Just waiting on CHO now.
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    One thing that cannot be taken away from Lampard is he has sorted our squad right out. Remember our feelings in 18/19? We longed for one reliable forward who can consistently put good numbers (15-20 plus) in and now we have 2. We longed to have multiple matchwinners instead of just the one and we've now got that. We looked green with envy at the productivity from Liverpool's fullbacks now we have a pair who can compete with them going forward. We wanted the academy boys in and mixed with top signings and that's exactly what we've got. The recruitment has been sorted right out. Nearly all the deadwood complained about under Conte, Sarri and last season are either gone or have been given severely reduced roles. The jury is still out on whether Lampard can tactically mastermind our route back to the top himself but even if he can't and we need to get someone else for that bit, he will still have played a huge role in the next era of success.
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    How exactly is Lampard running Mount into the ground? He started the last 2 games against Burnley and Rennes but before that, he played only 37 minutes against Man United and Krasnodar. In fact, these are Mount's minutes since the last international break: Southampton - 72 mins Sevilla - 62 mins Man Utd - 18 mins Krasnodar - 19 mins Burnley - 90 mins Rennes - 90 mins That is only 351 minutes out of 540 and that is also less minutes than before the last international break, where Mount played 450 minutes out of 540. If anyone is being run into the ground, it's definitely not Mount so far this season. If you want to talk about someone being run into the ground, then it's Werner, who has played 971 minutes out of 1080 for us this season. And that is without counting his workload for Germany.
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    I feel like we could have won the game in the second half, but we have to be happy with the development of the team in the last few months. We are very secure at the back, our midfield options are good and our attack is decent, even though I think we need 2-3 more months to click upfront. I think we can push for place two with 82+ points this season, which would be a very good output.
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    So last season has been erased from existence then? Based on today's evidence, the finishing touch just wasn't quite there. As long as we continue to create chances in these games, the goals will come.
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    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is quickly becoming the best ex Chels player presenter on telly
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    Shocking how quiet this thread goes when mount has a good day. But well, what can one expect from arm chair critics. Another good showing. That control and run deserved a goal, just could not get the shot. Overall, A1. Showing his quality as a CM/no. 8. Absolute gem.
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    Yeah great 'Team' performance all playing well and delivering. It's good to see 😍
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    Not our best game today. Average at best. Still could have blown them off the pitch. This team has immense potential
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    All those years of seeing Willian hitting the first man at set pieces to seeing Ziyech picking out the target almost with ease. 😭
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    Small but noticeable difference from last year used to infuriate me watching our CB's pass back and forth laterally for 90 minutes. Thiago Silva always trying to nudge things forward with his passing when available
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    Best midfielder today. Gesendet von meinem VOG-L29 mit Tapatalk
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    Regardless of the result, I'm hugely impressed with the defensive side of our game. Looking at how we've improved from last season. Kept the golden children of Kane and Son on a leash, unable to create anything of note.. Kante, Mount and Kovacic were SUPERB! Same goes for our back 4 and Mendy
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    I like Tammy as a rotation option but these games are too big for him!
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    Always the case with Jorginho in the team unfortunately.
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    Tammy has been horrendous. Can't control the ball to save his life and giving it away left and right.
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    Exactly what came to mind when Silva scored. Pleased we have that sort of deliver on our side now.
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