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    hi from a Napoli supporter i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decent but not exceptional team pushed over his limits by Sarri I read that you talk about Napoli's player like extra technician players, and you think that Chelsea team cannot play Sarri's football Sarri played the same football at empoli, in serie B, he only need player that follows him and and able to understand his needs, and he will push them at their maximum level Sarri team is like a clock, every player has to be perfectly synchronized with the others, every play situations trigger an already prepared synchronized movement of the full team, so -if as I hope- you will hire him, you have to expect a slow start, the team will need to understand his football, and I think that Albiol and Rugani are fundamental for save some months and drive the full team in the beginning I really wish the best for Sarri, his teams will be my teams, and I hope that you will win Premier League and compete for the Champions destroying Allegri and his fucking juventus Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Laurent fucking Blanc Our managerial targets are becoming as average as our signings
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    If I was Sarri this shit would be raising all sorts of red flags for me.
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    Looks like he is off. I hope the man gets a quality job pronto (outside of England!). As a man, he has been absolute class. Probably the guy with the best manners and character since Ranieri. Who remembers him clapping the Sunderland fans last season for supporting their team through relegation? He gave so much passion in the first season. Giving hi 5's like he was a fan and jumping into the crowd after Hazard scored a blinder against Arsenal. He took a team with a shit defence and went on a 13 game unbeaten run. Won the title. Beat Jose 4-0 In his first return at the Bridge. Counter punched Guardiola away. Dropped Ivanovic and Terry as soon as he could. We beat Atletico away in their new stadium. Apart from one mistake from Christensen, played a masterclass against Barca at home (did Willian hit the post once or twice? I remember the Spanish paper's saying how Barca escaped our 'spider's trap'). After a difficult season gave us the FA cup win over Jose no less! 2 trophies in 2 years with Guardiola, mourinho and klopp. Not bad Antonio. I'm papering over the cracks ofcourse. When we were up against it our football was unbelievably defensive. Fallout with Luiz and Willian haven't helped. Towards the end even I was fed up with how much he went on about transfers. Overall, I think he'll go down as a legend. At his best, he was literally like a 12th player for the team and an extra fan when we scored. Fiery, and never took shit. No wonder he fit like a glove here!!
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    Zola has been summoned ready to be unveiled as Sarri's number 2, it's a big thing for the club, supporters and him. Him flying back tells you things are happening, it's probably a dream come true for Zola to be involved in such a big job at the club he's seen as a hero at, imagine how excited he must be to come back and work under Sarri. Get in.
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    the mods fault, I've heard it all now. I'm willing to take the blame for what's happening in Syria, but not this.
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    You can't produce a Michelangelo with bloody Crayons, so this whole thing about Sarri being ready to "work with what he's got" ain't gonna fly here. So hopefully that's not our boards mentality. "Ah, we have a good squad who just happened to underperform under Conte this past season. We'll just make one or two mid-level signings and compete for the title next season." Would anyone be surprised? The same mentality they had after Mou last won it. Tread water.
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    Hope to fuck Sarri is still the front runner, can't be doing with this Blanc shite.
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    I won't lose any sleep over this one. We binned Cech for him, the GK coach, reportedly offered him 200k a week months ago etc, if he doesn't want to be here then fuck off.
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    Yep. Our club appear to be in absolute chaos both on and off the pitch. Managerial situation, Roman's Visa issues, some of our best and most important players' contractual stuff, no concrete transfer news to speak of at all, and now giving up on the hugely important stadium redevelopment. This is pretty scary shit.
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    Heard a rumor Maria went into Poundland and offered 50p for sweets.
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    I might be slightly biased here (lol) but I feel that Eden Hazard has earned the right to at least comment on this. He has stayed at the club year after year despite us playing defensive football. Now there's a chance we'll get attack-minded coach so yeah, give him at least a chance to state his opinion on the issue. This is Eden Hazard we're talking about, the best and most talented player at the club, and not some random mediocre player like Bakayoko who's opinions obviously would be ignored altogether. That rumour is most likely BS though.
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    You just know that Monday will be yet another time when "discussions" will start with Sarri, we'll hear from sources that something else will happen by Friday, then Friday will come around and it'll be something will happen the following Monday. Then we'll appoint Blanc out of nowhere and all be disappointed. 😂
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    Lets give up on all this speculation, it's total bollocks. What happens, happens.
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    Can confirm the name and surname If he just said Elseid or Hysaj we'd be really curious as to who he's talking about.
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    Rather keep Conte than sign this clueless guy Blanc. Classic Chelsea to fuck up Sarri tho
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    Even setting aside the Sarri part of this whole thing, it's actually insane how we've heard zero about Conte since the season ended a month ago. Nothing. Even the notoriously slow acting, reluctant Arsenal are in overdrive getting things done early. And they had the mammoth task of replacing their legendary manager of 20+ years! They've appointed their new manager, signed 2 players, and are right on the verge of signing 2 more before we've even heard a whisper from Chelsea! They'll likely have all of their new signings in for the start of their preseason where they can quickly begin bedding in. I'll bet any amount of money that we'll still be fucking about on deadline day. It's literally unbelievable.
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    Daily Mail reporting Sarri is very close and Zola will be his assistant. MUST NOT GET EXCITED!!!!
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    Wow..... this monday rush has been crazy can hardly keep up.
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    It's only a disappointing day if you have pinned all your hopes on what journalists say.
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    What your suggesting only works if it benefits the club. Fergie's often cited as the way to go, but he only "cut out the ego's" when he knew he could afford to, when Rooney took him on he was "punished" with a record breaking new deal. Player power is an overhyped phenomena (usually used to excuse manager's doing shit jobs), every single successful team have big characters that will happily challenge the manager, as Roy Keane said, you don't win trophy's with a dressing room full of submissive choir boys.
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    I'm living in Paris and looked every psg game and trust me Blanc is shit. When he was there, he gives all the power to the big guys who fall into comfort and lack of intensity. And I thinks that why DL want him, to win back his influence in the team. He's a very inmaginative manager who wants to do Pep philosphy but understands nothing about it. When journalist asked him "what your philosophy, he answered: my philosophy is possession" Or guy like Pep, Sarri Smapaoli always say possession is a mean not the end. For example he used to put Cavani as left winrger, and of course the guy was bad because he wanted him to play like Leroy Sane... And when Motta or Verratti was injured, the team used to lose control of the ball because the way the team play was based on individual quality and not strong pattern.
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    For me it's the immediate action that has annoyed the shit out of me. This club is fairly silent when it comes to dealings anyway, and the usual journos throwing names around and one will stick, it's all part of the make up. This managerial appointment is key, but the most influential part of this for me is how this wasn't sorted IMMEDIATELY, and I mean within days of the final whistle blowing at Wembley. I know things can be complicated but this needed ironing out so they relevant targets and the other loose ends sorting with nigh on immediate effect. This isn't the first time the club have dragged things out/couldn't get deals done, it's a recurring theme every transfer window. If it is true that Roman is taking charges of things then great, hopefully he had Maria on the side of his yact and kicked her square in the fanny and sent her over board.
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    This is how our fans slowly but surely have started settling for less. I remember many people on this forum that were "happy" with Drinkwater when we missed out on Tolisso last season.
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    And they say dealing with Aurelio De Laurentiis is a hell. Well, a hell is having incompetent people at the board dealing on behalf of your beloved football club and penny-pinching in every meeting and negotiation.
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    Abrahamovic out of the country and cant get back in. Conte out of the country and doesn't want to come back in. Sarri out of the country and wants to get in. So Sarri cant get in cause Roman's out and Conte's in, and until Roman comes in and puts Conte out, Sarri cant come in. Keep up peoples, it's all very simple............I think
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    Azpi isn't a cb, Cahill isn't a ball playing cb, David Luiz is heavily rumoured to be on his way out. That would leave us with just Rudiger and Christensen. A third ball playing cb would be a must. Manolas and Rugani seem to be our main targets for the cb position but i don't expect us to buy them both. It's probably going to be 1 or the other. I've watched a number of full games from Napoli, read articles and yt vids about Sarri's tactics. The cb's are really important. Them along with the nr 6 deep playmaker are the foundation of his team. They are responsible for the distribution of the ball. If they start panicking, and/or start hoofing the ball long then shit will hit the fan real fast.
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    I think Zola is Steve Holland's replacement as the club based number 2. Last season we let Conte bring in his own replacement for Steve but the general rule in the Roman era is we have a club based assistant to go alongside the manager's own staff and it's worked well.
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    i trust Alfredo Pedulla for what regards Sarri, he is quite close to Maurizio he sais that it's almost done I really hope that it will be true Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    As a stoner, I am also used to smoke.
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    80 million euros 😂😂😂😂 Get the fuck out of here with that shit. There is no acceptable sum of money under the region of 160 million euros for the little man. If for some insane reason we are looking to sell then it should be for 160million plus Raboit/Veratti. I'm dead serious!
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    If he's utd fan why isn't he buying utd instead? It's says in that report he's utd fan but he's a Chelsea season ticket holder cause Chelsea ground is near his home fuck me who makes this shit up lol 😂😂😂
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    Because the club isn't actually falling apart. You see, if you don't believe every different report (bullshit) that's posted every few minutes by any and every spurious source you actually don't hear about anything too bad. For instance I don't read rumour sections or anything like that and honestly bar the managerial situation which, admittedly would ideally be sorted earlier, there's no news out there. Roman has dug his heals in re the British visa issue but I've had boys in work at me all day about Roman leaving and us going bankrupt. It's all complete pish. Honestly this isn't to be snide or anything but if people paid less attention to the media/Twitter outlets things really don't seem bad at all. See the amount of daily, different, conflicting sources posted on this thread alone over the past fortnite as evidence. We are one of the better club's for keeping things quiet. No idea what the hold up is with the manager but marina isn't sitting with her thumb up her hole whilst Roman sits thinking of just jacking it all in.
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    If it's truly Blanc then this would be the perfect lesson to all Chelsea fans who quickly turned on Conte just because they expected Daddy Roman would buy them a new babysitter.
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    All this is so disrespectful to Conte. If you’re going to sack the guy then sack him, if not come out and back him for the next season ffs. Forget transfers our club is a complete joke in every department.
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    He must be laughing himself to sleep every night seeing how this incompetent board of frauds aren't even capable of replacing him.
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    nice video, Hazard goals and assists for club and country this season
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    If Barca made Messi available for £10m our board would go in with offers of £6m, £7m, and £8m until Barca walked away from the table. Haggling over €8m, ffs. Roman probably has that in his jewelry box.
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    Massive fail from me guys. APOLOGISE.
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    So looks like Sarri is the guy. Feeling pretty sad about how it’s ending for Conte. He is the first manager since Joses first stint who I absolutely loved having at the club. Anyways, super intrigued by this very non Chelsea appointment. I’m unsure he will be able to recreate the passing and sexy football with our current crop of players but if he does, he should be tested for using some sort of witchcraft. I’d have Jody Morris as his assistant, proper Chelsea and will be able to help him adapt to the club and new country.
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    I have to correct you on this. Bakayoko has always played "one touch" football with us. It's usually one touch, miss-control and the ball is gone to the opposition
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    Conte staying just isn't an option. Keeping Eden is more important at this moment in time, especially with Sarri available.
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    two trophies in two years. these are facts
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    Miserable night for a miserable club with miserable fans. Instead of being their 6th CL title it's now the 6th trophyless season in a row. No league title since before I was even born and one League Cup against fucking Cardiff City to cheer for in the last 12 or so years. Ha fucking Ha!!! Scousers the scum of the Earth.
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