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    If Kante walks back in the side now it would be outrageous.
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    Giroud is a total fucking pro he was BURIED by Lamps (Lamps trotting out Michy over OG was one of his truly shit decisions, Bats is dogshit) did not piss and moan than mutch, even though it possibly could have fucked up up for Euro 2020 on the world champions and the minute he got a run of games he has so stepped up
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    lol wth he just made his EPL debut and you already slagging him off! a few months back he was 17!!!
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    One good thing I must say and I don't think this has been mentioned is that Lampard hasn't moaned much about the injury problems we have had, especially of late! He just looks at the options we have - from the first team and academy - and try to put together a competitive squad out there for matches. It's night and day compared to what someone like Mourinho is doing at Spurs. Two key players out and he has been moaning like it's the end of the world, he can't do much more etc. Hasn't even tried to look into Spurs' academy for options. Imagine the BS he would do if he's in Lampard's position right now!
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    Corona virus? Fuck that, he is a friend.
  6. 9 likes
    I'm worried about him now, expectations have now become far too high. Soon as he hits as bad run of form the impatient crew who have systematically blasted Mason and Tammy will make this thread a toxic place quicker than you can say coronovirus.
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    Mason and Billy were fantastic, but it's Barkley who looked the most improved for me. Crazy how much better he looks when he's confident. Doesn't take an hour on the ball deciding what to do with it, dribbles past players with ease, and bombing forward with the ball with power. If he keeps this up he'll be a big asset in the run-in.
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    This is the first performance in months, definitely in 2020 that I feel very comfortable and relaxed watching a game.
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    I hope City stuff them and worsen it
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  12. 6 likes
    And maybe they would not be this fresh. Ifs and buts indeed.
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    2 clean sheets in a row! That feels really good too. Well played Kepa.
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    we look so much better with Giroud leading the line
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    One of the best halves under Lampard, considering the options he has at his disposal for today. Just don't fuck this up. Not winning this would be criminal.
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    Strange times. We've surrendered our liberty and freedom to the State. Parliament has disappeared. All private enterprise has been Nationalised. Movement controlled. All our freedom just given up without a fight. It reminds me of.....China. Also here in the UK theres this weekly virtue signalling -everyone comes out and claps the state NHS at 8 00pm on Thursdays. Funnily enough in Maos Red Book a weekly collective applause of the state is encouraged....
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    In the US people queue up to buy guns. In the Netherlands thousands of people were today queueing to buy weed before all coffee shops (and restaurants, cafes etc.) closed down at 6pm and will remain shut for next 3 weeks at least. I guess stereotypes do exist for a reason
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    IMO uefa will postpone euro till next year and let league finish. I can see ucl and Europa League being canceled.
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    Obscene that just 3 US citizens have the same wealth as 175 million of their fellow citizens added together. Obscene that the US has killed 30 million people in other countries since WW2
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    Kante as he is now played is not world class at all and he is ageing, is oft-injured, and at an age where he will rapidly devalue I am sick and tired of the board shitting away hundreds of millions of pounds on shit buys, horrid contractual management, shit-timed sales, botched sales, botched buys, turn-downs of massive offers, and horrid renewals the rot simply has to end the board lacks pretty much any future-forward projectional aptitude they have shit for brains from a footballing concept for years now the only thing that has bailed us out is the academy finally striking multiple lodes of gold
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    Also whilst talking about Billy, I just can't enthuse any more about the young lad's passing ability always forward, just the right amount pace on the ball, and there's his vision of the game. If as we hope he continues his progression how good can he get, he's only only eighteen and plays like a seasoned pro already.
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    Hope they crash out of CL. Boring club with a bald fraud manager.
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    Please no, he would slip and spill everything.
  25. 5 likes
    Batshuayi featuring over Giroud looks beyond laughable right now...
  26. 5 likes
    Unless we are playing one of the 'big teams', it generally is a blessing in disguise. I am more in a hurry to see Kovacic back.
  27. 5 likes
    Mourinho must be fuming somewhere in north London...
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    Wow. I am shocked and amazed. Best performance this season with an injury hit squad. The players who stood out today have bene getting a lot of slack from fans this season too. Barkley, Mount, Willian etc... they were all brilliant. Gilmour again was top class. Clean sheet nice too. My fears before the weekend was genuinely dropping out the top 4 as I was fearing the worst this game, especially not knowing if Willian would make it or not and the difference he made was big. I mean so far best possible outcome. Wolves, Spurs dropping points and us winning. Perfect outcome will be for City to beat United. I can understand why the sky sports pundits gave Gilmour MOTM, but personally would have given it to Barkley. He ran the show all game. Made 2 assists.1 of them the passes of the season. Not just that, in a position where we missed our top three CM in pecking order in Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante, he stepped up and looked at home. I actually think the CM role is his best position. He roams from that position but is also physically dominant too and it is difficult for opponents to muscle him off the ball. The three games I have seen him in that position against Burnley, Liverpool and today, he has been brilliant. He gets my MOTM He has received so much flack from supporters too and it is good to see him really improving. Hopefully he keeps it up because he has the ability.
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    Well, that was too easy till the point it felt surreal. Great performance. Great goals. The level of application as a unit was on point again. And a clean sheet!
  31. 5 likes
    Really is great to finally see the influx of youth getting a chance with the first team.
  32. 5 likes
    Tbh Giroud deserves to stay in the starting XI despite Abraham
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    Was I the only one that felt a little bit sad for Carlo when they zoomed to the bench? Shame this isn't Jose or Conte then I'd be pissing myself.
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    Considering the board caved in on CHO's demands when he hasn't done anything of note in his career so far, it's little wonder that Abraham wants parity when he actually has already done things in his career.
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    That's fair enough, Tammy is entitled to negotiate the best deal he can get. I hope however that the club won't allow itself to overspend on the wages of our youngsters just because they are our youngsters. Pay them what they're worth for sure, but we still have to use the budget wisely.
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    KING CARLO Carlo Ancelotti reveals Ashley Cole convinced him to go on ‘unforgettable’ night out with the Chelsea squad after he was sacked https://talksport.com/football/679449/carlo-ancelotti-ashley-cole-night-out-chelsea-sacking/ Carlo Ancelotti is set to receive a hero’s welcome at Stamford Bridge when Everton face Chelsea on Sunday. The veteran Italian manager is adored by Blues fans for his successful stint in charge of the club between 2009 and 2011. Ancelotti won the double in his first season before Roman Abramovich unjustly wielded the axe to end his tenure within an hour of the end of the final match of the Italian’s second campaign in charge. And Chelsea boss Frank Lampard expressed his admiration for his former manager in his pre-match press conference on Friday. In fact, Ancelotti was so popular that he was even treated to a night out by Ashley Cole days after he was sacked. Speaking to The Telegraph, the Toffees boss revealed how Cole instigated a huge farewell night out. Ancelotti said: “All the squad was there. “I knew it was going to be the last game and I had friends from Italy over. “On the bus home, the players knew I was sacked and Ashley Cole said we must go out. I said no because I had ten friends visiting. We are having dinner at my house. “But Ashley was, ‘No, no, they must all come. I will send you a bus’. So he sent a minibus to get us. It was unforgettable.” snip
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    Injuries and now the coronavirus. Fuck. It's over. Cancel this season.
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    I love Atletico and Simeone Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    Go to hell Man City. I hope that European ban sticks. Twats. Lost to Spurs, losing to United. Don't forget to fucking turn up at the Bridge.
  43. 4 likes
    Beautiful embrace, much mutual respect from each other, former Chelsea coach and his former player. Carlo and Lamps are class personified on and off the pitch
  44. 4 likes
    On the flip side, if Lampard had at least rotated Giroud with Abraham or even Pedro with Pulisic, it might have saved them from being run into the ground and get injured.
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    WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. Gillmour, the new general
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    It's all ifs and buts now but just imagine if Lampard had used the squad depth better back in November/December/January. The players he alienated, notably Pedro and Giroud, suddenly look decent again when given a run of games and have been solid for the last few games.
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    What a game. Absolutely loved that. NOW COME ON CITY! That would complete a top class Sunday.
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    Billy MOTM again, keep playing him.....who would of thought.
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    Two dominant performances in a row with 0 goals considered. Nice surprise!
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    Mount getting a well deserved rest. Great game son. interesting to see reece in midfield