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    Really the baptism of fire for Super Frank and it is encouraging to see opposition fans aknowledging you look way better than everybody would expect. Last night I instantly turned off my TV after Tammy's miss and I felt so damn pissed. Again a good match with a good intensity from our boys and a definite improvement on the United game. Frank Lampard's adjustments were spot on and one thing we can be sure of he ain't going to be that rigid as Sarri. Some players have huge careers, but turn into shite managers, some turn into decent ones, I feel Frank is going the champions route. The signs are there for everyone to see, I hope he is here to stay for a long, long time. Sarri improved Chelsea's passing and pressing game, but now the team looks better as a unit I feel and the biggest improvement is that Frank is more like Klopp and Pochettino, more direct in the final 3rd and always looks to end attacks by creating something. Unlike what we did under Sarri when looked awful at times in the final 3rd. We might have a weaker squad than most of the big clubs in Europe, but what we don't lack under Frank is the intensity and the passion to play the big games. At least what I know this season is that we won't be going into big matches looking like Burnley in disguise, if Frank is playing on the front foot at OT and against the CL winners in his first two matches in charge, then I don't see him taking his foot of the pedal and it's only going to get better with time this is what I am sure of.
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    Very confused, can only assume the ones being somewhat negative did not watch the game? Aside from Dave and Zouma, I thought we played really well against the European Champions. I was shocked at times how good some of our play was considering how little time Frank and Jody have had. I'm pleasantly surprised and I'm glad we had a reality check against United.
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    And the overeaction of the decade goes too....
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    Laughing at all those suggesting last season that Alonso was on the same level or better! This guy is a solid left back
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    Still looks so wrong in red and white. I really wish him and Arsenal only misfortune. What a shitty way to leave.
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    Rudiger is our best CB. I've seen some negative posts but saying it might be his downfall before a ball has been kicked is just way over the top.
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    Loved our team yesterday, everyone fighting for the badge. And we are still missing some great players.!
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    Unfortunate but biggest thing is we showed a reaction after the Man Utd battering. Actually was really impressed by Zouma tonight. Won everything in the air and looked a lot better. Don't have criticism for any player tonight. Thought Kante and Kovacic in particular was outstanding. Need a win against Leicester.
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    The decision to bring him in permanently has been justified already, imagine the shit we'd be in right now with Kante's injury woes had we not.
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    Hope he changes nothing because I liked what I saw and it will only get better with time and practice. Could have started a totally experienced line up with Alonso at left back, Emerson on the left wing, Pedro on the other, Giroud and a midfield of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic, but he went to OT playing his own way. I've watched plenty of Chelsea matches at OT and it's been a long time since I saw Chelsea that dominant there. A four nil loss, ok, some you win, some you lose, at least I saw a manager on our bench with some balls of steel. Was his debut on the big stage, could have easily played it safe and hang in there for a draw, maybe hope the lads would nick a goal at some point and get this debut thing off his shoulders. The same way Chelsea could have been one up early in the game or at least level at half time. It was just a matter of very small margins. Hate that bitter twat Mourinho, can't stand his face anymore, no wonder it's 2019 and nobody would touch him anymore. One of his former players is now in charge and he dissects his game like he's in this job for 20 years. What happened to all the punditry area needing some Chelsea supporting people? And not only Liverpool? Seems you've also turned into a money grabbing bitch you lousy twat, guess it's why they've also hired you, to create one headline over another. Frank is young and new in this job, sure he is bound to mistakes, but at least he sticks to his principles. Mourinho would have played three half fit Kante, Rudiger and Willian and some defensive line up just for the sake of a 0-0.
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    Careful Tomo. Some fellas would have you believed that Gladbach are a pub side.
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    I don't know if I'm finally reaching the acceptance stage, but I'm now actually more excited to see how we'll play without him. For 6 years we were bordering on being a one man team and often it showed on the pitch, but now there will be no go-to guy. Like Frankie explained, the collective must compensate for that loss. I'm expecting to see great improvement in teamwork and cohesion.
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    I loved Hazard at Chelsea but I couldn’t care less if he struggles at Real Madrid. It will show anyone else thinking of leaving that the grass isn’t always greener.
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    The last three games have, simply put, been a real reality check. In all three matches, we have started absolutely superbly, genuinely playing some of the best football I've seen Chelsea ever play. Yet in all three matches, a lack of composure and an inability to convert chances has meant we stand here with a draw and two defeats from three competitive matches. I think we need to be realistic and consider the pros and cons of the situation, which ultimately will determine our season's ambitions. I think there are plenty of positives right now. As I've mentioned, the brand of attacking football we are playing is making us an enjoyable watch (which is our fanbase's greatest criticism of the former manager), and the biggest plus point is the belief in youth players. Chelsea have needed a season like this for the past decade. We have never truly transition properly from one squad to the next. Our approach has also been so short-termist that, instead of bringing through youngsters (the odd exception aside), we've chosen to spend big and either invest in young foreign players, or go for players that can still function and perform well, but perhaps have already seen their better days - players such as Pedro, Giroud, David Luiz, for example. We have the propensity to make a negative situation (the transfer ban) a positive one by bringing through these young players and giving them considerable game time, which is something of a premium when it comes to our talented youngsters. We have a terrific academy and we are now in a position where we both have to, and need to, play these youngsters and give them the shot they deserve. Mason Mount is the biggest, most obvious evidence of this transition. We've been putting it off for years and years, but necessity dictates that this is the time to give these players the chance to shine. We also have to consider the fact that we are, realistically, missing three first XI players, meaning things will improve in terms of squad options and that we haven't yet seen our best team, playing our best football. Nobody can argue that Rudiger is our best defender; on recent evidence, whilst Pedro has had three promising games for us, CHO is probably more productive in the final third, and the player who I believe to be our best box-to-box midfielder, RLC, is yet to come into the team. We also have Reece James, who I will reserve judgement on, but Lampard seems to think he will play a considerable role this season, but we need to make sure we aren't doing the usual thing of putting too much pressure on the young man. That being said, he can't be any worse than Azpilicueta, but that's a separate debate... But there are some major problems inherent within the squad. There is a flipside to every situation - and playing kids is no exception. There's the famous quote - "You won't win anything with kids" - and to some extent this does ring true. The reason that we have gone out and invested frequently is because, at a club like Chelsea, there is such an expectation to win (- that expectation needs to be relaxed this season, which I'll come onto later). Then there are issues with Frank. I want to make this clear: this is not a post bashing Frank Lampard. I am 100% behind him, though I do believe his tenure has come at the wrong time, though only time will tell with regards to this. But we need to accept the obvious: this is Frank's second season as a manager. Look at today - I am furious with his decision to play ten of the eleven that started on Wednesday, and think it was incredibly naive to do so against a team like Leicester, who are one of those horrible teams that press you and push you and harass you for 90 minutes and would do for another 90 if they could. Whilst he's got us playing a good brand of attacking football, this is the worst we've been defensively in quite some time. Having Rudiger back in the team will add more balance (Andreas is good enough, but Kurt panics on the ball and doesn't have the composure that Rudiger has; with the style of football we're employing, that is a big disadvantage), but we need to especially look at the way that we are dealing with crosses and set pieces at the minute. There are then issues within the squad from an attacking point of view - we have a lot of players who are good around the box, but not necessarily with that final phase of play. We are not a crossing team and we don't necessarily have many players who can play killer through balls. More importantly, our striking options are poor. Let's be honest. Giroud is an honest striker and links the ball nicely; he'll get us 10-15 goals a season reliably, but who is replacing the Hazard x-factor and the ability to pull a rabbit out of the hat? Is it Mount? I'm not so sure, though he took his goal well today. The point I'm making is this: we have to relax our ambitions this season. I'm sorry guys, I really don't think we are going to finish in the top four. You can't write us off in the cup competitions, but I can realistically see us struggling in the UCL without a favourable group draw. I'll leave it up to you as to whether you think I'm being reactionary or otherwise (I don't much care either way), but I think we need to ease the pressure on the boys. Short-term pain could be of massive long-term gain. We need to consider youth development as being the priority this season, that is the target and playtime is the reward. A trophy or four would be nice, of course, but this is a case of building for the future. We also need to think about the expectation of Frank as our manager. He will learn so much from every minute. He is level-headed and I think we need to be about the current situation. There is no need for doom and gloom - I think we have been really unlucky so far - but we need to temper our expectations somewhat.
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    I hate and I do mean hate Willian with a passion. Fucking criminal how this clown is wearing that number 10 shirt.
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    chelsea played very well yesterday, and the movements without the ball of pulisic and pedro were gorgeous. maybe without hazard it's easy to play better, but without hazard it's more difficult to win something
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    Nothing to be ashamed about with that performance. Future looks bright.
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    Not even bothered about the result. Very, VERY encouraged by the performance. Hopefully our best players are ready for Sunday. Emerson, Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, and Pulisic were all excellent. Pedro and Zouma vastly improved after last weekend. Mount looked super nice coming on. We play a MUCH more effective brand of football thus far under Frank. Attacking with real intent and purpose. Keep in mind as well that Liverpool are European champions and had 2 days extra rest. Yet we were by far the better side. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    The problem is that no one gets fired for buying a player like Drinkwater. That is the issue here.
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    Why??? Understand why Chelsea fans hate Courtois cause he's a snake hazard left the club on good terms
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    very unhappy its going to be a long year we just need to hope we finish top 7 so do not lose all Euro revenue Lamp's inexperience is showing on these subs
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    Am I the only one to think that Christian Pulisic was one of the best Chelsea player on the pitch - of course with Kante MOM? He is only 20 years only, soon 21. Young player, but so talented and so mature: one assist and one goal (off-side), so active. He should be a starter imo. We have a diamond here as a player, hence the price we paid to buy him. I have read European press, and they are unanimous to say the same: he is an exceptional player. He is a diamond to polish.
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    That was some fucking performance huh, im utterly loving the way we game. Super fast and direct, thats the Chels I know and love. These past 2 games was better than anything Sarii produced imo of course. JUst tough luck we didnt win, cuz the performance deserved the win. MAde us so proud man, Frank is on to something, just compare this Jhorgo and Kova to last season, not even the same players you would think. This is the desire and will and that fighting attitude I knew Lamps would demand......good on him man. And btw FUCK FA......fucking horse shit they had 2 more days rest playing a shit team at home, bent fuckers helping their darling.....FUCK YOU FA. And did you guys see the Kante brothers out there? They were all over the place......they were 2 of them right?
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    If Conte, Sarri and now Lampard overlooked Michy for other unproven options like Morata and Abraham, that says something
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    The Tammy bashing has begun. I think his 'bad' performance is wild exaggeration. Yes, he had one big miss but he was burning the Liverpool defense with his movement. I would not worry about a striker who missed chances in a couple of games. Even good strikers like Aguero miss several chances. The worry is when the chances are not being created. Michy, Giroud have had their time to claim the striker role. Multiple managers have overlooked Michy and even though Giroud was decent yesterday, he needs to be managed game-time wise. Abraham is still my preference for Leicester on Sunday. We need to sign a new striker but Tammy is a positive for the club this season and without him, we would have two standard options to choose from up-front.
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    Can you lot stop shitting on every player after two games? He maybe or maybe not good enough but at least give them 6 months first and stop with these kneejerk reactions.
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    Really happy with the way Chelsea and the youth played today. I think Frank's ideas for the team are slowly coming into effect. Come home, Frank. Let the season begin at Stamford Bridge.
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    His pace and directness will be key for us. And that goal he scored which was ruled out, was Hazard-esque.
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    Very pleased with tonight, just a huge disappointment having come so close to lose like that but it's put a marker down for the season to show we can still compete with the top teams. This has been a baptism of fire for Lampard, he couldn't have had it much more difficult but I feel there has already been a significant improvement across both games. I mentioned at half time that he will make mistakes this early on in his managerial career but tonight was an example that he will identify and learn quickly from those mistakes and we'll be better long term as a result (note the Leeds play off second leg game too as another example of this). We were so much more defensively solid today across the park. The pressing was far less frenetic and was operated in a far more calculated manner, but was similarly effective to the first half at Old Trafford and kept us being hit constantly on the counter attack. The midfield dominated throughout the game, Kante has improved immensely on the ball and all three are so comfortable with it. Some of the play at times was excellent and enjoyable to watch, there always seemed to be an intent to our play. The willingness of players to run in behind was a very good sign. Pulisic in particular was very direct and I think will cause a lot of teams problems in that way this season. Kante was definitely man of the match, I cannot possibly fathom how someone misses pre season and then puts that performance in for 120 minutes. Zouma still looks uncomfortable on the ball but looked far more solid tonight which was very encouraging. I also thought Pedro had an excellent game, after his poor showing against United. Again a 32 year old who has won the lot putting in the shift he did tonight isn't just testament to his character and drive but it's huge for the younger lads we have in the squad to see the work rate one of the most senior players is putting in. Also just a note on Tammy Abraham. I've looked back at a number of posts pretty much writing him off already. Let's give the kid some time shall we? He's come in and first two games had to face up against the two most expensive centre backs in world football. There are aspects of his game that are raw but his work rate gives a completely different option to Giroud and I'm pretty certain once he bags his first goal, more will follow. It's easy to pan him for a poor penalty but I remember Ronaldo sticking his penalty straight down Cech's throat in Moscow. I'd far rather look at the character he has to step up and take such a high pressure penalty for us.
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    Inter are probably already looking forward to buying Tammy in 6 years.
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    This is exactly the problem for Zouma. What Chelsea fans remember is a promising centre back before his injury when he was under Mourinho's management and as a result was protected under a conservative manager. It is easily forgotten too that his run in the team coincided with the mid table season we had (not that I'm blaming Zouma for that). His loan spell at Stoke went pretty well despite them getting relegated and he obviously had a good season last year at Everton but again he's not being expected to play in an expansive way with a high defensive line. The games I saw last year at Everton where he actually looked good were against big teams like Liverpool and United where they were sitting back and soaking up pressure. One trait Zouma had even before his injury was his positioning was always a weakness but he had an uncanny ability to get back extremely quickly and had one of the best recovery tackles I've probably ever seen but I do think he's lost some of his athleticism and acceleration after his injury and the more space in behind him the harder that recovery can become.
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    This is harder to take than City. Why? Because at City we were bolax and got what we deserved, here we were genuinely the better side (by a distance) for 65 minutes then were sucker punched due to sheer naivety.
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    It will be so easy, so easy to criticize him this season. And I already got a few tips who the people will be here on forum. Heck, some already do! Super, super Frank!
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    Rudiger, Kante, RLC, CHO, James and even Willian. Half of the team is yet to come. Hopefully, once they all are back, we are no that far from top 4.
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    One positive is that Kovacic looked really good in midfield. He plays over Jorginho for me when Kante is fit again.
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    Chelsea star Andreas Christensen appears to take swipe at new Arsenal signing David Luiz https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/08/chelsea-star-andreas-christensen-appears-take-swipe-new-arsenal-signing-david-luiz-10542730/ Andreas Christensen appears to have taken a swipe at new Arsenal signing David Luiz with a timely post on social media. The 32-year-old swapped west for north London on transfer deadline day after he fell out with Frank Lampard and was asked to train away from Chelsea’s first team squad. Luiz subsequently pushed for a move across the capital to Arsenal to be reunited with his former manager at PSG, Unai Emery, and was granted his wish with the Gunners securing an £8million transfer shortly before the deadline. After he was dropped for last Saturday’s friendly against Borussia Monchengladbach, Luiz was worried about his position in the team but his response prompted Lampard to take action amid concerns he was becoming a disruptive influence. GMTA
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    What will be kinda funny and pathetic is all the Arse fans who were shitting and clowning on Luiz as late as this morning suddenly hyping him up as a fantastic signing.
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    I love(d) Luiz but his leadership qualities atleast on the pitch have always been overrated. The one time he was seriously relied on to take charge of things and lead his side through a huge game they wound up 5 down after half an hour. While we will miss his ball playing ability, he's not going to walse into Arsenal and organize that defense.
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    Leave him be until he's fully fit. Kovacic is more than adequate cover especially now it appears we're playing with a pivot.
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    Although it was refreshing to see likes of Mount and RLC sign new deals, they were rather expected. I think we can all agree that if CHO signs on, this will be the biggest relief and will be the biggest success in a transfer window where we can't make any transfers.
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    Maybe its a Hazard problem, Hazard was kind of a ball hog and Emerson might be benefiting from the movement that Pulisic has. Dont get me wrong Hazard was an elite talent but he was hard to accommodate in a team system because he couldn't follow instructions properly. he is too talented though so he can get away with it.
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    It is true. We have been the most successful English team since the turn of the millenium. That club world cup final defeat hau.ts me as well. The competition is a joke but ypu can call yourself world Champion afterwards. The worst is that Torres scored a perfectly legit goal that was wrongfully chalked off. Also we got denied a penalty
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    We kept the most amount of clean sheets in the league after the two best teams. Luiz was in the team for the majority of that. He has errors but he also has games where he is sold and looks the part. Last season included. We kept 16 clean sheets in the league IIRC. Now one of the defensive duo who played in that team, we are giving to the team who finished below us. Why should we be giving him to Arsenal? Suits the way they are trying to play from out the back, and also adds quality that they need. For a team who desperately needed a CB apparently on a limited buget, they have got a really good deal.
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    Who do you coach a team of convicts ?.
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    Ah mate -it goes back to when we signed him and West ham fans in their spite called him that. Always stuck with a lot of us but in an ironic sense when he was banging in 20 a season -yeah not derogative
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