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    Willian for me by a mile. If that was his debut people would be saying better than Messi. His tracking back, his sublime play for the second, constant breaking up of their moves. So easy to take him for granted.
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    If you asked me now, I wouldn't want him back. I want to see us become a collectively cohesive team, not a superstar and the supporting cast.
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    The wee man is cool as fuck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Everyone says he improved so much but I don't see it, he was already very good. The only reason people (some fans and especially pundits) are starting to acknowledge his class is because Lampard done the very awkward thing of playing him and Kante in the exact same positions Sarri did, meaning it's easier to say he improved as opposed to admit Sarri was right all along.
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    I haven't seen the game yet but I heard we managed it really well in the second half which has pleased me as I didn't hold back on my dissatisfaction on how we pissed away the Sheffield match. It is a really strong sign how Frank is learning from his mistakes (which are inevitable so young). As amazing as the first half hour Vs Leicester was to watch the intensity we played with had us tanked for the second half and Leicester took the piss out of us and we haven't gone full pelt since and ever since the Sheffield match we have managed winning positions a lot better. Compared to OGS up at United who's making the same mistakes again and again and again it's so good to see Frank evolving and learning and although he doesn't have the prior CV those two did, he's showing similar early signs to what Pep and Klopp did when they came to England in terms of the encouraging football we're playing.
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    What a lovely little ball for the 4th that was.
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    Great away support as well today as always. Willian song, Hudson Odoi/Banana Splits song, Outsung St Marys today.
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    Oh my god, that bond between Lamps and the players
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    We go toe to toe with the champions of Europe, we deserved to win, we probably should have won. And yet it's all doom and gloom. Yes, there are some defensive issues, there are some teething issues, but it HAD to be so. Fucking hell, sarri got 9 points in his last 6 games with us, having hazard, Kante, Rudi, Cho, RLC all fit. By the end of last season these 5 players were the first names on the team sheet, how many minutes have they been able to play combined so far? And yet, we are not only a better attacking unit, we are actually a competent attacking unit. Frank asked for patience and support in his programme notes, and u can see why. This is still very much a work in progress. It will continue to do so for a major part of this season. I would rather us struggling a bit now with ideas and system than be what we were under sarri Calling Frank naive is one of the shittiest things I have heard. All these keyboard warriors, are going to have eggs on their face come the end of the season.
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    Jorginho is prime example you need to give a player time from different league time to adapt to the PL hes been good so far the stick he got last season I'm surprised he didn't want to leave in the summer fair play to him he stuck at it and he prove alot of Chelsea fans and pundits wrong
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    He is smart and he is cool and charismatic, I feel they all respect him (media, pundits, ex players former rivals etc.) I wrote a post here two years ago, even more maybe, on Harry Kane's diving - refs give him a foul every time a fly touches him. My point, though, is that English refs and media are biased and will always protect English players and clubs with a strong English core, hence Kane and Spurs being the media darlings. I was saying back then Chelsea must build a strong English core in the near future to take advantage of all the refs & media bias because it is what it is, it's football played on English soil, it is normal for English people to sometimes "protect" their own and there are moments when you need the refs to give you that 5% and the media to back off for some time.
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    Can we please have an injury-free international break? It seems to be finally getting okay in terms of our injuries so pretty please, return back fully fit!
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    Zouma as the middle CB in a back 3 is fucking tragic
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    Squad is starting to look that much stronger depth wise now considering Barkley and Pulisic not even in the squad and Rudiger, Emerson and RLC still to return.
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    Read an article today that shows at present his productivity with and without the ball is overall pretty poor compared to the other players in his position. He averages fewer tackles per 90 mins (1.62) compared to Pedro (1.85), Mount (2) and Willian (2.49). And fewer interceptions per 90 mins (0.65) to Willian (0.83) and Pedro (1.85). His dual success is only 37% compared to Mount (46%), Pedro (52%) and Willian (67%). With the ball, he averages fewer shots (0.65) compared to Willian (1.66), Mount (1.86) and Pedro (2.59). Creates fewer chances (1.3) than Mount (2.15) and Pedro (2.96). And averages the lowest dribble success (42%) compared to Pedro (60%), Mount (63%) and Willian (75%). It's also not a coincidence that his last game in the league was Sheffield United where Azpi kept getting targeted and whilst had a poor game, was hardly getting much help from Pulisic. I think at present Lampard simply doesn't trust his all round game for the team. Tomori got his chances initially by performing in training and Lampard has also talked up Batshuayi's effort in training recently which has coincided in more minutes on the pitch. Pulisic just needs to keep developing and improving by working hard in training and chances will come. It'll be up to him then to take them.
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    I actually think that the defending in open play has improved in the last couple of games, and seen a massive improvement from the United and Leicester games where we were extremely naive and cut open at will. It's far from perfect, but there is definite progress being made on this and there should be further improvement with personnel too as it can't be downplayed just how important Rudiger and Kante are in this team. Lampard has clearly made and shown willingness to make adjustments also as our attacking play is far less frenetic compared to the start of the season. We attack and press in a much more measured and controlled way now. Again, definite room for improvement but there are also definite signs of progression. There have also been tactical and formation changes throughout the season such as the wing backs to match up to Wolves and packing the midfield in two games against Liverpool where we've been arguably the better side. The set piece defending though is woeful and at the moment is the biggest issue that needs seriously addressing. This is the one area where we do miss a Cech or Courtois figure as they are confident to come and attack a lot of corners and wide free kicks and in doing so it gives more confidence to the defence as a whole. Kepa, for a lot of his other strengths, does not command his area well enough at present and this doesn't help matters. It's also not all Lampard's fault, some of the players need to take responsibility at times. The Valencia goal was a basic error of players not going with runners and not enough players are attacking their areas well enough from corners, etc. However, it is down to Lampard to work out the best method moving forward because it could be a big reason for dropping multiple points this coming season. I understand the argument regarding results and performances but we are very much a work in progress at present. The attacking is much improved to last year, especially when you consider Sarri had Hazard last season at his disposal and also found a key stream of goals later in the season from Loftus-Cheek. Lampard has had to adapt a pretty inexperienced attacking group to those losses and we look much more exciting and there is far greater intent to our play. Opening us up that bit more has also had to be navigated without our best centre back and defensive minded midfielder too. At the very least though when things are a work in progress, performances are more important than results so long as there is patience and understanding. Last season OGS got United results and carried some momentum on for a couple of months from that but they weren't playing well and rode their luck enormously. They are now paying the price for this because their results have tanked and their performances on the whole haven't been good enough. When we manage to string some wins together in a row and build some momentum, I think it will be much more sustainable because our performances have mostly been a lot better and should improve even further with (1) key personnel coming back and (2) confidence, especially for the younger less experienced players in the squad.
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    Superb performance. Faultless again. Kept Salah very quiet.
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    Tomori our best defender after Rudiger...
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    It will be if it doesn't change. Setting up for defending from set plays is done on the training ground so constantly conceding goals from them is a reflection on him, Jody and whoever else and whatever they are trying to get across. Not playing Pulisic in any capacity v Valencia and even not starting him today also looks like a mistake for me. He has pace and geniune ability to take players out of the game in 1 v 1s.
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    The pleasing thing about recently is we've not only conceded two goals in four games but given very little in terms of clear chances also. We're starting to control games a lot better now compared to the basketball type matches we saw early on. Odoi gets MOTM but mentions have to go to Kovacic and Pulisic, completely changed the dynamic of the game after coming on. The fact we can have an injury crisis yet still bring on two players of that calibre speaks volumes as to how strong our squad is now. I think Christian should be starting at Ajax on Tuesday as the type of open game we will likely see will suit his ability's. Full value for the win, would have been a catastrophy if Newcastle got a result, they did absolutely nothing going forward and despite playing defensively they still allowed about 5 clear chances, absolutely hopeless side.
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    This is getting too close to the English media for my liking non stop talking about Man United's woes. Fuck them and just sit back, laugh and hope things get worse.
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    A couple details changed everything. We lost 2 points against Sheffield. Liverpool has been really lucky to win last three games including us. And that was a six pointer game. There you go, 4,5 details come differently and we would be in front of them. But that's football...
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    He is our vital player. People need to understand this. Stats don't show much in his case. For instance today he had influence in all four goals. If you look at the scoreboard you will see four different names for goals and four more names for players who made assists. You won't see Jorginho's name but he won the ball for first goal, gave the ball to Willian for second, great pass to Alonso for third and also pass to Michy for fourth goal. Also savad clear goal after Tomori mistake. Leader on the pitch, so vocal. Frank recognised this and that's why he promoted him to vice captain. I never criticized him last season because I knew he was a victim of the system and players around him who didn't cope very well with Sarriball. πŸ€™
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    This is why I think he will make it eventually. Not just a pace merchant but highly intelligent player. To see the run from Michy in his back, move the ball just that inch to get the angle for the pass and then time it perfectly shows a mature understanding of the game.
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    A lot of people thought his career will take a nose dive once Sarri leaves, but I think he's rejuvenated under Lampard. Fantastic today
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    WOW. What a win and an emphatic one. Willian MOTM by far for me. Brilliant defensive work, constantly chasing back and regaining possession and also setting up Mount superbly for our 2nd. Should of had another assist if CHO scored too. That was a brilliant solo run. So many positives to take out. Another game where an academy player sets up another academy player (this time CHO for Abraham). Mount scoring. And we are in 2 points of City. If someone said we would be in this position after the 2nd game of the season, I would have laughed my head off. We got a nice set of fixtures coming ahead too. Good to go into the international break with a win for a change. Lamps has won me over already, must say.
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    Great performance! Thoroughly enjoyed that, we finally look like a team with a plan. Alonso monster performance, Willian very good, Kante brilliant as was Jorginho. Pulisic with a very nice cameo topped off by that sweet assist to Bats. Molto bella! [emoji11][emoji108] Sent from my Mi A1 using Tapatalk
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    Willian, Kante, and Jorginho today πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Jorginho, man. What a fucking player. He's the general on the pitch.
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    Say what you want but Willian has been good this half. Tracking back well. He's played pretty good last 3 games
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    That was a massive win tonight. So many players making their first away trip in the Champions League with a pretty intimidating atmosphere, I thought we did a good job. Take away the last 5 minutes of nerves at the end, and Tomori was once again outstanding. I really hope Rudiger gets back to full fitness soon because I'd love to see what these two are like with a run of games because the potential could be there to make an excellent pairing. Tammy again too continues to develop. Took his goal superbly, but his all round play continues to improve and he always puts a real shift in for the team. And for all the moaning about some of the players I thought the experienced players stepped up in the second half when they needed to. Willian's goal was a fantastic strike, Azpilicueta and Alonso I felt defended more solid when we reverted to a back 4 and Zouma too won everything in the air when Lille tried pressing in the last 15 minutes. Very pleasing all round, and let the positive momentum continue...
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    Actually for his size he went down incredibly rarely when he had the chance. Was often able to stay on his feet when pushed and shoved while many other wingers would have gone down, so I wholeheartedly disagree with the opinion that he went down too easily. He took many hard tackles almost every game and shrugged them off, he was lucky not to get serious injuries just like Lampard was, for example.
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    Everyone has their opinion and I respect that but I just find his apprehension (if that's the right word) towards Pulisic somewhat bemusing. Loan him out to learn his trade? Really? If Pulisic was some unknown and we had bought him from the MLS or a small league - like his compatriot Miazga - then sure, loan him out. But Pulisic has played over 120 games, including in the Champions League, for a big club in Europe and is like the biggest US player right now. We're never going to loan him out. Whether this transfer will work out well in the long run remains to be seen but he's a long term investment from the club's perspective. Does Pulisic deserve to start over Willian or Pedro at this point? Maybe, maybe not. But at the very least, he should be given minutes on the field. It's easy to sit here and say he needs to adapt, to settle in etc and sure, he needs time but on the other hand, how is he going to do that if he's not even getting minutes, even if it's just 20-30 minutes for now? He won't be perfect but at least give him a chance to impress, to make mistakes and learn, to get the feel of the league and team. I'd rather see young players go through all that than seeing experienced players continue to underwhelm and do not improve. And think some have been spoilt by the success of Mount, Abraham so far. Also, if people are gonna start with the ifs and buts of the transfer ban, then they are seriously opening a can of worms. If we hadn't gotten the ban, we would likely not have hired Lampard and would not have gone down this youth route with Mount, Abraham, CHO, James etc. They would have all been loaned out or even sold.
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    A other strong game by him against Brighton. he’s by far the more ready of the young players. His decisions are particularly impressive.
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    Well played today. Thought some good performances Barkley was dogshit- he's just too slow and can't get his head up. Willian was wasteful but scored so will let him off Tammy did well and another good game for his development- he will get better and better. Good to see CHO back Azpi is definitely weak link - but I love his commitment - but let's hope he gets phased out at some point Really need RLC back from injury - he would have dominated in this game The future is bright- the future is blue πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    We're one month into the season, I think it's a bit early to start labeling him delusional or stubborn. Saw someone say he is more stubborn than Sarri... fuck me Sarri took over half a season to start tinkering with tactics and to stop making the same subs over and over again. What I see in Lamps and the young players is them trying their best for the club, but they simply are not yet good or experienced enough to instantly make us what most would like us ideally to be. It's part of the learning curve for Frank, for the players, and even for the fans to start being more patient and supportive.
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    I expected this season Tammy and Mount to succeed because I felt the opportunities would be there for both with the ban and the injuries we had (although both have pleasantly surpassed what I expected from them this early), but I didn't believe Tomori would get much of a chance this season given the centre back options we had at our disposal. Lampard needs a lot of credit firstly for letting Luiz leave, to open up a 4th spot in the squad for Tomori. There will be times this season we'll miss his experience but, as I've posted before, Lamps has chosen to build the long term foundations at the club over short term fixes. He also deserves some credit for having the bottle to reward players based on their effort and dedication in training. It's refreshing and will push these players on hugely with their development because no one's place is guaranteed and the hard work needs maintaining. But once that spot was opened up huge credit to Tomori for forcing his way in. He's definitely ahead of Zouma now and when Rudiger is fit, I believe he'll be ahead of Christensen in the pecking order too. He has all the attributes to be a genuine top class defender and he's very comfortable on the ball as a bonus, he just needs experience now. Very, very impressed with him and if these youngsters continue to develop the way they have started, by the end of the season they could well have filled some huge holes in our team which were there last season.
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    Leicester tbh we deserved to lose. But we have improved. Sure there's still lots to improve and fix but we are getting there. Can't beat the winning feeling and if we keep the confidence high in these kids then we can do brilliantly
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    Tbf if a Lukaku level player is his ceiling that won't be too bad. The reason Lukaku himself is deemed problematic is because he thinks to highly of himself and becomes toxic for the locker room when he doesn't get his own way (ala an unconditional starting spot).
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    Very impressed by his ability to look for options and move the ball quickly, helping our speed of play. A stark contrast to some others in the XI.
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    Pulisic has lightning pace. Even more than Sancho or CHO. He might not become a world beater but he still can be a an asset like duff or gronkjaer at their peak. If he gets Lamps system, becomes sharper and alert he will be dangerous in the press and in counter attacks. If he was not American he would not be here surely but now he is we can make the best of it and not write him off before he has had a proper look in.
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    Welcome to the dark side mate. We've been waiting for you [emoji481] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I know we are a team in transition and there's gonna be ups and downs this season but this novelty of playing the youth, praising a fighting performance from losing position etc is gonna lose its value if we continue to defend like clowns in set piece and open play situations. 16 goals conceded in 8 games is abysmal. Continue at that rate and we'll get nowhere.