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    Fucking hell this thread has become pathetic.
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    People actually think Morata played badly? What game were you watching? Other than the sitter of a header he missed early I thought he was very good. Each time he was actually able to get the ball and have some space he looked dangerous. Off the ball movement and runs were excellent. When your team can't hold the ball and he gets no service he can't exactly dominate, can he? Plus he was isolated with one or two CB's marking him.
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    The conditions couldn't have been worse for a debut performance. But he gave Chelsea fans something to be positive about. Well done, son.
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    Even in those limited minutes Andreas and Rüdiger looked so much better than Cahill. Rudiger with his passing and athleticism and Cristensen with his class and composure.
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    This thread is beyond pathetic. People are actually calling him Torres #2 for 20 minutes of play where he was completely isolated upfront and a penalty he missed. What would you expect Morata to do in this situation? He did all he could in winning multiple headers - which Costa never did - and he was unfortunate that he missed a penalty, which everyone does. In fact I found that he was quite good given the circumstance he was in. He's just been super unlucky this pre season. Getting played out on the wing a lot and the one time he gets to be a lone forward he is so isolated because the team is down a man and is parking the bus. Not to mention some on this forum are calling him out for his 'weak mentality'. What nonsense. Is that solely because he's good looking? Because the boy has a very good record in the Champions League and has overall proved himself to be a big performer in big games. Apparently 20 minutes isolated upfront is a more accurate sample size than his record in the past 3 seasons.
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    I don't mind losing, once I can see some fight. I saw that all through the second half, so I'm happy enough. Lots of positive performances out there considering the circumstances. And Morata, wow. What an impact. He is better with his head than Digeo was or ever will be. On a personal note, I am glad to be back venting with all of you.
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    Some are arguing that we're directly strengthening United but you can also look at it a very different way. United were gonna sign a DM anyways and I'm just happy that they didn't get one better than Nemanja and you best believe there are a couple of those on the market; Fabinho, Nzonzi, or Dier would have taken United to the next level. Even Dendoncker would have been a better option. It still improves the United first XI but at the end of the day United not getting a much better player like those mentioned above is a silver lining.
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    It's a fucking number . One game and you lot are already talking about Torres? Have a word with yourselves, wake up, hit the showers, and get a sense of perspective. It's embarassing.
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    In 2021: Chelsea still believe Alex Sandro will hand in transfer request to force exit
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    What a sad post. Of course it's the manager's fault as usual. It has nothing to do with Granovskaia and Emenalo, two unqualified oafs who are currently failing at their jobs. At least Conte is qualified for his job. What is Granovskaia's experience in football before being handed a crucial role in Chelsea FC PLC by Abramovich? Right, NOTHING.
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    What I love about this performance and the Burnley one is the team resolve and spirit -vital characteristics -proper Chels all round
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    The whole thing became a circus. 100% mess. I mean, I see only 2 scenarios: 1- When Conte told Costa he was surplus to requirements he did so by himself without warning the club hierarchy. In this case, Conte was supposed to get axed in the same day he sent the message. 2- When Conte sent Costa that message the club was aware of the situation, in this case they were supposed to solve situation BEFORE the start of the season and sell him for Atletico even for a low price. Now we have this unusual situation that one of the best players in PL in past 3 seasons became an outcast, he is not playing and is creating unnecessary bad vibes around the club that just won the league months ago. Crazy, and in this case the blame in on the board.
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    Tomo, I do appreciate that you are eager to find optimism in this situation but, come on, the players we have signed are an ocean away of being "borderline" world-class, whether in regards to their level or their achivement. Good players ? Sure. Will they be world-class one day ? This is another debate. A world-class striker is someone such as prime Drogba or Suarez — and nobody could ever make the argument that Morata is "borderline" as good as prime Drogba or Suarez. Idem in respect to midfielders, no one could ever hold the argument that Bakayoko is "borderline" as good as Modric, Kroos or prime Essien. Same for Rudiger. As for now, they are good and that's that.
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    We've been "closing in on" and "confident of landing" Ox and about 15 other players all summer.
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    Musonda-Morata-Willian Kante-Emenalo Alonso-Rudiger-Luiz-Christensen-Azplicueta Courtois Bench:Boga, Batshuayi, Granovskaia.
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    Cojones. That's what I want from him. Absolutely loved his attitude when he was on. He's bought himself some massive massive credit with that performance.
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    As chelsea we have been on the end of some of the most corrupted refereeing performances in history. This is one of them
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    Conte is not the problem, backing him and transfers coming in are.
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    CHELSEA ON THE VERGE OF BOLSTERING FIRST TEAM WITH AMBLÈVE http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/07/30/chelsea-verge-announcing-ambleve-signing/
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    Ok, this ridiculous Torres comparison needs to stop, Morata is a great player and will give us many moments of Joy, he was actually pretty good yesterday, considering How few touches he had. Also, i've been seeing alot of people shitting their pants and comparing him to Torres simply because of his shirt number. Lads, its Just a fucking number!!!! IF he fails here(he wont) It sure as hell will not bem because of the number 9 on his back, so for the love of god, stop with this absolutely ridiculous nonsense, and get behind him because we need him
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    Andreas Christensen defends controversial Chelsea loan system: 'They don't just abandon you... I'm a better and tougher player now' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4731906/Andreas-Christensen-Chelsea-don-t-abandon-loan-players.html
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    David Luiz is the clear leader on the team. Anyone who can't see that, isn't watching the games. The man should be captain.
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    Are you saying that we haven't played attractive football. I would say that the winning run last season was some of the most refreshing football I've watched the club play for a long time with a new formation, approach, mentality. The home game with Everton in particular I would argue as one of our most complete and dominant games I've watched us play and Everton are far from mugs. Conte played the best way to get a result in the Spurs game, I'd far prefer flexible managers who will tweak their own tactics and mindset depending on the circumstances than one set on playing one way. People like Guardiola and Klopp when their teams are on song it's great, but when things don't go their way there seems no plan b or alternative approach which becomes their downfall.
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    So you think we can play "attractive" football with the players we had available and still win? I know i prefer my manager to have flexible styles and do whatever needed to win, rather than obsess on having more possession and lose 5-0,which we would have had we opened up to spurs. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    On a sidenote, I thought Anthony Taylor had an absolute shocker. Gave Alli freekicks all over the pitch for nothing, handed Spurs every 50/50 decision and allowed Dembele to wrestle Willian and Luiz all day long, without getting a card. Dier´s challenge on Luiz is red all day long if you consider that Cahill got sent off as well. The bar for FA referees isn´t set very high, but I think we reached a new low in the last two weeks..
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    To be fair to him he won more headers in the last 15 minutes than Costa did for 3 years. I think we all need to keep faith, he'll prove to be a good buy I'm sure of it.
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    I'll give everyone here a BJ if it happens.
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    It's great money, but it's only great money if we spend it in the right area and player.
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    this "bum" helped us win 2 premier league titles, show a little more respect to our players, he might not be part of Conte´s plans but at least he gave everything for this club, he had many good performances since the day he joined, one of the main reasons we won the title in 2015, and now despite not being everyone´s cup of tea he gave his best and was there for the team, maybe he can shine elsewhere now, he´s not the garbage many paint him to be, i was hoping he could still be around for next season because of squad depth and his experience, i really hope he gets appreciation wherever he ends up, i wish him all the best. Cheers
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    Looks like the club's social media team got carried away a tad bit today
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    The way Spurs players went easily down is disgusting. They will tackle the shit out of you and complain why the ref blew the whistle but when someone touches them, they go down like pussies. Oh and as someone mentioned, you really CANNOT touch Dele Alli. The England's darling.
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    A lot of pessimism for this transfer on this forum, but I don't think it's bad at all. People need to realise we're not buying a first choice midfielder. We already have Kante and Bakayoko primed for that, and Fabregas to boot. This is a depth signing and it ticks a lot of boxes - homegrown, experience playing in a 2 man midfield, Premier league experience (including experience within a title race), some experience in Champions League, already history playing with our main midfielder Kante. At 27, he should be entering the prime years of his career and over the past couple of years his career has really pushed on and progressed so who's to say there's not more to come. There are plenty of players who develop and bloom much later in their careers (Kante for one, Drogba another). If price is the biggest gripe, that's a decision made by the board to decide what they believe is acceptable and really shouldn't be an issue or worry to any of us.
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    Barca wanted Paulo Dybala and Coutinho. They got a bit of both; Paulinho
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    I still cannot get over the 4 minutes added time. How the fuck could he add only 4 minutes?? With so much going on in the second half, red card, disgraceful time wasting, only 4 minutes were added. Not to mention all the silly fouls he gifted Burnley.
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    Christensen is a monster. So similar to Luiz, yet he might have an even better eye in terms of the short pass. Cahill should never start again. Rudiger impressed me in the second half. Doesn't look great carrying the ball, but his passing... pinpoint. Can't fault it.
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    Yes, exactly. At the start of window, we all expected signings that will push us as close to CL trophy in next two years as possible and at least be favourites for PL again. Two months later, we talk again if we can finish top 3 in PL, same as last year. Where the hell does this club have any serious ambition? Yes we managed to win 2 PLs in last 3 years which is incredible incredible feat. But if we were so great, we would never finish 11th in between. And for this season, who knows whats gonna be. Every team that is challenging for top would bring serious competition for Willian and Pedro, but only we stick with just them. We should bring someone to replace Oscar, someone who fits better. We didnt. We should bring backup for Eden. We didnt. We should get a marquee player to play with Eden to create more dynamic in our team, we didnt. Hell we cant even keep the likes of Matic here and buy two damn wingbacks that are absolutely crucial in this system. Our board relies on current players way too much, like we will repeat last season. But we might as well repeat 2015/16 season too with such poor approach.
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    I'm really, really sorry people want Chelsea to compete with these super teams. Imagine wanting the champions of England to build a stronger, more competitive squad! How unrealistic and bad that people want that. Shame! People need to stop slagging people off for wanting the club to have more ambition and wanting the club to have a stronger team. There's literally a team in our league that we compete for titles with that has excellent midfield depth: Man City. They have KDB, Fernandinho, Gundogan, Toure, Silva, and then some good youngsters like Diaz and Foden competing for that CM spot. Why can't we aim for the same or something similar? How in the world does that make anyone unrealistic? What's so wrong with wanting the champions of England, one of the most successful teams in the last decade in England to be a bit more ambitious, smarter or imaginative in the transfer market? Our very own manager is literally complaining about the fact we sold Matic and how we've approached the market this season. He's clearly not too happy about it. For example, his idea was clearly to have a midfield core of Matic, Kante, Fabregas and Bakayoko. If that means he plays too many video games because he wants a strong midfield... how can you even say that? I genuinely don't see you criticising Conte for saying exactly the same things some people are saying on here. If Conte has been echoing similar thoughts it's you who isn't being realistic about the situation. Do you want us to properly compete for/win trophies or not? If so, do you feel like the squad is strong enough to challenge strongly on all fronts this season? If you can't clearly answer those questions with conviction, then you can't really criticise those for wanting us to do better in the transfer window.
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    Gazetta is saying Kovacic is available for 25m loan with option to buy. Surely we should be all over him if thats true, no?
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    Marina Granovskaia needs to go in my opinion. She might be a good economist and has done a good job concerning gaining revenues, our net spend and profits since she joined our board. But Chelsea isn't Arsenal. We're about winning important titles and that has been our focus above all else under Abramovich. But a disgusting trend has arisen over the last few years. She joined in 2013 but which difficult transfers has she pulled over the line since then? From what I understand, Costa and Fabregas joined us mostly because of Mourinho. The former shared the same agent with him and the latter got a direct phone call from Mourinho before he decided to join us. Same with Matic. Hazard, Azpilicueta and Courtois the three geniune world class players we have in our squad all were signed before her. So far all she has to her name as far as important signings are Kante and Willian transferred from Leicester and Anzhi respectively. This isn't good enough. We have been an absolute disaster in getting transfers over the line recently. What exactly are her qualifications other than being on good terms with Abramovich? http://www.chelseafc.com/the-club/about-chelsea-football-club/club-personnel/marina-granovskaia.html And yes, it's her job to ensure transfers go over the line "She joined the board of Chelsea FC plc and the Football Club Board in June 2013 and is mainly responsible for player transactions."
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    I'm starting to worry now, really worry. We are now hearing the words "Tired" We are now selling like no tomorrow, players are leaving at a serious rate of speed right now and we have only brought in Morata, Bakayoko and Rudiger. It seems, and I say seems because I can only use what I read as a yard stick, that nigh on every player we go for/ are linked to immediately becomes not available or sold elsewhere. Are the board penny pinching with all these sales and thinking towards the new stadium rather than squad investment? That's what I think, I think as it stands right now this squad looks horrendous, not just that but so fucking weak. Yes a month to go, but even less for the season to start. We could be one or two injuries/suspensions away from complete disaster here.
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    It is about time we stop talking about how much we are receiving and start doing something with the money. If that is true, it is a lot of money however the squad is thin. We should have a player lined up before we even consider selling him, which I doubt we do. Mourinho clearly knows he needs a CM to be a stronger team and look there is us giving him is wish. Why we are even dealing with them after Lukaku stuff, I don't know and they are a direct rival for the title. Matic joining them is going to make Pogba much more of an attacking force next season. And no he is not useless. Ridiculous statement. We don't strengthen another team when they are making clear that is a position they want to strengthen. We made a lot of money due to the title win and Oscar/Ake sales. Why can't the club just spend rather than one in, one out policy and selling to direct rival concerns me. Especially as I think it makes them a lot more of a complete team now.
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    So you are using a shitty twitter source to continue your board vendetta ?