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    Would you care if it was your sister/mother/daughter ….
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    This implies that Marina makes football decisions. I have never believed that, and never will unless I see undeniable evidence. The charge that she picks the players makes absolutely zero sense to me.
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    Do you need a sponsor to play Football Manager or FIFA? I can send you some money to buy the game...
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    Olivier Giroud has been a model professional for Chelsea. Didn't throw his rattle out of his pram when he wasn't being selected. Still knows how to score a goal, Frank trusts him & well respected by his teammates. And ....... Giroud > Michy every second .
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    Several PL clubs have complained about resuming in Neutral grounds as it ''creates a sterile, lifeless atmosphere'' It also gives Arsenal an advantage.....
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    Hi, i'm Marco and i love Chelsea FC. Forza Leoni Blu!!
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    I do not think anyone is defending looting looting (and burning) is being done by criminals who do not give a fuck about the protests and are just taking advantage of the chaos, and is also being done by agents provocateur (RW ones to try and discredit the legit protestors and frame them, LW ones to try and rip apart society) I fully addressed what is going on here:
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    https://www.espn.com/soccer/afc-bournemouth/story/4100278/bournemouths-aaron-ramsdale-tests-positive-after-shopping-trip Ramsdale tested negative for COVID-19 in the first round of PL testing but a few days later, he tested positive for it in the second round of testing. This after going to a supermarket within a week. And people wonder why people are cautious or don't want the league to restart...
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    Gallas was a tougher CB and Drogba made a mockery out of him.
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    He gets bullied by Giroud everytime, imagine what Drogba would do to him.
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    Apparently getting the 45 mill for morata and 35 for bakayoko. Unreal business if true.2 complete fuds
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    he was never backed correctly, I fully will never stop believing this he was not blameless, of course, but he was, is and will be a great manager not the easiest bloke to get on with, but FFS, this is a pro game, many assholes in all major sports globally have been superb managers and head coaches we have been blessed with many great managers over the last 22 years Gianluca Vialli (1998 Football League Cup, 1998 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, 1998 UEFA Super Cup, 2000 FA Cup, 2000 FA Charity Shield) Claudio Ranieri Jose Mourinho (love/hate) Luiz Felipe Scolari Carlo Ancelotti (probably my favourite overall in terms of likeability, another bloke who got shit on here and a top 10 all time global manager ever) Rafael Benitez. (I rate the hell out of him, I know many do not) Antonio Conte. hopefully Lamps gets added to that list I refuse to put Sarri on it
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    Penny for @Term-X's thoughts. If you know you know!
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    If true, another reason why giving all transfer power solely to the manager is a mistake.
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    Juve is becoming the Real and Manure, linked with every top class player in UEFA, lolol
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    fuck off there is your proof us black folk have been chattel enslaved, bought, sold, raped, murdered, subdued, dehumanised, targeted, deprived of basic human and civil rights for 400 years under an overarching superstructure of white supremacy the cop (who had multiple shooting and brutality charges before, always against us people of colour) looked at Floyd and SAW A LESS THAN FULLY HUMAN man (ie, not a white man) you are a purely disingenuous cunt to try and deny this or mitigate it you fucker you are NOT black, you do not have a FUCKING CLUE what we go through I can walk into a posh as fuck store with my wife, wearing 50K plus quid worth of clothing and accessories, she can be in fucking sweats and a tee and trainers, or something plain and non flash, (this HAS happened multiple times) and I, NOT HER, am the one followed around the store by the fucking undercovers (Barneys NYC, Harrods in London, Le Bon Marché, etc, all have done it) you didn't walk into a public school you just enrolled at as a 10 year old and hear, on the first day, or two the words 'omg, it a nigger' whispered by multiple other girls, even though I was more intelligent, and driven to succeed than 20 of them put together, traits that only served to INCREASE the hate flowing from come of those pasty white, horse.faced little twats you didn't have to come home as a young girl, and see the older brother you adored laying moaning on a couch with my mother freaking out at the blood pooling up on the floor cuz he was beaten up by racist fucking goons who followed him and his friend (also black) home from Notting Hill Carnival back in the late 1990's. you didn't have to damn near shit your panties when you had SIX Atlanta, GA USA (I was on a trip visiting her there) police officers, all with their weapons drawn (one of the bitches was shaking like a goddamn leaf on the trigger too, that laser sight made it looked like a I had a goddamn LED party going on on my chest) screaming at you and your sister and her BF after being pulled over in his Mercedes in Buckhead for ZERO reason (then trying to say we fucking matched the description of some drive-by shooting (WTF!), which was a PURE LIE, we found out later) get the fuck outta my face with yer racism denial seriously GO FUCK YOURSELF
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    Don't get your hopes up. And I just remembered something just now...WE MUST QUALIFY FOR THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FIRST!
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    Boga was with RLC the best out of that generation. Til this day, I have not seen a youth team player with better dribbling skills than Boga. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    lol, I have some CUNT yank spuds fan who is trying to be me banned from a US Democratic political chatboard that I have been on for close to 10 years simply because I am a Chels fan (the Roman/Putin angle) The fucker keeps alerting on me, calling me a crypto-Trump voter!!! <<<<<< LOLOLOLOLOL He went fucking mental when I posted this (after he had started attacking me in post after post)
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    Maybe I'm underestimating the financial situation but seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! Are the clubs so badly hit that they can't even fork out around 50 million?!
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    Things here are going back to normal. No more quarantine, borders are open, not even isolation after you travel. And it is the same for countries around. We can go to Greece on vacation soon without testing, basically as usual. Parties allowed with 100 people max. EXIT FESTIVAL postponed from July to August. Probably the only major European festival that is not canceled this summer. They are desperate for money Yeah it is unbelievable that UK waited so long to take this actions?
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    Well.... she doesn't seems to has a football knowledge and this resulted several questionable decisions.
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    Frank needed like 7 months to realize this?
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    I actually think it's dumb to restart the season after months off. The integrity of the season is lost. I was/am fully on the side of ending it and coming back in the fall. Players are going to be rusty for weeks and the quality of football will be shit during that time for the most part. Something people don't often talk about is how some teams being healthy while others aren't is an advantage. Take Spuds for example. They were going to be in serious trouble before this extended break. Harry Kane was set to miss the rest of the season, Son was likely going to miss weeks and weeks, other important players were injured as well. Now when we resume they just get all those players back. That's fucking dumb in my opinion. If there was never any break they'd have been screwed. Now they'll have a great chance to challenge us for 4th. Same with United. Pogba and Rashford, their two best players, were out with long term injuries. Now they get them back. Teams above them having relatively healthier squads was an advantage that's no longer there. I don't know a great solution in regards to CL places and relegation but this season is fucked imo.
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    The chelsea commentary for that is worth a watch lol...guy wasnt impressed with Fabregas. Another Drogba final...
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    Yes. We will not tolerate comments like that.
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    If he is done for rape, he should 100% be sacked. Really cant see how it would be a debate. Might ruffle a few feathers here but really do think if anyone disagrees they should take their head out of their arse. He will be lucky to avoid jail time yet alone not get sacked if this is true and he has done what they are reporting. If it turns out this is a money grab plot by the lassie though she should be ashamed of herself. These things do happen too it is scary what folk will do for attention. Regardless he will face some sort of disciplinary to say the least for even having a meet up during lockdown. Also people saying about Ronaldo and rape, jesus christ cmon, he was accused twice and cleared twice. I think the first one came out and said she lied and the second one he had basically given them access to everything they needed to determine if he did it or not and the allegations were dropped. Until all the details are out there and the case is build or ripped apart depending on whether its true or not they cannot be compared.
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    KImmich is amore complete all-rounder atm, it is very close between him and TAA., but TAAs passing is off the chain. Hakimi's speed is insane, and AWB is the best defensive RB on the planet Combine them, lol, you would have the best fullback in history
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    I would think the main issue here is not that he had someone over during this outbreak, but that he was ARRESTED at 4am after that person called an ambulance.
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    Be curious to see the viewing figures from this, could we see the record for Sports broke?
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    Salman is a killer, a dictator with powerful friends. The West allows it cuz he is their puppet......nothing will happen to these scumbags. If epl allows the buy to happen then you'll see what I mean.
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    Pjanic for Jorginho doesn't make sense for us. He's a great player but we need guys who are in or entering their prime rather than coming down from it.
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    I find that the Premier League's lack of cohesive planning is the stupidest part in all of this. They are desperate to make sure the season is completed, fine but they don't have a freaking clue on how to go about it. They have had so many meetings with the clubs and gone nowhere, we hear stupid suggestions every few days to somehow force an early resumption and they don't even have a proper medical procedure on ensuring the safety of the players, staff etc involved for when the season resumes.
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    Driven by money. They want to play it out or they owe billions to TV companies.
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    The Premier League: We want to maintain the integrity of the competition. Also the Premier League: Let's reduce each half of football. Let's play at neutral grounds. Let's dump VAR for the rest of the season.
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    We have multiple players who the best in the world at their positions for a period of time whilst they were at Chelsea Lampard at AMF Terry at CB Claude Makélélé at DMF (partially at Real Madrid) Kante at DMF Ashley Cole at LB (partially at Arse) you could make a case for Cech at times (Buffon though,and Neuer and Casillas as well), and also one can make a case for Drogba at pure CF a couple years split up (Drogba peaked after Henry's last all world year) KDB is by FAR the best AMF in the world atm, but none of this occurred here (FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK)
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    Boris is apparently going to do a public address on Sunday evening laying out the plans of an exit. Sounds like May 26th for places like shops, Construction workers and warehouses but those who can work from home must do so.