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    Can't wait to watch the highlights later. Get in Frank! To think a few weeks ago people were calling for him to be sacked. Hope you get some intelligence for Christmas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Frank might be inexperienced- but from the sounds of it he gave Mou a masterclass... πŸ‘ As @Hutcho knows - The future is bright, the future is Blue... πŸ‘
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    Those three don't work together as a trio. Furthermore Mount is a tempo setter, it was no coincidence we dropped off Vs Brighton after he was replaced.
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    We all know Mourinho lies through his teeth so I never believed him when he said that. Mourinho is a old grumpy dinosaur and I’m glad Spuds got him. And when he gets sacked again, this clown should stay a billion feet away from our football club. He’s not Chelsea blue, he never was and I’ll always stand by it. The only blood he has been bleeding all this time is his own actual blood. He doesn’t care for any club he managed, Mourinho only cares for Mourinho.
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    What I find sweetest about this win is how Spurs threw everything they got at us, all their big guys were fit, at their new home, their fans racist chanting, throwing stuff at Kepa, them fouling badly at every opportunity, the cunt Alli constantly diving in the box yet we came out on top comfortably once again.
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    His best ever performance? He was at the centre of everything today. Those passes and runs to break us free on the counter on top of his goals and defensive contributions. We all know he will be shit again in a few weeks but let him have his moment. What a game the old boy had.
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    Cheers to Frank and the lads. Great performance. Willian haters very quiet right now he was immense earned every lyric of his song. Mount was terrific too kept popping up in all the right places. 3 huge points now let’s take another 3 on Boxing Day!
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    The problem is the real top drawer players will not move this window. So the alternative is overpaying for a 3rd of 4th choice option in those positions this January. If we overspend and they under-perform what are we expected to then do in the summer having blown big money in this window. Just as an example based on players we're being linked with, if we've been given an idea that Sancho and Werner are interested in a move in the summer, should we wait or should we instead spend our money and buy Zaha and Dembele just because we may be able to get them now if we pay enough? There is no way we'd drop Β£80m on Zaha to then be in the market for Sancho in the summer. I think the club are doing the right thing, if this is indeed their strategy. If we miss out on Champions League football options such as Zaha and Dembele would likely still be attainable in the summer anyway. The only position possibly is left back because I'm not sold on us trying to buy Chilwell. In the last month I've kept more of an eye on him and he has been underwhelming at best, particularly defensively. If there is someone available now alternatively to Chilwell then I'd be inclined to make a move for them this window. As you mentioned, if we really need to bring a player in to freshen things up or add an extra body then it would probably be a loan and in that situation you do have to ask the question why is that player available on loan from their parent club in the first place?
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    3pts + a clean sheet at home AND vesper compliments Barkley. What a day. Come on you Blues!!!
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    Yeah but he's still shit - imagine what a proper CMF could do πŸ‘
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    It's interesting that the vow to be patient if academy players were playing has not only gone wildly out of the window, it's the academy lads that are being targeted.
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    So he should be sent back to championship? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Some people on here are just fucking trolls. Scored a fucking winner. 12 PL goals. And people are saying that a comment of "championship level striker" is gonna age well for Tammy. Ridiculous. Don't even know why some people "support" the club when all they do is spew vile hatred on the club and almost every player. Unbelievable
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    Lamptey seriously looks like he's 9 years old! Like one of the little mascots won a chance to play for Chelsea or something. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
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    VAR has fucked me up so much that I didn't react at all when Jorginho scored. Just sat there completely stone faced thinking "there's no way Arse allowed him that much space so there had to have been a foul." But wow, Jorginho turned the game on its head when he came on. Ran the show from that moment on. Arse made us look like a pub side for the first 25 minutes but we controlled the 2nd half and they didn't really get a sniff.
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    It’s amazing how we will still finish this day 4th despite having lost 5 in 7 and 7 overall already. The league has really become poor.
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    that was me my dear, just to take the piss
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    Great fucking win, put them in their place. Kante was like a parasite, Kova running shit, attacking players doing their thing and a rock solid defence with 3 big strong and pacy defenders. Credit to the whole lot and staff, you did us all proud. Arsenal and Spurs can fight for North London but dont ever fuking forget we run London.
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    That's two of the most highly regarded tactical coaches in this era that Lampard has now managed to bamboozle and out-think (you could even say school) in Bielsa and Mourinho. Lampard is far from perfect and there are still parts of his management that need improving but for someone who is only 18 months into management, there is definitely something there about him. He needs to be backed by fans and club alike and I do believe in time he'll rebuild and re-shape this club to get back to challenging for the league. Hopefully we'll look back in 3-4 years time at today's result as the moment Lampard really announced himself on this stage.
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    Not going to individually call people out but some should be holding their heads in shame after the pre match comments.
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    I dont buy that for 1 sec......if we are this tired already then may God help us later on.
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    I disagree on both counts. Firstly we should be holding off the competition for 4th, United the only minor threat but Ole's at the wheel and all that. Secondly I don't think not having CL will frighten players off, were in the era now where players grew up seeing nothing but Chelsea success. David Luiz, Kante, Kova and Jorginho all gave up CL footy to come here when we didn't have it. It seems Lampard is taking the approach of only signing when there's a clear benefit too, which is the right thing to do regardless of the short term hit.
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    Wanting signings for the sake of signings is exactly what we are not doing.... And that's a good thing
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    Ake and Chillwell shouldn't be anywhere near this club. I'm personally glad we haven't been that active. Just really need a back up ST at this rate.
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    At least Chelsea did not ruin my Birthday Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
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    On loan according to the article. I would far rather we take a risk with something like this on loan and gives us chance to assess properly in the summer than just buying a third or fourth choice simply because they're available now. We've made too many mistakes along similar lines in recent years.
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    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/08/mike-mcgraths-transfer-notebook-reece-james-ready-commit-future/ According to that, James is close to agreeing a new 5-year contract.
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    I think a lot of his critisism is well over the top but one thing I will call him out on is breaking the midfield trio of Jorginho, Kova and Mount. Them being the main three coincided with our best performances and results of the season, the Watford game especially was an absolute joy to watch and we dominated it yet that midfield has only been used once since, it's absolute madness.
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    Kova and Jorgi are the heart of our team quality wise. I'm always disappointed, and a bit concerned, when we start a game without one or both of them.
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    Can't wait until he suffers a dip in form and you say he's shit and all that.
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    For a finished article manager I'd agree but for a manager in his formative years learning all the time i say it's a very promising sign he can not only rectify such a catastrophic mistake but turn it into a performance where Arsenal could barely get the ball.
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    I'm still sitting here in shock, but smiling...No, laughing..Laughing at how bad and how good we can be, all in the space of 90 minutes!!! looked like we were gonna get hammered, no invention and no pace to our opening play. Beaten to everything, and looked like another bad day at the office coming up. Then Jorgy boy comes on and plays the game of his life!! What a turnaround. We dominated them in the second half and a crucial substitution also helped us out enormously...No not CHO or Lamptey... Mustafi coming on for Arsenal!! The guy is not a defender, and you pair him with Luiz and you're gonna leak goals. Still I'm happy.....But did we really win this game? I can't believe it
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    It'coming .. i just feel it , it`s coming 2.0
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    Frank and the boys deserved every bit of flack they got for the pathetic first half, but credit for the way they fought back.Think we deserved the win in the end. We're not all that, but my god Arsenal really are a steaming pile.
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    The London 'Whose Defence Is The Shittiest' derby.
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    Are you really using lower league achievements as a benchmark? If Howe comes here and does badly, then what stick are you gonna beat him up with? He's only coached small teams?! If we're using lower league achievements as a qualification, then should we go after Neil Warnock, who has won several promotions in his career? Am really bemused by much people overrate Eddie Howe. Sure, he's done well in bringing Bournemouth through the leagues and consolidating their place in the Premier League but that aside, he's been bang average in this division. His Bournemouth side are OK at everything but not great at something. He's spent more than 100 million in four seasons in the Premier League and has only finished in the Top 10 once and never crossed the 50-point mark. Even Sean Dyche's Burnley managed to finish 7th once and qualify for Europe! You said Howe is an attacking coach - which by the way is hardly eye catching (45, 55, 45, 56 goals) - but have you seen his defensive record? Bournemouth conceded at least 60 goals in each of their first four Premier League seasons and ended up in the bottom four for worst defence in each of those seasons. We're already complaining about our poor defensive play every game and here you are suggesting a manager who doesn't seem to know how to coach a defence?
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    Rob Green with interesting bits on Sarri last season... https://theathletic.co.uk/1476643/2019/12/24/rob-green-exclusive-the-rudderless-ship-the-manager-asleep-in-his-office-as-players-trained-and-getting-hammered-after-defeat-to-germany-at-the-2010-world-cup/
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    Lampard said this in his presser today...
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    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see Chelsea win away Happy Christmas
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    It was always going to be a rollercoaster of a season with some truly crap matches v poor opposition and some truly remarkable ones v top clubs. Chelsea have really looked very good v Liverpool and City and today's display v Spurs was really great, one of those matches where I did not break a single sweat in front of the TV, nor my heart rate went ballistic. Give the man time and at least 3-4 transfer windows and he'll take us back to the top. We just need a settled and solid defence and some extra top ballers and we are good to go.
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    I can't think of many, if any, big games we've been wildly expected to be smacked up and it's actually happened. Usually when we do lose a big game badly it blindsides us unexpectedly, ala Arsenal away in 16/17.
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    That felt great, against the odds. Big props to the boys on the pitch. Judging by his performance, Willian really does hate Tottenham
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    I don't believe Jesus is in the top quality bracket. I'm on record as having said I don't believe he will succeed Aguero when the Argentine leaves. I think City will be looking for a better alternative.
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    Jorginho has bossed MF the 2nd half.