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  2. They sold their goal threat, so it was always going to be a big ask. both of them, Haller was massive too
  3. They sold their goal threat, so it was always going to be a big ask.
  4. lol, well that went over my little blue brain, roflmaoo GOOD I thought it was yet another loan when this happened
  5. The targets for next summer

    Are there any huge striker talents out there these days?
  6. Sell him please, he is not first team Chels material
  7. Today
  8. Eintracht Frankfurt, wow they are a shell of last year atm Djibril Sow and Jonathan de Guzmán out injured Jovic and Haller both gone N'Dicka didn't play
  9. 2 3 wolves FT and barely held on they looked so spent the last 20 minutes, after Jiminez scored
  10. Ola Aina has been a beast since he came on, no idea why he did not start
  11. Chelsea Kits thread

    looooove that strip so utterly Chels
  12. pen on Wolves 2 3 89th minute
  13. The targets for next summer

    lolol so we can have SIX progressive MFers Mount RLC Barkley Gilmour Faustino Anjorin Maddison sure, why not!! Maddison will only cost £80-90m I am sure Marina will get right on that
  14. looks like the red card fucked Antwerp
  15. 2 nil FT, we are going to need to pull a clean sheet at home and knock in 3 to pull this out (or two nil and pens) that is a BIG reach
  16. grrrrr Malmo smashed Bnei Yehuda 3 nil
  17. Wolves are tearing up Torino 1 3
  18. omg, Antwerpse Handjes are the dog's bollocks lololol the biscuit ones too they symbolise Antigoon, the giant (he terrorised the Scheldt river crossing) whose hands the Roman centurion Silvius Brabo cut off I have had Antwerpen friends in real life for 10 plus years, from when I went to uni in London and met 3 students from Belgium loooooved Cafe d'Anvers, legendary dance/techno club there, it just closed this spring after 30 years
  19. Benelux league would be great
  20. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I don’t even know them 😬 I live an hour away from Antwerp, live more closely (25mins) to Genk.
  21. fuck 2 nil we are done now for sure if we do not score if Celtic win 2 nil and score just one away at Friends Arena (our home) we will need fucking 4 to go through
  22. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Although the Belgian league is doing better last years and imo we’re in no way behind Holland anymore (bar Ajax) also over here are still talks of a bene league with 16 teams of both country’s. Probably is also the only way to keep up with the big european leagues..
  23. are you from the home of Antigoon and one of my true loves?
  24. The Allsvenskan season fucks us from getting great players It runs from late March or early April to the beginning of November due to the harsh Nordic climate My dream is to have a combined Swedish/Danish/Norwegian Super League of 24 teams (8 from each country), with a normal season and all the teams with a convertible indoor/outdoor stadium like we have but the money just is not there for all those clubs to have that expensive type of stadium unless the national governments chipped in, and then you also have to deal with relegation, as a team with a great stadium would go down and the ones coming up would not have one
  25. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    That’s harsh @Vesper Antwerp down to 10 man and now 1-1 82’ Gent came behind against Rijeka but now 2-1 up
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