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  2. Liverpool v Chelsea

    All I have to say to this is that I'm glad you're not in charge
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  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Always did say he isn’t clinical enough, it’s one thing Lukaku is better at - but he can improve. He needs to do extra finishing work at training, especially finishing after relatively long (or bursts of) dribbles. He hets himself into excellent positions. Better off the ball movement than I thought.
  5. Nemanja Matic

    Sorry my fault. For precisely the reason you gave, I haven’t bothered with this thread for a while but I read a post about United fans recalibrating their opinions of Rom and that made me wonder how their faith in Nemanja was holding up. I therefore came here to post a question about that, saw OMS’s comment from two months ago and replied to it.
  6. Liverpool v Chelsea

    Thats two areas I'm worried about aswell I would put rudiger and Azpi in wing back roles and play Christensen Luiz cahill has three CB'S
  7. Cesc Fabregas aligned himself with some of the greatest Spanish strikers to ever grace the game with his goal against Qarabag on Wednesday evening. Fabregas formerly had somewhat of a reputation as a goal-scoring midfielder. He produced prolific campaigns during spells with both Arsenal and Barcelona, but his highest goal-haul to date in a Chelsea […]View the full article
  8. Liverpool v Chelsea

    Yeah, these days the PL is more about pace than strength, hence Salah now flourishing when he didn't before, IMO. The moment we have truly speedy full backs, I don't think it'll even matter how adept they are at marking or tackling. They'll simply always get back in time, or up in time, to provide some sort of support to their teammates. Currently, both Alonso and Zappa look like they're playing in their own bubble most of the time, like they're trying hard just to get in the right zones. That shouldn't be hard. It should be second-nature and shouldn't require being at top speed.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Mourinho's face arriving back in Manchester
  10. Liverpool v Chelsea

    We'll be up against it with slow Zap and Alonso against lightning quick Mane and Salah. Stopping their wing play is essential, for this reason I think Kante should play on the left of the two midfielders, because he is fast enough to help Cahill and Alonso deal with Salah. On the other side hopefully Azpi will keep it together in handling Mane. It really is a tricky attack to play against, most difficult after City, but if we get it right at the back, then there is no reason to believe that we can't hurt them with their dodgy defence. Same line-up as against United and WBA for me.
  11. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Not a major concern at present but if we get to the later part of the summer without an extension the power is fully in his court. If you look at Ozil and Sanchez, as soon as the season starts its been inevitable that they are 1) going cheap in Jan or 2) walking for free in the summer. The sooner this contract is tied up the better
  12. Qarabag - Chelsea

    There's nothing to figure out, the aim should always be to be top in everything, doesn't matter the consequences - real top teams shouldn't be afraid of anyone. Furthermore the ball is round, we can hope for Besiktas for example, but they can just as easily dismantle us because football is unpredictable.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Him and Neymar are knocking at that *second best player* door, with displays like this. Give him all the money he wants, he could be the best player of our history, alongside Lampard, if he continues like that. Don't sell at any price, play hardball, do anything what it takes to keep him at the club. We all know RM is tempting club, but Chelsea have some good advantages too, especially for a guy like him.
  14. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Hope I am wrong, but this what he does with his feet when in clear chance doesn't look like something you can just fix with more playing time, or with being in better form. Looks like wrong mentality, wrong way of thinking, lack of agility, no calmness and no composure at all. REALLY hoping I am wrong and that he can fix it, and that he can produce display like against Stoke City more often. If he doesn't, well, can't see him being top striker, ever. PS, talk about getting another striker to play two upfront? That would be a disaster for this team, our players are too hard to integrate in first XI even now, with all those deficiencies (Fabregas, Bakayoko, wingbacks,...), we CAN'T afford another player that would need tweaking things up, just so he could work out. Playing two upfront would mean bye bye Fabregas from our starting XI and Hazard playing more like attacking midfielder - not second striker as he is now playing.
  15. Qarabag - Chelsea

    How it’s looking now.. Win the group: CSKA Moscow Munich Juventus Savilla Donetsk Porto (Leipzig level on points) Madrid Finish 2nd: PSG Barcelona Besiktas
  16. Qarabag - Chelsea

    Job done, good performance with some favourable(understatement) decisions for us. Roma loosing so good night all round. My only slight annoyance is Sterling not getting minutes. I get the subs Conte made but why pull him from the Uefa Youth league competitive game if you know he's only making up numbers on the bench. Being 2/3/4 up vs 10 men of a weak side and still no show, i would rather have gone with 6 subs and let him play in the youth
  17. Nemanja Matic

    What i'd like to know is why are we still banging on about Matic? He's gone thank god get over it
  18. Qarabag - Chelsea

    yeah some really tough fixtures incoming in the knock out stages with all the english teams qualifying. But does a draw with atletico not suffice to get top spot? We have a way better goaldiff than them or is this still this mini table direct encounter bullshit?
  19. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Even before 5th round, why was everyone cutting Napoli off already? There was only 10000 of 60000 people at san paolo, and they call themselves loyal napoli fans? Yes 6 points was a big big task, but they played shakhtar at home (and won), and they play feyenoord next, while shakhtar plays vs city in england. IMO napoli still has very big chance to finish 2nd. Hell even Atletico can still do it if they beat us, Roma are big bottlers and wouldnt surprise me if they dont win against qarabag.
  20. Nemanja Matic

    Proven to be severely limited. I suppose I'd better add, in my opinion, for complete correctness but it's there to be seen. That's not my reading of the runes at all. It may be that Antonio did not want to sell Nemanja to a perceived rival but it does not look to me like he was desperate to keep him. The boss commented that he had a conversation with Matic and our ex player decided to leave. Sounds like Nemanja didn't hear what he wanted to hear during that exchange. Also, if Antonio wanted to hang on to the Serbian, he's not likely to have banished him to train with the stiffs as he did from preseason until the move was completed. The sale did not, and does not, bother me in the slightest. If anything baffles me it is why anyone would be upset that we sold Nemanja to a top six club. Win/win if you ask me.
  21. Nemanja Matic

    Yes. I have been to redcafe some weeks ago and they realised that he isn't that good. Even posted some quotes on here.
  22. 10. Eden Hazard

    We don't have the capability of signing players like Dybala. If we lose Hazard, we'll take several steps backwards for many seasons because no way we will be able to adequately replace him. No chance.
  23. Nemanja Matic

    And what are they saying about Nemanja? Are they still raving about him or is that delusion crumbling too?
  24. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Based on what? Plastics like you clearly get more enjoyment attacking Chelsea players/board/manager than from supporting Chelsea. The media hate Chelsea, if you blindly believe what they say about Chelsea, you will look stupid.
  25. Romelu Lukaku

    They also trotted out the usual silly cliches when I said he wasn't very good and that he shouldn't be at Chelsea after watching his debut back in 2011. "He's young", they said, "you're being too harsh", "he'll improve". There are many things a footballer can improve but his talent level is not one of them. Rom has indeed improved those areas which can be affected by coaching, experience and practice but, If you lack talent, you lack it and no matter how old you get, how much you practice, or how long you play, you're stuck that way. I stand by the prediction I made in 2012. No manager of a top team will ever be satisfied to have Rom as his first choice striker. Any such manager who takes a chance on Rom, will soon be looking for an upgrade.
  26. Romelu Lukaku

    I was deceived by the stats when thinking it was a mistake for not getting him, but he really is a poor player with a very very low footballing IQ. Also I think there is only two or three matches this season in which he scored the 1st goal. Other than that he scored the odd 3rd or 4th goal everytime when the match was already done and dusted.
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