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  2. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Yes, the False 9 formation has produced more negative results than positive ones in the past but to put Tuesday's game plan down to luck is just pure stupid. It's not as if Conte just threw the players and asked them go play against Barcelona. He would have planned and prepared the team to the tiniest of details. To not give him any sort of credit for getting things right is pathetic.
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  4. Chelsea - Barcelona

    I am not talking about defending for 90 minutes, but to be patient. Attack early and in spurt otherwise be conservative. If we are an offensive juggernaut like Pool or City who can blitz team at will then I probably will try my luck against this poor Barca team.
  5. Chelsea - Barcelona

    The critics don't know football. First Barcelona have been a regular visitor to the British isles the last 3-4 years and they were having a ball against the likes of Arsenal-MU-City. In our last but one match at the Bridge in 2012 we were outplayed conclusively. True we won 1-0 and in the return leg we held on to it thanks to the heroics from Czech-Didier-Torres, but in that 1-0 win they lost a trainload of chances and everybody described it as a weird result. In contrast Antonio devised the perfect system to neutralize Barca and evidently he could n't make it so we had possession as well ! Tibot as I said should be asked to pay for watching the match for free but we were betrayed by one single instance. I still can't get over it because we could be through to the stage of eight with mathematical certainty. Now it's not over and in the remaining 90 minutes Barcelona will have to fight real hard to beat us - if they do. I believe they have an advantage but not a big one.
  6. 24. Gary Cahill

    ah so true! and some (most?) of us want a bye year/season where the right manager can build a squad, and most importantly, a style of play. The club will never be OK with that.
  7. 27. Andreas Christensen

    I don't particularly like Conte's tactics, but like his man management. I was pretty upset we missed out on Stones, mistakes and all, but Christensen is similar (less technical but more composed), so I am very happy he's become a key member of the squad. One of my fav players already.
  8. Chelsea - Barcelona

    But letting them attack all the time at campnou wont be good idea. If we concede, thats almost game over. Obviously we must not go all out attack, but when we are in possesion, we need to keep the ball and attack them, not just hoof and pray. The last thing we want is give barca chance to attack us all night. I know we will have about 30-40 percent of the ball, but we have to show determination every time we have it. Not just hoof and pray, that way we will only win if we have extreme luck infront of goal and barca bad day in attack
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I don't get why this United team is not flying. Usually in his 2nd year Mou team will look unbeatable. He has spent tons of money and United can compete with anybody maybe except PSG in term signing player.
  10. Chelsea - Barcelona

    For me it is important not to have attacking mentality. It sounds weird because we have to score but we have to be patient because Barca will give you a chance. If you play against Barca and start giving space especially to Messi, more times than not you will get punished.
  11. 27. Andreas Christensen

    This is why I love Conte as our manager. He has big heavy globe sized balls. He absolutely made the right decision in dropping Cahill and he knows it. Some other managers wouldn't have dared.
  12. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Perfect tactical game, its just shame we did that mistake for the Messi goal. Again, we will be big underdogs at Camp Nou, but if we put up the same desire and mentality like yesterday, it will give Barca a run. We have to score, but more space will be perfect for barca. It will be tough game and we will have to take every chance we make. The good thing we have is Barca has no idea how will we lineup. Striker or false 9? 3 or 2 in midfield? That could make Barca bit confused at the back, but they will play their game and keep possesion/attack. We will have to be at our best to advantage. Clinical.
  13. Man Utd v Chelsea

    We should play Emerson and Giroud/Morata this game.
  14. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Must win vs Little Man
  15. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I love how he's so quick and agile that he's able to take a nip for the ball, but still get right back in to position if he doesn't get it. I thought that quality was at its best on Tuesday night.
  16. Chelsea Ladies

    Top of the league! C'mon Ladies!
  17. Leon Bailey

    Haven't seen him play. but his name comes up on this article: https://statsbomb.com/2018/02/taking-em-on-digging-deeper-with-dribbles/ Digging deeper in to dribble statistics. He's 3rd on the list of Passes + shots after a dribble takes them in to the box. Take a guess at who 1 an 2 are. Well, #1 is so far ahead of the field, and probably not a surprise.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Courtois Azpi - Chris - Rudiger Moses - Cesc - Kante - Emerson Willian - Giroud - Hazard Hopefully.
  20. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Very good performance bar first 20 mins where Barca absolutely piled the pressure on. Top class player.
  21. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Even more amazing: Can you imagine Jose managing our squad yesterday? 🙂
  22. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Baka was very good upto and including that game, whats happened since with him is truly bizarre.
  23. Chelsea - Barcelona

    I think they are right we are lucky. That formation is hot and cold. If they can produce something similar or better at the Camp Nou then you can say something. Otherwise it was another Atletico performance where even Baka was amazing!
  24. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I think they are right. We just had one amazing game out of many crap games. Kinda of like we did against Atletico. Even Baka was amazing that game. One game does not change the hot and cold we have been this season. If they can produce something similar at the Nou Camp then you can say something better. But at the moment they are right to me.
  25. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Another drab performance from them. I believe we will get the better of them if Conte fields a CF instead of Pedro.
  26. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    United are so lucky and shite it's ridiculous. The game should be 5-0
  27. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    The next guy that rates this shit united needs to be lobotomized and given 3months ban.... We might be shit but united are shittier...
  28. Matic is fucking shite lol.
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