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  2. Christian Pulisic

    Wow. Lad had literally no holiday, went straight back to the club. Thats great to see
  3. The Board

    Yeah the last summer has given the illusion that Klopp has always been backed with expensive first choice targets which couldn't be further from the truth.
  4. Christian Pulisic

  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    If we have great options out wide, then by all means, send CHO to the reserves to rot etc. But we don't and he's still better than the alternatives like Kenedy, Piazon etc.
  6. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Guessing Kenedy and Palmer are just there to make up the numbers since we don't have CHO and Willian yet.
  7. Today
  8. Super Frank Thread

    I would agree with this, I'd much rather see him playing in the Championship and playing regularly every week, getting that rhythm and experience to his game that he needs compared to possibly a Premier League role where he's not a regular fixture. The club also needs to make a decision on where they see his future, whether its as a defender or midfielder because ideally he should be playing for a team that need him for the position we see him likely to develop in.
  9. Mason Mount

    It didn't help last year that Sarri didn't really start rotating until about March. He even admitted that he picked a core group of about 14-15 players and just focused on them. Once he started backing his squad Emerson started putting Alonso under pressure for his position, Christensen improved as the season wore on and RLC and CHO were arguably first choice for Sarri by the time they got injured (RLC definitely was). I think Lampard will back the squad as a whole far more and be prepared to use it. He understands the intensity and overall slog of an English season which I don't think Sarri was fully prepared for and from what it appears he wants his team to play with a lot more energy, pace and pressing compared to last season which will likely take it's toll if players aren't managed properly. The idea that Lampard will start bringing through all sorts of academy players I think just isn't going to happen. Someone like Billy Gilmour I could potentially see making the bench the odd time or even getting a game in the league cup before going out on loan possibly in January to get some experience. What Lampard will do however is offer a pathway for the ones that have good experience and are ready to play some part - Tomori, Mount, James, Abraham. If these players can get 20 games next season across all competitions then that is a big positive and they kick on from there very much like how I think RLC would have done had he not got injured. Christensen, RLC and CHO have shown the club that the talent is there and is good enough to represent the club. If this next group can break through in much the same way I'm certain more will follow in the future.
  10. Tanguy Ndombele

    How is he defensively? I only watch his YouTube highlight he does carry the ball forward well. I am actually more surprised that United did not sign him,because I heard they are looking for a midfielder. Pogba - N'Dombele Matic Pogba can just stay up high and let ndombele carry the ball forward.
  11. Mason Mount

    I don't follow Dortmund enough to know about their youngster but yes they are really good at producing and developing youngster. But I don't know whether they develop them from academy or sign upcoming from Bundesliga. Don't get me started on CHO. I have spent a whole year explaining why as much as I think CHO is super talented. If one of your winger is Hazard and the other side need to be good defensively. And as CHO has shown in the later part of the season when he was a starter, his output is not better than Willian. Nope signing Willian and Bakayoko make sense. They are signed to be starting 11. The same with Alonso, do we have any bright youngster at left back? The problem is player like Zappacosta and drinkwater. This is where you definitely need to use your arcademy if you have any that is ready.
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Guys like Ngolo are the ones who always work hard, perform well but often get exploited in an office job as they are too shy and modest to take credit for their work. I am happy for him that he has a stage to shine for everyone to see and appreciate so every bully has to respect him for who he is. No one deserves it more
  13. Mason Mount

    Don't get me wrong they are fantastic but in epl where the league is very competitive (a relegated side can even sign player like schurlle) , it is very hard to so. Like you said if they turn out to be fantastic you will reap all the benefit if not this is where it differ big time. With Ajax, they probably will still stay at top of the league. In epl you can easily drop to 10+ and even close to relegation. For me, I always like academy and youth product for rotation player. If they turn out to be fantastic then it is even better. The problem is with player like Ampadu. Last year he was our 4th Cb. Which mean he won't play enough games. I much rather him go for loan to get playing time.
  14. Tanguy Ndombele

    Its 50:50. Spurs have such a bad record of integrating big money signings in their team he could be a massive flop. Despite all of their almost successes, they still have this small club mentality which might play a part in making promising players regress after signing for them. Look at Lamela, Soldado, Janssen, Sissoko etc. They all could be described as technically proficient, promising, but still never really arrived. Spurs like to sign flavor of the month cos they can not afford or attract top quality. I don't know if this guy here is the real deal chances are spurs will ruin him anyway. Maybe it's just me but I will never fear Spurs, even if they sign Mbappe
  15. Mason Mount

    It is a double edged sword. Players might not develop as good out on loan as at the club or might never want to come back. Dortmund also play for the German championship with green youngsters. Sure it is the league but would we be so much worse off having played CHO for Willian and Mount for Kovacic/Barkley last season . I doubt it Still it is striking that almost all world class clubs I know have a better record of flooding in youth from their academy than us. It is not even that I believe our youngsters deserve so much more rather that we prefer to spend on average players to make up squad numbers than give them to you haters. Some will not be satisfied with that but some will. Signing and playing the bakayokos, drinkwater, Williams, alonsos of this world over youth players that really identify with the club is the problem imo
  16. Mason Mount

    The Ajax and Monaco teams i was talking about would have comfortably made top 4 in the prem. I'm not saying we should play an U21 team (and neither did those teams in question, Ajax especially had a lot of experience to balance it out) however with City over the hill for atleast two more years and prices going through the roof, there's never been a better time to build up this new generation.
  17. Kawasaki Frontale v Chelsea

    Good selection. Just a bit confused with Kenedy and Palmer. Don't think they have a future here and should be sold. Same for Drinkayoko but I guess it's harder to get rid of them. Shame gilmour is not travelling as he is one of the few that could become a Jorginho backup Also I hate the city of yokohama in a football context -.-
  18. Christian Pulisic

  19. Mason Mount

    But playing in a weaker league allow them to keep their model for long time. Imagine doing the same thing in epl, you can easily get relegated. For me I like having our youth going on loan and get back when they are ready like what Otherwise, they can get stuck on the bench and never develop properly
  20. St. Patrick's Athletic - Chelsea

    My biggest concern is not whether he "can" play as double pivot but whether he will be effective there and whether he will be our starter. For me kova - kante are my no 1 midfield option for double pivot. Bakayoko to back kante and maybe jorgi for kova. It is obvious that Barkley and mount will be our no 10, maybe even pulisic too.
  21. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    hazard is a world class player and not playing him would be suicidal when we were competing in pl and europa legue. cho is not near at that level and losing him would not cost as much. especially when we wont get top4 anyways. no point of developing a player who will leave. rather give time to another player who wants to be here and will be here in the future.
  22. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    double post, delete
  23. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Frank Lampard says he wants Callum Hudson-Odoi to sign a new deal at Chelsea, amid interest from Bayern Munich. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11764055/callum-hudson-odoi-frank-lampard-wants-chelsea-winger-to-sign-new-deal
  24. Super Frank Thread

    I think Championship would be an ideal place ... Less pressure and more opportunity (if he is really is good) as compared to the PL. Like u said, he needs more chances ... day in day out to be considered next season at the Bridge.
  25. Super Frank Thread

    I'd prefer Bundesliga.
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