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  2. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Contrary to popular belief, Pep is a very2 rigid manager. His team playing like robot, so when KDB and Bernardo silva playing at the same side (They won't occupy the same space if one is playing on the left and one on the right) and when Bernardo is asked to play on the wing, he will stay wide as possible and it allow KDB to play inside. So no they don't occupy the same space.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    We go toe to toe with the champions of Europe, we deserved to win, we probably should have won. And yet it's all doom and gloom. Yes, there are some defensive issues, there are some teething issues, but it HAD to be so. Fucking hell, sarri got 9 points in his last 6 games with us, having hazard, Kante, Rudi, Cho, RLC all fit. By the end of last season these 5 players were the first names on the team sheet, how many minutes have they been able to play combined so far? And yet, we are not only a better attacking unit, we are actually a competent attacking unit. Frank asked for patience and support in his programme notes, and u can see why. This is still very much a work in progress. It will continue to do so for a major part of this season. I would rather us struggling a bit now with ideas and system than be what we were under sarri Calling Frank naive is one of the shittiest things I have heard. All these keyboard warriors, are going to have eggs on their face come the end of the season.
  4. 22. Christian Pulisic

    He will have the RW spot on lock down by the end of the season. But people who can't see why he is being benched just need to see his games and performances with us so far. It's a tough league and young players need time to acclimatize which Frank is rightly affording him. I expect him to come through, but not at the moment.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Striker for back up/competition is a must But why a CB? Tomori is proving to be a good defender, Andreas has been good. We all know about rudi's quality. We have players like guehi. I feel cbs are the least of our concern. I trust in pulisic for rw. He is raw but I feel by the end of this season, he will have that position in lock down. He needs some time to acclimatize to the league. My no. 1 priority would be st, lb, dm with back up wingers Gk - kepa, Willy Cb- Rudi, tomori, Andreas, guehi Rb - James, azpi Lb - new lb, Emerson Dm- jorginho, new Dm Cm - Kante , kovacic Cam - mount, RLC Lw - Cho, new Lw St - Tammy, new ST Rw - puli, new RW.
  6. Today
  7. Chelsea - Liverpool

    Wow that’s a very very low bar you are setting there. anyone can make runs that draw the attention of defenders. It’s second poor performance in a row. It happens, but my main problem was with his initial 30 mins like I said. That can really ruin a game in a cascading effect. I don’t expect him to score in every game, but I expect him to make easy passes and hold the ball a bit better when we are under pressure - same applies to mount.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    We aren’t getting Mbappe, especially with no CL. Sancho is a possibility. I’d say a top ST, CB, and RW are a must. I’d then look at upgrading on Alonso and shipping off Barkley for a defensive midfielder.
  9. Chelsea - Liverpool

    Jorginho is bad at transition defense and water is wet. I honestly want frank to try kante as holder
  10. Chelsea v Grimsby

    Willy James guehi zouma Alonso Gilmour Barkley Pedro pulisic Cho Michy
  11. Chelsea - Liverpool

    It is Jose, he will make jab at people. You can't believe everything he said. But I like Jose as analyst, in fact I like most of current / ex current manager as analyst, they give you better insight on the game rather than ex player or old manager who keep talking about desire, fundamental.
  12. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Lets be honest here Kepa is nowhere near Cech's level in terms of impact and GK abilities, and Cech was 21 years old when he signed for us, 8 million pounds we paid for him. Cech would be worth the money we paid for Kepa in today's market or even more.
  13. Chelsea - Liverpool

    His movement dragged VVD away that allowed Kante to find space for his goal. So it kind of was existent. You’re being too critical. He had Two CB’s in prime form, one being the best on the planet, man marking him without any other support given Willian nor Mount made direct runs that would draw out defenders.
  14. Chelsea - Liverpool

    if i see Oliver in front of me i will kick his teeth in, i swear to God. Wank of a referee
  15. Chelsea - Liverpool

    what a wanker that guy is.
  16. 22. Christian Pulisic

    The club didn't envisage paying such a fee to loan him out to a lesser side after buying him from a top side. Pulisic starting playing for Dortmund's first team at 16 IIRC, so he's either ready to put a fight up considering those infront of him or intent on going back to Germany. Saying he's not ready really doesn't cut it for me. We have bloody Mount & Abraham who only had Championship/Eredivisie experience prior & are now starting on the regular.
  17. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Willian is better than him right now.
  18. 22. Christian Pulisic

    No Im pretty serious. He's not at a level wheres hes ready for us. His price tag was based on potential. The same people begging to see him on here will slag him off as soon as he proves why he isnt playing right now. Hell, I remember Kalou getting the treatment on here when he was, at that point, at a higher level skill wise than Pulisic is right now. He'd be set up for failure if he was forced out there right now, and that would be bad for all parties involved.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Chelsea - Liverpool

    Fair enough. Disagree on tammy though... not even about the miss, but his overall play was really nonexistent. id say his first 30min were a liability as he missed every pass and touch he attempted. I’d still not have subbed him and certainly not for bats as he improved a bit from those initial 30mins. but no he wasn’t good enough.
  21. Chelsea - Liverpool

    I remember he was crying like a bitch when Lampard's derby thoroughly outplayed his United team at Old Trafford. Literally crying. The man has no shame and still behaves like a 12 year old.
  22. Chelsea - Liverpool

    It must have absolutely destroyed him that Lampard was given the Chelsea job while he was available. I would wager that hurt him even more than Conte's title win here.
  23. Chelsea - Liverpool

    Mourinho continues to show what a snake he is, a man who only looks after his own interests. I remember him being critical of Lampard as well during one of our earlier matches on Sky. When he was basically insinuating that Lampard will play kids as an "excuse" to avoid the pressure of the job. Fuck him and his shitty opinion , too bad some think its genuine criticism. One will think an ex-Chelsea manager will show more solidarity to one of his best ever ex-players and a club he supposedly loves. Lampard has received more praise from Klopp than Mourinho
  24. Chelsea v Grimsby

    We can't field a whole new team though, and it seems that Lampard likes Gilmour a lot right now. It would be nice to see either Anjorin or Gilmour. Fingers crossed though! I think we will have one or two surprise players starting.
  25. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Although I didn't expect him to get zero minutes this week I did say he needed to be took out of the firing line a bit. He was great Vs Liverpool and all right against Norwich but against Leicester and Sheffield United to say he was largely anonymous is being kind. Remember when Conte kept playing 21 year old Christensen through his shit spell only to damage him further?
  26. Chelsea v Grimsby

    And Glimour.
  27. Chelsea - Liverpool

    No its realy not like that. I thought we played well, I only pointed out that our defending wasnt bad despite people saying it (except for the free kick situations). Also just because Tammy missed the sitter, that doesnt mean we didnt attack well. Id say Tammy was actualy very dangerous through the game, he just didnt score.
  28. Chelsea v Grimsby

    I would prefer to see Anjorin instead of Billy due to the fact that Anjorin is just more ready for higher level football and he could be someone for the next season. I also would like to see Guehi because most of our CBs are injured. Guehi is a Zouma with technique. Rest Tammy, rest Mount and some other players.
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