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  2. Next Manager?

    They don't really have to improve much, we are out of top 4 if we collect only three points less than this season. I don't think we will collapse or anything like that but the transfer ban, Hazard leaving, several players being inexperienced at top level football... All these factors make Lampard's job the toughest one among all the managers Roman hired.
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  4. General Transfer Talk

    City don't fuck about
  5. The International Football Thread

    Platini is arrested.
  6. Kurt Zouma

    I think he's a bit overrated personally, and it has to be noted (although not totally his fault) the business end of last season is the first time he's been a regular in a defense that's not a disastrous one. Furthermore he can command £40m this summer potentially, it would be a bit of an economical waste to have a player who can command such a fee sitting as 4th choice which he will be with everyone else fully fit and even that's assuming Ampadu goes out on loan.
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  8. Next Manager?

    Needs to be looked at it context, given where we are right now just looking at trophy record is counter productive as it's likely going to take atleast two years to get challenging again and even that's only if we get almost everything right in the interim. One of the main musts with these job now is who can bring through the next generation. We have the best set of youngsters in this country since the Busby Babes, would you really trust Jose to nurture them and be patient while they grow? Could you really imagine him patiently building for a few years while Pep and Klopp run away from sight at 1st and 2nd? I can't, his ego won't allow it, he'd lose his shit more than ever before. You think its bad seeing KDB and Salah at rivals, wait until homegrown Chelsea boys are doing so which could well be the case if we bring back Mourinho. One of the big remits of this next few years has to be to bring through the cream of our current crop, and with that in context Lampard (especially given he has Jody Morris in his staff who will openly advocate giving these players chances) seems as safe a bet as any.
  9. Next Manager?

    Is he? Historically absolutely but is he really one of the best managers in 2019? I see no evidence to suggest so, ever since his title in 2015 he's been stumbling across one disaster after another. You wouldn't bring a washed up ex great player to next season's lineup based on what he did in the past, so why would you with a manager?
  10. Michy Batshuayi

    Hitler was an animal lover and he had two alsatians but he hated taking them for exercise because he only had one ball .
  11. Mario Pašalić

    What's stopping him now? Normally playing for your NT is enough to get one.
  12. Next Manager?

    Are we doing anything long-term? It would be very counter-productive to bring Mourinho after Sarri, those are two opposite philosophies, and our board want us to play attacking football. And let's be honest, most of us do too. It really baffles me that year after year we bring totally different managers, with different styles. That's why Drinkwater and Bakayoko couldn't even make a bench in Sarri system. Or even captain Cahill. Same way as Jorginho/RLC/Christensen/Mount wouldn't make it in Mourinho's setup. Kepa's great ball playing would be wasted under Mou too. So I don't know what Lampard can bring us, no one knows actually. But I sure as hell don't want another turn-around. Let's stick to attacking, possession--high-press approach, or something close to that. After all, now we have players more suited for that kind of playing.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I dont agree on that. Given a choice the 2, would select Pedro over Willian. Would rather have a youth from the ranks than anyone of the 2 in the starting 11 even when there is transfer ban.
  14. Michy Batshuayi

    his goal/minute ratio here was pretty good, was good at dortmund too. he'd grab a fair few goals through the season if nothing else
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Each to his own. For me he is our best winger given the options of CHO, pulisic and pedro. If you want the definition of "making up the numbers": thats pedro.
  16. General Transfer Talk

    He should have 2 seasons back ... I dont mind if he goes because for me he just makes up the numbers ... if I have to get frustrated I would rather see a youth from the ranks trying than Willian doing what he does.
  17. Next Manager?

  18. General Transfer Talk

    In fact he had the medical yesterday. If news of the outcome has been made public I haven't seen it. Martel, who also attracted interest from Aston Villa and Fulham, is one of a number of good young players whose contact expires at the end of this month, and who will probably be leaving.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    You really want/expect us to sell willian with a transfer ban on going?
  20. General Transfer Talk

  21. Mario Pašalić

    Mount is getting the chance this means
  22. Next Manager?

    Interesting bits in this story by Matt Law. Claude Makelele's name is mentioned as someone who could take charge of the loan army, which will free up Eddie Newton or Paulo Ferreira to move to a coaching role with Lampard, Jody and Chris Jones. Cech also mentioned in director role. The backroom seems to be coming together quite nicely and these are the type of people who will be bolder in giving chances to guys like Tammy, Mount and Reece.
  23. Mario Pašalić

    Might as well be gone tbh. Transfer ban and still isn't seen as worthy of a chance? He can't get a work permit in the UK.
  24. Next Manager?

    Lol, if anyone could believe that by appointing current Lampard will bring us glory. Nothing wrong with saying appointing the likes of Allegri and even Jose will do too. You may hate the man from the bottom of your heart, but cannot denied that he is still one of the best. Remember how Jose Mark I ended, it was a mess too, and look what he did in his first and second season of Mark II.
  25. Next Manager?

    Rumoured JT is in the hat for the Derby job
  26. General Transfer Talk

    Chelsea's 19-year-old English striker Martell Taylor-Crossdale is having a medical ahead of a permanent move to Hoffenheim. (Sky Sports)
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