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  2. Man Utd v Chelsea

    fml its in our bloody hands again, unbelievable the inconsistency of teams fighting for top 4, yesterday's results make our draw to Burnley look bad, just to think we could be sitting confortably in top 4 already if not for our major fuck ups this season sigh... I'm not holding my breath for this game, because we have a squad full of gutless chokers this season who need to be shiped out asap. Cheers
  3. Today
  4. David Neres

    Were here any rumours or why do you think that?
  5. David Neres

    Think if we dont get a transfer ban and miss out on Pepe, although I reckon he will go Bayern like reported a while ago, Neres should definitely be considered although it probably would be better for him to be loaned back to Ajax for another season as the guy is a bit lightweight and can still make the wrong decisions at times as seen in the CL this season vs Juventus but he has impressed me with his willingness to run at players and has been involved with 16 goals in 20 starts and 8 sub apperances in the Erevidise. As well as 2 goals and 2 assists in the CL. Definitely be interest this summer from other clubs though due to Ajaxs CL run and maybe some of them, such as a Dortmund,.would be better suited. Even if he came here and didnt go back to Ajax I think his directness and dribbling ability would offer us something different to Pedro and Willian. Hopefully we are still tracking him, I am sure we were before he went to Ajax.
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    What's laughable is that Pogba makes it instead... Who the hell votes for this crap anyway...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Fikayo Tomori

    Aké is 1.80m tall, which is reall small for a CB. (I am 183cm which is exactly 6 feet so Ake should be less than 6). Puyol was 178
  9. The English Football Thread

    I disagree. They are not playing in Europe which will impact their league form especially when you don't have big squad. In UCL you have to face big teas whereas in europa you have to play on Thursday.
  10. Sex in a mp3 good night all!
  11. The English Football Thread

    I'm not getting too cocky after tonight. United weren't that bad tbh. If they play like that against us, we will be in trouble. We can't handle Burnley ffs.
  12. Real Madrid have apparently offered Eden Hazard £400,000 a week to join the Spanish club this summer, according to this exclusive from the Sun. That monster offer, which they repeatedly remind us is FREE OF TAX, is, unfortunately for Chelsea, coming straight out of the transfer fee they would otherwise have to pay for the […]View the full article
  13. Fikayo Tomori

    Ake not the tallest player he's not bad in the air according to Wikipedia Tomori is 6ft 1ins
  14. Tammy Abraham

    Costa didn’t, unless at his very best where he did make a few goals through beating players on front foot. But there’s a reason why literally all of his goals for Atletico and Chelsea came inside the box.
  15. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Arsenal fans can say the same thing about us. You honestly think we can win against Watford with the way we are playing? And Leicester away can be difficult for us. But losing to United will 99% end our top 4 hopes. So we have to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  16. Man Utd v Chelsea

    If you take hazard out of our team, you can say the same thing. So what's the point?
  17. Tammy Abraham

    1. No. Not 99%, not even close. 2. You have to "create" open goal situations aswell. Tammy did very well at Bristol which team was a piece of crap, he did well at Swansea which was the worst team in the PL, he is doing fine at Villa. So it's not like he joins perfectly working teams each year. What he does looks simple but it can only be done by players who have that killer instinct. Like Anelka had. Check out this vid. Most of his goals are from open goal situations but if you pay attention he always knew where to move and how to find these situations. This guy was PL-topscorer for us.
  18. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Lukaku won't ever start mate. Rashford and Martial are both average. Anyone who thinks there is quality in Manchester United squad is either a troll or a fool. If you take both De Gea (who has been pretty bad recently) and Pogba out of the team that started today, you would think City was facing Crystal Palace or Newcastle, and I'm not even joking.
  19. Tammy Abraham

    If CHO stays and Abraham gets a shot in the Chelsea squad we might see plenty of goals from CHO crosses. Crossing, and speed, is pretty much what CHO can do best.
  20. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Lost 7 of the last 9 now. We really have no excuses on Sunday. Sarri better not even think about a false nine
  21. Man Utd v Chelsea

    I still think 7 points in the next three games is enough. Can't see Arsenal winning all.
  22. Man Utd v Chelsea

    People questioning whether they were too swift in giving Ole the job, their fans and even former players like GNev calling for a bunch of their players to be sold, in woeful form even worse than before Mou was sacked. But watch Sarri's Chelsea stroll in there and provide the perfect medicine. 😒 We're big game bottlers this season.
  23. Man Utd v Chelsea

  24. Man Utd v Chelsea

    That's the problem. We're hardly amazing either. Hopefully we can come on top this time No team seems to want 4th..like this weekend. Arsenal lost.. We drew.. They then lost! Think teams have switched round and round so many times in that spot this season
  25. 10. Eden Hazard

    So Hazard doesn't even make Team of the Year despite one of the biggest carrying jobs in recent PL history. He's literally 1st or 2nd in almost every attacking stat category. Best of luck in Sunny Spain, Eden. You were never fully appreciated in this country :
  26. Man Utd v Chelsea

    United have been absolutely abysmal recently. I know I'm going to sound super negative here, but I 100% think they'll beat our band of bottlers this weekend and may even do so pretty convincingly.
  27. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Death, taxes and Chelsea losing this game. had Arsenal won we would have won this game but now we will definitely lose it because thats how Chelsea roll under Sarri.
  28. Man Utd v Chelsea

    FFS I can’t believe after all our feckups, we are back on the driving seat for top 4. Arsenal, United...what are these guys doing. But...what I said stands, anymore drop of points and top 4 is gone. United SURELY can’t drop points against Cardiff and Huddersfield.
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