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    • Chelsea v Arsenal
      I thought from the off that we're gonna win the cup........and 2-0 now whats really cheered me me up is: Kosielny definately out Sanchez a good possibility to be out..........and then join us Chamberlain hamstring and possibly out Gabriel stretchered off last game and possibly out Fucking hell if we can't beat what's left, I dunno who we can beat lol hes1ofus
    • Victory Parade Cancelled
      Very sad about Manchester and all other terrorist attacks, but Manchester targeting children and teenage girls goes beyond words to describe. But having said that to cancel the victory parade is wrong in my opinion, it's another just another way of giving in to the terrorist saying ok you've got us worried you've won, what else are we as a nation going to say, are going to say we can't have a public or outdoor display, or a concert, or even the cup final, because of the fears of what might happen, because if these arseholes are going to do it they will, unless the authorities can root them out and eliminate them. Me I say don't give in to them, have the victory parade, this is not about about disrespect to those that have died and been maimed in Manchester, and god forbid I could never be that mean or callous, it's about standing up to them ( the Terrorist) and telling them, you aint gonna win, we're not going to run and hide we will confront you and eliminate you. hes1ofus
    • General Transfer Talk
      There's definitely players to be had overseas, but we'll get outpriced for quite a few thanks to "TV money". Shame that's never up for discussion when Barca or Madrid come calling. 
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