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  2. Man Utd v Chelsea

    MU - Chelsea 2:0 Chelsea - Watford 2:1 Leicester- Chelsea 1:1 , 2:1 . Finish - 5
  3. Philippe Coutinho

    Barcelona playmaker Philippe Coutinho will join Chelsea this summer should FIFA lift their transfer ban. (Diario Sport) Chelsea see Coutinho as a replacement for Eden Hazard and are ready to spend up to €100m to get the player. [MD] CAM or RW
  4. Today
  5. The English Football Thread

    I think we can beat Valencia. Don't trust the team playing Arsenal.
  6. Chelsea have released their nominees for their “Goal of the Season” award, and there are some truly special efforts in there. The outstanding candidate is Eden Hazard’s goal against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup, way back in the Autumn. The winger slipped and slided between bodies in Red as he worked his way to the […]View the full article
  7. Fikayo Tomori

    Premier league loan a must
  8. Ask Chelsea fans who they would prefer to be their starting left back next season and most of them will say Emerson Palmieri. His rival for the role, Marcos Alonso made himself into quite the cult hero at the club over the course of his first two seasons, but within 6 months his dreadful form […]View the full article
  9. Man Utd v Chelsea

    And even in our title winning seasons, we haven't won there since 2013
  10. The English Football Thread

    This is complete truth. Shameful we are in this position. We have now dropped 26(!) points from the 11 most blatant FAIL games that we should easily have won. Just half that (so 13 more points) and we would have locked up 3rd place weeks ago. Insanity we did not buy Piatek for £31m and own the lad outright (he will end up with around 35 or more goals this season, ffs) versus spending £27m (plus salary!) for 18 months of LOANING the washed up, ageing Higuain and then STILL not even owning him! The board should be drawn and quartered. Actually, I will bring out my inner Viking half and make a modest proposal for performing the blood eagle.
  11. The Basketball Thread

    Lillard's buzzer beater at 115-115: PTB won the series with this basket, what a moment.
  12. Fikayo Tomori

    His development has been nice to watch, he has a lot of good qualities in his locker. He is quite two footed and comfortable playing ball out, extremely quick and hard to beat one on one. He reminds me of Joe Gomez in style. To me he seems a little mistake prone, or at least earlier in the season he was, particularly with aerial balls. A common phrase but if he irons them out, I’m sure he could be a Chelsea player one day - though most likely as a squad player. Next step would be top 5 league loan, maybe in the Premier League but I wouldn’t mind him going to Germany, maybe even on a 2 year deal. I think this type of stability would suit his development. I doubt it’s on the cards though, more likely he goes PL.
  13. Man Utd v Chelsea

    I know mate sad to see him go, but I don't begrudge him that, he's been a loyal servant for 7 years. He deserves a chance to play for the best club in the world (well at least after Barca) and have a chance of winning the ECL, we have no chance in the forseeable future. Why would he want to stay here with the bunch of muppets we've got.
  14. Man Utd v Chelsea

    I know. Going to be such a sad and depressing end to hazard's Chelsea career.
  15. Fikayo Tomori

    But but but, he is not ready... 😂
  16. Man Utd v Chelsea

    And you honestly expect that to happen, our lot will already be booking their sunloungers on the beach. They won't even bother to turn up, for the game, when has anyone at Chelsea ever considered the fans ffs
  17. Man Utd v Chelsea

    They have the home advantage.
  18. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Last day 0-0 is unthinkable. Both teams would not have anything to play for, might as well give the fans something thats Been lacking all season - some entertainment
  19. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Last 3 games i'm expecting 1 point Get done by Man ure 2-0 Lose at home to Watford 0-1 And draw away with Leicester 0-0 Because we are shit, as been said before we need a good clear out My once upon a time Azpi is past it now as a RB, might ok in 3 ATB but that aint gonna happen. As for the rest the only ones I would keep are The Wee Man, Rudiger, Odoi, RLC, Ampadu, the rest can fuck off with Jorginho
  20. Chelsea will head into this summer with plenty of holes in their squad, and a very uncertain situation regarding whether they will be able to fill those holes. Loan players can come back, but it may be hard to find starting quality players in some of those positions. Reece James can slot in at right […]View the full article
  21. Chelsea need attacking signings this summer, with Eden Hazard probably leaving and Callum Hudson-Odoi now injured. Various signings have been mooted, and it’s interesting to read the temperature in the fanbase on each of the ideas. One of the ideas mooted has been that of David Neres, one of the bright stars who has lit […]View the full article
  22. The English Football Thread

    We are on the verge on no CL football again for next season. You cannot trust this team to beat Valencia/Arsenal in the final IF we get there. One more loss or draw in the PL, will 99% confirm we are out of the top 4 race.
  23. The English Football Thread

    No you are not. You are just feeling exactly the way you should feel regarding this bunch of tossers.
  24. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Hopefully he can come back stronger. I absolutely hate this kind of pressure from fans, club and media. You should leave young player alone and stop asking them to play too many games. Yes injury can happen anytime but I don't like CHO starting too many epl games. Epl is a very phsyical league that is taxing on your body. But we are winning and it looks like Sarri also want fans to back this team.
  25. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    We dont have their talent tbh, and with Eden out the door and no replacement next season is going to be grim if we try and keep playing sorryball. If Puli is a bust, our wingers are in truly dire straights, as CHO is out for months and that leaves the two 30 somethings as only options other than an out of position RLC.
  26. The English Football Thread

    So glad I missed that fucking spuds game! We are just SOL, and they seem incapable of not scoring late game winners at will. Down to us winning out and Arse losing one. For some reason I have bad feeling about the EL. Maybe I am just being too negative.
  27. Kurt Zouma

    I guess we find out the hard way. Even with Cahill and Luiz leaving we still have a lot of CB options (Rudiger, AC, Tomori, Clarke-Salter, Ampadu (who will be backup also for Jorginho at DH DMF) and also Azpi and Reece James being able to play at CB), but I think we still may need to recall Zouma. Time will soon tell.
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