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  2. Super Frank Thread

    In XXI century only in 15-16 season we had less than 50% of wins. At the moment this season 19 wins from 39 games. Less than 50%. Just sayin.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    Are you serious? Just compare them both during the match at the touchline ffs.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    First of all I don't think fighting and spirit is issue in our team. And secondly, if club legend like Lampard can't make players (and we have so many English players and academy players who support Chelsea) give their all what makes you think someone like Simeone would be able to do it?
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Liverpool done the right thing, strengthen a winning squad. While our club when we won they never did strengthen, Liverpool was once run bad but they then restructure the board and have paid dividend. Time for us as well....
  6. 5. Jorginho

    Not sure what people expect from him? He made great pass against Spurs for first goal. Last night also for Mount chance. 3-4-3 is not his system. Stats show he's our best defensive player with interceptions etc... He has his flaws of course but if he plays for City or Barca he would be very praised player.
  7. MUNDIAL are currently looking for Chelsea fans who are 35+ and had trials with the club in the 80s, 90s. This is for a short film with a Chelsea partner, where you’ll be put through your paces at the training ground in March, with a few current pros that came through the academy, before playing at The Bridge in May. Any interest, email mike@mundialstudio.com. www.mundialmag.com
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    #Liverpool have offered to Timo #Werner a contract until 2025 with a wages of €8M + bonuses a year. Talks ongoing to finalize the deal. #transfers #LFC
  9. The English Football Thread

    They will smash Madrid!
  10. 5. Jorginho

    His form is more worrying than his discipline.
  11. Today
  12. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Of course Bayern were good. However, we made them look stronger than they actually are. They will get knocked out in the next round.
  13. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Its the hope that kills you, to have faith in FL and the team is good and all, but we cant put our heads in the sand. Neither the team and the manager are good enough at this level, one look at our stats in epl tell it all, we are very shite. Nevermind meeting a quality and rested Bayern. Will we come good? I honestly cant say, you cant be this inconsistent and naive and hope it will all come good. The board ought to take most of the blame, they have been shambolic, amateurs.
  14. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Yeah, Keep moaning about Abraham but WHO is a top quality striker we can buy? Lewandowski, Haaland, Kane, Cavani, Werner, Lautaro Martinez etc.??? Lmao. Wake up. One of possible signings (like Moussa Dembele) is overpriced but I'm not sure they are far better than Abraham.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    I mentioned it in the game, Lamps has to learn to go safer in these games,you cant have so much gaps, they had tons of it. Looks like he either is adament on it or he simply has no idea how to do it. When you are outgunned and out experienced you go for a result no matter what style you love. We just cant fuck up vs bournmouth, that would sting even more.
  16. 5. Jorginho

    Pardon me if I expect the vice captain to be a little more control of himself in the big moments. Agree to disagree. And no one seems to question why we are so easy to score against. No one seems to bother why we, as a team, have not made life difficult for opponents to score against us (even if you take the individual fuck ups along the way). Lampard always seems to gloss over that by talking about our attacking problems instead and even when he does talk about the goals conceded, he'll just casually put them down to individual mistakes, like they're not important. He's not always wrong about that but the collective defending leaves a lot to be desired a lot of the time. The pressing is some times all over the place, the defensive lines aren't compact, it's easy for opponents to play through us etc. For instance and I said this in the Bayern match thread, Kante & Hazard aside, our starting XI last night wasn't much different to the starting XI that played Barcelona in the R16 1st leg 2 years ago but the defensive organization was night and day. XI vs Barca at SB Courtois - Rudiger/Christensen/Azpi - Alonso/Kante/Fabregas/Moses - Hazard/Willian/Pedro vs XI vs Bayern at SB Caballero - Rudiger/Christensen/Azpi - Alonso/Jorginho/Kovacic/James - Barkley/Mount/Giroud
  17. Super Frank Thread

    The problem is I don't envisage any style of play being immediately successful with our current group of players because it's such a contrasting mix. Most of our older, experienced players have been through the Conte era, and even the Mourinho era and either suit or have been coached into them the defensive, conservative style of football. Then we have the few players we've brought in the last 18 months and our academy players who suit a more progressive, attacking style. Based on the above, it makes sense to continue trying to build in a more progressive, attack minded nature rather than the defensive, pragmatic one where we'd almost be needing to rebuild again from scratch. The signing of Ziyech suggests we're not planning to waver from this currently either. Until we're able to build with 15-18 players, let alone a squad, that all suit and complement a particular style of play we're going to have problems. This is the point of being patient, we're less than 2 years into making a complete change of philosophy which is hard enough, let alone losing a world class goalkeeper and our best player/talisman whilst navigating a transfer ban. In reality we need another couple of summer transfer windows before we're likely to be anything capable of challenging at the top of the league.Until then, we need to show some progression.
  18. 5. Jorginho

    Again though if it was anyone else would it be as big a problem? Jorginho seems to get some sort of special criticism everytime we lose for something even if it is minimal such as a booking for dissent. Be it 1 bad pass or a wee booking that hardly altered the game or this or that. Theres still an heir of the whole Sarri's man scapegoat sort of thing around him I feel. He isnt immune to criticism but he seems to get it more or less every week for wee stupid things that if it was anyone else it wouldnt be mentioned or an issue in my eyes. Even more annoying nobody's brought this comment up that Frank said this after the game "Our choice of pass in the final third has to improve." I mean really?! What does he expect? He started 2 of our most inconsistent players in advanded positions vs Bayern Municu ffs. Wont go into it as we've been discussing in Mason's thread and Ross' for a long long time about these things. I mean as bad as it sounds not starting Willian, who showed vs Barcelona 2 seasons ago over 2 games he can hurt top teams and even in some of the minutes he had yesterday he looked more purposeful thsn both, then says that. He is starting to sound like Ole Solskjaer a lot. Particularly after big games. Excuses after excuses despite the things hes bringing up being directly created by his selections. Questions need to be asked.
  19. 10. Willian

    The fact that Chelsea are even offering two years sickens me. Let the deadwood GO FFS. The worst Chelsea player of the season (if you exclude Bats).
  20. 5. Jorginho

    Still doesn't mean it's okay to not criticize players when they pick up a yellow in such stupid fashion.
  21. 5. Jorginho

    Perhaps but its not as if nobody gets booked for dissent in other teams or leagues or as if players getting booked for dissent is a major issue that only we have. Its part and parcel of modern day football because referees are so protected from players giving them a bit back or disagreeing with their decisions.
  22. 10. Willian

    The fact that 'talks are on going' worries more than anything.
  23. Super Frank Thread

    Not sure for definite. If it was successful the fans wouldn't be bothered because wed get good results and be competing. Plus the fight and application his Atletico teams have shown particularly the bigger games, it is exceptional. Do we have that fight or passion in this group? Not necessarily sure.
  24. 5. Jorginho

    He got booked for dissent, which is stupid considering the injury problems we've had. He even had to be held back by Azpi! Obviously there are much bigger problems from yesterday's game but it's little things like that that just explains the individual problems in the team.
  25. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    They are just efficient and want to get to the front players quicker so they can do the damage. None of this fucking about passing around the back trying to look good and playing safe. Or trying to be Barcelona or Ajax or whoever. Good Bayern teams have always been like this. Under Jupp when they won the treble before Pep went there as well they were able to control games but they just wanted to go and get into the final third as often as they could.
  26. Super Frank Thread

    simeone is good for atletico madrid. with his idea of football, stanford bridge would sing fuck simeone-ball after 10 minutes of the first match
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