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  2. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Love the first picture with the gold banding around the neck.
  3. Andreas Christensen

    Gladbachs Manager confirmed today, that Christensen will return to our side in the summer http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/startseite/674531/artikel_dahoud-geht-zum-bvb---hoffenheims-amiri-auf-der-liste.html
  4. Stamford Bridge

    The underground tunnel is what I've been hoping for. Do you know for certain the tunnel will be underground?
  5. Alexis Sanchez

  6. Today
  7. Mahmoud Dahoud

    For all the supposed talent in that Dortmund team they're still 16 points off of Bayern in the table. Their talent must be really overrated.
  8. Stamford Bridge

    I wonder who's going to fit the cost of are new stadium??
  9. Mahmoud Dahoud

    Rumoured to be just over £10m because he was in his final year.
  10. Alvaro Morata

    Romelu Lukaku v Alvaro Morata – Stats reveal which striker Blues should sign http://talksport.com/football/chelsea-fc-transfer-news-romelu-lukaku-v-alvaro-morata-stats-reveal-which-striker-blues#GweeCUE2sZOlheBf.99
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Wenger and Redknapp are both twats. Forever with their 'we almost/could have signed him but...' bla bla bla.
  12. Stamford Bridge

    Hi. https://youtu.be/-FHKftDWKV8 I noticed that the colour of the seats was wrong after I had rendered everything, but here is a couple of unfinished renders. They look horrible and I wouldn't usually show such unfinished work, but I doubt I'll find time to do finished renders of these, so these will do. And I guess they do show off the players tunnel and press area. And they have the right Chelsea blue.
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Yeah lol? He is probably the most hyped player now and ever-present in our team
  14. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Can't we get a kitty going to keep someone on call to put a hit on these sods? All they do is cause grief and destruction. Shouldn't cost much.
  15. Mahmoud Dahoud

    For 8.5 Million. How is that even possible? Nice to be Dortmund and even better to be Bayern in a league that just gives you their best players.
  16. Lookalikes.

    Ronaldo's statue and Ian Dowie
  17. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Its the usual elephant in the room -agents. They've weighed in today as well .... ''Chelsea star N'Golo Kante is 'extremely unhappy' at the club, according to his agent. 'Kante isn't receiving the respect that he deserves', his agent said. 'He could play for any of the top clubs in Europe.'' Parasites that get 10% every move
  18. Nice idea. Dont care what happens when me when I go off to join the atoms. But What The Bleep Do I Know!
  19. Alexis Sanchez

    Unbelievable execution of that FK....some player.
  20. Alexis Sanchez

    I think Costa had more fights/arguements with our staff players if you believe the media. Logical clubs deny this, it's Policy (take the China/injury incident)
  21. Alexis Sanchez

    Yeah saw that. Difficult shot for anyone. We have had some good free kick takers. Still got a couple.
  22. 7. N'Golo Kante

    The only thing that I've ever questioned about him is just why he left Leicester after a year, making the CL and winning the PL? It sounds either very cold, maybe thinking of them as a stepping stone. Or he just couldn't see any future there. But as he goes back to watch them it wasn't a nasty break up. It makes me think its possible for him to do it again and it worries me some. But there is a song we try to do.
  23. Alexis Sanchez

    Check out his free kick for Chile http://talksport.com/football/video-arsenal-forward-alexis-sanchez-scores-beauty-free-kick-chile-against-venezuela?amp
  24. Alexis Sanchez

    +100 likes to you both!! My best mate supports the north London team and hes going thru hell right now. And I'm afraid I enjoy poring gas on the fire! But to be in their position now must be heartbreaking and the only thing they got left is not selling him to us no way. There will obviously be other bids for him. We just got to get in quick and not to try to get him at some knock down price. If all the BS and rumours are right he is at home in London. Yes in these days of getting to Paris in 45mins and prob less on private jets hes got options. But ffs imagine a Eden - Diego/Lukaku - Sanchez top line!
  25. Alexis Sanchez

    I'm adamant a signing like this will take us to the next level, another elite player in our starting 11. I hope to fuck he comes here.
  26. Alexis Sanchez

    Was insistent that RvP would stay as well, wasn't he? Just think if a huge offer is made like £50m they'll sell him to us. Hope we try everything.
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