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  2. Chelsea - Leicester

    I know we are a work in progress but only 3 games into the season and we are already talking about the same thing every game. Show positives, play well, create chances BUT we do not convert them and then concede because of stupid mistakes at the back (including pre-season, we have only one clean sheet in 10 games. ONE!). Lampard's sentiment is gonna wear thin if the same thing keeps on happening and especially if we don't start picking up results soon.
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  4. The targets for next summer

    Kane Pulisic-Mount-CHO Jorginho-Kante Chilwell-Rudiger-Christensen-James Kepa
  5. Chelsea - Leicester

    Think zouma remains a problem, once again not for having a poor game, or making mistakes, but by being unable to work in a high press. And his positioning is also a bit disappointing considering his other shortcomings. second half was as bad as it gets. Bullied, esp once giroud left, because then we lost all second balls and could not keep possession. Another 15 minutes and Leicester would’ve easily won the match. lots of work to do and I’m worried by what I see from Lampard. I’m yet to see an improvement coming from the locker room. His subs rarely improve the team and are ill-timed.
  6. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I dont think there is a better GK except maybe Ederson in terms of distribution in the PL. Long pass, short pass, left foot, right foot... he is very good. Shot stopping is also very good, obviously. Does anybody else think hes maybe put a bit more muscle mass on this season. Or am I blind.
  7. Chelsea - Leicester

    But it was the same in pre-season and really the defensive structure of the whole team hasnt drastically changed bar the Liverpool performance. Yes we are only say 10 games (including pre-season) into Lampard's tenure so this could come as premature but I am a bit concerned with how we concede so many chances and look so bad defending set plays. For me, it is similar to how Andre Villas Boas' team got on defensively. Couldnt stop conceding chances from open play, unorganised at set plays and eventually goals started going in and it was a matter of could Chelsea get back into the game. Without an improvement defensively as a team (although I think AC-Zouma both played decent today as a pairing but I mean as a whole from front to back) and seeing as we lack a top striker to bail us out, we could potentially end up dropping points. As for the attacking play, yeah it is good and exciting at times as well as the high press but there were also elements again in some of our games very similar to how we played under Sarri at times, very congested in middle. We also arent as composed in some phases of the game as we could be and that is also resulting in us turning the ball over and getting done on transitions far too often. Again with time, like the defensive structure, I really hope it improves. I have seen a lot of positives so far with Frank, the high press when it works is really good (example first 15 mins today), as well as the more direct attacking play (although still gets congested at times) and obviously trying to integrate the academy kids. I was apprehensive about his appointment and still think theres been alarms like I said similar to Villas-Boas' team defensively and for me, most good teams are built on a good defensive structure and shape. Liverpool, Spurs and City without the ball, press from the front. Theyve all bought into it and the distances are good, then if they dont win it they drop back in and are organised. We used to be very organised under Jose and Conte, being able to grind out results. Man United with Fergie as well could grind games out if they werent playing great. Basically if you cant keep goals out from set plays or concede too many big chances (think of Brendans Liverpool team that finished 2nd), your going to have to end up scoring 3 or 4 goals every game. Teams that have to score 3 or 4 goals a game because they cant keep a clean sheet dont traditionally win leagues or cups. Its probably easier to keep clean sheets than need to score 3 or 4 goals a game.
  8. 9. Tammy Abraham

    but we are not a small club. I’m just telling you, from experience, what can happen, not what I want to happen. The scenario you picture is a nice one, but the ones I’ve experienced are far less rosy. football is a game of imposition, and the physically, not to mention experience, of the senior players does make a difference. We were bullied today at home by Leicester city. They won all second balls esp after Tammy came on. That’s why you don’t throw many youngsters in the starting xi at once. Do it gradually to retain balance and remain competitive. They develop better that way too. strikers need confidence and Tammy must not be feeling very confident today. Did you see that shot in row z? He was very bad when he came on. People will focus on those good plays, but he was bad at everything else. We were unable to keep possession, hence why we got bullied and Leicester were the far better side in the second half.
  9. Norwich v Chelsea

    Not as easy as that. In all realism we should of walked all over Leicester (as far behind the other teams going for top 4 we are better than them still in my eyes) in all probability but didnt do it. We could have an off day or they play a blinder. They can threaten teams, Newcastle spent big money on a few good players and Norwich played them off the park playing good attacking football. Fair enough we aren't Newcastle but the circumstances can change if we play very poorly or dont match their work rate etc. Stranger things have happened. Pukki is interesting though, never did much at Celtic up in Scotland yet hes scored say however many goals in the last 2 years as well as 4 goals in 2 games in the PL. Their full backs are young talented boys as well who can affect the game in the final third.
  10. Chelsea - Leicester

    Doesn't mince words here. I'm glad that he acknowledges the problem and has admitted that we were absolute tosh in the 2nd half of the game. First step towards fixing the problems.
  11. Yesterday
  12. 19. Mason Mount

    I think he's likely to end up as our top scorer this season, he gets himself in scoring positions time after time.
  13. Norwich v Chelsea

    Pukki is on ahot streak but their other players are shit. We should walk all over them.
  14. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I was expecting kungfu clearance and then the ball bouncing back into Leicester goal. Turned out into casual clearance and then nothing. Dissapointed.
  15. Norwich v Chelsea

    Teemu Pukki and their attacking fullbacks will be an issue. Will be an interesting game and plenty of goals.
  16. 19. Mason Mount

    Well done kiddo. Dont know bout you guys, but seeing our youth play well and promising brings me almost as big smille as winning trophies.
  17. 10. Willian

    I dont mind shit appearance. He was injured and not full fitness. Any player can look shit and out of depth in that case. BUT the nonchalant and arrogant attitude about him is what I cant stand. Coming on and not giving two shits. He should be the leader of our attack. But nah, he casualy pulls the worst mentality possible. It throws bad vibe to other younger players next to him on the pitch and also to those on the bench who would fight more. I just hope Odoi gets starting spot as soon as he recovers.
  18. Super Frank Thread

    I agree mostly. I thing Tammy is an absolute shitty header of the ball tho. He usually dives underneath crosses like today. I think midfield is the least of our worries. The defence does not really join the pressing and pushes high, so we usually hav e alot of space between midfield and defence for teams to exploit. I really would like to see Bats in this system. His hold up play might be shit but he has the legs to press so he should be able to learn it. Our chances come from playing quick and not building from the back where we would need a big target man anyway. I am not even sure Lamps knows what a nice little poacher Bats is. Maybe he is just like Demba Ba someone who is absolute useless in training but still scores his fair share in games. I understand that Giroud had to be kept on cos he scored and it would have meant throwing Tammy under the bus. But now both have sucked so I think it is Bats turn. Willian, Pedro, Tammy (we need a catchy name for it maybe Tamwilledro) is the most frustrating offense. one i want to never see again but probably will. Miles worse then Anelkalouda. I dont get the insistence on Tammy. Lamps obviuosly has his darlings, especially Mount. But the little fella is a brilliant player, full of energy, pace, determination and can actually score goals. Tammy is absolutely useless. Even Lukaku was better at 20. Already had 17 EPL goals under his belt at that age. But yeah our defence is shit as well. Usually you would expect a chelsea side to get a 1-0 over the line. There are phases were you are shit in any game like Souness said and then you have to make sure you do not concede. But we still played like we were chasign the game and were all over the place in midfield. And part of this was due to faitgue but also i think lamps can improve the tactics on running afte rlosing the ball. Azpi's decline and Pedro consistently losing balls in dangerous positions does not help either. But our right side was clearly target by Leicester yeseterday. Only when Willian came on to do fuck all they attacked his side as well. We are under pressure now and need to win the next two games 100%. I expect us to do so and would have even if we had 6 instead of 1 point in the bag right now.
  19. 19. Mason Mount

  20. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Losing is part of development. And its not like we will lose every game. Smaller clubs lose way more and they usualy produce best talent. Participating in CL and gaining european experience is also invaluable.
  21. Norwich v Chelsea

    We don't do clean sheets no more ☹️☹️ we are clueless at the back fingers crossed Rudiger can stop the leak
  22. 10. Willian

    Kenedy should be ahead of him imo.
  23. Norwich v Chelsea

    Hopefully Rudiger is back for this one so he can take care of that Pukki guy. I want a win and a clean sheet.
  24. Super Frank Thread

    I agree. I won't be disappointed if we don't get top4. I really don't have any expectations in terms of results. But I hope we can be a hit of the season like Ajax last season. They had 5,6 young players with breakthrough season and every football fan in the world now knows about them. So if, let's say after this season Mount is worth 70m, James 50m, CHO and Pulisic close to 100m and others too I will consider season successful. It's not really about money because we won't sell them anyway I just tried to explain it in simple words. This will mean those young players had great season and we can count on them in the future. It will save us a lot of money also.
  25. Norwich v Chelsea

    We are super predictable this season. Start with brilliant power play, create a ton of chances, dont score them, tire and concede. Rinse and repeat. We are not fresh enough, dont defend as a team and most of all are not clinical enough.
  26. 10. Willian

    It really is not if you look at the situation the same amateurs responsible for not selling Willian have brought us in.
  27. yes was amazing I had Trippier MOM and Felix 2nd, Savic 3rd, Morata (even with the blown pen) 4th, José Giménez 5th their MF was solid defensively but really subdued Angel was a monster for Getafe after he came on a sub, easily their best player
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