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  2. Filter - Take A Picture - Hybrid Mix (1999) Label: Reprise Records ‎– 936244803-2, Reprise Records ‎– 9362 44803-2 Format: CD, Single Country: Europe Released: 1999 Genre: Electronic, Rock Style: Alternative Rock, Industrial, House, Breaks, Trance
  3. Gareth Bale

    He won't, he can fetch too much collateral to do that. Despite him not being in ZZ plans he is still a top level player and you do not loan out the players at the level he is capable of. Your either in or out, no in between.
  4. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Im going
  5. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Yeah. That was the one time in my life I experienced such euphoria. I remember my hand couldn't stop shaking. Brilliant night.
  6. Next Manager?

    Sunday Supplement talk some shit 😂😂😂
  7. Reece James

  8. Chelsea v Arsenal

    While we're waiting for this final- it was the anniversary yesterday of our most famous victory ''Bitte Bastian, Bitte !'' Still gives me a tingle and even watching now I'm scared Didier will miss....
  9. Gareth Bale

    He'll go on loan somewhere.
  10. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Just look at that posture man.....fucking hell. You can straight away see she is a monster to work with. The king has taken a permanent vacation and put in his place an imposter.
  11. Gareth Bale

    Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has given a clear indication Wales forward Gareth Bale's time at the club may be over - saying he would still not have brought the 29-year-old off the bench during Sunday's defeat by Real Betis, even if he had been allowed to make a fourth substitution. (Eurosport) And Bale has told his team-mates he intends to see out the remainder of his contract at Real Madrid and will be happy to stay and 'play golf' if not selected to play. (Radioestadio, via Mail)
  12. Today
  13. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Fucking hell wtf is going on. Pedro Willy coming right up. Put money on it, Marina will see to it.
  14. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Are you going? that's outstanding commitment if you are !. If you do go you have been nominated as match photographer for TC.👍
  15. Hated the ending. So disappointed with the last half of the last season, loved the rest of the 8 years. Epic series that really needed Martin to finish those last 2 books before they finished it though. Once they ran out of the original book material it went a wee bit wonky. Oh, well, I cannot wait for the prequel series next year! The Age of Heroes 10,000 years before the current series is supposedly the setting. Bran the Builder, et al. Might be two other spin-offs as well, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  16. Gareth Bale

    If we take him on a 1 year loan with Madrid paying half his wages, it will be a good deal. We could do much worse than signing Bale on a one year loan to replace hazard
  17. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Have people forgotten about this?!
  18. Loved this show but the ending was mehhh to me. Still one of those shows that will go down as truly one of the most memorable in the history of TV series, definitely one that at some point in the future I will gladly rewatch with my children. But for me nothing beats 'The Wire'. So far. GoT, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, First season of True Detective, Band of brothers all memorable shows and special mention to Sherlock and Peaky Blinders and probably some others that I might forget in this moment. (Not counting the comedy stuff like Two and a half men, Friends, South Park etc etc) All remarcable TV series but for me 'The Wire' is in a league of its own. All the shows that I have mentioned, I waited for something to really blow my mind and surpass 'The Wire', but none has done so. Maybe I set the bar too high, but I know at some point there is going to be something better.
  19. Btw since you can't really tell whether bran is a good guy or a bad guy or he is being controlled by some alien. I don't know why you want him to be king. The writer need to be fired. If they knew since the beginning that bran is going to be the king, they should develop his story more and gave him more personality. It just feel like 7 seasons go down the drain.
  20. I don't understand the story at all. What is the poin of Jon going back to the north. Night king is dead. Is he going to build snow kingdom or something
  21. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Olivier Giroud is close to extending his contract at Chelsea for another year, Sky Sports News understands.
  22. The English Football Thread

    The huge Money coming in will at some point end EPL......then you have corrupt FA and refs writing the script. Lets see if shitty gets punished by FA and UEFA.
  23. General Transfer Talk

    Totally, I agree! I read all the transfer reports on twitter everyday surrounding the likes of De Ligt, Ziyech, Sane, Nicolas Pepe, Griezmann and lots of other players that are chased by the big clubs and what I see in every report is "wanted by Bayern, Madrid, Paris, City, United" or "offered to Liverpool, Paris (and all the other big ones)" Bar one - Chelsea. This is worrying. I see absolutely no report on a single top player where Chelsea is at least used as a clickbait. I don't think the ban is going to start this summer, maybe this winter or even next summer, but not now. In this case we are not even linked with Nicolas Pepe, a Chelsea fan by his own quotes with an affordable price tag. Nevermind a quality left footed winger Chelsea are in desperate need of since the Robben/Malouda days. Or I must say at least a link with a quality centre forward. Timo Werner is up for grabs for a decent price and made available by the Leipzig director himself. I'm not saying he is a must buy at any costs, but at least a link to know we're after some quality players that would actually improve a squad ready to play CL football next season.
  24. Gareth Bale

    That’s clear but it’s up to Bale. If he wants to play in Europe he must lower his wage expectation. If not he can sit on the bench or go to China.
  25. The English Football Thread

    48 hours on after the most one sided cup final ever it was English football in a nutshell. Small provincial club being slaughtered by a mega minted one. English football is going to go the way of Scottish football two clubs dominating the rest and it sticks in the craw to say it but Klopp and Liverpool have done it without spending huge amounts and bringing young players through. The irony is not lost on me being a Chelsea fan moaning about Man City but that treble could happen countless times because their only going to get stronger while the rest apart from Liverpool will flounder. Football has lost it's soul it's turning into American Football it's catered for a TV audience while the stadiums are corporate wankholes that have about as much atmosphere as a Dignitas waiting room.
  26. Gareth Bale

    Isn't he on something silly like £500k a week? Only one club in this country who would touch that or anything near that. And after they got burned badly by Sanchez I'm not sure even they would touch Bale.
  27. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I'm looking for some magic beans to plant in my garden can you message me on jack@gullible.com
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