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  2. Anthony Martial

    Manchester United are braced for January interest from Juventus and Chelsea in Anthony Martial, as talks over a new contract remain deadlocked, Sky Sports News understands. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11559021/manchester-united-braced-for-january-interest-in-anthony-martial-from-chelsea-and-juventus
  3. Marko Arnautovic

    Most players would look good when compared to the erratic Morata. Doesn't make Arnautovic a good signing, even if it's only a stop-gap signing and last thing we need in this squad right now is another inconsistent and average player.
  4. Today
  5. 24. Gary Cahill

    AC Milan are interested in signing veteran Chelsea defender Gary Cahill, who is free to leave the Blues. (Corriere dello Sport)
  6. Marko Arnautovic

    Declan Rice too, especially for a 19yo. Diop has really came on since a shaky start, super signing.
  7. the cameraman is a jelly cunt typical Arse fan, looking for a windup on Spuds and Chels lads he can go fuck right off creepy stalker wtf is he doing filming young males at 5am in Mayfair #issues
  8. Just as important, if not more so, as Hazard
  9. N’Golo Kante on the verge of signing contract extension. Kante is thought to be set to bank around £300K-a-week. Is that too much? Let us know what you think @TalkChelsea. We have some incredible news to bring you courtesy of the Telegraph‘s Matt Law – N’Golo Kante is close to extending his contract with Chelsea. […]View the full article
  10. Just because the bloke filming them is calling them cunts and a disgrace ? Not sure what they've done wrong tbh.
  11. Dele Alli and Ross Barkley filmed late-night boozing in hotel bar. Cameraman brands pair ‘a disgrace’ – give us a break… Make sure you’re following us on Twitter @TalkChelsea. A video has emerged of Dele Alli and Ross Barkley allegedly drunk in a hotel bar, with the cameraman branding them ‘a disgrace’, over and over […]View the full article
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Great news it would even be better news if hazard signed one too 😐😐
  13. 7. N'Golo Kante

    According to Sky Sources, Kante is on the verge of signing a new deal.
  14. Olivier Giroud insists he’s not thinking about leaving Chelsea. World Cup-winner Giroud is not a guaranteed starter with the Blues. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter @TalkChelsea. Olivier Giroud has insisted that he has not thought about leaving Chelsea, despite the fact he’s not a guaranteed striker. Giroud only scored his first goal of […]View the full article
  15. Marko Arnautovic

    Great... surely a fucking joke. Average player. Can be unplayable on his day fair enough but how often is that? Not very. Not even the best player at West Ham. Felipe Anderson and Dioup are better for me.
  16. Christian Pulisic

    Disagree. Think he's shown poor form the last year and a half at Dortmund but there's definitely something there. Like Draxler at Wolfsburg few years back, think he's just stagnating and needs a change. Would definitely be worth signing if he can get back to how he was playing when he was just breaking through, really good 1 v 1 player, bit of work and he can be a special player at any club.
  17. Alex Sandro

    Exactly but we as fans are prone to having the Fifa/FM mentality where we think it's easy to offload a player and replace him like it's nothing. If anyone thinks a top class LB like Sandro is leaving Juventus, arguably in the top 3 contenders for the CL this season, for Chelsea right now, they are smoking some strong shit. We blew our chance 2 or 3 seasons ago.
  18. Premier League rivals want Chelsea fully investigated. Blues are accused of dodgy dealing over Andreas Christensen. READ MORE: Full story on serious Christensen allegations Chelsea may well be set to be victims of our own success. Our Premier League rivals are intent on us being punished for the rather dodgy manner in which we recruited […]View the full article
  19. Alex Sandro

    I dont know why people are excited about this, we just signed Alonso to a 5 year contract and spent another 22 million on his back up. Knowing our board the last place we are spending money is on a LB. So lets move on.
  20. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Not sure it's necessarily the case. The season before he did his ACL yes he was talked about as a good player but nothing more than that, he also played as a wing back for Roma pretty sure they played 3 at the back that year. There were links with Juventus but apparently only to be a back up to Alex Sandro and you can see why. Maybe he needs more chances but he honestly hasnt shown me anything that he can truly be our first choice going forward. Both have defects in their games but Alonso is still better bet for me at least until we get someone else in. Emersons stats are decent for minimal games but again is he really the number 1 option we should have, you look at the opposition in some of those games too, is it entirely convincing? Alonso for me is still better, sure hes slower, his recovery runs are an issue (due to his lack of nautral pace and the the teams style) but in a team such as open as ours that would be expected to a degree. I think CB is still bigger issue than LB. I agree on the point where maybe Zappa and Emerson should get more minutes though, Azpi is a workhorse and plays every game more or less season on end but it will catch up to him or perhaps has done in moments this season, although still think he's a brilliant player.
  21. 10. Eden Hazard

    dirty manc cunts
  22. Alex Sandro

    “I’d like to play in the Premier League one day. However, I’m happy in Italy right now and I want to continue playing for Juventus.” -Alex Sandro; source: Football Italia
  23. Christian Pulisic

    Hope not. He is really average.
  24. 29. Álvaro Morata

    tbf that ricocheted into his feet from 2 yards with some power and a wicked spin. But ofc a natural striker would instinctively set himself up to give him a better chance of scoring. I remember Lampard scoring that exact same chance at least 3 times from the top of my head, including a winner at Everton. Morata really should not have become a striker, just not cut out for it. If he had received the correct education he could have become a good winger with his pace and off-the ball movement which tbf is not too bad.
  25. 10. Eden Hazard

    He performs better with Giroud. By playing Morata we reduce the effectiveness of our best player. Even Hazard said: " "When Giroud gets the ball he can hold the ball and we can go in deep with him, so for us it's a pleasure to play with him. "
  26. 10. Eden Hazard

    At the begining of the season, Hazard was on form, the best player in the world. He was finishing the chances by himself, getting into dangerous positions and affecting matches without caring if his teamates were letting him down. But now he's gone into a little shell and just completing final third passes. He needs to go back to his motivated self again. That injury he got from Ashley young's assaults has affected him a little.
  27. Spurs v Chelsea

    Hazard - Morata - Pedro Kovacic - Jorgi - Kante Backline we all know.
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