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  2. 19. Mason Mount

    There are senior players in this team right now performing as bad, if not worse than Mount.
  3. 19. Mason Mount

    He has been a bit up and down in form but that's expected for youth. I'm not mad nor surprised as I actually expected this with youth. So it's all good for me.
  4. 19. Mason Mount

    Well he was dropped for Ethiad and two do or die CL games so that's hardly true. And Barkley isn't better, sorry but that's typical absence makes the heart grow fonder syndrome right there.
  5. 19. Mason Mount

    He has too much Oscar vibes about him. Not too optimistic about his development, but hope he does it eventually. We are even starting to have same story as with Oscar - he isn't in form, he is inconsistent. Nope, for now he is just what we are seeing in recent games. Massive improvement in terms of creativity is needed (passing intelligence and accuracy first and foremost).
  6. Super Frank Thread

    Those days of the blank chequebook are over it's all down to spending whatever money is available wisely. Liverpool and City won't be caught for the next 5-10 years they are going to dominate English football it's a massive catch up process for everyone else. Just take the weekend results we lose, Leicester lose, Arsenal draw, Spurs draw and Liverpool piss all over United there's no one within a mile of the top two and I can't see that changing.
  7. 19. Mason Mount

    No one called you out. Why so sensitive?
  8. Super Frank Thread

    OGS has had transfer windows to put things right and mold his team, Frank hasn't. I'm critical of Frank in certain things he does, like constantly play players under-performing like Mount to name one. If the board want FL to remain then they must simply back him and the targets he wants. No cut corners, no shit middle of the road signings for the sake of it and if we make top 4 to spend and spend big, we will not bridge the gap to City and Liverpool if we do not spend big and it has to be spending massive amounts. If we don't this continual fight for top 4 will keep happening and the roller coaster of results will continue.
  9. 19. Mason Mount

    Some probably think I'm Mount's h8er or something but I'm not. I didn't say one bad word about him in August - September. Just like I don't mind Tomori being one of four CBs I don't mind Mount being one of our six midfielders. But the fact that he played more minutes in the PL than every other outfield player is just crazy. Kovacic and Barkley are better players. But Mount seems the only undroppable midfielder in the squad.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    Roy Keane football's biggest misanthrope this is a man when he was Sunderland manager held a barbeque and didn't talk to any of his players or wives ! has clashed with professional scouser Jamie Carragher. Now normally I would take no notice of the whiney twat but I actually think he's got a point. OGS has been getting a lot of stick from the media yet as Keane pointed out Lampard is getting none quite the opposite in fact. Of course Lamps did walk into a job where he knew our best player had gone and the transfer ban was imposed but he took the job so he was well aware of he task he faced. Halfway through the season and even though we're fourth lets be honest it's down to everyone else being woeful. Eight defeats when you look at them it's extremely worrying 4-0 against Man United (don't mention how unlucky we were please it's still a bad defeat) Liverpool and City then when you look at defeats to West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Everton five mid table-lower placed teams that's piss poor no denying it. A lot of my mates are confident we'll beat Arsenal comfortably tomorrow I'm not so sure if the likes of Bournemouth and Southampton and fucking West Ham can beat us at the Bridge then Arsenal are more than capable of doing it.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Kovacic won CL three times in a row and left Real for us without CL footy. Also David Luiz did that twice now. Summer 2016 when he joined us from PSG and last summer when he joined Arsenal. Auba, Pepe, Fekir also did the same...
  12. 19. Mason Mount

    It's hardly like for like though. If we were talking RLC then I'd agree but Kovacic isn't going to play as advanced as Mount and that essentially means replacing an offensive minded player for a deeper player which I don't think is the answer against the likes of Newcastle. Barkley could maybe play there but I think he's shown in recent times that he's actually better suited to playing deeper where he can pick the ball up with time facing in front of him. I'm all for a midfield three of Kante, Kova and Jorginho against the big teams and trying to be a little more solid, but against the rest of the league who will mostly sit back and try to contain us it is far less effective. I think the question marks around Kante's suitability in these sorts of games is more of a topic. Our run at the start of the season coincided with Kante's absence and I think Lampard should go back to trying Kova and Jorginho for these types of games. Earlier in the season Mount seemed to be finding it much easier to find pockets of space which likely stems from playing in front of the two best passers in our team who could find him quickly and decisively.
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  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Arsenal haven't won the league for 14 years and were on a third year in Europa yet managed to snap up the hottest avalible property in the market last summer. Unless you're seriously implying Arsenal are a bigger attraction in the modern day? The only players we can't get are the truly elite ones which is the case if we make CL or not.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Definitely a key component in that team. They're defensive record in recent weeks has taken a bit of a hammering too. But a number of players seem to have lost some form too offensively in recent weeks. Without Vardy firing, they seem to be in a similar position to us wondering where all the goals are going to come from to put teams away.
  16. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I don't think anybody believes that we don't need to strengthen long term, but it's not impossible for us to reach the top 4 this season without strengthening when we've been in the top 4 most of the season so far and nobody beneath us has yet shown to be capable of mounting a run of form like we showed earlier in the season (and add to that United and Spurs have both lost their main attacking player now for a large period of the rest of this season). Ideally it would be great to get one or two players in to help the charge, but it has to be right. We can go and buy a Zaha or Dembele now and pay big money for them but we will then be stuck with them next season and unable to pursue players who were our first choice targets for those positions. We are not going to spend £80m on Zaha this window and then pursue Sancho for £100 - 120m in the summer. The likes of Zaha and Dembele would more than likely be attainable in the summer regardless of whether we're in the top 4 or not, so if we can't get our first choice targets then we can move on the likes of these players anyway. I think a left back could be brought this window because I believe there are better options available than Chilwell, especially value for money, but it seems that he is our first choice. We're not going to be dropping over £300m across the next two transfer windows unless there was a big sale in the summer to go with Hazard's from last summer. It's nothing to do with us being poor, it's complying with FFP.
  17. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Manchester United and Real Madrid target Boubakary Soumare says he WILL leave Lille... but not this season 'Yes, of course ,' he told L'Equipe when asked if he wants to go. 'I have already discussed with the coach. 'I told him very clearly. I have a very clear idea of where I want to go in my career. I want to do a full season here, yes. 'I feel good, my team-mates are helping me. I know where I am today and that suits me. 'It is not time to leave – I don't want to leave with regrets.' DAILY MAIL
  18. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    We are balancing on a cliff right in terms of top 4 and also potential injury to say Tammy and then we would be fucked. As each day passes the window is close to closing, whether it be a back up striker for a 6 month period or a big signing something has to give. Sancho, Werner, Chillwell aren't coming this window but like you say, we miss out on top 4, and we could if we do not strengthen now then those players won't be coming in the summer.
  19. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    The thing is that Cavani wants only Atletico. And they offered him two and a half years contract. Can't see us doing that. Atletico offered 10m, PSG wants 30m. They will find each other for around 15-20m.
  20. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    What baffles me even more is that there are some that believe we don't need anyone and we'll still be able to make top four. If anyone geniunely thinks that we'll be able to get top players in the summer without playing in the Champions League next season, then they're deluded. We got Jorginho because of his relationship with Sarri. People cling to Kante but that was a one off, because Kante knew that the team we had at the time was able to win the Premier League. Has Chelsea become a poor club? Surely we can invest around 50-80m now and 200-250m in the summer? We desperately need a leftback and a centreback, otherwise the club is moving backwards yet again. No CL = no top players, end of.
  21. 19. Mason Mount

    They just need to grow and mature as well as being nurtured. There is always going to be ups and downs, they have all made massive strides from going from Championship football to PL in the blink of an eye. But simply put it's cut throat business, if they aren't performing they need to be replaced and not continually played. Our squad depth is OK and behind Mount is Kovacic, and for me he's been our best player this season, he needs to be playing ahead of MM right now.
  22. Chelsea Women Discussion Thread

    BBC highlights of yesterday's 4-1 demolition of Arsenal Women. (May be geo locked.) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51080655 Goal highlights from a YouTube channel. (Lower quality but should be viewable everywhere.)
  23. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Haaland's three goals were beautiful.
  24. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Kovacic over Mount, Emerson for Azpi, Zouma for Christensen
  25. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Bet he goes to United. Still can't get my head around that we are 20 days into the window after clambering for the ban to be lifted and still haven't made a move.
  26. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Leicester's loss of form appears to have coincided with Ndidi's injury. No Ndidi, no party.
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