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  2. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Kepa was dropped after Arsenal game, and he was not at fault for goals there.
  3. Chelsea - Man Utd

    It's just so infuriating and frustrating to have so many key players out injured all at the same time (and at the most important time!) of the season. Injuries are something Frank can't control, but it's the things that he can control that are starting to really bother me. Having Michy above Giroud in the pecking order is baffling. Frank has praised Giroud all season long for his training and professionalism. So if he's training so well why can't he get a sniff? The only explanation is that it's an ideological thing. Frank must think that Oli is just too slow or something. But he cannot possibly be worse than Batshuayi. Then there's the defensive decisions. AC is softer than two-ply toilet paper. He's skinny as a stick and gets bullied even by people much smaller. He falls to the ground constantly from soft pushes. He seems to go down for treatment or worse every game. Azpi, as much as I love him, should not be starting over and over as a LB. And then the keeper situation. Just put Kepa back in and ride it out. If he returns to form, great, if he doesn't get rid in the summer. But Willy isn't any better. Kepa's average level is better than Caballero's average. I just have no faith we'll even finish 5th-6th if we don't get Pulisic, CHO, and Tammy back AND in red hot form all at once. Teams can look at our team without those players and think "unless Willian pulls some magic out of his hat from outside the box they have no real goal threat." Everyone can get set up well in a low block and we have ZERO answers.
  4. Chelsea - Man Utd

    If I had to pick one thing to disagree with Lampard, its this. Dropping the no.1 goalkeeper to prove a point is thing, but you don't shoot yourself in the foot for it. Cabellero is NOWHERE near the quality of GK needed to start regularly. I would pick him for penalty shoot outs and that's about it. Lampard hasn't exactly been vindicated in terms of results after dropping Kepa, and has potentially created an unsavory situation. It remains to be seen if he will eat humble pie and reinstate Kepa for the next game. Or if he will continue his 'Cabellero experiment' just to show it works.
  5. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Needs benching. Another liability. God we’re we really that reliant of David Luiz?
  6. Chelsea v Spurs

    So neither Pulisic nor RLC played today for u23. i hope one of Puli or CHO is ready for this one. Kepa Azpi Rudiger Tomori James Kovacic Jorginho Alonso Pedro Giroud/Abraham Puli/CHO
  7. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I think when a manager thinks its safe to play Batshuayi over Giroud, things need to be broke.
  8. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Dunno you tell me what does Sarri have to do with Lampard shoving Kante in the line up too soon. What does Dembele have to do with this, secondly I never talked about Dembele to being with, talk about clutching at straws.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    Should he say in front of the Media that he wants Willian to leave the club? I don't know any Coach that would be that dumb Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  10. Today
  11. Chelsea - Man Utd

    So why is he rushed back? Again, this takes proper rehabilitation. No one blames the player that broke Owen Hargreaves' leg. They blame SAF for forcing him to play when he was suffering from chronic tendonitis.
  12. Chelsea - Man Utd

    It took Kante 3 months to train properly. Once these muscle injuries start, it is hard to get rid of them. Ask Dembele. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  13. Chelsea - Man Utd

    What does Kante's injuries have to do with that. I have had several muscle injuries myself. Once they start, it is hard to get rid of them. You are the one that is clueless. You think that any Coach can get rid of Dembeles injury problems ? Dembeles muscle injuries started one day and he never truly Recovery from them Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  14. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I think he was trying to be safe. since he had to waste a sub on getting christensen off. and he had already used 1 getting Kante off
  15. Yesterday
  16. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Waits till we are 0-2 down to bring on Giroud. Fuck sake Lamps, you are doing a splendid job wanting the on the fencers pick a side.
  17. Super Frank Thread

    He continues to push for Willian's extension and start Batshuayi, that'll do it for me.
  18. Super Frank Thread

    Take the couple more signings and multiply it by 4. That is how many new signings we need to compete.
  19. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I think Lampard trying to force him back has more bearing than Sarri who played him during a cup final (when it was declared he was fit by the medical staff)
  20. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Yeah, I'm sure losing to Arsenal would've been great. Stop blaming Sarri for Lampard being clueless.
  21. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Nice job Sarri that he shortened Kante's career just to win his first Trophy. When those muscle injuries start,it is hard to get rid of them. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  22. Super Frank Thread

    Cant wait for next season when we have Ziyech and a couple more signings at least. I hope the rest of this season is not going to be just as painful as this game.
  23. Chelsea - Man Utd

    As I thought the previous two in 2000 and 1987 were Easter Monday and the August bank holiday. The 2000 one I was in Ireland for my niece's christening and had to watch it in a house full of Man U fans. I was at the 87 one at Old Trafford terrible Hillsborough type crush trying to get in. As for tonight I'm drunk and knackered and up early tomorrow so no time for a major rant or I'll be typing for an hour so goodnight everyone.
  24. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Kepa made various mistakes this season. But Willy was not at fault for the goals. Some great finishing with bad defending from our side. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  25. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Same old problems, it shows Kepa might not actually be the problem
  26. Super Frank Thread

    Why do you think I suggested the protest outside the stadium?
  27. Super Frank Thread

    Sarri had RLC is his best days and Hazard, who is the greatest Chelsea Player of all time. Lamps does have Mount and Willian as their replacements instead. Our squad sucks. Sarri had a way better Squad. One World class Player makes a huge difference. I see that all the time when I watch Barcelona. Take Messi out of the team and that Team is garbage apart from Griezmann. Even stats show that. People forget that we were Hazard FC. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  28. Super Frank Thread

    We need a reaction from him as virtually nothing has improved. We need something. Instead of the media accepting his faults, I want to see genuine criticism and speculation over his future here because this repeating nature of errors is truly unacceptable.
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