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  2. General Transfer Talk

    Barca: we are close to Dembele and Coutinho Bvb: barca is no closer to Dembele, they are having headaches from real defeat.
  3. Andrea Belotti

    I refuse to believe this. I love Belotti. Don't you dare try and get my excited Chelsea. Never gonna happen.
  4. Andrea Belotti

    Probably the most ridiculous rumor of the summer that we'd be after another striker of this caliber.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    Mbappe is their priority, not Hazard.
  6. Andrea Belotti

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  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    They'll sell Bale next summer to United and then go after Hazard.
  8. Ross Barkley

    I have to admit that I don't believe in tales of managers with magic wands. Personally I'd rather take my chances with Gandalf or Hermeone Granger. Next someone is going to tell me that Antonio has made Marcos & Victor better players. I hope no one will though because it irritates the heck out of me when people talk nonsense. Marcos is the same as he ever was and so is Victor. This time next year Ross Barkley will be the same player too. If people think Barkley already has what it takes to help us then fair enough. Anyone, however, who imagines he might fly into Cobham as just an Everton reject, and land in Oz wearing spangly red boots, has taken too many trips down the Yellow Brick Road themselves.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Is he Chinese i ain't heard of him but funk it sign him up
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    I guess it's good Asensio is absolutely killing it. Means Real won't have a need for Hazard.
  11. Today
  12. The Conte Thread

  13. 19. Diego Costa

    Lol it looks like Atletico want to get Costa for free Pay the money and Costa will be yours. What a loser this guy is. Just ask Atletico for something like 25M and let him go and let's move on from this soap opera...
  14. 19. Diego Costa

  15. General Transfer Talk

  16. General Transfer Talk

    I think Draxler will go to Dortmund once Dembele leaves.
  17. General Transfer Talk

    Drinkwater is 27 and isn't close to his level.
  18. General Transfer Talk

    Drinkwater is 27 and isn't close to his level.
  19. 19. Diego Costa

    We're not getting the full story, but the bloke is a dick. We should keep him for the season and just fine him for every week he doesn't turn up. He could have actually come out of this situation with a lot of credit had he been a bit smarter and played the game.
  20. The Primera Liga Thread

    They rely on Messi and other players instead of there philosophy which has been builded for years. This is what Cruijff said in July 2014: All great individuals but they can't carry like this,they did in 2015/2016 but that was the end of it. If Messi or Suarez or any other player don't perform they won't win but before Barcelona relyed on there philosophy even if Messi,Xavi,Iniesta etc didn't play well they would still win and there bad performances wouldn't get noticied because of there philosophy. It's sad that this is happening
  21. General Transfer Talk

    I am still hoping for 2 more signings cm and wb but it looks it is going to be difficult. We don't need a brilliant player for CM because he is going to be just rotation player, not sure why we haven't signed any. Matuidi is not a option because he is 30. If we sign a 30 years old cm, we will have the same problem again next year. On wb side I understand that we need upgrade for wb, that is difficult at this point, good fb are very rare. Not sure who, we lose 3 players to city. I understand that walker and mendy are too expensive but we also lose Danilo which is is a shame. I thought he was dreadful last season defensively for real but he should be ok for wb position. People say ox, 1st ox need to say that he want to leave but I haven't heard any rumor so I don't expect any movement at all.
  22. General Transfer Talk

    looks like draxler is leaving psg. would be a great signing.
  23. The Primera Liga Thread

    Time to say goodbye. Barca.
  24. Ross Barkley

    Out for 3 months
  25. The Primera Liga Thread

    Funny I watched Barca last season once last season at 1st El clasico and I felt the same way. This team felt very2 imbalance, and have 0 clue how to build up an attack. It is like there is MSN for attack + everybody for defence. They only played well once Iniesta came in and link the "others" with MSN and suddenly they looks like a Barcelona team but if your key player is a 33 years old, you are screwed. He will not be able to perform at high level every game, you need the other midfield to help him.
  26. General Transfer Talk

    Just two more games and we will be a total different team after international break with Hazard and Bakayoko fit and some new players 😊 Rose/Bertrand for LWB Ox/Cedric for RWB One player for midfield cover (Drinkwater?)
  27. The Primera Liga Thread

    Barcelona shows how not to rebuild a great team. They need to find replacement for xavi N Iniesta. So far they haven't replaced either. Instead they have Andre gomes and now Paulinho. I don't understand why play with physical midfield where your philosophy is on ball retention. Valverde lineup vs madrid also did not make sense, it is literally the same as Argentina where messi has to be creator, goalscorer, ball bringer, he is 30, there is no way he can do that. Compare this Barca team to RM who has Kroos modric plus Isco. These 3 + casemiro are the one that make this team so special. I will play Isco over any of the bbc
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