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  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    No disrespect but Bruno and grealish doesn't fill me with fear. Also after grealish's latest outing I can see teams being less than up for touching him. Could be wrong of course
  3. Coronaviral

    As they said from day one they are going by the scientfic advice they are being given. If Boris had behave like a Commie dictator one can imagine the backlash he'd have been given in the media. Yes, mistakes have been made but we're no different from most other countries. No government has ever had to deal with a health and economic crisis of this level at the same time. They are doing the best they can, as are all governments across the world. Amazing to think some on here think the likes of Corbyn, Abbot and McDonnell would have done any better just months after their ludicrous policies were laughed out of town in the election only a few short months ago.
  4. Coronaviral

    The running of the tubes has fuck all to do with Boris! For that you can blame your wonderful leftie Mayor. You know, the cnut who says London is not an English city. That twat couldn't run a piss up in a brewery!
  5. Coronaviral

    Know hard to predict but seeing how Italy went and how everyone was calling for action. For Boris to be tralalala just carry on to suddenly oh shit! Wasted so much time
  6. General Chelsea Stuff

    That final was bonkers...80th minute onwards...to them scoring to Drogba scoring. To him giving away a penalty.. to it being missed..then the shootout..Mata missing then bammmmmmm. To many down and up moments all after the 80th minute onwards
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I'm a Pulli convert. I wasn't sold based on the little I saw of him at BVB. On the other hand, I was encouraged that so many people on here did like him and I've definitely liked what I've seen from him in a Chelsea Shirt. I like his quickness once he sees an opportunity to do something decisive. In those moments his close control can be devastating and he has shown good decision making over when to shoot and when to pass around the box. Of course, when I say good decision making, I mean decisions of which I approve. because to shoot, or not to shoot, is something which divides opinion. Lot's of people are furious when players fail to take every opportunity for a pop at goal, but I'm among those who can't abide a Chelsea player taking a low percentage shot when a pass was available to create a better opening. I think Pulli is way above Andre, a player I never really believed in, and also above CHO based on first team performances to date. As for Chris being unable to deliver in some games, it's a fair observation but let's remember that there were many days when Eden was a non factor too. For me, with the current squad plus Hakim, Pulli starts when fit.
  8. Coronaviral

    We used to drink it in the 70s
  9. Coronaviral

    Exactly. Project Shambles continues.
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Pulisic is always one injury away from performing well for a stretch of games. His quality isn’t a concern. It’s his injuries
  11. Coronaviral

    It's OK Boris has fucked off into hiding, the tubes are still packed, people are still moving about likes it's the Boxing Day sales and testing is as rare as fucking white dog shit.
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    A more favorable comparison would be Pedro, IMO, if he stays on the right trajectory.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It was a good setup from CHO but it was Pulisic who initiated the move that led to the winner.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    He's definitely above Schurrle but he's also a very frustrating player for me, sometimes he genuinely looks as good as Hazard (Super Cup and Burnley) but other times is a complete ghost. I've far from given up on him (that would be hypocritical of me given the patience preaches I've given re Mount and CHO) but he needs to start impacting games a lot more consistently, Callum i feel could play dogshit and still come up with a matchwinning moment (for example Newcastle at home this season he was dreadful then all of a sudden set up the winner) whereas i don't yet feel CP does.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I don't see Pulisic as being that great. To me he will be more like Schurrle quality. I don't have much faith in him. Coutinho? Men I really don't want him. I don't know about this.
  16. Coronaviral

    The problem is that we can't be like China. While it would have been amazing for a swift response but because of our values it was hard. However I do believe that next time no matter who is president, weather a liberal or conservative it will be swift and decisive. This set precedence and policy will put in place for a next time.
  17. General Chelsea Stuff

    Imagine if Drogba missed on top of that..... Makes me feel for Valencia and Atleti, they lost two finals in quick succession and it looks like their chance to get that elusive one has passed, especially for the former, getting that 1 is really a weight off.
  18. General Chelsea Stuff

    2012 was genuinely the only time in my life I’ve experienced true Euphoria. “He’s Done It!” Amazing yet truly bizarre feeling. Don’t think I’ll ever experience anything like it again.
  19. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Miles behind? We’ve just signed Ziyech who is among the top creators in Europe. On top of that, we already create a shit ton of chances in comparison to other clubs. Our issue is converting them, to which Lampard has addressed on several occasions it needs upgrading on. Willian doesn’t score enough and Pedro is past it. CHO and Pulisic still raw. Grealish to me is the epitome of only excelling by being a big fish in a small pond.
  20. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

  21. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Coutinho or not we are miles behind United in this area. If it is true that Grealish is done deal we are so screwed. Grealish and Bruno is KDB and B.Silva level of creativity. I dont even want to think that they will sign Sancho... Imagine Rashford, Martial, Sancho and Grealish and Bruno behind them. With already best defense in the league they would be on Liverpool/City level.
  22. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    That's it. Wouldnt work. Especially with teams having games in hand such as Villa which could move them as well. Different in this situation as it's one game left. We know Liverpool have more or less won the title its the rest that matters. If we were sat 6th on goal difference behind 4th place say we wouldn't be saying it's how it should go. End it now. No easy solution at this stage really.
  23. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Like Jason said, depends. In Belgium everything is clear. With City ban, 5th place get you CL place. Sheffield is two points behind Utd with one game in hand... Who gets CL?
  24. Have you actually seen the Belgian League table? Club Brugge already won the league before it was suspended. They are 15 points clear with 1 game remaining! How do you just cancel the league and award the title to whoever is in first if it's like Serie A or La Liga, where the top 2 teams are separated by just 1-2 points with 11-12 games to go? Would you be so casual in saying this if we're just 1 point behind Liverpool in 2nd and fighting with them for the title and have 9 games left to play?
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