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  2. Qarabag v Chelsea

    rotate player, i have faith roma will win.
  3. A Brazilian journalist reported that Willian had been in talks with a move to Palmeiras Willian has shrugged off any suggestion of a move to Brazil with this tweet READ MORE: New signing proving to be the ideal strike partner for Chelsea hero It’s not often you see footballers reacting to transfer rumours regarding their […]View the full article
  4. West Brom - Chelsea

    First half: https://weshare.me/42110d59da0cfbe0/wba_che_1st_half_eng.mp4 Second: https://weshare.me/a4919d5c6f7631e3/wba_che_2nd_half_eng.mp4
  5. Qarabag v Chelsea

    I do, but the reality is with our schedule, some calculated risks need to be taken somewhere. We only need to look back at 2015 to see what eventually happened when Jose repeatedly played his strongest side no matter what. Fergie took a similar risk in 2011, with a 2 goal lead from the first leg vs Schalke, he heavily rotated for the home game so his first team was fit to play us, when the odds are in your favour is the right time for it.
  6. Alvaro Morata is the striker Eden Hazard has been desperate for since joining Chelsea The two were on hand once again as the Blues thrashed West Brom 4-0 on Saturday READ MORE: Chelsea star ‘feeling great’ after another dazzling individual performance It’s a partnership that’s reminding me of the good old days when Eidur Gudjohnsen […]View the full article
  7. West Brom - Chelsea

    this one i already know, i was hoping for something better but i'm watching the game on this right now...
  8. Today
  9. West Brom - Chelsea

    Yes sir. I hope you find the quality adequate - https://www.footbie.com/video/west-brom-vs-chelsea-0-4-full-match-premier-league-18-11-2017
  10. Eden Hazard is back to full recovery after a three month injury lay-off The Belgian scored twice as Chelsea thumped West Brom 4-0 on Saturday READ MORE: Italy football federation confirm interest in poaching Chelsea influential figure Eden Hazard has found a silver lining since missing the start of the season with an ankle injury, […]View the full article
  11. West Brom - Chelsea

    does someone have a link for the full game in good quality?
  12. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Not sure if we should be take that much risk TBH. If we can get the job done on Wednesday, then we can perhaps rest some players for the Atletico game in the midst of a busy period in December. Plus, things could get really nervy if we need a result to qualify in the last game. Remember Cluj in 2008?
  13. Lucas Moura

    Moura had 19 goals in 52 appearances for PSG last season. I didn't watch him but it is quite impressive.
  14. The English Football Thread

    Eriksen? Meh. Kane? Yes.
  15. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Yeah, it's a bit silly to put much stock into Atletico's struggle vs. them considering this is their worst season under Simeone, the players are questioning the manager, Griezmann is misfiring, etc. We rest on our own laurels, not others. Our 2nd team must play. If our 2nd team isn't good enough to beat them, that's a massive problem and needs to come under scrutiny.
  16. Qarabag v Chelsea

    The Atletico results are making people think this is a tougher game than it should be. A 'second string' team should still get the job done comfortably Tibo; Dave, Luiz, Rudiger ; Zappa, Kante, Drinkwater, Alonso ; Pedro, Morata, Willian Hazard and Cesc on the bench if needed
  17. West Brom - Chelsea

    2bh not looking that much forward,i will see how Cfc fare in the next 12games and end 2017, hopefully a amazing run!,then get afew more bodies in January sale asap and kick on!
  18. Italian football federation confirm interest in reappointing Antonio Conte as manager. Massimiliano Allegri, Roberto Mancini and Carlo Ancelotti also on the shortlist. READ MORE: Jose Mourinho requests that Man United look to sign Chelsea star. The Italian football federation have confirmed that Antonio Conte is one of their top targets to take the managerial position. […]View the full article
  19. Richarlison

    I get super irritated when I watch him. Clearly super talented but the diving and play acting that this kid does is over the top. Did it about 3 times yesterday and did it a bunch against us a few weeks back as well. Feels the slightest contact and jumps in the air and rolls around. Yesterday he even jumped in the air and clutched his knee after only a slight push on his back. The match commentator even mentioned his play acting several times. Anyways, wouldn't be shocked if we are indeed looking at him. If he stays this consistent through the rest of the season I just can't imagine Watford selling him after just 1 season. And in this day and age they'd probably ask £70-80m which we (rightly) wouldn't ever pay.
  20. The English Football Thread

    Seeing talk about City wanting both Rose and VVD still. They'd literally be taking the piss out of the football world. They'd have a defense alone that's more expensive than most top teams' entire XI's. They're literally buying success with zero repercussion.
  21. Richarlison

    Sell Willian for stcks of cash and go for this lad. He can't be worse than Willian.
  22. 22. Willian

    Just sell him for bucket loads if he wants out, we would be better going for someone like Richarlison, he's offer much more than Willian.
  23. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    It's been helped massively with Kante being back, without him, Fabregas isn't allowed to do what he did against WBA.
  24. The Conte Thread

  25. The English Football Thread

    Pulis sacked.
  26. West Brom - Chelsea

    What a beautiful victory this was.
  27. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Yeah, I'd never thought I'd be advocating for Cahill to continue starting matches, but the back 3 looks very good and settled at the moment, would be insane to try and change it.
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