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  3. Stamford Bridge

    Finally team photo shoot
  4. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    From the very little we've seen of him, I hope his very attack minded tendencies don't get coached out of him. We desperately need a WB who will provide constant attacking pressure, and pin the opposing FB, and Zappacosta looks like he can be that man. Cesc/Drinkwater should have field days pinging long balls to him.
  5. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I truly worry for Fabregas this season. We all know Fabregas has to be carefully managed and having already started 4 straight games this year I fear Conte might (have to) start him for all 3 games this week. Stoke. Atletico, Man City. And if he does play all 3 matches, I fear he won't be as dominant as he can be. Basically, CFC need to get back to a place where Conte believes he can field a starting XI that can soundly beat teams without Fabregas' involvement. The Drinkwater/Bakayoko injuries are really hurting us big time imo. I love Fabregas, but like the match against Arsenal, we've seen how exposed the team is when he plays CM in tough games. The way Fabregas was used last season was perfect, because he became a more important cog in the team as the season progressed instead of an undisputed Starting XI mainstay from August.
  6. Stoke v Chelsea

    Pressure is on us. We need to win this one, otherwise we risk losing the sigh from the leaders.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Diego Costa

    No hate but hope Willian follows him in a season.
  9. 27. Andreas Christensen

    That sliding interception at 0:15 is one of the classiest defensive plays I've ever seen.
  10. Diego Costa

  11. The Board

    Costa still scored some crucial goals after January. Actually replacing Costa with Morata was the only low if the transfer market, but thats Conte's fault and the board can't be blamed for that.
  12. Diego Costa

    Twice the player Morata is or ever will be. I never looked at Conte in the same way after this stupid decision.
  13. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Desperate for him to score again tomorrow just to so these endless articles about him will stop. FFS...
  14. 9. Álvaro Morata

  15. The Board

    Fair enough we simply see it differently. I'm one of those who thought Matic was hopeless and absolute priority number one to be replaced. Bakayoko, albeit with more adjusting to be done, is already a far better player in my opinion. So too is Danny D in my opinion. Alvaro has some attributes which Costa cannot match but the reverse is also true. Overall Costa suits the style we have played better than Alvaro does. Or he should do. Costa, after January was a disaster and deliberately so in my opinion. The rest of the squad were trying to win the league; he was trying his best to ensure his transfer fee fell to a level Atletico could and would pay. Alvaro is a major upgrade over that version of Costa.
  16. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Hi guys , I'm an italian fans (inter fans), and in november i Will be in london. I want go to Stanford Bridge . Can I take 1 ticket for chelsea swansea? Inviato dal mio SM-T825 utilizzando Tapatalk
  17. Diego Costa

  18. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    OK explanation accepted and understood
  19. The Board

    For me either wb has to be the 1st priority last summer. I disagree in term of first team improvements. We basically replace Costa with Morata and Matic with bakayoko. For all the crap that people say about Costa, he is a fantastic player that complement our team very well. He bring physicallity we don't have up top. Morata is still new and you can tell physically he is not ready. In midfield bakayoko is maybe more suited to this formation but clearly he need time to adapt. We should be better off longterm. because both are younger but short term I think we kinda have a drop off.
  20. Eden Hazard? Showboating? Never… The Belgian has developed somewhat of a reputation over the years of being an entertaining and inventive player, and he has now taken to Instagram to celebrate that trait. Hazard pulled of a superb back-heel during the Blues’ 5-1 victory over Nottingham Forest on Wednesday evening. Thankfully for him, one of […]View the full article
  21. Diego Costa

  22. Stoke v Chelsea

    Has to for me, surely. Although, it wouldn't shock me if he doesn't because of the extremely tough next two matches.
  23. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Christensen is RIDICULOUS, how the fuck did he got so good on that loan spell, he just oozes class everytime he is on the ball, just so calm and collected. People often forget that we got Christensen back from his loan, but they are ignoring the fact that, if he wasn't already ours, we would have been asked to pay over 40M euros for him without a shadow of a doubt. I give it another 1-2 months before he becomes a permanent starter for us
  24. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    lol 😂😂😂😂😂
  25. Stoke v Chelsea

    your right mate I didn't know that silly me 😃 then Glen Johnson or Erik Pieters will be force to play has a CB
  26. Stoke v Chelsea

    I think Muniesa went on loan to Girona in Spain?
  27. Stoke v Chelsea

    Antonio Conte reports that Danny Drinkwater is the only injured player ruled out tomorrow. #CFC Conte adds that Bakayoko is fine following a minor car accident yesterday. #CFC Conte thanks Diego Costa for the work he did for Chelsea and wishes him the best for the future. #CFC Conte says Batshuayi has worked very hard to be more prepared for this league than last season. He will have a proper chance. #CFC Conte says for sure it will be tough at Stoke tomorrow, highlighting their win v Arsenal and draw v Man United. #CFC Conte says he's pleased for Eden Hazard because he played very well and with good intensity in the last game. His injury is overcome. #CFC Conte says it is now possible for Hazard to be selected for the coming games. #CFC Conte said he felt a good link between young players and older players in the dressing room at the last game. #CFC Conte says on Kurt Zouma who is on loan at Stoke, to play regularly after injury is very important and he is playing well. #CFC Conte says that although Zouma can't play in the game tomorrow, he hopes to see him at Stoke. #CFC
  28. Diego Costa

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